Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wantobe Quilter Sponsor Day RECAP of our first week.. 1st of 13 ( 12 more weeks to go) may I add!

Saturdays are Sponsor Days..

I thought a recap would be nice of our very first week!
To those who may have may have missed
any of our special days, sponsors and guests!
Well here you are!

All of these companies are worthy of 
the Greatest Latest Best Stamp of 
Excellence, would you not agree?

#1 st giveaway was sponsored from 
The Grace Company also known as True Grit
I like this company, they have a machine that sharpens your blades..
( must have for all quilters, and I purchased it from IHAN
ask her about it)
They were gracious and generous...
for their mats, rulers and personalized cutters were our 1st sponsor..
Madame Samm was the 1st guest 
that 's me Ü

All links to their products that they sponsored are on the side bar.

# 2nd Giveaway 
Colonial Needle/Presencia
Gosh how I love Colonial Needle...
they are sew up there generous, warm at heart, 
and my do they know needles and thread...
I switched from Piecemakers whom I had used for years,
Colonial needle introduced me to Pebble needles and John James
and well I am a believer...and many of you know
how strong I feel about Presencia threads,
LOVE LOVE LOVE them..always will, always will...
yep love them...
( psstt we have a few of these to giveaway)

Our guest speaker this day was no other than
 Susan Branch
Yes Susan Branch!
here is her link

#3rd Giveaway was from
Creative Grid
They measure up, what more can I say....
Looking for any type of ruler, any size, shape,
you will never ever look at any other..
They don't SLIP either..not their rulers,
not their service, not their attention to detail...
Yep! I like them very much!

Our guest this day was Joan

4th Giveaway was from
 Timeless Treasures
Featuring Monica Lee
Their collections, new artists, their prompt
service, and another generous contributor..
Well a joy to be associated with.

Our guest this day was Heather 
and here is her link

5th Giveaway was from  
Many of us probably started
with coats, or gutterman threads. That was what
was available. Well, when you become a serious quilter,
YOU get introduced to threads like these and well
let me just say your patience will thank you, your needles
will thank you and your machine will purr...
I know it is thread..but it is quality, vibrant
color THREADS! 

Our guest today was Staci
here is her story

THANK YOU, sponsors, guests
but most of all YOU,
YOU who have made a difference...
To our sponsors, guest and yes even ME.

Keep spreading the NEWS...

you will be saying that next week...
JUST saying...


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Here is what you can do:

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#5 Winner of our Wantobe Quilters Campaign

Congrats QUILTER
Cornwoman you WIN...
IHAN too!
Cornwoman is a brand new follower too..YEAH!
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from Aurifil off to you...

Oh and as you can expect, there will be more
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12 more weeks..
( I said 3 months...there are 13 weeks in them
and yes we have that much stuff) 

Thanks to Aurifil, our guest today 
( or rather yesterday....Staci)
and YOU for still being part of all of this...
ps. sponsor day today recap.
rest Sunday....

( it is never too late to join in ...just find yourself a quilt sponsor
there are some on our list there) 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Wantobe Quilter Guest #5 is Staci, on why ....

Hi There!  I’m Staci.  I blog at The Confused Quilter.  I'm very excited to be here!

Why do I Quilt? Madame Samm asked me... I’d like to share my reasons with you. 

When I was a little girl my mother had a cedar chest.  To me, it was a treasure chest, full of handmade doilies, afghans, vintage clothing, and this quilt that was always carefully folded at the bottom. 

On the rare occasions when my Mother brought it out I was just fascinated by the brightly colored little pieces. To me, this quilt was magical.  Even as a little girl, I always said I would finish it.  And, I always said, “Someday I will make a quilt of my own.”

The butterfly quilt was started around 1930-1931. My Mother, my Grandmother and my great Grandmother all worked on this quilt.  My Mother was about 8 years old at the time, my Grandmother 25, and my great grandmother 45.  The butterflies were pieced by hand; the muslin parts were pieced on a sewing machine, presumably by my great Grandmother.  The three of them worked together on the quilting.  Only about a quarter of the quilting has been completed, and to this day the quilt remains unfinished. 

This photo of my grandparents was taken in 1924.  Rose, just 19 here, was quite a glamour girl.  Take a look at those finger waves and long string of beads! The corner has been lost, but on the right, you can just see someone holding a baby.  That baby is my mother. 
My Grandmother in 1924.

This is my great Grandmother Edith. (seated on the right)  It is the only photo I have of her.  It was taken around 1932. 
My Great Grandmother in 1932.

This little girl is my mother, Edythe, about the time the quilt was made. 
My Mother around 1930-1931.
She was considered a tomboy because she was more interested in using her father’s machinist tools than learning the domestic arts from her mother.  Something must have stuck though because my mother grew up to be an accomplished seamstress, a fine housekeeper and an excellent cook.  She never lost her love of good tools and was always happy wandering the aisles of the hardware store. 

