Monday, December 19, 2011

Comfort and JOY with Nan and her Ho-Ho-Ho! Quilters Jewelry!

 Merry Christmas Samm!  Merry Christmas Everyone!!!  I'm Nan from Pots and Pins, here to give you two quick and easy ideas for gifts for your quilting friends...just in case you haven't given them anything yet!  Humor me while I bend your ear/eyes with an attempt at prose...

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the workroom,
I sat stewing and stewing, feeling a huge sense of doom!

T'he stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
But I had no gifts for my quilt friends to share!

When what to my wondering mind should appear?
But an idea worth telling as Christmas gets near!

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
In front of the TV the mister propped his head.

I, in my kerchief, put on my thinking cap,
And quickly fashioned this thimble, then took a nap.
(I'm sure this is very similar to something you'd find at Tiffany's...or even Zales...Beautiful, no!?)

 Thimble Necklace:
1 thimble - any size will work but as with most things, bigger is better!
1 hammer
1 punch...or a nail
1 eye post
1 jump ring
1 chain - 16 to 18-inches long
needle-nose pliers
E-6000 glue or super glue
(I purchased all of my supplies at Ben Franklin but you could find them at Michael's or a bead/jewelry making shop.)

Using a punch or a nail, pound a little hole in the top of the thimble..it's very easy to do so don't hit too hard or you'll end up with a giant hole!

Stick an eye post through the hole, with the ring on top (eye post is pictured on the left above, it's a little wire with a loop on the end.)

Using needle-nose pliers, twist the eye post wire and push it against the inside of the thimble, this prevents the wire from slipping off.

Attach a jump-ring to the eye post on top of the thimble, closing ring tightly with the pliers.  (As you can see, the only visible on the top of the thimble is the little loop from the eye post - and the jump-ring.)

Put a drop of two of super glue inside the thimble on the curled wire to prevent it from twirling around or coming loose.

Thread a chain through the jump-ring and you're done!  Every quilter I know is going to want one of these in their Christmas stocking this year...even if they don't know it yet!
The thimbles were finished, but another idea came with such clatter
I sprang from my chair to deal with this matter!

To the mister's change bowl I flew in a flash,
Grabbing some quarters, it was a mad dash!

With a little silver finding and some very strong glue
A Fat Quarter necklace was made for a special few!

Just a minute it took, it really was quick,
And it looks like it came from that jeweler, St. Nick!
Stunning isn't it?  Or are you just stunned...It's a FAT QUARTER...seriously, how cute is this?!? 

Fat-Quarter Necklace
2 quarters
1 necklace finding
1 chain - 16 to 18-inches long, or longer
Super glue
needle-nose pliers
These are little silver findings, they set me back a whopping $1.29 each at Ben Franklin.

Glue two quarters together with a drop of super glue or E-6000, which is a strong glue, although not as fast acting as super glue, but either works great.

The finding is flat on the back and has it's own loop on top - perfect for this application!
Just thread your necklace/chain through the loop and it's done!  So simple and so cute...Fat Quarters for Everyone!

Now who wouldn't want to wear this?!?  Dasher?  Dancer?  Prancer?  Of course they would...and I know you would too, you're a fashionable little Vixen!

Now speak not a word, but get straight to work,
Make these for friends, but not for jerks!

Wrap them up pretty, and tie with a rose,
Then sit by the chimney and have a short doze.

Christmas is coming, it will be here quick as a whistle
And gone just as fast, like the down of a thistle.

So let me exclaim, 'ere I be deleted from sight...
Merry Christmas to All!  And to All a Good Night! 

Okay kids, back to the workshop I go...this little Elf has many more gifts to sew!  
At Pots and Pins I'm hustling and bustling and preparing to make merry
there's no time to waste, I dare not tarry!
So thanks Madame Samm for letting me play
And may you all have a very joyous Christmas Day!
 Editors note...
I have to say, NAN is always full of surprises...
and this one made me giggle...love the thimble
but the FAT QUARTER had me reaching for another cup of joe.. xx
YOU just bring such JOY!


