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Guest #12 at Wantobe Quilters Here is Amanda -Covering a lampshade - with fabric!

Hi everyone!
My name is Amanda Murphy and I'm so happy to be invited to post on Madame Samm's blog!  In my day job I am a surface and textile designer.  I've also designed a lot of quilts.  My line of quilt patterns just launched this spring at Quilt Market and is available at Fat Quarter shop and other retailers.  All the patterns feature Veranda, my most recent fabric line for Robert Kaufman.  It starts shipping this month!

This is actually my first of three posts and I'll be talking about accessories.  Once you have finished making a beautiful quilt it is so fun to make some other items to coordinate and give a more finished look to your decor.  Recently I repainted my daughter's room in her favorite light aqua color.  Because this was a surprise, I didn't have time to sew bedding but used this beautiful Amy Butler set.

Several of the quilts from my pattern line work well with this room, most notably Town Square.

We went on a mad search for a fun lampshade but was unable to find anything that we really liked.  Luckily, I had a little Veranda fabric leftover and so today I'll be talking about (drumroll, please)....

Covering a lampshade with your favorite fabric! 

You will need:
  • 1 simple lampshade (I used an octagonally-shaped one I bought from Lowe's for under $20, but the same principles would apply to any shape)
  • enough flat trim to cover all the edges
  • some pom-pom of other fun trim to hang from the bottom of the shade
  • enough fabric to cover the lampshade (usually 1/2 yard is enough, but you can get a pretty good idea by loosely wrapping it around the shade)
  • fabric glue

First, make a pattern for each side of the shade using scrap fabric.  Since I had an octagonally-shaped shade, I needed a pattern for both the wide and narrow sides.  (If you have a straight cylindrical shade, you obviouly don't need this - just measure the height and cut a strip long enough to wrap around the shade...)

Next, place these patterns on top of your lampshade fabric and cut out enough pieces for all side, ADDING IN 1/4" SEAM ALLOWANCE.  Press these pieces.

I chose to apply the wide sides first, and finish by adding the narrow sides.  Turn under the tops and bottoms of the wide sides 1/4" and press.  (Since the edges of the narrow pieces will overlap the edges of the wide pieces, there is no need to turn under the sides of the wide pieces.)

Run a line of glue along the bottom and top of one wide side of the lampshade.  Run more glue along the side edges for that panel.  Press your fabric to the shade.  Make sure you have a smooth finish.  Continue until all of these sides are applied.

Turn under the sides of the narrow pieces 1/4" and press.  Turn under the top and bottoms and press.

This time you'll want to apply the glue to the seam allowances of these pieces, rather than to the lampshade itself.  Press the narrow panels onto the lampshade.

Running another line of glue down each vertical edge, apply your flat trim to the sides of the shade.

Run a line of glue around the top of the shade and apply the trim all the way around, overlapping the trim at the end.  The trim we used has a bit of dimension, so we did not turn it under, but just applied a bit of extra glue at the end to secure.  Secure the trim with office clamps and let dry.

Hang the lampshade on the lamp, loosely screwing on the top so that your can still turn the shade easily.  Apple the pom-pom trim on the bttom of the shade in the same manner you applied the trim on the top.  If desired, apply a line of flat trim right above the pom-poms.

To further individualize you shade consider using contrasting panels of fabric.  For cone-shaped shades you can cut 6 pieces that cover a little more than 1/6 of the shade, and apply trim where the fabrics meet.  Wouldn't that be cute in plaid or checks for a boy's room?
I hope that you enjoyed learning to make something to go along with your beautiful quilts and pillows.  Thanks again to Madame Samm for having me.

I believe the folks at Robert Kaufman have donated some Veranda yardage for a giveaway today!

Until next time (when we'll actually use a sewing machine)... happy sewing!

Editors note:   OH my Amanda you do brighten up a spot....thank you sew much for being
our special guest today and for bringing along your newest collection called Veranda! 

click on photo to enlarge...

Giveaway today is for QUILTERS...
and my will you be loving this...

This is Amanda's newest line called VERANDA
and yes Robert Kaufman sent plenty of her collection....
such great sponsors..
( this is only some of it...more to giveaway in the near future)
and they were cut into 1/2 yard BUNDLES

And today being it is such a special day we will have 3 winners...

