Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tool time with Cherry...ohhhh wait till you see the WISDOM in this!

Hello! I’m Cherry of Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio
and want to thank Madame Samm for inviting me to share my favorite tool…

I looked around my studio trying to decide “which” of my favorites to talk about,
since I have several I absolutely love, and finally settled on The Appliqué Pressing Sheet.
One of my favorite techniques is raw-edge-appliqué, and this sheet is a must have
– you can preassemble your designs with no guessing about placement
– no mistakes in fabric choice, whether for the appliqués or the background fabrics.

Let me show you how I use it, with my little owl

I start with the appliqué templates that have been reversed for a raw-edge finish,
and trace them on to the paper side of, in this case, Pellon Wonder Under,
using a fine-tip Sharpie marker

Fuse the traced templates to the wrong side of your fabric, fusible side down

Then cut on the traced line

You don’t have to have one of these,
but I love the firm ironing surface which allows me to pin everything in place

Lay your design on the mat and pin it down

Place The Appliqué Pressing Sheet over it – yeah, pin this one down too

Preassemble the eyes, starting with the “white of the eye”
Pin, and then “tack” down with a hot dry iron

Add the “eyes” and press

The Appliqué Pressing Sheet gets very hot, so be careful.
Allow everything to cool down, then peel off the eyes.
I like to clean the Sheet afterwards with this fancy “tulle”

Finish the eyes, peel, and set aside

Build the rest of the owl, laying the templates from bottom to top

Peel the owl off The Appliqué Pressing Sheet and remember to clean your sheet
Voila! a cute little owl ready to audition backgrounds…

How about a winter scene?
Maybe some fresh white...

...or, snowflakes?

I think I like the clean, fresh look of the white fabric. I like to spray Sizing (bugs like starch!) to my background piece as a stabilizer for when I blanket stitch around the appliqué pieces.
Spray it to death!!! Yes, it can almost stand by itself it's so stiff, lol!

Center your background fabric over the design 

Fuse the owl in place - don't forget to add the little leaves
Now it's ready for some pretty little blanket stitching.

This was so much fun!
I hope you’ll give The Appliqué Pressing Sheet a try,
and if you like the little owl, come by my blog and get a copy of my pattern.

Happy appliquéing,

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  1. I have used a pressing sheet for a long tome. One tome when I was at retreat and had left it at ho,e, I used the backing paper from the pellon. Smart, huh.? As my father would point out, the old Sicilian saying is, necessity is the mother of invention.

    glen in Louisiana

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  3. I love all those goodies I've never seen before such as the pressing sheet, the Quilter's Cut 'n Press and Magic Sizing! I want them all, is there an online source? I'm in Canada.

    Your owl is adorable, I especially like it with the big round snowflakes.

  4. Love this little buddy so much! Cute and smart!
    Thanks for visitting my blog :)
    Your pattern is perfect!!

  5. Good Morning Cherry...1st love the owl....love him, 2nd, never seen this kind of pressing sheet..love the idea, looked around here at local stores..nobody has it or even heard of it, 3rd, your little blue/purple cleaner, very cool, I have me some of that...4th your pressing mat..new to me too..I am in absolute WHHHHHOOOOO this morning as in what who, what where....terrific pattern, tut, tool time...

  6. While I have yet to even try any applique (I have too many other quilts in process first), I will definitely try this when I do give it a whirl. Great tut. Thanks bunches!

  7. A pressing sheet is good, but a cheap $5 Oven Liner (available at WalMart) works just as well, believe me.

  8. I have the exact same pressing sheet - purchased at my LQS. I've never used it! Now that I know how it works, I probably will be using it. I wouldn't have thought of layering the eyes fist and putting them off to the side.

  9. Great tutorial, Cherry! Thanks for sharing these great tips - love the tulle tool :). And what an adorable owl! I just downloaded a copy from your cute blog.

  10. What a cute owl! Thanks for letting us know about this great looking product.

  11. I have a pressing sheet too. But I love your owls!! they are beautiful.

  12. The Applique Pressing Sheet is also one of my favorite tools. Thanks for the idea of using tulle to clean my pressing sheet. Your owl is adorable. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  13. Thanks Cherry you know I have one and really did not understand the full potentional of using it but I do now thanks to you.. Also Thanks to Madame Samm for helping us keep up to date with all this new stuff that makes applique a little easier....Oh I love the owl..

  14. A terrific tutorial! Just what I needed today. I'll be out shopping Thursday to start an applique project on Friday! Thanks so much!

  15. I have the pressing sheet but never used it like you do! I need to give it a whirl. Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. What a super-helpful blog post! Thanks very much for sharing. Your owl is adorable, but just about anything would be cute in the color aqua!

  17. Hi Cherry! Wonderful tutorial, and your lil owl is terrific! Thanks for telling us all of these tips - your post was packed with good ideas!

  18. Very nice instructions and the tulle for cleaning is a great idea.

  19. I loved seeing this tutorial...
    Mama Bear

  20. i hve TWO of those sheets. I just love them! I clean mine with an old store discount card. They work like a dream!

  21. HI Cherry! Great tutorial for applique--thanks! I bought a pressing sheet about a year ago and it really is an amazing tool. I use it when I'm working with bo-nash adhesive, so thanks for giving me another use!!

  22. Great tutorial!!! I always wondered what to use to clean the sheet. I love that idea.

  23. I actually have one of those sheets I haven't used yet. Thanks! And there is a giveaway at seasonsofhome.blogspot.com so come and check it out.

  24. Thank you so much for this. I have just bought one of these sheets but haven't used it yet, your tut will be really helpful when I do. Linda

  25. wow that is really neat! thanks for sharing

  26. Now that is a great must have tool! Thanks for sharing!

  27. I recognized the packaging when I saw it. I bought one of those at my LQS about 10 years ago. Someone on line must carry them. Google might be a help here.

  28. I've had a pressing sheet for a long time but have never used it for applique, just pressing! I'll have to give it a go.

  29. The Applique Sheet is one of my very favorite tools! blessings, marlene

  30. Thanks for the wonderful comments, and again, thanks Madame Samm for this wonderful blog.
    I hope you all will pull out that sheet and give it a try - it really is a wonderful tool. If you want to buy one, click on the The Applique Pressing Sheet picture at the top of my post and it will take you to the manufacturer - they sell them there; I've also found it at Amazon.com
    Jean, I'll have to try the card next time I have to clean mine :-)
    And Carol's oven liner idea, yes, next time I'm in the store I will look for that...
    Ya'll have an awesome evening.

  31. I love these and have used them for years. They last a long time and make applique so much easier and cleaner!

  32. I have never used one, but am going to try...your illustrations were very helpful and ofcourse, I just Love the Owl!! Hugs, Mary

  33. I love your owl and your tutorial. I use a old gift card to scrape my sheets...but they are clearly not nearly as cute as yours!



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