Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 2nd week of 13 weeks Wantobe Quilters Campaign

Saturdays are SPONSOR days..

I thought a recap would be very nice for our 2nd week of 13...
( that is 11 more weeks )
To those who may have missed any of our special days, sponsors
and guests. Well here you ARE!
( never too late to be a Blog Sponsor, or to be registered with
any of our Blog sponsors on the list on your right) 

All of our sponsor links of what they sponsored
can be found on the side bar....
( goes directly to all of  their giveaways) 

Day 6 ..We began our week with 
Nan's guest post  links here... all about sewing machines and a top 10 list...
( as always Nan delivers with sharp wit) 
She is our very own Erma Bombeck. ( she was a columnist
in  nation wide newspapers -remember them? lol)
Janome was the sponsor and Liz won this and her sponsor
Amy won this Oliso Smart Iron...
( two terrific giveaways, don't you think? )

Day 7 -Our guest was no other than Annie ( freezeframe)
who taught us all how to paper piece an ice cream cone.
She is truly the VERY BEST paper piecer I have ever known...
an our winner this day was Kathleen
she won this brand new collection by Betz White
from Robert Kaufman and some fusible interfacing
from Innovative Craft Products.

Day 8 - we had Em show us how to make a cinched
backpack for school an easy project for any level sewer.
Our winner of our Colonial Needle sewing basket
and Fat Quarter Bundles from Michael Miller ( citron/gray)
was Suz ( sewing basket)  and Freda ( fat quarters)
She had birthday this week! ( Freda) Happy Name Sake Day! 

Day 9 our guest was Mary..
Mary's post  on a table runner/wall hanging..
She got us seeing dots...  I have to add here, Mary
came in to fill a spot rather timely, and I am very grateful!
Susan won this wheeled sewing bag from Blue Fig with quilt battting
from Bosal an and this fat quarter bundle from Quilting Treasures...

Wantobe giveaway

sponsor giveway + fat quarter bundle. 

Day 10 our guest was Monica Lee designer
with Timeless Treasures and she posted 
on what her life is like being a designer..

Sponsors Timeless Treasures for a fat quarter bundle.
Clover came through with new rotary cutter, large mat 
and an extra blade and Creative Grid sponsored their top 3 rulers..
a must have, I am telling you..

Our winners- Sewing 4Fun ( bernie) won the mat-ruler-fabric-cutter
and Marlene her sponsor ...ruler, fons and porter magazine
and a subscription from Quilt Show with Alex Anderson. !

THANK YOU, sponsors, guests
but most of all YOU,
YOU who have made a difference...
To our sponsors, guest and yes even ME.

Keep spreading the NEWS...

I think you are saying that now aren't you? 

YEP! thought sew!

See YOU MONDAY for our 3rd in 
giveaways - 11 more weeks ..yep! Ü

No READER comments on weekends!
It has been turned off! 
Enjoy your weekend!

#10th Winner of our Wantobe Quilters Campaign

WINNERS...Congrats to 
Bernie( ce) and Marlene ( sponsor)
I sent you both emails,
please send me addresses ..
( packages will be all mailed out today)

Bernice you won this Mat from Clover, Rulers from Creative Grid, 
Rotary Cutter from Clover and Fabric bundle from Timeless Treausure
A great start to your quilting life....

Wantobe giveaway

sponsor giveway + fat quarter bundle. 

Thank YOU -Timeless Treasures for a fat quarter bundle.
Clover came through with new rotary cutter, large mat 
and an extra blade and Creative Grid sponsored their top 3 rulers..
Joan with Lazy Angle -also from Creative Grid...
a must have, I am telling you.. Bernice you will be starting off with 
all the necessary tools.... Check YOU tube on how to use
mats and cutters..I did well with Missouri Quilting co. when I first started
they have terrific beginner ones.

and Marlene her sponsor ...ruler from Joan at Creative Grid and Lazy Girl
a fons and porter fall  magazine
and a subscription from Quilt Show with Alex Anderson. !

THANK YOU, sponsors, guests
but most of all YOU,
YOU who have made a difference...
To our sponsors, guest and yes even ME.

Keep spreading the NEWS...
wait till you see what is up for next week....

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Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Guest #10 @ Wantobe Quilters - Monica -Cut, Snip, Sew, Make Pretty

Hi! First of all, I would like to thank Madame Samm for a chance to gab about my life as a fabric designer. My name is Monica Lee and I am an illustrator, licensed artist and I design fabrics for Timeless Treasures! I am thrilled to be here today!

