Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's all about Heart and will you just look at what Cherry did in teaching us how to: Make your own fabric

Thanks Madame Samm for inviting me to share my little heart project with you all. My name is Cherry and I blog over at Cherry Blossoms. I have been playing with art quilting for a little while, and today I want to show you how I used fabric pens to make my own fabric design.

These are the supplies I used:

 high thread count fabric - I used 200 ct Pima Cotton (don't wash the fabric)
mechanical pencil
black Micron pens in sizes 05 and 005
Fabrico Dual-Tip markers in various colors
Freezer paper
Your own drawing or Clip Art
a light box - optional

For my little quilt, I used Clip Art I found in my publishing software, but you can always use any drawing you choose; in the future, I plan to make a quilt with some of my children's drawings. This is also a great way to make labels for your quilts. The markers are acid free, fade resistant, and will not wash away, and  best of all, the fabric stays soft!

I found these images 
and played with them until I was pleased with the arrangement, color, and size
for the word I used a pretty font, enlarged the letter "A"
and for the "o" used the little heart image after cropping the stem and leaves out

Next, I changed the color to grays and printed it out

Now the fun begins...
first, cut a piece of fabric several inches larger than the design
and tape it on to the paper to keep it from moving during tracing

Using a light box, trace the design on to the fabric using a mechanical pencil

Remove the paper from the back... 

To make the "coloring" process easier, iron the shiny side of freezer paper
to the back of the fabric with the drawing, this way you won't be stretching the fabric with the markers

Now that the fabric is nice and stable, start tracing over the pencil lines with a black Micron 005 pen.
Once you've done this, the next step is very important: you must heat-set your Micron ink with a dry iron.
If you don't do this, it will run when you start coloring with the Fabrico Markers

Make long, light strokes when coloring with the Fabrico markers;
you can always come back and darken any areas by coloring over them again
 That was so much fun!!!

Of course, to be a quilt, it most have a little batting, a backing, and some thread to hold it together,
and since I don't plan to wash this one, I drew some quilting lines for the wall and floor using the mechanical pencil, giving it a little bit of shading

I used white thread for the whole thing and, yeah, made a few mistakes where the white thread showed on the dark coloring, so I just went back and "covered" my little mistakes with the markers...
...Oops! don't tell!

Add a little binding and hanging tabs...

And you're all done!

You've got to try it, you'll feel like a kid again...



  1. Holy freakin' creative! What a great process! Can't wait to try that!

  2. YOu make it look so easy! HOw did you get the shading on the chair seat and back? Is that put on after the red or is that part of the white fabric you didn't cover?
    I am dreaming of all things Paris lately & this bistro fits the bill!

  3. WOW WOW this is so nice. Love the stand, the graphics, and you for sharing with is all,
    . wow. Chantal

  4. I love it. Must get one of those stands!

  5. Oh I just love the prairie points and the Cherry Blossoms Fabric coloring idea! LOVE LOVE the stand too!! LOVE your ideas, your blog Madame Samm! It is hands down the best on the web!! You and Your quilters are like a breath of fresh air and so full of ideas to do! My to do list is overflowing! Keep them coming and thank you so much for all the inspiration each day!

  6. Oh this is wonderful and to think that you can create it from sctach is wondrerful..thanks for sharing

  7. This is amazing! I have never, ever, seen this done before. Thanks so much for the great idea and the great tutorial!

  8. What a fun idea. Thank you for sharing it with us Cherry!

  9. This is awesome!The freezer paper to keep the fabric from stretching is great! Thanks for the tut and the inspiration!

  10. You may have just created a monster here! I love this idea. Many thanks for your tutorial.

  11. thanks for all the great tips! I'm going to see where I can buy those pens! I've got a ton of the Pigma pens - but I need the "coloring" pens!! Can't wait to try this!

  12. It is just darling. Thanks for the great idea.

  13. Love your graphic selections. Great little tutorial for an art quilt. Thanks.

  14. Great inspiration Cherry....I will be sure to hunt for some of the pens and give this a try. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us... Pauline

  15. What a fun project - I will try this one, for sure! I was wondering what I would do for a fresh mini to hang on my stand! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  16. What a fun project. Thanks you for sharing the technique...will be exploring a new project soon.

  17. Looks incredible!! I'm bookmarking this for later. So trying this out sometime =D

  18. I Lo-hu-huve this ! I gotta try it sometime! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Good afternoon
    Cherry.....iiiiiiiii love this....and it is sew perfect ...table topper blog hop In a few more weeks will be a reminder of yours.... A great way to start.... What's next?

  20. This is great. I thought is was embroidery at first glance. I love the way you did the quilting to creating the setting. Excellent job and excellent instructions.

  21. Oh that is so clever....an so much fun. Thanks for sharing with us!


  22. Oh my goodness!! This is just too fun! I love to color! Thank you for this!

  23. Absolutely charming. Thank you for showing all the steps!

  24. Gorgeous! Thank you Cherry for your inspiring and lovely tutorial. Looks like fun... I see a trip to the craft store on my horizon to gather the supplies.

  25. Wow! Looks like a lot of FUN! Thanks for sharing.

  26. What a wonderful idea - so fun! I love the idea of making your own design and not having to do applique. Thanks for sharing with us!

  27. Really cute - and this is even something I could do with grandchildren. blessings, marlene

  28. This retired TEACHER has never lost her love of coloring! I will most definitely be doing this and hopefully I'll practice enough to be able to share with my grandpeeps!
    Thanks for sharing a GREAT idea!
    Gmama Jane

  29. that is amazing. thank you for sharing! janita

  30. That is just the coolest thing every and oh so cute!

  31. Love it! You out did yourself!!

    glen in Louisiana

  32. I love this! What is the finished project size?


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