Friday, July 29, 2011

Things go better with Coke-Cola things go better with QUILTS

Hello Everyone my name is Ann Marie and I am from 16 Muddy feet. Madame Samm invited me here to show you all  my best friends quilt. Thanks Samm I am excited to get started.  All you coke lovers may want to open up a can and sit awhile. ( psst. I did not mean right now, it is breakfast time for most of you, right?)   

My best friends quilt!!! Now I don't know if I ever told you or not, but she is a Coke addict.........big time.

Love coke, you may love this!

My best friend loves red and white so I made this quilt top to be the front of the quilt. I was trying for months to figure out what to put on the back, that would scream AMY. I finally figured out kinda what I wanted to do and then when I started working on the back..............the front ended up being the back and the new back ended up being the front when I was all done. Sometimes it just works that way ya know!!!

Quilty hint: Remember when doing non reversible appliques (i.e. words) to trace it in mirror helps, trust me on this one! Glad I caught it before I ironed in on the fabric.

 Okie Dokie, fixed that mix up and here it is all cut out and ironed on. I am loving the way this is turning out so far. One section and piece at a time, no plan here. Winging it is how I like to quilt.

 The only 2 fabrics I had to buy to make this entire reversible quilt, were these two black and white checkerboards.

After getting the center done, I added the checkered border, and then cut a bunch of 10inch squares out of about 25-30 different white on white fabrics. With no prior measurements that center medallion worked out perfectly for 2 of those squares to fit on the end. Ü Then I had to figure out what to do to break up all that white. Well my best friend has a very bubbly personality, and Coke has bubbles too, bubbles so it matches the front, err I mean the back of the quilt. So I got out my trusty GO! and went to town with the 30+ red fabrics left over from the back of the quilt and started cutting circles.

Another quilty hint: Don't get in such a hurry that you forget to iron on your fusible BEFORE you cut your shapes. I did, so I had to find my glue sticks and glue them all on, cuz I got a little GO! happy. oops. Did I tell ya I was in a hurry and had a deadline , and I had just had surgery too. Well I got it all done, quilted (first big quilt I ever quilted) and bound. I did echo quilting throughout the entire thing, to make it easier on myself. Threw it in the washing machine with 2 color catchers (those red fabrics are 10-20 years old) at 2:30am Thursday morning, as soon as the washer beeped and I got it in the dryer I went to bed. Woke up a few hours later, and pulled it out of the dryer, and on the road we went. I forgot to label it, and to make a matching pillowcase. So I handstitched a label on it as we drove 5 hours to Atlanta, it looks like a 4 year old did the stitching.

 Here it is hanging over a half wall, and Minnie is hanging out on it.

  This is where it is hanging in her house for now till she can find someplace where no one will touch it. I told her to put it on the sofa, and let people use it, she was horrified at that idea. Hmmm, we will see.

 Here is some of her Coke collection in the kitchen.

Here-I had Hubby hold it out more to get a better look at it. It turned out to be pretty big when I got it all done, not sure of the size, didn't have time to measure it. I bound it with the little black and white checks that I had bought. I think it turned out pretty good. Amy my best friend was OVER THE MOON with excitement when I gave her this quilt. She loves it, I knew she would.

Hands up now...How many would love to make something like this? Any of you quilters out there like my friend Amy...Who loves COKE? Form the line here? If you love Coke and would Love for me to send you the printout I used to make this one. Leave a comment that says " I am a Coke addict too". I will mail you the printout.

 Did I tell you this was my very first big quilt that I quilted? Thought so! It is amazing what a deadline and friends will make you do, when your really not sure if you are ready to tackle a job that big. Thanks for having me, and I hope I inspired you to make something out of the ordinary.

Ann Marie. ( psst maybe next time I will do PEPSI) lol

want to feel nostalgic go here..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Raspberry Christmas in July!

Well hellooooooooooo everybun! Shell back here with ya from The Raspberry Rabbits! Thanks Samm for inviting us to visit again! We have so much fun here!

Can you believe it's July already? I think this year is on warp speed! Well last year I promised myself I would start my Christmas projects in July. Now a lot of people out there will "poo poo" that whole idea, but I tell them that when a person creates most of their gifts instead of purchasing them and makes all of their own cards, ya need more than two weeks after Thanksgiving to make it all happen. Plus, I really would like to enjoy the entire month of December and all the wonderful celebrations of the season instead of running around like a crazy bunny trying to get stuff finished!