Both grandmothers quilted and my mother does beautiful applique work! My grandparents even farmed cotton in West Texas. When I signed the dotted line to design my first cotton quilting collection, I felt as if I could not have been more excited. Cotton! Fabric! Me!? So my guest post today is a bit of a love letter to the women who came before me (and you) who carry on the tradition of loving handiwork. I personally believe that every stitch that is made, every snip that is cut, carries with it an energy and a blessing to the person who eventually uses the work. I know that when I have knit baby blankets, that part of my rhythm in the clicking of the needles to pray blessings over the child. I think my grandmothers and great grandmothers must have done the same. When I relocated to New England, my German great grandmother (at 102 years old) was certain that I would be cold (I was) and that I needed one of her most beloved quilts to stay warm. (Really? I get one of your most treasured quilts?) It is an old quilt made up from scraps of garments and I simply cherish it. It turns out this quilt is magic (who knew? ) It carries so much love that when any family member is sick, sad or even just sleepless all they have to do is crawl under it and everything is better. Even my teenage sons request the “magic” quilt!
I feel like the presence of the women who came before me are in these quilts. All the work, the joy, the laughter, how they broke down barriers for my generation is all wrapped up into this keepsake. So I want to encourage you today, when you are cutting, piecing, stitching remember that you are passing down love. Whether you are more of a traditional quilter, or a modern quilter, we all know that it takes time and dedication to quilt and every moment is worth it. Bless every stitch with a blessing for whomever might come in to contact with your handiwork.

You get the opportunity to pass on what you can do, what only you can bring onto someone else. Doesn’t that make you want to get started on something fresh today?

( ideas on what you can do with this collection)

Here is a quick snapshot of how my collection Now We’re Goin’ Places formed itself in my wee little brain. This fun line came out of my travelin’ past. I used to be international flight attendant (sometimes fun, sometimes not fun) and I created this line using all the means of transportation that you might use once you reach your destination. Oh my, there are so many fun places to go! Then I added the text “now we’re goin’ places” on a whim and suddenly the idea came to me that this would make a good sew up for my niece who was heading off to college. She was really “goin’ places!” I also thought it would be cute for a baby, all packed up for a play date or scooting across the floor “goin’ places!” I even designed a couple of quilts to go with the collection. Here is a (picture) and link to a free quilt pattern. This quilt’s idea was to mimic a gingham pattern, so the piecing is done with simple squares. My first fabric collection, Now We’re Goin’ Places, was about being adventurous and seeing things. My next collection (coming out in Fall 2011) called The Neighborhood, settles into a cozy familiar place, and exudes a feeling of contentment.

Editors note:
Anything with scooters, coffee ( I know not in this collection)
but I am there.....Thank you Monica!
It was a treat to see what your collection can become for many of us..
GREAT colorful projects...really like BUG bag...

( Blog sponsors please share with your Wantobes to come and comment,
don't wait for other prizes, comment on all of them...
JUST want to leave lots of comments...
repeat that with me..)

fat quarter bundle. 

Clover  has also sponsored this 24 x36 mat ( this is a triple layer self healing map)
and the best part is you can hang it on a hook...see that thingumabob  at the end..
very nice feature.......a very good size for any new quilter and a rotary cutter and extra blade too.

Creative Grid also sponsored their top 3 best selling rulers...
( check all the links on our side bar of all the sponsors giveaways) 

YOU want these rulers...they don't move all over your fabric,
they have these sand paper like thingies on the back lol..
whatever they are called...they work...
I personally only have one ruler of theirs the 24 inch one..
And I will drink coffee under the table with anyone who takes it from me.
just saying...Ü

For our blog sponsor you will  receive this angled ruler 
along with a fat quarter bundle from Timeless Treasure...
and a couple patterns from Joan...lovely surprise! 

Ok, go and leave a comment for Monica on her blog
She would most certainly love to hear from you...( tell us you did)
BE a follower here...( you are aren't you ..and tell us  you are.)
And leave a comment here today to let us know you did all that...

Pretty simple...and the best part-- within 24 will know YOU WON!

Sew thank you Monica, Timeless Treasures,
Clover, Creative Grid team and JOAN
and YOU for sending all our new Wantobe 
Quilters and Quilters alike...

YOU all deserve the stamp of excellence


#9 Winners of our Wantobe Quilter Campaign is .....

 Congrats to our winner Susan
Please send me your information
sew I can send this to you...
( susanshipman1)

( ps. there are more of these to win
for both Wantobe and Quitlers alike)

click on photo to enlarge...

WE have 3 sponsors....To thank...
1st the  wheeled SEWING bag  
                                                Blue Fig colors... 
                                        ( their bags are not on their site yet because they are that new)

LOVE companies like Blue Fig....
They shared they are building a new site and their bags will be up there
within the week. 

                                   2nd And what do you know...BOSAL came through too.. WINTER
weight  batting for those who live in cooler climates in the winter...

                                                      3rd Quilting Treasures  for their fat quarter bundle.

SEW big thanks go out to MARY,
To Blue Fig, To Bosal and Quilting Treasues
and of course YOU for still being part of this amazing 
Campaign...NOW go tell your PEEPS.. about todays giveaway..
Be a Blog pays to share such good things! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest #9 at our Wantobe Quilters -it's Mary with Baby Drunkard's Path Table Runner/ Wall Hanging Tutorial

Welcome to the Thursday edition of Wantobe Quilter.  I am Mary on Lake Pulaski here as a guest of the fabulous Madame Samm! 

