Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest #42 Barb with A Fall Go treat and a GO -BABY for a giveaway!

Hang on Madame Samm....be right with you...I just need to work my way out of this scrap mess...
 (do these scraps make my hand look fat)??

What fun to be here today, thanks so much for having me.

Some of you are familiar with me, Bejeweled Quilts by Barb, and my talking about scrap breeding.
My slogan is..."Stop Scrap Breeding"....it should be outlawed.

One way is to leave your lights on at night, nothing good ever happens in the dark....you will wake up in the morning and your scrap bins will be overflowing.

So...today I am pulling out all the stops and taking out my trusty Go cutter to help me tame these beastlie beauties.

A lot of you are familiar with The Accuquilt Go cutter, if not, you can go here to view their videos,

You can friend them on facebook, every Friday they have a giveaway of some sort and sometimes they even give away a Go cutter. (no, I am not a paid employee). I am just so in love with my Go cutter...is that wrong?

So Saturday I started going through my scraps, can you believe I ironed almost everyone of them? I cut...I ironed...and then cut some more...

Got it down to this.... notice the full basket is gone!

Sheweeeee....so I began again on Monday....just a few hours left.

I did not do anything with these...they are big enough scraps to get bigger cuts from the tumbler or apple core and frankly.....I am sick of scraps, I could scream...well...I did scream...

Don't worry, I muffled my mouth with scraps so as not to scare the neighbors.

The red basket is full of 2 1/2 " strips (middle) on each side the strips are 1 1/2" to 3". To be honest, I only have the 2 1/2" strip cutter....

What about some tumbler blocks?

Empty basket....ahhhhhhhhhh Accuquilt!!!

Now you will see some of the projects I have done in the last year with my Go Cutter. The pink one on the bottom right was not done with the go cutter but very well could be done with one. Click on the picture for a bigger view.


Now for those of you who are wanna be quilter's, you can go and visit Bonnie Hunter she gives you some wonderful pointers on scrap orgnization. You really do need a system. As you could tell mine was just throwing it in a basket and sometimes try to tame it....SHAME ON ME!!!

I always thought that you could just leave your Go cutter out and when making a quilt, take your scraps and cut up the excess as you were cutting your quilt or after, just to make sure you don't make a mistake and need more fabric. Unfortunately, you saw that I cut in my kitchen...no room to leave the cutter out. Temporary living space for now.

One word of advice "YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR FIRST CUT"....

That is why I love my Go cutter...makes doing applique a cinch!!

I recently got the Fall Medley in the mail... Now the person that invented the two toned foam should be given a raise...

So...I am going to show you how to do applique with your Go cutter and how to make a pot holder.... The towel is done with the same principle.

You Get your Steam a Seam, or heat bond (always follow the directions)...iron it onto the back of your fabric...like so...

I know that if you want to do reversible like letters....you put the paper side face up...but in my case, it just doesn't matter.

There you have it....a beautiful cut in minutes....

I went to my scrap basket and got a large piece of white scrap (no more scrap breeding for that pesty bugger).

I had enough to make a 9" square. I took my applique pieces and pulled off the paper and then ironed them onto the white fabric. (sorry no picture) You can see how it is arranged in the very first picture or the last...it is your project...you can do what you want!!

As you can see, Now I am ready to applique the pieces with my machine. I have it on a blanket stitch. You can zig zag if your machine does not have this feature. Now Ricky Tims taught me this....before you start your blanket stitch, take a few straight stitches (I take anywhere from six to ten), then I start to blanket stitch...

I will go all around my pieces and end up back to where the straight stitches are and I will blanket stitch over that...then as an extra percaution I take a few straight stitches just to secure the stitches. If you will notice....no threads in the back...no knots... 

Then I take my piece and find a backing that will be anwhere from one and a half to two inches bigger than my appliqued piece.

Get my insul brite, cut it as big as my backing piece.


I center my applique piece...
Pin......, saftey pins are better but hey....these were close by..

Go to the machine and stitch all around the applique, I am using black because that is the thread I blanket stitched with.

