Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Comfort and JOY with Jennifer and her Home{s} for Christmas ...

Hello!  I'm so excited to be back to share another tutorial.  For those who don't know me, my name is Jennifer and I blog over at That Girl... That Quilt

We officially have 12 days until Christmas.  Yikes!  My Christmas preparations really don't begin until tomorrow because today is my daughter's 8th birthday.  It's like this every year... we plan and plan for her birthday and then we tackle Christmas.

This is a big birthday for her because it's finally time for her learn how to sew "for real" as she says.  We bought her a sewing machine of her own and of course that calls for a proper sewing machine cover.  She and I will be sharing my studio space so I thought it would be helpful to give her a fun way to keep her little notions in one spot.  If you know me, you know that I love pockets so of course it's fitting that her cover have some pockets!

Want to make one for a special quilter, seamstress, etc in your life?  Well let's get to it because we only have 12 days left! 

Here's what you need:

3/4 yard of linen or fabric of your choice
1/2 yard of cotton fabric for your lining
scraps for your houses & pincushion
poly stuffing for your tiny pincushion
1" square of sew on velcro
thread and other notions

The details:

Measure your machine or find the dimensions for the machine you are making this cover for.  The measurements here will fit a machine that measures 14" x 10" x 5" and a little larger.  The ties will allow for you some wiggle room... :)

Use a 1/4" seam allowance for piecing your houses and the outside of the cover.  Use a 1/2" seam allowance for stitching the cover and lining together. 

Make your 2 flying geese units to measure finished 6" x 3".  I used my Accuquilt Go! to make mine but if you need one, here's a good tutorial with two methods.

Cut your pieces for the body of the house.  One will measure 4" x 5" and the other will measure 4" x 7". 

Stitch your flying geese units to the tops of your houses. 

Cut a piece that measures 3.5" x 6.5" to sew to the top of your short house unit.  This will make both house units the same size.  Go ahead and stitch this piece to the top of your short house.  You will probably need to square up a bit but I allowed for a little extra because sewing with linen can get a little odd sometimes.

 Stitch the two units together.

  Now it's time for the fun little details!

I love pockets so don't forget the pockets.... cut one strip that measures 2" x 6" and another that measures 2" x 8".  You can vary this if you want different sized doors/pockets.

Fold in half, right sides together and stitch around the perimeter.  Make sure to leave a small opening at the bottom so you can turn the doors right side out!

Trim the corners to reduce bulk and turn. 

Press and stitch your pockets to your houses with 1/8" seam allowance.  Line up the doors with the bottom of the block and stitch on both long sides to secure the pockets.  Don't worry about the opening at the bottom... That opening will become a part of the seam allowance when you stitch your lining and cover together.

Let's make the cute pincushion!  Cut two 2 1/2" squares.  Stitch the fuzzy velcro piece to the right side of one of the squares.  Place the squares right sides together and stitch leaving a small opening to turn right side out.

Stuff with a little bit of poly stuffing or stuffing of your choice and blind stitch the opening closed. 

Cut your strips for your house sides: you will need 2 that measure 2" x 10".  Stitch them to both sides of the block.  The front part of your top is now done and should measure 16.5" x 10".

Then decide where you want your pincushion on your front and stitch the prickly part of the velcro there.  Make sure you take into account the 1/2" seam allowance we will be using to finish the cover... don't sew the velcro that low! 

To complete the top cover, cut another piece of linen to measure 22.5" x 16.5".  Stitch your front to this piece and you will have your top that measures 32.5" x 16.5" and you are done with the top! 

 Let's make the ties!  Cut 4 strips 2 1/4" x 12" long.  I like the bows to show so I made the ties this long.  If you want them shorter, just adjust the length.

 Fold wrong sides together and press.

Open and use the crease in the middle as your guide to press both sides towards the middle.

Fold in half and press again.  With an 1/8" seam allowance, stitch lengthwise to finish your strips.  I used pinking shears to finish my ends... you could also fold them in or use Fray-check on the ends as well.

Now is a good time to measure your finished outer cover to make sure it fits your machine.  If it doesn't just trim both the outer piece and lining down to fit.  Make sure to take into account the 1/2" seam allowance we will use to finish. 

