Saturday, November 5, 2011

Block Party begins MONDAY and you are all invited!

What can you expect?

Well beginning MONDAY , this MONDAY
every day for the whole month of NOVEMBER.
Blocks, lots and lots of Blocks. TUTS...

WE have multiple GUESTS Tutorial block designers....
who will be providing you with 
new Blocks to practice with

I look forward to seeing you then...

My best

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now- I am having a REST Day, a WELLNESS Day, ahhh a Coffee BREAK.

Well according to some people...
ahhh ( Evelyn) comes to mind...

She defined REST for me as the following:

R- Recharge
T- Tuned.

And YES by golly she would be CORRECT.

My idea of rest is different from many, there
is no doubt about you noted during 
these past 3 months....BUT I will be taking
some time off to manage the 

( 54 sistah ghastlies)

Before you know it our line up
of Guest Bloggers will be here showing
you BLOCK Tuts for this whole month...

STAY TUNED, for now I am taking a Coffee BREAK..
a bit of a siesta...a wellness day....a rest
see you when I see you..

Monday, October 31, 2011

Behind the Seams of our November Banner Winners...Grab your beverage of choice I will wait...

Ohhh Hello, fancy seeing
see you here this morning ( or afternoon, evening)
.......and what a lovely morning ( for me here in on the escarpment)
it is here today...I have coffee in hand
and I am ready...are you?

Every month since I took over this blog
Anniversary today in fact....Our banners
reflected the talent that is out there...
Exception here was the Wantobe Quilters Campaign
( remember that?) we kept that banner up for 3 months..
( just did not how I was going to have time to design 3 of them..)
Imagine that? lol
OK, here goes...
BRICK Quilts was the theme for NOVEMBER....
and these are ones I really liked that
reflected a very FALL look...and I think you 
all agree they  are great choices...
Let's begin with ...from left to right...

with Thearica...

Click on photos to see details

The story of my quilt is no different than hundreds of quilts as it was made to warm the heart of a very dear person, a teacher and friend of mine.  Mrs. Rebecca Massey was my cheerleader sponsor in Jr. High School and also taught both of my children in 3rd grade.  I have learned the utmost respect for this wonderful lady over the past 39 years.  This summer she was injured and was taken off of her feet for a few weeks and I wanted to do something to cheer her up.  There is nothing like a warm and cozy quilt to melt away any worries and heal the biggest of boo-boos.
It took me 2 weeks to make the quilt and get it sent on it's journey from North Carolina to Alabama. (I moved to NC in 2003 but Bama will always hold my heart!)  I received the fabric on  August 21 in an order from an online store. I had ordered a jelly roll of the same Westminster fabrics, Parisville by Tula Pink, for a quilting retreat that I am going to in November.  We are going to do a jelly roll race competition.  Upon inspection of my order, I realized they had sent a 27 piece Fat Quarter Bundle of the fabrics instead of the 26 piece jelly roll.  Well, we all know how big of a difference that would be in cost!  I quickly picked up the phone and called to let them know they had made an error and sent the wrong pre-cut.  They apologized many times and said they must make it up to me for their mix up.  I assured them that it was not necessary to do this but they would have it no other way.  To make a long story short, I came out smelling like a rose when they were finished "making it up to me".  They went above and beyond!  So while I waited for my jelly roll to arrive, I started cutting out this quilt from the fat quarter bundle for Mrs. Massey.  If someone can be so good to me, how can I not, myself,  pay it forward.
  Quilt name: To Cheer You!
  As all of my friends know, I am a rather long winded kind of person.  I love to talk and sometimes it can take me a while to tell a story.  The story of this quilt is told over the course of 3 posts on my blog.  I condensed all 3 posts in to one special page so you can see and read about the making of the quilt all in one place from the  beginning to when it was ready to mail to Alabama.  You can read the story following this link:
And now with Madame Samm's help, I give you the final segment! Mrs. Massey all wrapped up snug as a bug in the quilt I made especially for her!
Come on over and see her under her quilt...
Thearica Burroughs

with  Trudi..
Trudi has been ON our banner before..
and in our Ghastlie blog hop too!
What month was it Trudi? 
Well her quilts always seem to follow
my themes..or is it my themes follow her creations..
BE what it may...we LOVE our Trudi..
and her quilt...well you be the judge!

Click on photos to see details

And thank you sew much for using my quilt for the banner, I’m thrilled to see it in lights!