Each winner will get 6 yards of 1/2 yard cuts....
and someone will win this Colonial
basket filled with everything you will ever
need and also some Famore Applique
scissors..I would have to add here
probably my most used scissors...
( take a peak at sidebar for more detail)

How to win..
Hurry go to Amanda's blog and be 
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 please leave her a comment.
Be a follower here...oh yes, you do want to be....11 more weeks
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Look at what you could create! Wow!

Thank YOU Amanda, Robert Kaufman,
Colonial Needle, Famore Cutlery
and YOU for being here...YOU are why 
we do this...

Anything URGENT just put that in your subject
line..I will reply....

# 11 Winners of our Wantobe Quilters Campaign

Winners are Mrs PICKLES
and her sponsor Sue @ Quilt Times..

Congrats you two...

Mrs Pickles won this..
( please send me your iufo to mail)

This lovely collection of  2 ROLLS of  2.5 inch stips and  6 mix yardages..
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And Sue won this today ...
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Wooden purse handles from Bag Lady

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Big Thanks to all of our sponsors, our winners
and YOU...
Yes -YOU really Matter! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Guest #11 of our Wantobe Quilters - Jera with Rainy Days Tutorial by Quilting in the Rain

Thank you Madame Samm for having me part of this Wantobe Quilter Campaign, I am thrilled to be here.  It's Jera from my blog Quilting in the Rain bringing you a quick and easy quilt tutorial. If you've visited my blog, you'll notice that I'm a fan of simple patterns...well, this has got to be one of my simplest patterns yet! Check it out - only 3 steps! Enjoy! This is perfect for all you Wantobe Quilters.

p.s. you can find finished pictures of this quilt here.

Living in Seattle, this Rainy Days quilt seemed very appropriate. :) If you look closely at the fabrics I used, you'll see umbrellas and rain drops! It's a super-duper easy pattern (seriously, only 3 steps below!). This is a great pattern for showing off your favorite fabrics, and is a simply pattern for beginners, or if you need a quick weekend project. Enjoy!

Finished quilt top size: 47.5" x 57"

  • Eight 1/4 yard cuts of varying prints (fat quarters work too)
  • 1 1/4 yards solid white fabric (I used white muslin)
  • 1/3 yard binding
  • 3 yards backing
Step 1 (Cutting) - From each 1/4 yard print of fabric, cut four 6"x10" rectangles. You will need a total of 30 rectangles, so choose one print where you will only cut two rectangles from it.

Next, from your 1 1/4 yards of white fabric, cut (70) 2.5"x10" rectangles.

The quickest way to cut all 70 rectangles is to fold your 1.25 yards of fabric in half lengthwise so that it measures roughly 22"x45" (it should already be folded like this when you buy it from the bolt). And then fold it in half lengthwise again so that it measures roughly 11"x45". With a ruler and rotary cutter, cut 2.5" strips along the length as shown below, until you have a total of (18) 2.5"x44" strips. Then, sub-cut each strip into four 2.5"x10" rectangles.

Step 2 (Piece together your blocks) - One block is made up of one 6"x 10" rectangle, and two 2.5"x 10" rectangles.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew each 2.5"x 10" strip to the 6"x 10" rectangle as shown below. (Sew with the correct sides facing each other, and then press open with an iron).

Repeat the above until you have a total of 30 finished blocks.

Step 3 (assemble the quilt top) - As shown below, arrange all 30 blocks into 6 rows of 5 blocks each, making sure to alternate the position of each block. Click image below to enlarge.

Lastly, sew all 5 blocks together in each row, and then sew each row together. (Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew with the correct sides facing each other, and then press open with an iron).

Baste, quilt and then bind!

I told you it was easy ;-) If you end up making this quilt, I'd love it if you shared it on QuiltingInTheRain's Facebook page!

Happy Quilting!


Editors note:
Perhaps it is your colors you chose Jera, ( which are downright lovely) ..red and greens...
it put me in the Christmas mood...sew our giveaway today will be...

GIVEAWAY for Wantobes...
( those who have nothing, unless of course you
win today) 

This lovely collection of  2 ROLLS of  2.5 inch stips and  6 mix yardages..
Ready Set and Snow.... Brand new Winter collection... could be yours..
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Please follow JERA at Quilting in the Rain..
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And please let 1 choice 4 Quilting you appreciate them 
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Our Sponsor Gift today will win these....