The first thing to do was pick my color scheme. I really don't do "red" per say, I do "raspberry." (Please see my logo above if you are confused as to why, hee,hee,hee) (Thanks to Samm for making my lettering all sparkly! Cool huh!)

So anyway, this year I decided I would use Raspberry, Olive Green and Gold for all my gifties and new patterns. I carry Valdani 3 strand floss in my Shop, and I loved these three together.

Next I sat down at my desk and started doodling some new designs. Of course, Harrington was right there to make sure I stayed on track and kept working. I'm one of those people that feels like every day is a reason to celebrate and every day special, so when I design a pattern, I try to make it something that could be enjoyed every day and not necessarily for one particular holiday. This year topiary style tree's came to mind and folky little birds.

"What do ya mean birds? Where's the bunnies Mama?"
I know, I know...dag, I knew I'd get in trouble for using birds!

Anyway, these are my "Birds on my Berry Tree's" stitchery designs I came up with. They measure 6" wide and 14" long. They are so fast and easy to make!

I fell in love with these cute little star hangers and just had to get some for my Shop. They were perfect for these stitcheries.

Two gifties done. I know my sister has her eye on these. She loves folk art as much as I do. It's just so cozy and fun. Of course, these designs would look cute year round hanging up in my house. Hmmm...I might just keep them! Naughty Shell, naughty!

Well, now to doodle my idea for my Christmas cards and work on some more gifties. I sell the pattern and the floss and other supplies in my shop if you would like to stitch some for yourself or as gifts. But, as a thank you to Samm and to all of you for visiting, I will be giving away one pattern and one floss kit! Just leave a comment on this post if you would like a chance and come and visit me on my blog and be a new follower....The winner will be chosen tomorrow 7:00 pm.

Also, don't forget to hop over to my Blog and visit with me and the bunnies! Many of you are already following along with my 12 of Hearts free BOM. Here's what we're up to so far!

Happy Raspberry Christmas in July everybun! Get hoppin as Christmas will be here before ya know it!


                             Congrats Tinks Mom

By random generator #47 is the winner..Tinks Mom..
congrats to you and to all those who participated...thank you for your comments...,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Decisions, decisions.....choosing lattice and border colors

Note: This giveaway has closed.....Marj was our winner! Congratulations, Marj! You'll be getting an email from Snoodles soon!
Thanks to everyone who played along, and thank you Madame Samm for letting us post!

Ribbit! And a giveaway, too!

When we last left Peggy and Petunia, they were excitedly discussing Pamela's quilts that they saw on OleFrogEyes, the virtual design wall for quilters. They left the Purple Polka Dot Bees quilt guild meeting, determined to sign up for OleFrogEyes when they got home to their computers......

The next day, Peggy telephoned Petunia. "Quick!" she sputtered. "Go to OleFrogEyes and look at the gallery! Click on my name, and look at my quilt in progress!"

You may recall that on OleFrogEyes, members can create up to six quilts at a time, and upload photos of their blocks to actually "build" their quilt in cyberspace. Their quilting buddies can follow and admire their progress by simply opening their portion of the gallery.

Petunia hurriedly clicked a few buttons and found herself looking at Peggy's quilt in progress. "What is the matter with this?" she asked. "It looks wonderful."  Peggy replied, "Thank you, but I just wanted you to see what we can do with this design wall software. Look at these examples I have posted in my gallery."

Petunia looked at the first entry.....

"This is what my blocks look like, with no lattice or border," Peggy continued. "Now look at the next trial version."

     Petunia looked, and saw that Peggy had added lattice in between her blocks:

     "That really makes the blocks stand out nicely," said Petunia. "But I'm not so sure about that orangey-red color for the lattice!" "Me neither," responded Peggy. "Try the third one!"
     Petunia clicked on the third quilt in Peggy's gallery and saw this:

     "Isn't this the MOST fun?" giggled Peggy. "Instead of crawling around on the floor and trying to put pieces of fabric between my blocks, I just click on the color palette and choose the value that I want - dark or light. Then I can even make the intersections of the lattice a different color, to see if I like it!"

     "I see that," agreed Petunia. "Let's see what it looks like with a border!" And with a few mouse clicks this is what they were looking at:

      "Now, hold on, and see if you don't like this one the best," said Peggy. Petunia could hear some clicks on Peggy's end, and then her friend instructed her to refresh her screen. Petunia did, and this is what she saw:

"I love that one!" Petunia crowed. Chuckling, Peggy agreed. "The black really focuses the attention on my favorite batiks from my trip to Asia," she said. "I think this is what I'll stick with."


