Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yes it is that time again...New Banner winners and month end giveaway!

Congrats to our JULY Banner WINNERS, 
however before we celebrate them...
let's talk about our June Banner Winners..

I am always sad to say goodbye to our Banner Ladies
in this case Dawn and Susan, Jamie and Laila...

You filled our month with LAVENDER, we felt you,
we saw you, and I heard from many bloggers how much they loved
Lavender, lilac, purple now...YOU created a phenomenon...
a movement from pinks to Lavender...no easy accomplishment..!
Even though I have never been a big fan of this color
you inspired me..I can certainly see myself making one now...
You all spilled sew much love into our unique banner..
Thank you., we will miss you and we hope to see you again!

And NOW--

It gives me great pleasure to salute you OUR JULY BANNER WINNERS
When you see their quilt on the banner on our new blog background tomorrow.
you too will gasp...
It really is beautiful in sew many ways....
Sew to Sharon, Michelle, Jane, Kriszti and Zsuzsi and Shanna....
you are our ladies of RED, WHITE and BLUE..
WHY I chose THEIR quilts out of the 373 quilts that came into my inbox...???
From left to right... and may I add here, it is sewwwwwwwwww difficult
to choose...there were sew many unique ones, I could have designed a 
JULY banner many times over... Sew THANK YOU to all who submitted
your quilt photos..YOU continue to inspire me!

 Let's take Sharon's  heart shape quilt from the moment I saw it...
and  she will remember this ...
I  wrote to her  " get this to our banner selection, please"
and you did.. ( I forgot all about it until I was choosing
photos and then remembered it with fondness)
and I am glad, as many others will
be when they see it full blown...
It is heart felt for me, as anyone who
puts hearts into a quilt has ONE..
That she has !.

 Next Michelle's, well oh my...
as soon as I her  photos on the Turquoise
rusted truck...I thought..WOW! I want that truck...lol
And BOY do I love her  quilt...the colors, the pattern, the piecing,
the quilting...well OH MY OH MY OH MY...
Wait till you see her photo shoot..PERFECTION...
( I wanted sew much to show it here the truck......
but you will to wait till tomorrow) 
Next Jane's...first thing I noted, hand quilted,
and the colors, sew bright, her photos on the bush
of floral background, made this one of my favourite
outside pics indeed. The stars...well today, this month
she will be a star..HER quilt reminds me of a vintage
quilt from the 1960's. The colors were what anyone
could duplicate if they had these in their collection..
Something sew familiar about checks, and stars...
something that just brings out a smile....
Next, Kriszti and Zsuszi, although a small piece
it was the perfect size to squeeze into our banner
for that special little touch.. Wait, you'll see!
Indeed heartfelt all the way from Hungary.
Twin sisters at that...I love the simplicity
of  their color choices and the blue striped material,
very patriotic... and above our logo to remind
us to open our hearts to our world of  quilting friends
Sew pleased to include  them both.
Wait and see!
Next Shanna, now this one, again
from the moment it came into my inbox,
I could not forget it...3 colors, and WOW,
what an impact on me it made...I am sure
many will feel the same..you could choose any
2 colors with your white background and it just
screams TASTE...not in as lick the quilt lol
more as in  she has  bold TASTE as in
design...Yep that is what I meant. lol
Sew again, congratulations for being part of our very special month.
Although I seem to say this every month...really, truly, madly, deeply..
This one is my FAVORITE....lol

And as is customary, we have a giveaway to celebrate a new month
leaving us and another unfolding...
SEW today...RED and BLUE fabric compliments from 
As always our most delightful sponsors are indeed
very generous...

I always put more into the package then 
what is won....just saying...

Here are 12 fat quarters in red and blues
as well as some red and white and blue Presencia threads...

Your name and number may be chosen
if you are a follower...yes easy
and if you can answer this question...

"How many people do you know would love
to learn how to quilt using this fabric collection?"
What would you teach them how to do?

Draw will take place tomorrow at 6:oo pm

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Magnetic Button Ring Tutorial

Hi. My name is Kim Walus from Bitty Bits & Pieces. Just a little about me: I've been blogging now for over 3 years and I just love designing, quilting, sewing, creating, taking pictures and making tutorials. I've been sewing for 36+ years now and quilting for about 20 of those years. I wrote and published tole painting books in the early 90's for about 5 years. I keep myself busy now designing projects for Moda Bake Shop and was recently published in the first ever Moda Bake Shop Book called "Fresh Fabric Treats" you can learn more about the book by visiting my blog. I'm also involved in a few other top secret projects that I will eventually reveal and talk about on my blog so, you'll want to check in from time to time.

About the Project:
I've been using i-top products for a few years now and when I saw their newer product for button rings I got all excited and knew I HAD to make a magnetic button ring! It's a great way to have a pin handy when you're machine sewing or hand sewing. The magnets I bought are really strong and will surprisingly hold a lot of pins.

