Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Puppy Chew Toy Recovery

Hello, hello!! Its Wendy from Why Knot? again and I am so fortunate as to have been asked back to Stash Manicure again .... thank you Madame Samm and thank you to all the readers who didn't boo me off the stage therein providing me the opportunity for a repeat performance!!  {{deep bows of appreciation!!}}

Imagine .... this shoe is a valued quilt:

What would you do????

Some of you may recall that a month ago, I was here sharing about a quilt that was chewed on by a mouse. ... bad mouse!!  In that post I talked about a quilt that was brought to me that was accidently left out for the puppy think it was his chew toy.  It looked like this:

Front .... can you say "bad puppy" ???

Back ... are you cringing yet???

How can you not? Especially once you find out this was a Christmas present from one sister to another.
I do not know the fate of the puppy ... though with the charity of Christmas, I'm sure it was only scolded
(yeah, right! .... lol)

Well .... with a little careful nipping (pun intended) of the seam ripper
I carefully removed the quilted stitches in the affected areas...
and strategically removed the pieced blocks that had to be replaced,
revealing the damage to the batting
I cut out a rectangle of batting to replace this damaged batting.

And, since the backing is patterned, I cut out the damaged fabric
along some of the shapes so as to make the repair on the back more ...
Granted ... it's not seamless and invisible as this is a repair, but,
but cutting along the pattern of the backing, I felt I was better able to "hide" my replacement piece.

What do you think?
Also, since this material is Minkee, I made sure the nap was going in the same direction.
I then, from the topside onto the repair patch, zig-zag stitched around the edge of the quilt onto the patch ... here's what the wrong side looks like:
I trimmed the rectangle patch piece down with pinking shears to reduce the interior bulk before replacing the damaged batting:
I carefully zig-zagged these edges together ... well, take a look:
And the batting repair patch turned out like this:

Whew .... break time???

:) Coffee and Chocolate!

Okay, back to business ... on to repairing the top of the quilt:
These are the damaged pieces which I need to replace.
I kept them handy to make sure I do not mistake replacing them ...
pictures come in handy here also.
As these pieces have been quilted and washed, measurements were a bit tricky:
However, being an experienced quilter ... or just a lucky one ... persevered and measured as close as possible.  These are the replacement pieces I came up with, using the scraps that were given to me ... major point here ... when making quilts ... don't always through out your scraps they just might save your puppy!!
I pieced the block and then carefully stitched the block into place,
first stitching the sides, and then the top:

I replaced both borders, by mitering in the strips into place ...

To be completed now, quilt and replace binding ... however, please note, again ...
due to quilt having been quilted and washed previously, the repair does not
quite match up with the backing ...
So I had to bravely trim up the quilt so I could replace the binding.
Gutsy, I know, but heck, I've come this far ... got to carry on ....

Yay! Quilt Repair Finished!!

Yes, this repair took me 8 1/2 hours, however, to the sister who never told her other sister the damage happened to her precious quilt in the first place, it is totally worth the repair.

You can bet your puppy's behind .... it was totally worth it!

What do you think?

Do I rock ... or do irock????
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lunch Bags with Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling

Hi, I’m Linda and I’m Madame Samm’s guest today! I’m here from Buzzing and Bumbling. I thought I would share with you a cute little lunch bag that you can whip up in no time at all. 

The tutorial for this can be found on my blog today, ( link above) but I’m going to show you some ways to change it up a little.
First, the little denim bag uses a pants leg from an old pair of jeans. The bandana is one from a discount store (it costs 88 cents!) . I made the  outer bag in one piece instead of two and sewed the corners of the bandana at the top. 

The black land white spotted bag with the cartoon bottom has little red prairie points sewn between top and bottom in place of the ribbons in the tutorial. Although you can’t see it in the photo, the bottom is yellow to match the casing      .

       The pink and black batik bag with the pink flower was made without the ribbons between the two fabrics. The flower should be sewn on before the side seams were sewn on the bag. I ended up sewing this one on by hand afterwards.     