     Now, we hope that you have enjoyed seeing how easy and fun it is to use OleFrogEyes to audition colors for lattice and borders, and make your decisions for your quilts. There is another way that the virtual design wall can assist you in your layout - check out Petunia's first try at arranging her blocks:

      See how there is a lot of pink and purple concentrated in one corner of her quilt? OleFrogEyes can show you problematic areas and let you re-arrange them, before you sew your rows together, and then have to use your seam ripper!

     We'd like to thank one of the quilters in our OleFrogEyes community, who graciously loaned us the photos from her beautiful Sylvia's Sampler quilt to use in our Stash Manicure post - Joy Denise has six quilts posted on the design wall site, and they are all lovely. In fact, one of her quilts is the last tip we want to leave you.....she wanted to make a Civil War quilt that others had started some weeks earlier in a quilt along. She discovered that the group was on block # 25, so the first week she sewed block #25, and went back to sew block #1 as well. The following week she completed block #26 and block #2. Aww, this may be confusing - let's just look at her quilt!

     See how she is going to catch up? And OleFrogEyes makes it possible for her to see her progress, audition colors for lattice and borders, and even ensure that she doesn't crowd one area with the same color!


     Now, everybody loves a giveaway, right? So leave us a comment here, and then quick like a froggie, hop over to Lilypadquilting, and see what's going on! There's a whole giveaway package to be won - fat quarters and pattern (from Dewberry Lane) and notions, oh my!  Comments at both places will be entered into the random number drawing! The contest will remain open through midnight tonight, July 26, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 27.

Thanks, Madame Samm! We've enjoyed being here to tell everyone about our "cool tool" for quilting!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Let's Learn to Braid

Hello again - Sharon of VroomansQuilts here again. Thank you Madame Samm for a return visit. NO we aren't going to learn to braid each other's hair - I'm talking about BRAID QUILTS.

This type of Braid is known as the Friendship Braid, Prairie Braid, or Pioneer Braid. I know - it gets confusing sometimes when the same quilt block has several names. Here is a good source for this block construction. A great scrap buster pattern.

My friend Sue found over here graciously let me use her Baby Boy Braid for an example of a French Braid block. She has made two quilts with this method and goes into great detail on working with this block. By using cornerstones, the Braid has a whole new look. Don't you just love this!!

The hardest part of a Braid quilt is keeping your strips aligned. So I am going to present a tutorial on how to make a 'Faux' Braid quilt. By using the basic layout of the half log cabin block, changing the color plan produces a Braid. Much easier to keep a block square - yes only one block!

I'm using a Lily & Will jelly roll. Remember, not all jelly rolls are created equal - you are looking for a predominate mix of dark/medium colors. You could use yardage or scraps for a stash buster. I'm making a 30 block quilt set 5 x 6. This jelly roll gave me 10 strips of three of each color line so I had my 30 strips of dark/medium. I used three (3 strips each)from Lily & Will and left over JR strips and scraps for my lights - for 16 light strips.

Cutting for dark/medium strips: trim salvage - 2.5" - 4.5' - 6.5" - 8.5" - 10.5" - left over (used for border). When you cut the lights - omit the 10.5" cut. **You can get more cuts from your lights. I layed out my cuts (forgot to photo) and then just went down the line taking one of each piece and set into stacks - no need for switching stacks around.

I set all my little stacks onto a spare cutting board. They are arranged in the order they are set into the block construction and I put a little number on each pile to help keep things in order. You will need two (2) bobbins, pins, scissors. You should take the time to clean your machine - get those lint bunnies out of the bobbin case! And good needle. Cleared work area. (and people who know me are probably laughing at this one)

We are ready to sew by the numbers. If you are new or like control - work one block at a time. You speed sewers who like to chain piece can work all sections at once (just be sure to keep your stack order). TIP - when you press your sewn #1 to #2, press toward the light (2) - this will help when matching seams during block assembly. All other strips will be pressed OUT. Your 1,2,3 piece is now a 4.5" square - you should square up all your blocks to maintain evenness of your blocks for a cleaner finish.