I first made up several rings to take to a Quilt Retreat I taught at in March for the ladies in my class and a few of my friends that went with me. I also made lots of rings for Spring Quilt Market as little giveaways for my friends and others that I would meet during the 4 days at Market. I have to tell you that they were a HUGE hit!!! I even took it over to the i-Top booth and showed it to the people there. They loved it and thought it was a clever idea. I just think it's a simple and effective use of their product.

I've made a tutorial for all of the reader's at Sew WE Quilt @ Stash Manicure. I thought you might enjoy making your very own Magnetic Button Ring. You'll have sooo much FUN making them that you'll want to make one for ALL of your quilting friends too!

What You Will Need:


1. Here's a picture of the i-top products and the magnets.

2. Open packages and take out one metal disc without snap, one disc with snap, one ring, and one magnet.

3. Take a piece of vinyl and cut a 2" circle to make a circle template. Inner circle is 1 1/8". Or use the plastic circle that comes in the Dritz covered button kit. You can also use the handy i-Top tool.

4. Center the clear plastic circle over the fabric you want to see when the button is done.

5. Trace the circle and cut out the fabric.

6. Place the button disc in the center of fabric and place into the plastic cup.

7. Take the metal snap disc and place the magnet on the opposite side of the snap. Make sure and remember to place the magnet in the center of the metal backing. Trust me when I say that I've forgotten to do this step and then you'll end up with just a really cute button ring.

8. Now place the metal snap disc with the magnet facing inward on top of the fabric/metal disc.

9. Use the blue pusher to push the front and back pieces securely together. You will hear a small snap as it connects and comes together.

10. Remove completed covered button from the plastic cup.

11. The magnetic button is now ready to snap on to the ring.

12. At this point you can add a wool flower to the back of the ring if you wish. I used a bit of E6000 to attach the wool flower to the back of the ring. Using a toothpick just spread it around the snap then attach the wool.

13. I used a Sizzix Big Shot to cut out the flower shape. Here's the link for the Sizzix Die that I used to cut out the flowers. The flower shape is the smallest flower on the die and it has the perfect size hole that fits the snap on the button. Also, the hole is cut out at the same time as the flower shape.

14. Let glue dry for several hours before using.

This is the ring without the wool flower attached.
As you can see it holds quite a few pins!

A view of my magnetic button ring on a spool of thread with the scissors holding the ring in place.

A closer look at the back of the rings.

Here's a closer look at the front of the rings on my fingers.

Thank You Madame Samm for inviting me to post here on Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure and I hope you all enjoyed a little peek into my world and that you will absolutely LOVE making this handy little gadget to keep by your sewing machine.

GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment and you will have a chance to win ONE Magnetic Button Ring in your choice of red or black. Winner will be chosen after Midnight on Saturday, July 2nd and the winner will be announced on my blog on Sunday, July 3rd.

Update Information:
Several people have asked where to buy the products. I want to remind you to click on the links that I've provided above and it will take you to i-Tops Website where you can click on the STORE LOCATOR button that will take you to a map. Then Click on the STATE that you live in and it will take you to a list of places in your STATE that sell the i-Top products. Also I did a search on google and here are a few other links where to can buy the product online HERE and HERE. You will also want to watch the Imaginesce video HERE.

You will also see that there are videos on the IMAGINESCE (i-Top) website. Also, one other thing- When I taught how to use their products at a quilt retreat my local quilt shop contacted Imaginesce (maker of i-top products) and purchased them at wholesale for the retreat.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Puppy Chew Toy Recovery

Hello, hello!! Its Wendy from Why Knot? again and I am so fortunate as to have been asked back to Stash Manicure again .... thank you Madame Samm and thank you to all the readers who didn't boo me off the stage therein providing me the opportunity for a repeat performance!!  {{deep bows of appreciation!!}}

Imagine .... this shoe is a valued quilt:

What would you do????

Some of you may recall that a month ago, I was here sharing about a quilt that was chewed on by a mouse. ... bad mouse!!  In that post I talked about a quilt that was brought to me that was accidently left out for the puppy think it was his chew toy.  It looked like this:

Front .... can you say "bad puppy" ???

Back ... are you cringing yet???

How can you not? Especially once you find out this was a Christmas present from one sister to another.
I do not know the fate of the puppy ... though with the charity of Christmas, I'm sure it was only scolded
(yeah, right! .... lol)

Well .... with a little careful nipping (pun intended) of the seam ripper
I carefully removed the quilted stitches in the affected areas...
and strategically removed the pieced blocks that had to be replaced,
revealing the damage to the batting
I cut out a rectangle of batting to replace this damaged batting.

And, since the backing is patterned, I cut out the damaged fabric
along some of the shapes so as to make the repair on the back more ...
Granted ... it's not seamless and invisible as this is a repair, but,
but cutting along the pattern of the backing, I felt I was better able to "hide" my replacement piece.

