Sunday, January 1, 2012

Behind the Seams with our January Banner Winners...sadly goodbye December and 2011

Yes there was
  Christine and Nan, Marsha and Anne Marie
and by far one of my most favorite Banners of the YEAR.
YOU  made our December sparkle with delight...
Thank YOU for making it a very special month...
will miss you !
Hope to see you all again!

And now for our JANUARY Winners
Oh look at them all...

Our theme was January Blues...but this
collection will do nothing of the sort...
This month  will actually lift you up in their stories
and their creativity...
( there were 243 entries and all of them were unique,
striking, sew thank you for sharing a bit of YOU with me...
Please keep entering- love to see your quilt here someday
 BTW I never know which
one is YOURS...I just blend till I find a match..this is what
I came up with for our January...)

There is 
Sandra, Kathy, Cynthia and Mary...
* in this order
and here are their..

Here is Sandra's

I want to thank Madame Samm for picking my quilt for the January banner.
I am very honored and excited to be chosen.
My quilt was made in June 2011 for my beautiful niece
 Courtney as a high school graduation present. A special event like that deserves a special quilt.
 Her school colors were blue and white and the school's mascot is a pirate.
Most of the fabric was purchased at the Sew So Shop in Yuba City, California. The dark blue has white polka dots and the white has swirls that remind me of wind. The bright blue I had been saving in my stash especially for Courtney. It has pirate ships, mariner's compass', and topographical maps of the world all over it. The backing has little pirate skulls and I pieced the label and two paper pieced blocks into it. One block is a graduation cap and the other is a sports jersey with her #12 on it.
I stitched in the ditch around all of the blue and stipple quilted in the white. In the thin white border I quilted "softball, volleyball, cheerleading" over and over with a heart between each word. These were the sports she did throughout school. The quilt measures 54"x54".
Thanks again for the honor! =)

 ( Kathy is MIA, not sure what happened there...)
Hers was the snowflake... kept sending gentle reminders
right till yesterday...it was then too late to change the banner!

NEXT is Cynthia's..

Hi Madame Samm,
Thank you for choosing my humble quilt for the January banner. Here is the quilt story...
This quilt started with a very humble center block. I called my friend after returning from a trip. She informed me that we were going to start a round robin challenge at our local quilt guild at our next meeting---in two days! In order to participate, all I had to do was bring a 12-15 inch block to be my center block. I was blue because I didn't think I had enough time to get a respectable block pieced. My friend said to look through my projects. She said that I would probably find a block that would work. This is the block that I found--a humble churn dash.
There were 7 participants. We did one row on each quilt, then passed it on to the next person. At every meeting, we got the guidlines for the next row. We drew a size and a technique out of a hat. Row one was 2" wide- plain. Row two was 3" wide-applique. Row three was 4" wide-plain. Row four was 3" wide-rectangles. Row five was 5" wide-diamonds. Row six was 6" wide-squares. We were not allowed to show the quilts until they were completely pieced.
What a lovely surprise it was when I finally saw my humble churn dash block again. It had grown into a beautiful quilt, pieced just for me by some of my best and most talented friends. I will cherish it always. I know that Round Robin challenges sometimes get a bad rap, but our experience was a very successful one. We had 7 really beautiful quilts come from this challenge.
We each quilted our quilts ourselves, then showed them again at another guild meeting.
I haven't given this quilt a name. The label on the back says...
Prairie Quilters Guild Round Robin Challenge 2010
Then I listed the Rows with the technique and the name of the special friend who did that row. The label was made on my embroidery sewing machine.
I am not able to supply a link to my blog because I am not a blogger--although I am a blog follower. I thank each and every one of you for your interest in my quilt. If I could leave you with one thought it would be this...
Do not be afraid to do a round robin challenge with some of your very best quilting friends. No matter what the finished product looks like you will have something made just for you by those who think you are special. And you may just get a real gem, like I did. I wish all of you a very blessed and happy new year!!
Cynthia in Illinois
Thank you again Madame Samm!

And now Mary's 

 Hello Madame Samm

 I just happen to have a Booklet that I wrote all the details of my Quilts in last year.
It is a great reference for filling out registrations for Quilt Show entries and times like this.  
This quilt was made as a TEST for a Blogging friend (Pam Avara, aka:Knitoid) Her Blog link is: her link
I had two grandson's due in March and April and this cute fabric that screamed BOY with V-room, V-room written all over it.  I used Kona Blue and white for the other colors to go with it.  It was started on February 1st 2011 and the top was completed February 5th. It was done sooner but when I e-mailed Pam the photo she noticed I'd assembled it wrong- I failed the Test..LOL.  I quickly un-sewed the blocks and put them back the right way and sent her the corrected picture. She designed the pattern for a Retreat she attends each year.  My Daughter from Arizona was home visiting while I was working on it and claimed it for her little one. There's a sneak peek of it at this post-post here
The finished size  is 40"x40".  It was quilted and totally finished March 21st.  I tacked down the binding while travelling to meet the new little boys in Idaho and Arizona.  I quilted a simple meander on it to look like roads to drive cars on.  The backing fabric is a red flannel with Matchbox cars on it. 