Trim your insul brite to the appliqued piece

Cut backing fabric one inch from the appliqued piece.

Get the trusty glue out

Go to the ironing board....you will iron the 1 inch allowance in half

iron it over again and glue down...you will do top and bottom first...

Then when you get to the side you will do both ends just like this....and then you will fold it in half...iron...

Fold over again, glue and iron...and you will get this...do this to all four ends. 

I use an Unused hair bob (don't even think about using a used one...grosssssss)....you will clip the metal piece off and place it in the fold of the upper left corner.

You will take a top stitch all around the edges and....
This is what you will get, I embellished it with a button.

Editors note: We can count on Barb to bring us smiles
and  to get us sew excited about anything from Accuquilt..
She really LOVES the machine and dies..oh yes...
And it seems to me that she loves her GO sew much
in her honor we  should give another one away today for
QUILTERS.....and 3 dies of your choice.

Giveaway today is for Quilters...

If this Go Baby is still on your wish list..well today
you could possibly win it...tomorrow
the winner will be announced.

HOW to win..Go to see Barb and be a new follower
of hers, she is always surprising us with not only her wit
but her keen blog post...

Go to Accuquilt  and let us know which 3 dies
you would like to win...Subscribe to them as well...
They would love that.. and you will be kept to date with news of
all their new dies....

Of course be a follower here...this is a good thing....

Big thanks goes out to Barb, Accuquilt and YOU for 
being the type of quilting friends who make us smile
with your flattering notes to our guests..
Gosh it really makes them feel loved!
YOU are kind, you are smart and you is important to us! 

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there are 32 of you who have commented
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 1st 2 months together and 5 more weeks to go

Once upon a time this lady , oh let's call her Madame, thought it would be a great idea to invite some wonderful guest bloggers to post on this blog. She thought wouldn't it be nice to have some Sponsors too - for some giveaways . Sh also thought why not invite some WANTOBE  Quilters to the mix and show them how much fun you can have cutting up material and sewing them back together again......YEP that is what she thought in her fairly creative mind... And the story went like this...at least in her 8 th  week of memorable moments...
She noted there are 5 more weeks to go...and her room where all the giveaways are stored doesn't seem to be 
diminishing quite quick  enough.. she may have to give a whole lot more goodies away...a whole lot more...

The week began like this...

Nan was our guest on Monday 
and here is her guest post...
( link her name to her post)

She taught us how to make an iron cozy...

 The Giveaway for her day was for 
Wantobes and Quilters
and it was an  IRON of course!

Smart Iron by Oliso

Jennifer M won this iron
and she was over the top convinced
I had the wrong Jennifer...lol
We were convinced we were right..! she won!

Big thanks goes out to NAN for her riveting over the top
tut....we can always count on her...
To OLISO for another over the top SMART IRON...
and YOU, for coming by and getting almost
as excited at winning as we are in giving..
And TRUST me it is nice to be at this end to the hundreds
of emails of thanks for the goodies....
YOU are KIND, you are SMART, you are IMPORTANT..
to us...

Jennifer was our guest on Tuesday
and here is her guest post..
( link her name) 

She taught us how to do a bright
starflower block....

and her Giveaway for Quilters 
was won by  Amy Dame 

Robert Kaufman

9 (1/2 yard cuts)
as well as some of these matching
threads from Colonial Needle
Presencia Finca Perle #8
( my absolute fav's)

Big thanks goes out to JEN,
and Robert Kaufman, and Colonial Needle
and YOU, for being the cheerleaders you are
for our wonderful and delightful guests.
WE are all sew fortunate..
YOU really are kind, smart and IMPORTANT to US

Bec from Australia was our guest on Wednesday
and here is her guest post..
( link her name)

She taught us how to do a polka dot binding

Her giveaway was for a Wantobe
 and the winners were...
and Jennifer( diff't lady)
( blog sponsor)

This collection of fabrics is from 
at Elizabeth Studio...it will certainly have you rolling...
Barbara's Diner is what it is called..