The red and yellow bag has the daisies first glued in the center with tacky glue and then sewn by hand before the side seams were sewn. If you sew them on from the back, your thread won’t tangle in the petals!

Here are some additional ideas you might want to try:
Jack O’Lantern:     Make the bag a little shorter and more “squat”. Use orange fabric and fuse little triangle eyes , nose, and a smiling mouth on. Quilt lines from top to bottom before sewing the side seams.
Picnic Bag:  Make bag out of red and white check (like a traditional picnic cloth) and sew little plastic ants from the toy store undulating around the sides! Okay, if you don’t want plastic ones, how about rubber stamping some with black acrylic paint? Or let your little one do it him/herself!!!!
Butterfly Bag:  Sew craft butterflies (the kind made of feathers) around the outside instead of flowers or in addition to flowers!
“Child Art” Lunchbag: Give your child a rectangle of muslin and let him/her make his/her own fabric with fabric markers, crayons, rubber stamps, etc. Then their lunch box will be personalized! Or make one for Mom, Dad, or Grandmother to take to work.
Photo Bag: As you make the bag, cut clear vinyl the same size as the lower panel. Sew through the vinyl and outer bag to create pockets that photos can slip down in.
Should I keep going or do you have some great ideas in your head? Just like the old commercial said,
 “Try it. You’ll like it"

Thanks for allowing me to share with you today,
I so appreciate this opportunity and please come on over and visit me too..

I’ve sponsored several giveaways, but I’ve never had one on my blog. It’s about time I did, right? So pop on over to Buzzing and Bumbling when you finish here and read all about how you can win some great prizes! I’ll be watching for you there!

  Leave me a message here and over on my blog., see you soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Applique Made Easy with Slice

Hello Sewing Enthusasits.  Melissa Corry here from Happy Quilting.  I am so excited to be guest blogging here at Sew We Quilt and to have the opportunity to share with you a little machine that I have fallen in love with.  It turned my idea of applique from a pain to a joy!!!  But before I start, I just want to say that I am not a Slice product manager or anything like that.  I don't get paid by them to advertise for them, in fact, they probally don't know I am posting this.  I simply want to share with you this handy little tool for applique.  

So, with that said . . . Let's get to the fun.  A while back I saw a post on Sew Cal Gal about this little machine called a Slice.  I learned that it was originally intended for scrapbookers but many were moving on from it to the Cricut.  (I mention this, because if you are interested, you can find some great deals for used machines on ebay, and normally you can get them with a few extra cartridges :)   The nice thing about the Slice is not only did it cut paper but it will also cut fabric!!  Wonderful!!!  So, I bought one (on ebay) and found a screaming deal for the machine and 7 extra cartridges.  And thus my love of applique began.

So I thought I would show you just how easy this little machine is to use.  Ready . . .  Here we go!!

Start by getting your cutting plate ready.  To do this, simply apply your tack adhesive.  Now the machine comes with a bit of glue that you can use, but it runs out quick and is a little pricey to replace.  So I found Krylon Easy-Tack at my local hobby store and with a 40% off coupon it is way cheaper.  And it lasts for a long time.  Let this sit for about 10 minutes so it gets nice and tacky.  (oh, and you can cut about 20 appliques before you need to wash your mat with warm water and re-adhere more tack spray :)

Now decide what applique shape you want to use and insert the matching cartridge into the machine.  The machine comes with the Basic 1 cartridge, but like I mentioned before, you can often find them used with several cartridges.

Now it is time to get your fabric ready.  Simply adhere Heat n Bond to the wrong side of your chosen applique fabric.  I like to use charm squares as they fit perfect onto the cutting plate and are all around just easy :)

Once your fabric is cooled and your Heat n Bond set, remove the paper backings from the wrong side of the fabric.  That's right, no need for drawing on paper with this little guy :)

Lay your prepared square of fabric onto your cutting place and press lightly to adhere it to the tacky surface.

Now simply find the design on the easy to view screen of your slice machine and select.  (Sorry, no matter how I tried, this picture just kept wanting to import side wards, what ya gonna do??)