By the numbers again - add strip 4 and 5. You should have a 6.5" square. Don't skip those 'squaring up' steps, they really help to maintian your blocks and final quilt. ALSO - clip your threads as you go - cleaner presentation and eliminate 'catches' when you quilt your top.

Home stretch - We are adding 8 and 9 for a 10.5" unfinished block. Double check those pressed seams, square them up, clip those threads. You have completed your block - that's it. Now do up the rest of the stacks for your total. By putting your work on a board - if you can only grab 15 minutes or get an interuption in your sewing afternoon, you can easily move your work out of the way - and remember where you left off.

I found it easier to lay out just two rows. Placement is marked with the last strip sewn - #9. If you need to help yourself out - number those. It doesn't matter whether you start with a #9 up or down - just be consistant. I started with #9 UP, next block down, up, down, up - 5 blocks across. The next row you place your #9 strip down, up, down, up, down. I sewed the row of blocks together and then the rows together. By working just two at a time you don't get confused - well hope not. Repeat two more times.

This is just to show how being sure you pressed your seams the correct direction and nice and flat - you get easy match ups when putting your seams together. You can see how nice and flat the back of this quilt is, too. This really helps when you go to sandwich up and quilt.

I don't have a design wall. I have another quilt tacked to my mantle and then I pinned my 'twosies' sections to it. I used a RED butterfly pin in the top left corner of each section to help with keeping straight in which way was up and where to start. I didn't switch any thing around - this jelly roll just worked up so perfectly blending colors and lines. But you could play a little.

When I put my sections together (OH - yes also with the block rows too)I really took the time to press FROM THE BACK to make sure those seams were all flat!! Can't stress that enough. Also, a good time to re-check all those clipped threads and all pins removed. When the entire quilt top is done, then I do a light press on the FRONT.

Adding borders and what type of borders are really an option. I used a 2.5" light border and then used my left over strips to make a scrappy border. I have a chocolate brown/white bias stripe binding waiting for this. Finished at 58" x 68". If you want a larger quilt - wider borders, more blocks, or even use 3.5" strips (remember your cutting length will be different).

Here is another one I did using a variety of JR strips with Oasis. It gave the light section a blending that reminds me of the 'watercolor' technique.

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and would like to try a Braid quilt. For a little encouragement, I am giving away a Lily & Will jelly roll in the yellow/brown. And I hope you make your Braid quilt your own.
Leave a comment here and come on over to my blog and be a follower...come and visit me too..
I will announce winner tomorrow.!

Now I'm not a baker, so if you make up one of these braids, make sure you give me a call! Thank you again Madam Samm for having me here and hope anyone who takes the Braid challenge shares with us.

Congrats winner  #24
You will be contacted very soon...
To all those who entered..thank you very much for your lovely comments. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wantobe Quilters Campaign 8 more sleeps!

The boxes just keep pouring in....

Really I can hardly believe in 8 days our Wantobe Quilters
Campaign will begin.

What can you expect.?

#1. We will unveil on July 31st the New Banner !
It is just beautiful. All the Banner winners have already been notified.
OUR Wantobe Quilter Banner will be up for 3 months.
Yes 3 months. there will be subtle changes to TOBE..she is our mascot..
( wee thing up there)
But the color which I am sure you will come to love will spark some excitement.
OUR winners are most deserving! Wait and SEE.

#2 We will have guests like we normally do, but at the end of everyone's post
there will be a giveaway.. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
will be Wantobe Quilters day....Tell your people do be sure to leave comments
those days sew they can win.....if they say in their comments, Betty from Shadetree brook
blog sent will something too....(if they win of course)

#3 Well let me tell you...Once the campaign begins on August 1st....
All the names, emails and phone numbers you collect,
will be sent to me in a personal email. (
( these will not be circulated to anyone)
I will in turn set up a database that will have your name along
with all those you have on your list...let's pretend you have 5 names...
your name is Betty...  you have 5 Wantobe Quilters ...
Your  name will be added to all 5 of those names..
IF any of  YOUR  people win anything, you also win something.

#4 That name will be published the day of the DRAW,
if she or he happens to be an experienced QUILTER and not a Wantobe Quilter,
( and someone will tell me, there is no doubt about that)
they will be disqualified right there and then .....

#5 I do believe 99% of people are very honest, and that most
people believe in karma. What goes around comes around.
Sew I am not worried about qualifying the winners. 
I just know they will be WANTOBE  Quilters...
I have very sophisticated software that matches, email
addresses with ISP's...ever since I began managing this blog,
I have never had any problem with those who won anything
as far as legitimacy...Sew please do not worry about that..
I am on it! 