My mother spent much of her life in poverty and endured great hardships.  I remember her as a quiet, serious woman who was fiendishly difficult to please.  She never told me how she came to have the quilt, why it was never finished or why she kept it, moving it with her for over 50 years.   She only talked with me about it one time.  She said she vividly remembered the day the quilting was done, and that it was, “A Good Day.”  I think she kept it because it was a link to a time in her life when she felt loved and safe and happy.  I think, for her, the quilt represented Hope.

This is my very favorite part of this quilt—the stitches made by my 8 year old Mother.  She stitched on just one butterfly.

Here is the best part—the back!  Take a look at that knot!
(The stain is rust from a pin)
When I married and left home I took the quilt with me, and now it is my turn to move it from place to place.  My husband is a soldier, and this quilt and I have moved with him 15 times now, across the US, and the world.

When my daughter was in her teens, we attempted to continue the hand quilting using the traditional rocker stitch, and discovered that we just could not do it.  Let me tell you: the rough, budget batting in this quilt just does not ‘needle’ like modern batting!  Those ladies must have had strong fingers!  I’m thinking of giving it another go using the stick-and-stab method, and possibly a pair of pliers?? ; )  Will I ever do it?  No idea!  For now I am glad the quilt was never finished because it would have been loved and worn out and I never would have seen it.  If I had never seen it, would I have started quilting? Scary thought!

For me this quilt is a tangible link to the past -- to my Mother, my Grandmother and great Grandmother. This quilt represents Hope, Comfort, Peace and Home.  It is also a bridge to the future.  Counting the feeble attempts my daughter and I made with the hand quilting, FIVE generations of women have worked on it.  Truly, we stitched together across time.   Five women who share a love of fabric, color, and sewing. 

This Quilt is Why I Quilt.

Thanks for letting me tell my story.
Happy Stitching!

(If you would like to see more photos of this quirky quilt, please visit my blog today. )

Editors note: ( that is me Mdm Samm) 

My dear Staci...I loved your story
what it means to quilt for you and your family..
Well a story we all need to hear and smile about
Theirs, yours ....a legacy will continue..

GIVEAWAY today - in honor of all the stitches your family 
has done....

Aurifil has sponsored 
12 of their top threads...
( enough threads to do you years
big spools...) And these are elite threads
value over $100.00
Their link is on the side bar there
under will take you to their site..
Fons and Porter sponsored this fall magazine..
I thought I would highlight a future guest here 
Kathy Brown who is known for her 
BED Runners. 
I have made a few of these...
Take a peak at their link again on the side bar.
( Fons Porters link) 

A simple quilt with a daisy applique...and you
can use these threads to make that happen. 

click to enlarge

SEW calling all  WANTOBE Quilters...
( those who really do not  have 
any quilting tools..YOU may have threads..but not these THREADS)
and also must have a blog sponsor if you do not have one..
go to the side list of bloggers and contact them ...
always mention who your sponsor or team wantobe blogger is...

Sew how to do you  WIN?
#1 go visit Staci at her blog 
Here is Staci's blog
Follow her, tell us you did..
#2 Follow us, tell us you are..* you are aren't you...
And mention in your comment 
"Yes I am a Wantobe Quilter" and any other verbiage
you may want to include...

Thanks go out to AURIFIL, and Fons & Porter,
Staci our guest blogger today and YOU for being
here with us on day 5.....
of our 3 month campaign..

( giveaway closed now..winner has been picked) 

4th winner of the Fat Quarter Bundle from Timeless Treasure is....

Congrats QUILTER
 Deonn you WIN...
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Oh and as you can expect, there will be more
giveaways, every day in fact for at least
12 more weeks..
( I said 3 months...there are 13 weeks in them
and yes we have that much stuff) 

Thank YOU Timeless Treasure
and YOU for still being here.! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comment problems and access to blog///some solutions

If any of you NEWBIES to BLOGGER are still having problems logging in to our site 
....please do this today....go to www.BLOGGER.COM
and on the left side you will see HELP Forum...go to SOMETHING IS BROKEN
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and then tell them what you have done ( copy and paste your information what you have done) someone will help you..but you will have to keep checking ok...
In the meantime..if you see something that you want to enter let me know and I will manually put you in ok?
my best mdm samm

And to those of you who cannot find where to comment look below..

One of our followers sent me this re: switching Browser from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome  I personally prefer this one ...

here is what this lady had to say..

Hi Madame Samm. I had several issues with Internet Explorer/Google/Blogger. It wouldn't let me login and would just throw me in a loop....if I remember correctly....taking me back to the login screen. I remember being unable to post comments on other people's blogs as a result of this. I switched to Google Chrome for internet browsing and I haven't had an issue since and that was months ago!!! I'm not sure what issues some people are having, but I thought I would just let you know what issue I was having and what fixed it for me. I hope this helps some folks out!!!