If everything fits, it's time to finish up. :) 

Pin your ties to the right side of your cover.  Measure 4" up from each side and pin.  Make sure you have the strips pinned to the right side and that they are pointing to the middle of your cover. 

Cut your lining piece to measure 32.5" x 16.5".

Lay your lining and your outside right sides together.  If you can see your ties, they are pinned wrong.  They should be contained in between your lining and outer cover.  If everything looks good go ahead and pin the two pieces together. 

Stitch around the perimeter with a 1/2" seam allowance.  Leave a 4" opening at the back of the cover to turn right side out.  Slow down as you stitch over your ties and backstitch a few times on each side of the tie to make them extra secure.

Trim corners to reduce bulk and turn through the opening.  Make sure your corners are nice and pointy and then press well around the perimeter.  Take extra notice of the opening and press the open seam well.  When we topstitch, that will catch that opening and close it.

I used a zig zag stitch to topstitch around the perimeter.  Use the stitch you prefer and stitch 1/8" all the way around.  Trim any stray threads and we're done!

Thanks for having me today and I hope you will visit me over at That Girl... That Quilt to see my birthday girl in action and her very first finished project today!

Have a peaceful, warm & wonderful Christmas!



  1. This is too cute! Can't I make it for myself? I want one! Thanks for the great tute.

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  2. Awww...what a sweet machine cover! I could make one for my granddaughter's sewing machine. Thank you for the lovely tutorial.

  3. Nice project- I can never get enough pockets!

  4. That is the cutest idea with the pockets and the removable pon cushion. Jennifer, you are awesome.

  5. Good Morning Jennifer..house you been? lol. Ok, this is all before my first cup of coffee....LOVE your house cover for Chaney';s sewing machine...sew adorable as only you could do complete with pockets...love pockets...almost as much as ruffles.. I said almost...lol YOU are such a treat..thanks for being here this delightful morning.

  6. That is darling Jennifer! Great job, have fun sewing with your girl.

  7. What a cute idea! I've been looking for a cover for my Featherweight and this would be perfect. blessings, marlene

  8. How cute (and clever) is that??

  9. Love the machine cover!

    My granddaughter was here for a month long visit this summer and I taught her to quilt/sew for the first time. She is a natural!

    She turned 7 this year and teaching them young is really easy.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. What a great idea to have pockets and a pin cushion on your machine cover! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing this with us - I'm headed to my stash to pick out some fabric scraps!

  12. Santa (aka Grandmama) is bringing my Granddaughter a sewing machine for Christmas this year as well! She is 7 1/2 and absolutely obsessed with sewing and crafts. She works on a sewing project every night before bed time during her 30 min. quiet time. I can't wait to make a sewing machine cover for her new machine! I'm making another cover for my baby duaghter's sewing machine she got last year. I like the ties because it gives you wiggle room for varying sizes and attachments. Our grand daughters certainly are Grand, aren't they??? Thanks for the tutorial!
    Gmama Jane

  13. Great looking machine cover. Thank you for the tutorial.

  14. So cute- I bet she loved it. I will be popping over to check out the birthday festivities right now. :)

  15. I love the design so girly and fabulous.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial. I think this would be a great project for the new year.
    Chaney has a Janome! wow!!!

  17. Aalways nice to see you here Jennifer, you and your pockets. I think I will make this with my daughter too. thank you, maddie

  18. This a good project to do on the weekend before Christmas. Thank you I will be surprising my niece with this one. Thank you everyone who is behind this blog hugz Marie

  19. Thank you for this. It is so very cute and a great idea!

  20. Wow! I've seen lots of blog about quilt - but yours are simply fabulous and so creatively out of the box (world)... your tutorial are so love too! I'm hosting a World Wide Blog hop this month...will be so honor if you drop by and share your blog with the world!

  21. cute, cute, cutie!!!!! love the pin cushion...

  22. Really love this. I might even steal the cute houses to put on a pillow. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Thank ya'll so much for your sweet comments! I love getting to share here amoungst fellow fabric lovers and quilters.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Jennifer :)

  24. A really adorable cover. Wouldn't it be fun to show up in a ritzy quilt class with that cover? =) Everyone would want one!


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