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Comfort and JOY Guest Pauline with her Fat Quarter Apron pssst 2 guests today....BARB too

Hello everyone....I'm thrilled to be back....
Thank you Madam Samm for inviting me to be a guest blogger again...

I'm Pauline from Quiltnqueen and I would luv it if you came for a visit.

My Comfort and Joy small project tutorial is an apron tut.....


In November during the Ghastlie Blog Hop I made a couple of aprons
and I was asked if I would do a tutorial on how I made them....
sEw here goes........
I used the measurements found
in a tutorial by Jona on her blog
Stop Staring and....start sewing because it's fun.
I changed the instructions using the same technique as the

infamous pillowcase method known as the 'hot dog method'.
I have probably made 200+ pillowcases using this method and
if you have made pillowcases this way
you will be making these aprons in an hour or less....
OK maybe not your 1st one or even your 2nd but you can make
the basic apron in less than an hour.

Thearica did a pillowcase tutorial on Sew We Quilt,
you can find it here.

These aprons are sEw much fun to make.....


1 FQ
1/2 yd coordinating fabric

  • from the 1/2 yard.....cut 3 strips 6 inches wide x 44 inches (wof)
  • remove all salvages
  • cut 1 of the strips the width of the FQ...should be 21-22 inches this will be the hem of the apron (do not use the 18 inch side),
  • the other half of the strip will be used for the waistband

  • with the hem right side up
  • place apron right side face down on top of the hem....if you have a directional print the print will be upside down when it is placed on top of the hem with the right sides together
  • pin across, keeping the fabric edges even...I use lots of pins.

  • roll the apron and bring the bottom edge of the hem over the rolled apron and pin all 3 edges together...keep the edges lined evenly

  • stitch the pinned edge using a generous 1/4 inch seam allowance
  • pull the rolled up FQ out one of the ends.
  • press just the seam area from the front first and then from the back making sure you do not have any little pleats at the seam, press the folded edge last.

  • hem the side seams by pressing 1/4 inch then fold again, press and stitch

  • attach the short end of the waist band to the short end of the 2 ties, centering the waist band between the 2 ties, right sides together
  • with waist band (right side up) center apron (right side down) on top the waist band and pin edges together
  • start stitching about 1 inch past rolled up apron on the other side of the seam that you joined the waistband to the ties


  • the apron is now encased in the waist band and the ties are NOT stitched
  • pull the apron out just like you did with the hem



  • press the waist band just like you did the hem
  • pin ties right side together and mark a diagonal line 2 inches from the end
  • using a generous 1/4 inch seam allowance start stitching about 2 inches from where the apron is attached to the waist band
  • trim corners and turn ties right side out
  • press ties


  • you will have an opening on both sides of the apron
  • stitch the 2 openings closed and
  • top stitch around the ties.
  • give it a final press and you are done.
Now you can be creative when you make your next one.....
....I added a flange at the hem seam on this one
I cut my flange 1-1/4 inch and have even used 1 inch strips.
When I make my pillowcases I cut my flange narrow too.
...looks kinda like piping and lays flatter.


and on this one I added the flange, a pocket and appliqued a cat on the hem.

Pink Hot Dog Pillow Case Apron
    I hope you enjoyed the tutorial,
    ...if you have any question please let me know .....
    I will be giving away one of my aprons from comments left on
    my Comfort and Joy posting on my blog. Don't forget to enter my other giveaway. I'm participating in the Quilt Gallery Blog Hop ...my giveaway is Anne Sutton's 'Pumpkin Pie' pattern and as a bonus if you are one of my 484+ Google Friend Members pictured on my side bar you will received the embellishment kit with the pattern.
    I will announce the winners for both giveaways late on December 18
    or early December 19....
    You do not have to be a follower
    but it would make my heart smile if you choose to follow...(o:
    Please, please make sure I have an email to contact you....
    a 'No Reply Comment' is a 'No winner'......
    One comment only....
    tell me where you live
    and if you like the kitten apron or the polar bear apron
    that's all you have to do...(o:
    I live in Canton Michigan and if I were to win I would like the polar bear apron....
    Happy Holidays and all the best to everyone in 2012!!!