I call it "V-room, V-room for Jacob". The label is a triangle of fabric folded to a triangle and sewn into the corner.  It has the date and the Name of the quilt and Made with "Heart" by G-ma Mary Crowther. I write the pattern and source of it on the backside of the triangle.
This is where I first showed it on the BLOG.  
It was displayed at the Krazy Horse Quilt show in May 2011 also. I attatched two photos of the quilt, one with the baby on it.  Use the one you prefer.
Thanks so much for choosing my quilt for the banner. My Birthday is in January and this is a great B-day Gift to me!  I can hardly wait to tell DD #2 that her son's quilt is "famous".
Mary Crowther - Quiltingrandma

"To quilt or not to quilt, DUH!"
Thank you Mary~!

SEW here is to a beautiful month
for many reasons...
Thank you Ladies for adding your spark...

This week we begin a month of TOOL TIME....see you then


  1. Beautiful blue quilts. Congratulations ladies. What a fun blog banner. Happy quilting...

  2. Beautiful, beautiful quilts! Mdm, you always do such creative things with the monthly banner - each one is more creative than the last!

  3. It is a beautiful blue banner for January and congratulations to all the winners. Your quilts are beautiful, too.

  4. Lovely banner ... looking forward to Sew We Quilt in January! :)

  5. Blue is one of my favorite colors so this month makes me happy. Thanks for another great banner!

  6. I love all shades of blue...the closer to the purple tones, I get all giddy. Standing in front of the machine embroidery thread display on Wed, I could have scooped up a cart load of just the blues and purples. I had left my "have" chart at home, so I didn't go hog-wild, but I will by the end of the week, before the sale is over. Glad to see so many other blue-lovers.
    Happy New Year Y'all from Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  7. Love the blue quilts!!! Gorgeous. My birthday is in January you!!

  8. Yea for January Birthdays! Thanks for including my quilt in the Banner. It is truly an honor!

  9. This is a "wow!" post. First of all, Madame Samm, you have created an absolutely stunning and joy-filled banner. It makes me smile on a dreary overcast day in Nova Scotia. Secondly, congrats to these ladies whose quilts you have featured. Each quilt is beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for starting the new year off with such talent and beauty!

  10. Wow - amazing quilts every one! Sandra's quilt for her niece is stunning and so very meaningful. I know that Courtney must love it very much. Even though we don't yet have the story on the Snowflake quilt It's a joy to see and makes me smile. I look forward to hearing about it. Cynthia I've always been afraid of Round Robins but if anything could tempt me it would be this gorgeous quilt. It is simply amazing that many women adding their own touches can come up with something that just takes your breath. Mary I'm just shaking my head at this beautiful quilt...I love your choice of fabrics and the vibrant blues paired with pure white. I know this must have been an intricate pattern but you did it perfectly - even if it was after a little ripping. Wonderful banner Samm - I'm going to enjoy looking at it all month long. blessings, marlene

  11. Happy New Year to our January Banner Girls! They are all so beautiful. Madame Samm once again, this banner is stunning. No 'winter blues' here. Just inspiration!

  12. Blue is my favorite color and these are beautiful blue quilts

  13. Another beautiful banner. Congratulations to the quilt makers.

  14. A very pretty selection of quilts and a great way to cheer up a cold winter day. (Sorry for those Aussie friends and their heat-wave)Blessings for the new year!

  15. I don't know how you could have surpassed the beauty of December's Banner quilts but I think you may just have done it! Every quilt is a stunner...I hope Kathy hops on board to give us the snowflake story because that quilt is a winner in my book. Ladies, each of you should be so proud of your quilts and the stories behind each one makes them all the more interesting and valuable. I love the whole banner and will enjoy the view each morning with my cuppa whatever.
    Gmama Jane

  16. Really lovely banner. I'm alway amazed by what you come up with. I'm expecting that 2012 will be very exciting indeed.

  17. I'm a sucker for BLUE! What wonderful Quilts and to know the stories behind them is wonderful! Congratulations to all, and Thank you Madame Samm for putting it all together! :) Happy NeW YEAR!!!

  18. Wow. This is beautiful, and so cheery. Crisp and clean. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories. They make the quilts even more special. As usual, Samm, your photography is awesome.

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  21. What Beautiful quilts and I Love each of the stories. Great job Ladies! Happy New Year!

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  23. Congratulations to the Banner winners! Your quilts and the stories behind them are an inspiration for all of us.
    Thanks Madame Samm for bringing it all together!

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  25. Great choices for January. Enjoyed reading about the history of each quilt. I think round robin quilts are fun to participate in.

  26. I absolutely loved the December banner. I wasn't sure you could top it. I'm delighted to say, "You've done it again Samm." Madame, I bow to your superior talents to always find the best.

  27. Blues and Churn Dashes.. Can't get any better!

    LOVE the new banner! Congrats to the ladies who made it happen!

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  28. you always have such great ideas for banners. Lucky ladies, wonderful quilts! Have a great day! xoxo Christel


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