Friday, February 10, 2012

It's all about Heart with a special addition with Lesley and her Piece of My Heart

Hi again from Lesley at SewHappy.Me. When Madame Samm invited me over again to guest blog for her Hearts and Hands theme for February I was happy to accept because Hearts are a particular favourite of mine. As it will soon be Valentine's Day, I designed this quick little project for you and it is so-o-o-o simple (measures 15″ x 12″ approximately) that you can easily have it made in time for the big day.

Of course if you feel that it wouldn't be appreciated by your other half then there is no reason why you shouldn't make it for one of the grandchildren. After all, they too have a piece of our hearts, don't they!
So, let's go sew!

To begin with download your Pattern Sheet.

1. Choose your fabrics and decide your colour placements using the quilt photo as a guide.

2. Cut a piece of background fabric 12″ x 9″. You will find it much easier to trace the design if you use a light colour fabric for your background.

3. Trace each heart shape from your Pattern Sheet on to fusible web (Bondaweb) using the templates that have already been reversed for you ready for tracing. Remember to trace dotted extension lines where one piece goes beneath another. Number these pieces for ease.

4. Iron bondaweb shapes on to each of your chosen fabrics and cut out these shapes from your fabric.

5. Place these bonded shapes into their correct position on the background fabric using the pattern sheet as a guide and remembering to centre your design on the background fabric. When you centre the design don't forget to allow for the fact that the embroidered words are lower than the heart. If you have used a light background fabric you can place your pattern sheet underneath your background fabric and you will be able to see the design through your fabric for ease of placement (as shown).

6. Iron these bonded fabrics in place in number order on the background fabric remembering that one shape will go beneath another where you have traced dotted lines.

7. Appliqué each shape in place using your chosen method of appliqué. I have used a small machine zig-zag stitch. I have also chosen to use a white thread to highlight the shapes which emphasises that these are individual pieces. You might prefer to hand stitch these pieces with some lovely embroidery stitches and coloured threads.

8. Trim appliquéd fabric down to 11.5″ x 8.5″.

9.For my inner border I have used the same fabric colours that are in the appliquéd  heart and cut small pieces of 1″ wide strips to join together. My pieces have varied from 1″ to 2.5″ in length. All seams are ¼″
10. Join these pieces together to make 4 strips long enough to add to top and bottom and either side of your background fabric.

11. Cut 4 strips of background fabric 2″ wide and long enough to add to either side and top and bottom.
12. Sew these final border strips in place.

13. Centre the design on your pattern sheet once more and trace the stitchery words and designs. I use a very fine pencil or you may choose to use a wash away tracing pen.

14. Place a piece of cotton batting 16″ x 13″behind the design. I use 505 basting spray to hold this in place or you may prefer to tack it. I use cotton wadding because it is lovely and fine to sew through. I also place it behind before I sew my stitchery because it is easier to carry threads along the back of the work and they won't show through.

15. Stitch the words, hearts and kisses using back stitch. Use french knots to dot your i's and for dots between the kisses. I have used two strands of embroidery thread.

16. Place a piece of backing fabric behind the completed design. Once again I have used 505 spray or you may tack in place. Quilt in the ditch on either side of inner border to hold your backing in place.

17. Trim down completed quilt and add binding. I have used 2.5″ strips and ironed them in half lengthways to make a double binding.

18. To complete your quilt you might like to sew on a small heart button as shown.

19. I have then made and sewn two hanging tags to top of my mini quilt and hung it from a wire hanger.

20. Your Heart Mini Quilt is now complete. Gift it to someone you love.

If you have enjoyed my tutorial you might like to visit my Quilting Blog where you will find more of my tutorials and patterns. You might particularly enjoy my Valentine Heart Cushion pattern which is another project in the same vein. I have enjoyed being with you today. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!


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