Suzanne won 
this Sewing basket from Colonial Needle.
 filled  with every kind of needle you will
need for binding...
and enough fabric for both you
and  Jennifer ( her blog sponsor ) 

Big thanks goes out to Bec, Elizabeth
Studio, Colonial Needles, Great Gerberas
for the mini roses and YOU
for being someone who shares
something good with others..
They will thank you, we will thank
YOU. You are kind, you are smart..
YOU is important to us...

Lynne from UK was our guest on Thursday 
here is her guest post..
( link her name, it will take you to her post)

She taught us how to make a strip pillow

Her Winners as there were 2
Stephanie and Maggie..


2 winners who won
 3 yards of your choice
it is 60 inches wide. CUDDLE fabric...
for girls...

for boys

These BRAND New collections are not even available 
yet...Shannon Fabrics will be showing them at the Fall Market..
They were very generous...we have a few more collections 
in the near future to giveaway....

And big thanks goes out to LYNNE for an inspiring post...
To Shannon Fabrics for these lovely plush over the top soft
fabrics and YOU for letting your inner child come out to play
today...YOU are smart, you are kind and you is
IMPORTANT to us....

Shell  from U.S.
was our guest on Friday and this is her guest post..
our winners were...
Wantobe and blog sponsor

(she taught us how to make a star runner)

Susan ( Wantobe)
 and Wendy

this lovely brand new
collection called
by Marcus  Brothers..
( it is not on the market until
November..but we have some for YOU)
1 yard cuts of each collection here
 and matching Presencia
threads from Colonial Needle...
if you need threads now...
 Jane's Fabrics
has some...
                                      Civil War Journals ( not yet available till NOV 2011)

Big thanks goes out to Shell, and Marcus Fabrics, Colonial Needle
and Great Gerberas.. and YOU for being
generous with your notes to our delightful
guests and we are reminded time and time
again..YOU are kind, You are smart
and YOU are important to all of US!

ps. comments do not work
on weekends...
isn't that funny...?

#40 winner ( s) of the Civil War journal collection.. Marcus Brothers

Congrats to our Wantobe Winners

Susan ( wantobe)
Wendy blog sponsor

YOU have won
this lovely brand new
collection called
by Marcus  Brothers..
( it is not on the market until
November..but we have some for YOU)
1 yard cuts of each collection here
 and matching Presencia
threads from Colonial Needle...
if you need threads now...
 Jane's Fabrics
has some...

                                      Civil War Journals ( not yet available till NOV 2011)

                          And  Blog sponsor wins
 5  ( 1/2 yard cuts ) 

Big thanks goes out to Shell, and Marcus Fabrics, Colonial Needle
and Great Gerberas.. and YOU for being
generous with your notes to our delightful
guests and we are reminded time and time
again..YOU are kind, You are smart
and YOU are important to all of US!

Friday, September 23, 2011

#40 Guess Shell with a Friendship star and giveaway of Civil War Journals Collection

Well hi there! I'm Shell from The Raspberry Rabbits and it's soooooooooo nice to be back visiting with you during this fun event! Thanks so much, Madame Samm, for inviting me and for all the incredible work you have done! I must say, that I sure would have liked a campaign such as this when I started quilting in 1989. What fabulous prizes and what wonderful tutorials from all the guests! Woo hoo!

So as I started thinking about my tutorial for you, two ideas came to mind. I hopped over and asked Samm for her opinion and she agreed that the Friendship Star would be perfect and lots of fun!

I believe everyone is a star with their own light to shine! The Friendship Star block reminds me that we are all brought together by a common love of quilting. In the twenty two years I have been a quilter, I have learned that together quilters light up the world with love, kindness, creativity and their light shines in every quilt they make.

Now thanks to the magic of the internet and blogging, we are are all brought even closer together like one giant quilting guild! Isn't that just the coolest? I decided to teach you not just one block, but to make a  project with the Friendship Stars entwined!

So let's get hopp'in!

Ok, so first you will need some fabric! The three fabrics on the left are for my stars. The black is for my tiny inner border and binding and the two fabrics on the right are for my outer border. 1/8" yard of each is plenty. A fat quarter (18" x 22") for the back and a 13" x 21" piece of batting is perfect. The finished size of this project is 12" x 20".