I would like to provide all Wantobe Quilter and experienced quilters with:
a tutorial for a Drunkard's Path Table Runner or Wall Hanging.
 It's 15 inches by 29 inches and each finished block is seven inches square.

  1.  Materials list
  • AccuQuilt GO! Baby fabric cutter
  • AccuQuilt GO! Drunkard's Path 3 1/2" finished die
  • five varied fat eights of fabric for blocks - I used Pure Elements from Art Gallery in Burnt Orange, Cozumel Blue, Empire Yellow, Light Citron and Linen White
  • one coordinating fat quarter for binding
  • 16 X 30 each backing fabric and batting
  • thread
   2. Cutting Instructions
  • Cut each fat eighth into three - 5 3/4" by 11" rectangles
  • Cut fat quarter for binding into 6 strips 1 1/2" wide by 22" (single fold binding)
   3. Using the AccuQuilt GO! Baby fabric cutter and the Drunkard's Path die, cut all of the rectangles into pieces as shown. 

You will have six sets of each color.  You can cut up to six layers at one time depending on fabric.  Since this was my first time, I cut three layers at a time.

4.  Place all the pieces on your design board to arrange the colors to your liking as shown below.

5.  Assemble all of your curved pieces.  Here is where we go to an expert.  The magnificent Crazy Mom Quilts recently posted a tutorial on this very type of piecing so why reinvent the wheel??  She kindly agreed to let me link to her post called running in circles tutorial. Keep in mind she started out using templates to cut out her pieces which were a different size, but THE PIECING IS THE SAME.  Thank you Amanda Jean!

  • smile side of piece on top when sewing
  • three pins each put through the fabric at least three times (this really helps)
  • keep bulk of fabric spread out
  • sew slowly
 Match up so the two pieces are centered from the back:

and then turn over and pin in the center first and then the two edges.
See where I went through the fabric three times with the pins.

6. Follow assembly instructions and pressing instructions from Crazy Mom Quilts here with two blocks across and four blocks down.

   7. Sandwich, quilt and bind as normal.  I did my quilting with hand quilting thread on my machine with regular thread in the bobbin and using a long stitch 1/4" outside each circle.
Here are some photos of my finished Table Runner / Wall Hanging:

Thanks so much for taking time to read this tutorial.  If you try it or have any questions, just contact me!

Thank you thank you Mary...
and you know how much I love anything 
that resembles polka dots....fabulous tut....xx
and such a great one for all of our WANTOBEs....

and now 

click on photo to enlarge...

WE have 3 sponsors....
1st the SEWING bag in this beautiful lime green color....
it will hold a very large sewing machine and it can be wheeled....
It has many zippered components for all your tools, fabrics, notions..
When I first called upon Blue Fig from a great lead from Kat,
they were over the top excited to be part of all this...
I chose other bags and they were quick to show me these 
bags...."we have them in red, purple and pink and this green., he said"
These are BRAND NEW! 
I asked which one...HE said "you can have all of them.."
And they sent all of yes more bags to giveaway...

LOVE companies like Blue Fig....

And I adore this company too...another great lead from Kel
who said " they have the best quilt batting"

 2nd And what do you know...BOSAL came through too..
Another delightful company to deal with ...they could
not be more helpful, generous, And can we talk about this WINTER
weight for those who live in cooler climates in the winter...
Check them out to see what else they carry..
KEL, said they have the gotta believe her..she never
is wrong about these things- can be found at I Have a Notion...
We have plenty more to giveaway from them too...

Check out the links on the side bar for all the giveaways
these company have sponsored..

 3rd And yes we have to add some fabric...
Quilting Treasures sent along these 6 collections
of new lines they have...A nice sampling, won't you agree?
They even match the bag! 

Sew Quilters all of out there..
this can be yours..

YOU know what to do..
#1  Be a new follower over at  Mary on Lake Pulaski.
she would sew love that... and please tell us you are..( we check)
# be a follower here..please let us know you are...( we check ) 
and leave a comment..( we read) 

And please don't you worry if you have won already..
YOUR names are KEPT IN every giveaway! 

SEW big thanks go out to MARY,
To Blue Fig, To Bosal and Quilting Treasues
and of course YOU for still being part of this amazing 
Campaign...NOW go tell your PEEPS..
Be a Blog pays to share such good things! 

#8 Winnner of Wantobe quitler Campaign is.....

Congrats Suz and Freda...

please send me your info..

                                and of course you could win again. 
( wantobe quilters giveaway)

Ok First this HEART Shaped sewing basket
from the Eleanor Burns collection..

                                                                      is yours Suz.
To you Freda

these fat quarters of the newest
collection of CITRON/GRAY
from Michael Miller..?

Thanks Em, Thank you Colonial Needle,
Thank you Famore, Thank you Michael Miller