What do you think?
Also, since this material is Minkee, I made sure the nap was going in the same direction.
I then, from the topside onto the repair patch, zig-zag stitched around the edge of the quilt onto the patch ... here's what the wrong side looks like:
I trimmed the rectangle patch piece down with pinking shears to reduce the interior bulk before replacing the damaged batting:
I carefully zig-zagged these edges together ... well, take a look:
And the batting repair patch turned out like this:

Whew .... break time???

:) Coffee and Chocolate!

Okay, back to business ... on to repairing the top of the quilt:
These are the damaged pieces which I need to replace.
I kept them handy to make sure I do not mistake replacing them ...
pictures come in handy here also.
As these pieces have been quilted and washed, measurements were a bit tricky:
However, being an experienced quilter ... or just a lucky one ... persevered and measured as close as possible.  These are the replacement pieces I came up with, using the scraps that were given to me ... major point here ... when making quilts ... don't always through out your scraps they just might save your puppy!!
I pieced the block and then carefully stitched the block into place,
first stitching the sides, and then the top:

I replaced both borders, by mitering in the strips into place ...

To be completed now, quilt and replace binding ... however, please note, again ...
due to quilt having been quilted and washed previously, the repair does not
quite match up with the backing ...
So I had to bravely trim up the quilt so I could replace the binding.
Gutsy, I know, but heck, I've come this far ... got to carry on ....

Yay! Quilt Repair Finished!!

Yes, this repair took me 8 1/2 hours, however, to the sister who never told her other sister the damage happened to her precious quilt in the first place, it is totally worth the repair.

You can bet your puppy's behind .... it was totally worth it!

What do you think?

Do I rock ... or do irock????
And speaking of I-Rock....
How about this 

 Like to win... please answer...

If your dog or cat * must be a big CAT....would eat
or chew your quilt, what would you do?

Now leave me a comment, go to my blog and be follower,
and you will win this I- Rock...
from Stash Manicure's Sponsor. 
I-rock Imaginisce company great sponsor
Thank you! everyone...

Draw will be tomorrow! 
posted on both blogs

Congrats Nancy ...
she has already been contacted
and her package is on its way to Texas
in the morning...
To all those who participated
YOU rock!  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lunch Bags with Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling

Hi, I’m Linda and I’m Madame Samm’s guest today! I’m here from Buzzing and Bumbling. I thought I would share with you a cute little lunch bag that you can whip up in no time at all. 

The tutorial for this can be found on my blog today, ( link above) but I’m going to show you some ways to change it up a little.
First, the little denim bag uses a pants leg from an old pair of jeans. The bandana is one from a discount store (it costs 88 cents!) . I made the  outer bag in one piece instead of two and sewed the corners of the bandana at the top. 

The black land white spotted bag with the cartoon bottom has little red prairie points sewn between top and bottom in place of the ribbons in the tutorial. Although you can’t see it in the photo, the bottom is yellow to match the casing      .

       The pink and black batik bag with the pink flower was made without the ribbons between the two fabrics. The flower should be sewn on before the side seams were sewn on the bag. I ended up sewing this one on by hand afterwards.     

The red and yellow bag has the daisies first glued in the center with tacky glue and then sewn by hand before the side seams were sewn. If you sew them on from the back, your thread won’t tangle in the petals!

Here are some additional ideas you might want to try:
Jack O’Lantern:     Make the bag a little shorter and more “squat”. Use orange fabric and fuse little triangle eyes , nose, and a smiling mouth on. Quilt lines from top to bottom before sewing the side seams.
Picnic Bag:  Make bag out of red and white check (like a traditional picnic cloth) and sew little plastic ants from the toy store undulating around the sides! Okay, if you don’t want plastic ones, how about rubber stamping some with black acrylic paint? Or let your little one do it him/herself!!!!
Butterfly Bag:  Sew craft butterflies (the kind made of feathers) around the outside instead of flowers or in addition to flowers!
“Child Art” Lunchbag: Give your child a rectangle of muslin and let him/her make his/her own fabric with fabric markers, crayons, rubber stamps, etc. Then their lunch box will be personalized! Or make one for Mom, Dad, or Grandmother to take to work.
Photo Bag: As you make the bag, cut clear vinyl the same size as the lower panel. Sew through the vinyl and outer bag to create pockets that photos can slip down in.
Should I keep going or do you have some great ideas in your head? Just like the old commercial said,
 “Try it. You’ll like it"

Thanks for allowing me to share with you today,
I so appreciate this opportunity and please come on over and visit me too..

I’ve sponsored several giveaways, but I’ve never had one on my blog. It’s about time I did, right? So pop on over to Buzzing and Bumbling when you finish here and read all about how you can win some great prizes! I’ll be watching for you there!

  Leave me a message here and over on my blog., see you soon!