Using your rotary cutter and mat, cut (6) 2 7/8squares from your black fabric and (3) 2 1/2" squares. I normally cut a 2 7/8" strip first, cut my six squares and then just trim three squares down to 2 1/2".
Next, you will need (12) 2 7/8" squares from your green fabric.
And (6) 2 7/8" squares from your cream fabric.
Now using a ruler and a pencil, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of all your green squares. You don't have to make it too dark, just so you can see it.
Next place a green square and a black 2 7/8" square right sides together.
Stitch the squares together 1/4" away from the pencil line. My machine has a 1/4" foot, so it's easy.
You will do the same thing with your 2 7/8" cream squares.
I like working in an assembly line, so I just keep feeding them through one behind the other.
Once you have finished stitching down one side of all your squares, turn them around and stitch 1/4" away from the pencil line on the other side. All seams will be 1/4" in this project.
When you are finished stitching, cut them apart on the pencil line. (yes, I use bunny scissors and I carry them in my shop. I'm a crazy bunny lady after all! hee,hee,hee) You have now easily created two half square triangle pieces. Sweet!

Press all your seams towards the green fabric. Trim all the bunny ears off the corners.
"Hey! Whatcha mean trim bunny ears?"
Ooops sorry Harrington and Hannah! Mama means the fabric ears, not the assistant's ears. Oye...
Lay the squares out like this to create the star block.
Now with right sides together and using 1/4" seam, stitch these squares together.

Next sew the remaining squares together.  You will now have three rows.
Press the top row seams in.
Press the middle row seams out and the bottom row seams in.
Now sew your rows together matching up the seams. Voila', you now have a Friendship Star block! Yippee!
Make two more Friendship Star blocks and sew the three of them together. Note: you can also make all your blocks at the same time using the assembly line method. That's what I normally do.
Alrighty then. Let's add the inner border. Sew a 1 1/2" x 18 1/2" black strip to each side of the star set.

Then sew a 1 1/2" x 8 1/2" black strip to the top and bottom. Press all seams towards the black fabric.
Now from your border fabrics, cut a 2 1/2" strip (selvage edge to selvage edge) from each color.

With right sides together, stitch the strips down the long edge. Now cut this strip into (16) 2 1/2" segments. (Note, I don't press them open yet. I find it much easier to cut them into the segments first and then press.)

Next sew 5 segments together for the sides and 3 segments together for the top and bottom. Sew the sides on first. Note the color placement as you sew your borders on.
Well now, all you have left to do is layer your backing and batting with this top, quilt it as you like and apply the binding! Yippee! Happy Bunny Dance!
You now have a 12" x 20" Friendship Star tablerunner! I'm using mine on my coffee table and I'm making some as gifts for friends.

Thanks so much for spending time with me today! I hope you enjoyed this project. The bunnies and I would love a visit from you so hop over to our blog anytime. And remember, you are a Star so let your light Shine!

Hugs and Friends always,

Editors Note:
You are such a star, sew this is very befitting
today. Sew love the colors that you chose
to make your table runner and in honor of your
beautiful tut....I chose something to coordinate....
and Harrington and Hannah..thanks for hopping
on over with us....x

Giveaway today is for our Wantobes
this lovely brand new
collection called
by Marcus  Brothers..
( it is not on the market until
November..but we have some for YOU)
1 yard cuts of each collection here
 and matching Presencia
threads from Colonial Needle...
if you need threads now...
 Jane's Fabrics
has some...

                                      Civil War Journals ( not yet available till NOV 2011)

                          And your Blog sponsor will
 win 5  ( 1/2 yard cuts ) 

Would you like this?
Please hop over to Shell's and be 
her new follower.
Be one here too....
and that's it...
( have a hopping good time
this weekend)

Big thanks goes out to Shell, and Marcus Fabrics, Colonial Needle
and Great Gerberas.. and YOU for being
generous with your notes to our delightful
guests and we are reminded time and time
again..YOU are kind, You are smart
and YOU are important to all of US!