Select the size of your applique.  The slice will do anywhere from 1" to 4" in 1/2" increments.  And then just hold down your machine with light pressure while it does all the cutting work.

When it is finished cutting, remove the background fabric and Wha La!!!  A perfectly cut applique in seconds!!!  Oh, I just love this machine!!

And all you have to do is iron it on to the surface of your project and then add a decorative stitch around it to anchor it.  So cute!!

 I have just loving having this machine and have so many projects lined up for it.  I thought I would show just a few that I have already done with it.

This quilt is one that I did for the Moda Bake Shop.  Don't you just love those flowers!!!

Could you imagine cutting those center circles out by hand, yuck!!  But with the slice, it is fun and fast!!

This was a little baby boy quilt that I put together.  The Slice makes adding words to your quilt a snap.  And they just look fantastic!!

And as a special treat, I thought I would show a little sneak peak of an upcoming project.  This little project won't be shown in full until July but I couldn't help showing what great fun you can have with this machine.

So that's it for my little guest appearance for today.  Thanks so much to Madame Samm for having me.  I hope that I was able to shed a little light on some possibilities to make applique less of a chore and more of a joy!!  Happy Quilting!!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

A day in the life of Green Fairy Quilts!

Hello All! First of all, for all of Madame Samm's readers we are putting all of our Bella Solids pre-cuts on sale for 25% off. This is just for you readers and it is only for today - so hop on over and get your pre-cuts here.

Madame Samm asked me to tell you a little about our crazy little life here at Green Fairy Quilts. We (Clint and Judi) are a husband/wife team and we run our own business from home with four kids ages 7 months to 6 years old - it can be a juggling act. Clint runs the business and website, while I design quilts for my pattern line, long arm quilts and keep up my blog.

A typical day for me starts with kids, kids, kids! I am a full time Mommy and when the little munchkins are asleep for nap time I venture into my part of the office. My studio is just perfect for me! I absolutely love being able to create in this room - it isn't typically this clean! HeHe ;)

This is where Clint starts his day - 7:00 am and he is already filling website orders from overnight. He keeps busy buying fabric, updating inventory, answering all the customer service emails and adding every product to our website. Add in bookkeeper and he has a full time job just keeping this place running! I am so grateful for how hard he works, and how motivated he is to work and provide for us. In our online only shoppe we carry all of the Moda pre-cuts and we have recently added Riley Blake Designs pre-cuts. You can see what a typical day for Clint is like here and you can sign up for our newsletter here.

Occasionally our littlest munchkin wants to be held instead of napping and I give in and let him watch me quilt. This only works on quilts that have an allover design on them. :)

This is my "Masterpiece." I wanted to make a very special quilt, showcasing the quilting and not the fabric. That is why I chose three colors of fabric and used very plain fabric. You can see more quilt pictures here.

This is the back of one of my customer's quilts. This particular quilt took me over 80 hours of quilting and while I was 9 months pregnant too - it was a relief to finish this quilt - but also rewarding to see it completed in so much detail. If you are wondering, I free motion quilt on my A-1 long arm. You can see more of this quilt here.

Another huge accomplishment for me was quilting this Dear Jane quilt for one of my customers. It took me over 70 hours to complete the quilting. I can tell you now that I am sure I will never attempt to make a Dear Jane because I got up close and personal with how small and how many pieces are in this thing! You can see more pictures of the quilt here.

Another part of my day is designing, I love to come up with my own designs and write the patterns for them. I have over 40 designs and this is my "Carry All Tote," pattern. I had so much fun putting these two totes together and I use them as my purse/diaper bag. These bags are also big enough for my laptop to tote around in.

An all time favorite pattern of mine is called "Dahlia." It is my first pattern where I did all custom quilting on the sample quilt. So, naturally I love it the best because it showcases my two loves - designing and quilting.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little better. We work hard and love that we can work together and be home with our kids. We also have a charity where we take quilts over to kids in need in Romania. We have scheduled our trip for our 4th annual charity trip in September. You can see the last video of our trip here.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!