#6 Now for those of you who have blogs and you would like
to appeal to your own followers/friends. 

Here is the text that I promised you last Saturday...
this you can put on your blogs to let everyone know of our Wantobe Quilters Campaign

Calling all Wantobe Quilters? 

"Hello friends and followers, I would love to welcome you
to a Wantobe Quilters Campaign over here. (
 They are having quilting supplies to giveaway 5 x a week for 12 weeks. 
Supplies that will have you quilting
before you know it...From sewing machines to irons, to die cutters,
to mats, to rotary cutters, sewing baskets, scissors, batting, needles,
rolled sewing machine bags, patterns, books, magazines...everything
you could imagine to assist you in being a NEW Quilter. 
Even if you are already part of this community you can win
quilting stuff too...Tuesday and Thursday are days for us..
All you have to do is give me your name and phone number 
and email sew I can submit this to the organizer, because if you win
anything I can win something too. 
All you have to do is be my follower and a follower
That is all! There are over 49 Sponsors involved.
I am pretty excited to be part of this, sew should you.
I love being a QUILTER! 

( p.s you will not be eligible to win anything if you do not register
with a blogger where you see this message)

( copy and paste this and add anything else you would like)

#7 This is the text that you can put on your blog
that states, they will not be able to come to this blog ( stash)  to enter
in a giveaway...They will have to locate our list of bloggers  on the side
bar.... all those who have the 
WANTOBE QUILTER button on their blog ...   I will list you here...
on the side bar...that will be live on August 1st...
what I need from you is this...
( it will make it easier for us to put that info on sidebar )
send to
( I won't have time to check for this info, sew please help
me to help you) 

#8 Any visitors who want to enter will be asked to look at the list
on the side bar..( not there yet)  and they will be asked to give you 
their name and email and phone number...
( this will all be clearer as we get closer to the launch date...)

( please let me know with a comment  who has this button already on your blog
as I will be compiling a list) and adding it this week...
if you have this on your blog let me know
asap sew I can add you the list here ...

#9 Ahhh I can hear you...what if the same person, registers
their name with all the bloggers..??? No problem, their name
will only be counted once, whoever submitted that name first..
My software will tell me their name is already registered with BETTY .lol...
So if you are Helen, and you have the same name...that name will not be registered again.
How does that sound?

#10 What else can I share with you....??????
mmmmmmm  I hear Nancy Zieman will be popping over for a guest
post, ohhhh and Eleanor Burns too I hear....and. just today I heard from Alex Anderson
she too will be joining us and I think some guy name Ty, .......oh I think that is enough 
excitement for today....Ü

#11 See this button on the side bar...any related topics that are published
at my own personal blog- Sew I quilt.... will be found here...
I have been doing sneak peaks on my blog of some of the giveaways...

( click here to see some highlight of some prizes to giveaway)

#12 Ohhhhh yes, I understand that  
and now Janome..
willl be giving us their GREATEST, LATEST BEST beginner machines...
to some winners....And they are very very nice...!
One of these machines will be in the general you 
won't have to be a WANTOBE quilter for that one....
but who knows when that draw will take place..
you will have to check in daily with us...

#13 For anyone interested in contacting a LQS,( local quilt shop)  please connect with me
I have something that you can print off and give them that will
certainly benefit both of you...They will collect names
and get an idea how many  wantobe quilters are in their area, sew they
can schedule new classes for them... and you pick up those names
to enter this campaign. 

9 more sleeps.

#14 What constitutes someone as a WANTOBE QUILTER..?

They do not have a machine, tools, notions, stash as in fabric...
They may have made a quilt with a MOM, sister, friend, niece, aunt, grandma,

Hope that helps?

p.s. again...the list that will be on the blog roll 
will change every day....just sew you know
I really have thought of everything...

There will be no WHINING in this CAMPAIGN.

You will have to trust me that I have a plan for all 
who participate that there will be many many many chances..
'nuff said lol

Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the winners..
Cost to ship from Canada ( ground yes it will take longer
but will be economical, certainly the winnings are triple if not more
than the cost of the goods) Cost is the same if coming from the U.S.A. if you don't mind waiting it won't cost you more...

We will provide estimates for the least rate possible
the winner can choose ....Sewing machines wins will be
sent directly from the United States!