    1. I Love this apron tutorial...never tried this method with an apron. I'm just learning the pillowcase method so I'll kill two birds with one stone. Like your fabric choice too.
      I'm from Alabama and I like your polar bear apron...partial to that shade of green.
      Gmama Jane

    2. I am from the Yukon and I love the kitten apron.

    3. What a neat way to make an apron! Thanks for the tutorial!

    4. I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada, and love the polar bear apron! I will definitely be making aprons for gifts in the future!

    5. A great apron tute Pauline, thank you!

    6. Good Morning PAULINE>..welll you know I love aprons and the ghastlie...I saw that one wink....LOVE this idea...easy to put together and really a perfect gift when you need something for a new visit to see someone....who does not like an apron? ...not me ...xxx

    7. Love aprons and this one is wonderful!

    8. Love these aprons. I just made two aprons for Christmas gifts and I wish I would have had your tutorial to use. I will be making some aprons using these instructions. I love the Kitten apron and I am from Iowa.

    9. Pauline, this is fabulous! Thank you for sharing this...I have some Christmas fat quarters that I'm eyeing right now, to make this!

    10. Love it Pauline - great idea. I'm from Arkansas and it would have to be the polar bears. Or the kittens. :) blessings, marlene

    11. Very cool - great quickie project.

    12. Pauline ~ This is a great tutorial. I never thought to use the pillowcase way of making an apron. Of course, I swear, I must be the ONLY one who has never made a pillowcase. Why I have no idea but I never have made any.

      Thank you for this tutorial. Now I guess I'll need to try that soon and once I do, I can make aprons and pillowcases.

    13. Great tutorial! I have always wanted to make aprons for gifts but get frustrated with the directions or yardage required. Thanks for making my Christmas sewing a little easier!

      Jennifer :)

    14. I live on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington and I love the polar bear apron... thank you for this fun tutorial! janellbaker@frontier.com

    15. Thank you so much for the great tutorial!

    16. Definitely a keeper tutorial! I loved it in the Ghastlies print and even more as a Christmas apron! Thank you for sharing!! :)

    17. Awesome!! Now I have something new to make!

      Gotta sew both of my girls up one of these for Christmas!!

    18. How ironic it is that today is my day to make aprons for my daughter and friend and you come up with this cute apron tutorial. My only question (to myself) is how "fluffy" can a person be to wear this apron......hum-m-m. May have to use a little more yardage. LOL

    19. I live in Trenton, Florida, and like the polar bear apron.

    20. i live in beautiful downtown seward, alaska, and i would love the kitty apron :)

    21. This is A.DOR.A.BLE! I just love it and can't wait to try it out. What a wonderful house warming gift. :-)

      I commented on your blog as well, but will tell you here too, that I'm from Lake Jackson, TEXAS and if I were to win, I'd choose the kitties...or the polar bears! They both are too cute to choose!

      Thank you for the giveaway!

    22. HI Pauline! I do remember the Ghastlie blog hop apron--too cute! Wow, this is so easy--it's a perfect "go to" pattern for hostesses! thanks for posting this!

    23. Excellent tutorial Pauline...thanks! I love aprons and wish they looked that good one me...lol.


    24. The aprons are beautiful, and I love the way you tie the bows. I know it won't look like that when I tie it!

    25. Great tutorial! Thank you :) I'll have to start on next years Christmas presents soon!

    26. I live in Bakersfield, CA and if I am the lucky winner I would like the cat apron -- cute!

    27. ooo Thanks for sharing. I live in Tomball Texas and I really like the polar bear apron.

    28. great tut i am going to have to pin it for sure!

    29. I like the polar bear apron and I am from British Columbia, Canada. daciar@shaw.ca

    30. Ok already I'll start sewing and stop staring......soon...really...right now too bleugh. But will make one for dd for Christmas.....soon LOL.


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