Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Behind the SEAMS of our FEBRUARY Banner WINNERS

I already feel BLUE to say goodbye to ...
YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU

Sandra, Kathy, Cynthia and Mary...
It was a delightful month of tool sharing...
and you ALL made it a month worth noting...
YOU all have sew much ....

Nice segue to our new FEBRUARY Banner

Our February Banner Winners are......
Linda, Deonn, Bente and Christine...

321 red, black and white quilts
were submitted.. That is a lot of quilts
to look at and try to blend into a HEART felt
banner...I felt your heartfelt stitches in all of them..
SEW thank you all who entered.

First let's look at Linda's

Thank you, thank you Madame Samm for allowing my “Ladies” to strut across February’s banner!  I feel truly honored to have my work included this month.
I made this quilt (The Ladies in Red) in 2011 as part of the “Red and White, Too” challenge sponsored by a member of my quilting guild, after she visited  “Infinite Variety:  Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” in New York last March.  Because I wanted to keep my entry simple so I could finish it quickly,  I chose a design inspired by several pieces of African fabric from my stash showing “the Ladies” as if they were out for a stroll or window shopping.   (I blogged about it here: red and white challenge    and here  and more about here  )  I scanned a piece of the fabric into Photoshop, resized it and printed to paper.  Then I traced silhouettes of their shape onto fusible web and transferred it to the back of my red fabric, which I then machine appliqued to a white background.  I quilted it using a very simple meandering pattern.  It has four adinkra symbols appliqued in the borders, with these feminine qualities quilted between them:  patience, beauty, friendship, love, unity, and initiative.
The Ladies in Red will be part of the “Red and White, Too,” quilt exhibit in Northeast Washington, DC, February 6 – 24.

Thanks again Madame Samm, for allowing me to help make this month’s banner another great success!

Next, is Deonn and here is her...
Hi, Madame Samm,
Thanks again for including my quilt on February's banner--I am thrilled!  And you'll love the story of this quilt.  I originally worked out the pattern for my sister to make a denim quilt for her son when he went away to college.  Not a fan of recycled denims sewn into squares or strips, I wanted a design that really made a statement.  And since there is such a variety in tone with Levi's and other denim-weight pants that can be up-cycled, this traditional "Storm at Sea" made with giant 24" blocks, turned out to be the perfect pattern, and the perfect quilt for a college kid (practically free), or as a throw for the couch or car.  It looks great in blues.  Then I made this one for my son.  It is even quilted with a layer of batting and backed with flannel - a warm hug from Mom.  I've included a link to the original post, which also has a link to more of the story.  Here goes:
this quilt.

Denim Tsunami  (A Giant "Storm at Sea"), Picnic Quilt 72" x 72"
 Mostly though, I love the boy I made it for.

Original post HERE
And when the boy went off to war with his combat engineer unit, sweeping for mines, making roads safe, and performing other route clearance missions in Afghanistan...

...the quilt, too warm and heavy for desert climates, stayed at home as a comfort to this Momma during that long year of his deployment.  Folded over the couch, the quilt was a reminder and a hope for his safe return home when we could wrap our arms around him once again.  
Then the boy returned, a man.  (Oh, my boy!)

Sometimes, a quilt is more than just a quilt.

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 Next is Bente's 

( Btw Bente does not speak English, we are thrilled to have
her in her own words translated from German)

I´m so thrilled that my Baby Jane Quilt is one of the four quilts in
Madame Samm's
beautiful banner, THANKS it is a great honor!!!
My ***Dear Jane quilt is the most important quilt I have ever sewn, it
is my masterpiece.  If you can you sew the Dear Jane quilt you can sew every quilt!
I sew the first block A1 on the 2003.8.8 and I had no problems sewing
until I reached A-11 “Pebble´s Protest”, I couldn’t see how to piece
that block together.
But as we all know, quilters are very nice and helpful, and a good
friend told me that it´s okay to draw extra lines in the patterns,
and generally to sew the blocks that is best for you. That was a very
important advice, and the reason why I mention it here.
I sewed most of the blocks in paper piecing, some are appliqued and D-2
“Mouse in a Mirror” is hand pieced,
at that time I didn´t like to hand piece so I do still remember that
block after all these years.
I only used two fabrics, muslin and a red prewashed! Benartex Fossil Fern.
I hand quilted the blocks individual, and I think after that the blocks
look as if they are alive.
Yes, I know it sounds as if I´m in love with that quilt, and yes I am *lol*
Like Jane A. Stickler did in 1868, I counted all the pieces sewn into my
quilt, I used 5689 pieces.
First block pieced 2003.8.8 last binding stitch 2007.6.9
Size: 80¼ x80¼ inch.
Patterns from the Book “Dear Jane” by Brenda Manges Papadakis ISBN

It would please me if you´ll visit my blog
My blog
Even if it´s in a foreign language, it about quilts!
Stay awhile maybe leave a comment and pay some attention to my quilt
gallery, I hope you like it.