  1. Awesome!! Such fun ideas. I'm going to make me my very own thimble necklace...thank you!

  2. Great idea Mme Sam....

    That the baby Jesus to bring all good health, harmony, unity and joy.And a Happy new year



  3. Nan this was a very good way to wake up this morning......Thanks for the ideas and for your wonderful rendention of the night before Christmas. Merry Christmas I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday..

  4. How nice to have a giggle, a great poem, and ingenious ideas as my eyes wake up for the day! Thanks, Nan, you are a master at jewellery design and poetry! Thanks, Madame Samm, for continuing to bring us wonderful guest hosts! Merry Christmas!

  5. i've thought of making one of those for myself! I think i'll finally try it! Thanks

  6. Nan, You are always such a delight especially first thing in the morning!! Very Clever my dear, I am sure Santa is very proud of his cherished Quilting Elf!!

    Merry Christmas to All~

    Huggs, Nancy

  7. Good Morning Nan...and there is no doubt about it..you bring the JOY in Christmas to us all..your delightful quilting jewels is just that...sparkles with ingenuity and leaves us smiling with your prose...what more could we possibly ask for....? lol. Merry Christmas dahling thank you for a delightful year of NAN.

  8. What a wonderful way to start a blue Monday!! What fun the ideas and poetry are. Enjoyed the post!!

  9. Quite imaginative...and I'm barely awake! Thanks for a great idea, Kd

  10. I love it Nan! And I bet my friends would too. :) blessings, marlene

  11. I love the fat quarter necklace - cute idea! We can always count on Nan for some giggles! Thanks, Nan, and thank you Madame Samm, too!

  12. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing that! Love it! Enjoy your day!

  13. Fun and easy to make ideas! Thanks Nan! Your prose made my day!

  14. Nan, I love the fat quarter necklace! How clever!!!!! Love it. The ideas never cease...

  15. Nan, the thimble is cute. BUT the fat quarter is genius!!! How freakin fun was that to dream up. And, wear that fat quarter and you'll always have more than a nickle to your name!

  16. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. The thought of wearing a fat quarter around my neck makes me dizzy with delight.

  17. Love your poem, and the necklaces.
    The "Fat Quarter" necklace is a hoot!

  18. Thanks so much for the kind words! They do my tiny black heart good! One of my readers this morning on Pots and Pins mentioned you can buy Fat Quarter necklaces at craft fairs and some quilt shops in the South...who knew?!? And here I thought I was SEW original! Thanks to Samm, it's been a great year for me here at Sew We Quilt, and I'm looking forward to the New Year, it's got to be better, right?!? Merry Merry Christmas! xoxo, Nan

  19. great blog....new followers if you like mine do the same...

  20. What creativity, with words and with jewelry. Thanks for sharing! I love the Fat Quarter!!

  21. How smart! I just might have to make a thimble necklace for myself. And thanks for the giggle over the fat quarter!

    Jennifer :)

  22. how clever you are! i love that little thimble -- gotta see if i can make myself one. thank you for the great idea!

  23. Indeed ... clever with the gadgetry *and* the prose!! Love that little thimble necklace, especially. I have one from my Grandma that's way too big for me, but would evidently (since size *does* matter) make a great necklace! What a nice way to use her thimble! Thank you! :)

  24. Love your poem, Nan!! You're right, these are so adorable for quilting friends! (haha, fat QUARTERs...) That reminds me, one of my quilting friend's husbands used to go into quilt shops with her and say, "Hi, gals! How are your Fat Quarters?" So fun!

  25. Nan, you ALWAYS deliver in the cutest ways! Love both your ideas but particularly the Fat Quarter necklace - what a hoot! Certainly was pleased that you didn't super glue those talented digits to the Fat Quarter!!! lol Merry Christmas.

  26. Laughing so hard I just woke hubby up! Nan, you are priceless.

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  28. Nan, you are always good for a chuckle or tow, or three!! Two ingenious ideas but I must admit, the "Fat Quarter" is The Next Big Thing!!
    Love this post and your blog is one of my favorite. I've been a follower for over a year!!
    Merry Christmas Blessings
    Gmama Jane

  29. I've always loved turquoise jewelry and I'm so glad I read this post - her jewelry is incredible, especially the necklace in the 7th picture. Thanks for sharing and I'll be sure to check out your tumblr.

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