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Comfort and JOY with Sharon and her well you may need a tissue cover!

I would like to thank Madame Samm for inviting me back for another tutorial post. This is Sharon from VroomansQuilts and I would like to share a very quick gift project - a tissue box cover. This is long with lots of photos. They are actually very easy, but feel the more visual the more help. And you are always free to express yourself with the pattern, share it, and even make these for church/bazarre sales.

Most of these small tissue boxes are the same size, but check your measurements. I measured the top of the box which was 4.5" square. Add a 1/2" to your pattern for seams. So we are working with a 5" square.

Take the side measurements. This box is 4.5" x 5" - add the 1/2" for seams. So we are working with a 5" x 5.5" rectangle.

Top: cut 5" square and cut in half so you now have two 2.5" x 5" rectangles
Sides: cut four 5" x 5.5" rectangles
Bindings: cut two 1.5" x 5" for top and one 1.5" x 22" for bottom

With right sides facing, sew your binding strips to one long side of each top rectangle.

Press your binding out. Turn over and press the binding edge to the top of seam raw edge.

Fold over and press in place. Pin and top stitch from the front. There is plenty of room to stitch and catch that binding edge. Even have some fun and use a fancy stitch here if you like.

Now butt up your two top pieces and stitch across 1/4" seam to hold in place. Mark your 1/4" seam locations in each corner as we are going to learn some set-in seams - DON'T get nervous, use this as a learning curve.

Take one of your side pieces and pin right sides together on one of the 'seamed' top side, making sure your pattern or directional fabric is going the right direction - don't want anyone standing on their head. Stitch from 1/4" mark to 1/4" mark.

Now we are going to add the OPPOSITE side piece, pin right sides together again checking our pattern direction is correct - and stitch from 1/4" mark to 1/4" mark.

Press your two side pieces out. Here you can play. If you are a beginner at set ins, I would skip this. If you are a confident beginner or experienced, you could top stitch or use a fancy stitch - just REMEMBER to start 1/4" in and end 1/4" from end! You can hand stitch with floss and large stitch AFTER completed.

Now for our other sides. Place right sides together (check your pattern directions so no upside down) and pin. If you pull back you previous seams, it will aid you in pinning your start and ending 1/4" points. Stitch from 1/4" to 1/4".

Add your last side using the same method. Pin your seams out of the way to help with the 1/4" mark. Stitch from 1/4" to 1/4".

Press your side pieces out. Again, you can leave them as is or use a top stitch or fancy stitch - remembering to start and stop 1/4" from edge.

With right sides together, line up your seam sides. It helps to fold the entire piece in half. Set a pin at your starting point - your 1/4" should be easy to see with your prior stitching. START at this point and stitch down the side.

Use the same process on the OPPOSITE corner/side. Your 1/4" seam sets are visible at that top - start there and stitch down the side seam. Repeat for the other two sides.

Turn your little fabric box right side out. Almost there. Time to check those corners and do any fixing. Don't stress it - it's a tissue cover! And if your first experience at this, relax and breath. It's better to take some hand stitches to fix than try to re-sew. Make a few more and you will be a pro.

Now to bind the bottom - just the same process as the top edges. Press one end 1/4", pin binding around bottom with right sides facing.

Start stitching just before a seam/corner, go around and end just after the last seam/corner. If you have the option to use the 'hem and sleeve' smaller bed on your machine, it makes it easier to do this process.

Match up your binding - I fold back butting up to other ends fold. Then pin those two fold lines together. Stitch across. Trim excess. Finger press those seams open and pin binding in place - finish stitching down. This is a skinny binding and a small opening - no need to stress over bias edges like on a quilt.

Again like the top binding - press the binding out, then fold and press to match raw edge of seam and binding edge. Fold over the seam and pin in place for stitching.

Again just a lot of room for a straight stitch or play with your fancy stitches.

Here's the finished tissue cover. Wouldn't it be fun to use some rick-rack instead of binding? Add some yo-yo's? Oh your imagination makes it your own.

Just to show you can hit that scrap bin - how about a tissue cover for your little buck-a-roo! Enjoy your creations and feel free to ask any questions if something is hard to understand. ABOVE ALL - have FUN.

Thank you again Madame Samm for a month of shared inspiration and to include me in the mix. May everyone's celebrated holiday of the season be Merry and Bright.
Sewingly yours,


  1. I bookmarked this when you put it on your own blog Sharon and now I find i'm nearly 100% sure I've got the gingerbread men/women in my stash and wasn't sure what to do with them...think I'm off to buy a square box of tissues this afternoon :)
    thanks so much for the tutorial :) Merry Christmas

  2. What a great idea - I make things each year for a charity bazaar in Ireland and I think these would sell really well. I hope that is okay. Please let me know if you would rather not. Merry Christmas!

  3. Great that you show how to take the measurements, because the tissue boxies have a different size here!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. great idea, one for my do list!

  5. Thanks Sharon this is a wonderful tut and very much needed...I have this on my to do list....Merry Christmas

  6. Wow, I love this and you were kind with showing us how to do it exactly. These would make beautiful gifts and easy to package as a gift.

  7. Sharon, this is so cute! And your pictures are perfect for showing the steps! Well done!

  8. Makes a kleenex box look cute. Thanks Sharon!

  9. Ivebeen saving a tissue box just for this Sharon. Thanks so much for this great tutorial. Blessings, marlene

  10. Good Morning Sharon..this is sew timely I just may shed a tear lol..I love the extra steps for us all sew we can make one perfect like yours...ever since your ghastlie one I have been wanting to make one..now I can big thanks to you x

  11. Fantastic! This is a great tutorial and project. Thank you so much!

  12. Sharon - as always, a super tutorial...nice clear instructions, and photos with great lighting (how DO you do that? LOL) Great projects!

  13. Hello Sharon my friend! Your tutorials are always so easy to follow! Merry Christmas! Joy to the World!

    Waving at Sharon.....

  14. Thanks, Sharon. This is the perfect solution for me; I won't have to hunt through the stacks of tissue boxes trying to find one that looks "OK" in my bathroom!

  15. It's good to see you back here at Stash Manicure with another guest post! Great tutorial! Merry Christmas :D

  16. Very cute!!!!! I love the possibilities.

  17. Another great idea for the holidays and beyond! Thanks Sharon for the tutorial!

  18. Perfect for winter snifflies. And you know what? A ahhhhh would fit on there!

  19. Just what I needed ... thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas

  20. Thanks Sharon for sharing your tissue cover.... I need to add it to my list of to do's! I love it!
    And Thanks Samm for having Sharon here!
    Merry Christmas to both of you!

  21. Great tutorial, Sharon, and such a cute little gingerbread man box! I really ought to make some of these myself - we use a bunch of kleenex around here! Merry Christmas!

  22. I am definitely going to try this project. Great instructions. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Great Idea Sharon! Looking forward to trying this one too :)

  24. Wow!This is really a great pattern a creative one.Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas openly here with us ....


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