Liebe Grüße
Bente – Germany
I like to QuiltBlog

*** link to my blog posting
You can see more of my quilt here~!

and last but equally impressive

First of all I would like to thank Madame Samm for choosing to use my quilt as one of the four for February’s banner. I must say it was quite exciting to get her email telling me.

A little about me. I live in Diamond Creek, which is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been quilting since 1993 which is when I did an overnight mystery quilt workshop. Thus I was hooked!  I am a member of the North of the Yarra Quilters Guild. Besides reading blogs, this is where I get a lot of my inspiration.

The official name for this quilt is “Mitchell’s As Close To A Collingwood Quilt That He Will Get”. A funny name, I agree but I’ll explain. Mitchell is a die-hard Collingwood Football Club supporter. Collingwood is an Australian Rules Football team. Their colours are black and white stripes. Collingwood is the team you either love or hate! Needless to say, I do not barrack for Collingwood. Hence, the name.

Mitchell asked me for a black and white quilt. I used the stack and slash method. It came together very quickly and I had it commercially quilted. When I checked the label, it was made back in 2008. I can’t believe it was that long ago! This is how I labeled Mitchell’s quilt.

“Mitchell’s As Close To A Collingwood
Quilt That He Will Get!”
This quilt was made with love for
Mitchell James MacDonald
by his mother, Christine MacDonald (Kerr).
The quilt was quilted by Leanne Kaufmann.
Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia

I like to add a picture or photo relating to each quilt on it’s label.

I haven’t actually done a post on this quilt as I made it before I discovered blogs! I’ll just have to do a post now, won’t I! Please pop over and visit me a tmy blog

Thank you once again Madame Samm for this special honour.

And thank you February Banner Winners...
Certainly a great beginning to our Heart Month..
EVIDENCE that you all have such big Hearts...

March is Runner month...all kinds of quilt
runners will be introduced, short, tall, long, thin,
fat, circles..all shapes..
and our color theme is GREEN
sew if you have any GREEN quilts you have made
I would love to see them...
Maybe next month YOU will be here...
showing your behind the scenes quilt...


  1. What a wonderful group of quilts - and ladies - to represent this month's banner. The stories behind each are just lovely, and they will fill our hearts each day thru February.

  2. These quilts, the ladies, and their stories are awesome and inspiring. Thanks, Madame Samm, for introducing them to us. The banner is a brilliant February welcome!

  3. Just wonderful, the banner and the featured quilters. They and you inspire us all to great quilting heights.

  4. My favorite part of each month is to see what new quilts were chosen to welcome us each day. Each and everyone of your quilts are beautiful. Such a nice way to begin our month!

  5. I LOVE all the quilts!!!!! So beautiful! Each have great stries behind them...


    P.S. to Deonn, please thank that handsome young man for his service!

  6. Lovely banner, and the stories are inspiring...thanks, Madame, for a beautiful job on the bloggie, and thanks to you ladies for sharing your quilts!

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  10. How inspiring is today's post! Congratulations to all! And I love love love the banner design! Coveting!

  11. How inspiring is today's post! Congratulations to all! And I love love love the banner design! Coveting!

  12. I love reading the stories behind the quilts. Thank you for including them.

  13. Congrats to the banner winners. The quilts are really beautiful!

  14. Congratulations to this month banner winners. Such beautiful works or art. Such inspiring stories. There always "seams" to be a story for what we create. So goodbye beautiful blue and welcome ravishing red!

  15. -congratulations to Linda, Deonn and Christine too, your quilts are so beautiful, and I´ll go visit your blogs right away.
    Madame Samm, I love your banner, and I´m so glad to be part of it ☺
    Liebe Grüße

  16. I like the little heart snippet of the quilts. Thanks for the stories too.

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  19. As usual Samm you have outdone yourself. What beautiful quilts were chosen this month - not just striking in looks but also heart touching in their stories. blessings, marlene

  20. I've enjoyed reading the stories behind Linda, Deonn and Bente's quilts. I feel honoured to be part of this talented group. Thank you Madame Samm for including my quilt in this month's banner.

  21. I thought the quilts were so beautiful in the banner... Then I see them in their entirety, and they are stunning... Then, I read the stories behind them, and they are symbols of Love... Bravo! Hopping over to see your blogs now! :)

  22. Congratulations to all the ladies but especially to my Blogging Friend Christine.
    Was great to read the stories about each quilt.

  23. Oh, Madame Samm, love the banner -you've really done it again; so inspirational, and international too!! What wonderful stories behind the seams. Thank you for including my son's quilt - it means so much to me!

  24. The reason why each quilt is so beautiful is due to the LOVE stitched into each stitch. What inspirational stories of love, courage, and perseverance. Quilters are a special breed of people.
    Congratulations to each of you for sharing your "Work of Art" with us.
    Gmama Jane


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