( thanks follower x)

IT IS NOT YOU>>>>visit this link...there are many who are having the same problem

Wantobe Quilter Guest #4 Heather and her perfect point squares.

Hello! I'm Heather and I blog over at quilt.cook.keep. I'm so thrilled to be featured on Stash Manicure today! I met Madame Samm during a Mug Rug Swap on flickr. She was my secret partner. Can you imagine having to sew a project for her? I was quite intimidated. And absolutely unnecessarily. Madame Samm is a sweetheart and very gracious!

A little while back, it was my turn in my on line quilting bee, Bee Vintage. We had been at this bee for several months, and I wanted a way to use up all those little scraps we tend to accumulate. I came up with this tutorial to make the task a little easier. (My bee friends even considered it fun!!) I hope you like it!

Do you cringe at the thought of sewing together 100 2 " squares? Yeah, me too. But here's an easy peasy way to do it. We're going to use Quilter's Grid  QG is an iron on fusible, with a convenient 1" grid printed right on it!

First thing you want to do is tidy up your piece of QG. You don't want any extra hanging out because it is a fusible and will gunk up your iron.

 For demo purposes, I'm going to show you how to do this on a smaller piece of QG. Mine measures 6x6, and I'm using 2" squares (this block is made of Vintage Sheets). Next step, lay out your squares on the grid, and follow the directions that come with the fusible. (I use a hot iron with no steam, pressing, not ironing. You may want to test on a scrap first. The first time I did it, my iron was screaming hot, and it melted everything!)

 We're ready to start sewing. Fold your QG, with the right sides of your fabric together. Fold directly on the grid line. Remember, we have 2" squares here, so fold on the second grid line over.

 Sew it down. A scant 1/4 inch seam here.

 Now's a good time to check the accuracy of our 1/4". My left edge (where I just sewed) comes in at 1 3/4 - just where I want it!

 Once you have all your rows sewn together (let's call these the vertical rows), it looks like this:

 And this:

Take a sharp pair of scissors or snips, and snip the seam allowance, just down to the stitching line. If you snip the sewn line, no big deal, it will get covered up when we sew the horizontal rows. Remember, again, snip every other row.

 We snip into the seam allowance, so we can press the rows in alternating directions, so the next set of seams will nest nicely. And I'm totally embarassed about the state of my ironing board cover and as soon as I'm finished posting this I'm going to make a new one!

Mmmm. Alternating pressing.

Mmmmm. Nesting seams.

 Okay, sew your horizontal seams now and give them a nice pressing. It should look something like this:

 And when you flip it over, it looks like this!

 If this is your test patch, check your size again. My middle guy is
1 1/2" ~ perfect. (And if yours isnt' perfect, ain't no big thing.)

 So, here's my bigger one, all pressed on my grungy ironing board. Since the entire 20" wouldn't fit, I laid it out and pressed it in stages.

 The big block with the vertical rows sewn.

Just snip and sew your horizontals and.....

Ta da! The finished block. Look at how pretty those points are!
Please stop by my blog and say hi and let me know if you have any questions. I hope you'll give this a try!
Thank you Madame Samm for having me here today. I am excited. 

Well dearest do you do? 

Love this tut and adore you, sew thank you for 
being #4 guest here at Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure.
* hope you get a new pc soon..she lost everything just recently
but still had her blog online...


( this means you are a quilter...if you do not have a blog
give your data name, phone number, email,
 to someone who either has our button on their
blog or someone on our blog roll)- side bar...

Those who have Blogs enter yourself with I am a Quilter
or something in the verbiage....
Ok, missy perfect points..I am sew impressed...Aren't you all too?

YOU can  win this fat quarter bundle with this delightful pattern..

By Monica Lee Designer and 
who generously supplied us with yardage, upon yardage of two of their most celebrated
new designers..( You will meet her  on another day) 

Look at the pattern Monica supplied ...
Do you know why I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this..?
 I'm telling you anyway....
My first car was a Volkswagen bug in white with a black stripe.
I ride a blue scooter, my husband is a cyclist...
...and psst I just love appliques...

OHHH and look a pillow too...

Here is her entire collection..pretty yes? 

Sew would you like this Quilters?
Go to Heathers BLOG our guest today..
 and follow her...come back..tell us
you did that ( we will be checking)
and follow us here...
Leave a comment
"I am a Quilter" and whatever else you would 

Winner announced at midnight each night...

Good luck Quilters...

Big thanks to Heather, you can make a mug rug
with me anytime.. To Monica and Timeless Treasures
and YOU for still being part of all this..
YOU certainly have the Madame Samm
Stamp of Excellence..
( think I better make one) x

ps. when a winner is chosen through our tech software
I do check to see if you have followed our guest blogger that day,
I do check to be sure you are a follower here..
(confirming that ONLY wantobe quilters and quilters
will win any of our sponsored prizes)
Isn't that nice to hear!
Thought you would like to know that bit of tidbit!