Ok, here goes…

1.       The story of the quilt ….  For those that don’t know me, I’m Trudi and blog over at
Quilting Prolifically.   I first saw this quilt --where it all began

Pattern by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter blog  back in May of this year.  I’d bought a roll of 5” width of Fabrics of It’s a Hoot by Momo earlier in the year, and I had tried to use it several times, but just couldn’t cut into it.  When I saw this pattern I just knew this was it!  Perfect for my It’s a Hoot fabric roll.   In fact, just having checked back through blog posts, I loved it so much I started it the same day it was published .  This was such a quick and easy top to piece, so much so, it would have been easy to manage in a day.  Ok I did it over 2 days, but I was doing other things at the same time!  (nothing new there then  lol)

2.        I admit, I have not labelled this quilt just yet, but it is affectionately known as ‘The Bricks Quilt’.  Simple as that really, the post that started it all off is here:

3.       I’ve attached a photo of the quilt on the bed you can use in the post.  Although I always have so many quilt tops waiting to be quilted, this one made it to the top of the list quicker than most and I was sewing the binding on within a month!  Ok, no record breaking there but I truly love this quilt, and it’s on my bed as I type!  Not made for anyone in particular, I made this quilt because I just HAD to!  It’s for me, a joyous celebration of fabric and colour, simple design that just makes me happy J 
Thank you sew much Madame Samm for featuring my Bricks quilt in the banner, I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing the banner with such beautiful and inspirational quilts, I may feel a new bricks quilt in my future!  lol

Much love

Trudi x

with Debuko from Poland
and English is not her Language but with
some assistance of friends she came forward with this...
THIS IS where her quilt 
grabbed my attention..
and it hit me like a brick it was sew striking?
YES, nod with me

Click on photos to see details

First, I would like to thank Madame Samm for this great privilege. It’s a privilege to be included in "OUR" banner and to write a few words on the quilt presented. The story of my quilt started about 2.5 years ago when I bought the sewing machine to prepare it . Our bedroom definitely required refreshment ... as there was an old quilt on our bed and it was time to be removed. Initially I was thinking about buying something new but as I like new challenges, I decided to try my best in that unfamiliar field for me. So for 2.5 years I have been sewing various things, gaining more and more experience this way, and finally, at the beginning of the summer holiday this year, I decided that it's time to start the new quilt for our bedroom.

 At first I thought of something soft and subdued, I thought that  would be nice, tasteful,  in delicate pastel colors.  I began to sew the patchwork, but when I was in the middle of the front side, I realized it wasn’t what I wanting to have and I asked myself why our bedroom would be so calm and ordinary ... couldn’t we change it for something extraordinary? And that is how I began to work on what you see in the pictures. I’ve chosen my favorite reds (in various shades), caramel, chocolate, cream and a little bit of brownish-red. For more than a week I was arranging fabrics so that they would be in a great harmony with each other until I found a list of fabrics with which I was fully satisfied. The Bargello sewing technique is not time-consuming (gives great results within a relatively short time of work) and sewing the front side wasn’t too difficult. Unfortunately, it turned out to be extremely laborious to quilt. I wanted the patchwork to be impressive, so I decided to quilt ornamental leaves. I was doing that for the first time, and that was really time-consuming but the effect is amazing.  This is the first patchwork with which I am satisfied in 100%. I love what I did and I still can’t stop rejoicing at it.
( editors note: I can feel it too...rejoice you bet)
 And now a little bit about the sewing mysteries. The patchwork is sewed using Bargello technique. Two-color background (dark chocolate and cream), the rest of the fabric is sewed in following colors: caramel,red, brick- red, cream, dark chocolate, cream-colored underside. The size is 260cm/250cm
 Fabrics are mostly bought at the Fabricville store in Montreal (Canada). ( editors note...I am from there)
 Here is the link for the post: more quilt story

"Here is my blog, please visit me from time to time.
I would like to invite you to my shop, too.

I really like to read your comments. They are very important to me as they
leave some memories of each one of you. It would be very nice if you also
wrote something interesting.
Best, Debuko

and now with Alice also know as AKA ( Alidiza....she is in our
Ghastlies Blog have got  to see this Mrs Ghastlies
contribution) WOW!
But for now let's good at her Quilt...
( ruffles..look at the ruffles, I am just saying) lol
I just had to have her here...look, her quilt has  ruffles....Ü

Click on photos to see details

The idea for my Ocean Waves quilt came from Jamie Muller's post here.  I saw the pattern and the fabric collection ocean waves.  What can I say, I grew up in Key Largo, everything reminds me of the ocean: )  I chopped up a couple of Martinique by 3 Sisters charm packs to make the bricks which went together really easily.  The ruffles were a bit of a challenge.  The quilt measures 45"x56" and it was really hard to get those 80" tubes gathered evenly.  If I did it again I would splurge for the ruffler foot!  I spent last year's football season hand quilting it while I watched my daughter cheer.  It's got wool batting so at least it kept me warm: )  I loved quilting with wool!  Like everyone says, "it quilts like butter" and it gives it the most wonderful drape.  I've got a blog post about it here link here and read more
All the best,

Sew for the next month these ladies will welcome
you with their lovely BRICK quilts on "OUR" banner...
( leave them comments, visit them to see more photos)
They will be sew thrilled! 

Speaking of BANNERS..
December is peeking around the corner...
( ok for me it is, as I am already working on 
our themed month....

as long as they are CHRISTMAS theme....please send

OUR theme for the month is COMFORT and JOY
we will have HOLIDAY Tuts...great guests tutters..(lol)
who will show you some pretty amazing projects...

See you when I see you again...wink x