Wooden purse handles from Bag Lady

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POST was done in error the guest published instead of saved to draft. She will return in the near future....

Monday's featured guest will be up at midnight EST.

madame samm

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 2nd week of 13 weeks Wantobe Quilters Campaign

Saturdays are SPONSOR days..

I thought a recap would be very nice for our 2nd week of 13...
( that is 11 more weeks )
To those who may have missed any of our special days, sponsors
and guests. Well here you ARE!
( never too late to be a Blog Sponsor, or to be registered with
any of our Blog sponsors on the list on your right) 

All of our sponsor links of what they sponsored
can be found on the side bar....
( goes directly to all of  their giveaways) 

Day 6 ..We began our week with 
Nan's guest post  links here... all about sewing machines and a top 10 list...
( as always Nan delivers with sharp wit) 
She is our very own Erma Bombeck. ( she was a columnist
in  nation wide newspapers -remember them? lol)
Janome was the sponsor and Liz won this and her sponsor
Amy won this Oliso Smart Iron...
( two terrific giveaways, don't you think? )

Day 7 -Our guest was no other than Annie ( freezeframe)
who taught us all how to paper piece an ice cream cone.
She is truly the VERY BEST paper piecer I have ever known...
an our winner this day was Kathleen
she won this brand new collection by Betz White
from Robert Kaufman and some fusible interfacing
from Innovative Craft Products.

Day 8 - we had Em show us how to make a cinched
backpack for school an easy project for any level sewer.
Our winner of our Colonial Needle sewing basket
and Fat Quarter Bundles from Michael Miller ( citron/gray)
was Suz ( sewing basket)  and Freda ( fat quarters)
She had birthday this week! ( Freda) Happy Name Sake Day! 

Day 9 our guest was Mary..
Mary's post  on a table runner/wall hanging..
She got us seeing dots...  I have to add here, Mary
came in to fill a spot rather timely, and I am very grateful!
Susan won this wheeled sewing bag from Blue Fig with quilt battting
from Bosal an and this fat quarter bundle from Quilting Treasures...

Wantobe giveaway

sponsor giveway + fat quarter bundle. 

Day 10 our guest was Monica Lee designer
with Timeless Treasures and she posted 
on what her life is like being a designer..

Sponsors Timeless Treasures for a fat quarter bundle.
Clover came through with new rotary cutter, large mat 
and an extra blade and Creative Grid sponsored their top 3 rulers..
a must have, I am telling you..

Our winners- Sewing 4Fun ( bernie) won the mat-ruler-fabric-cutter
and Marlene her sponsor ...ruler, fons and porter magazine
and a subscription from Quilt Show with Alex Anderson. !

THANK YOU, sponsors, guests
but most of all YOU,
YOU who have made a difference...
To our sponsors, guest and yes even ME.

Keep spreading the NEWS...

I think you are saying that now aren't you? 

YEP! thought sew!

See YOU MONDAY for our 3rd in 
giveaways - 11 more weeks ..yep! Ü

No READER comments on weekends!
It has been turned off! 
Enjoy your weekend!

#10th Winner of our Wantobe Quilters Campaign

WINNERS...Congrats to 
Bernie( ce) and Marlene ( sponsor)
I sent you both emails,
please send me addresses ..
( packages will be all mailed out today)

Bernice you won this Mat from Clover, Rulers from Creative Grid, 
Rotary Cutter from Clover and Fabric bundle from Timeless Treausure
A great start to your quilting life....

Wantobe giveaway

sponsor giveway + fat quarter bundle. 

Thank YOU -Timeless Treasures for a fat quarter bundle.
Clover came through with new rotary cutter, large mat 
and an extra blade and Creative Grid sponsored their top 3 rulers..
Joan with Lazy Angle -also from Creative Grid...
a must have, I am telling you.. Bernice you will be starting off with 
all the necessary tools.... Check YOU tube on how to use
mats and cutters..I did well with Missouri Quilting co. when I first started
they have terrific beginner ones.

and Marlene her sponsor ...ruler from Joan at Creative Grid and Lazy Girl
a fons and porter fall  magazine
and a subscription from Quilt Show with Alex Anderson. !

THANK YOU, sponsors, guests
but most of all YOU,
YOU who have made a difference...
To our sponsors, guest and yes even ME.

Keep spreading the NEWS...
wait till you see what is up for next week....

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