Monday, November 21, 2011

Guest Blocker with Deonn and her Stack, Slash, Switch & Stitch~Craziness!

Good Morning!! It's time for another Block Party!!  Thanks to Madame Samm for the invitation to share a favorite block with you!  I've really enjoyed these daily tutorials, learning new techniques and blocks to try, and I've been dreaming about quilting possibilities, as usual!  Here we go...

I ♥ Crazy Quilts!   
During the Victorian era, Crazy Quilts were traditionally made with bits and pieces of fancy fabrics; velvet, satin, silk, lace, with lots of lavish embroidery along the seamlines of each section.   You can read more about Crazy Quilt history by Betty Pillsbury HERE and HERE

And... what does a Crazy Quilt have to do with today's block? 
  • Have you ever tried to make a block but didn't have quite enough fabric in your stash?
  • Do you like the look of a pieced background for applique'?   I've especially been inspired by Connie and Cheryl 's block parties earlier this month, with their fun pieced backgrounds...
I thought I'd share my favorite simplified crazy quilt technique to "MAKE" some background fabric in preparation for applique'.

Start with this little math formula: 
FS + 1-1/2" = SIZE 
Size of blocks to cut is equal to the desired finished size (FS),
plus one and a half inches.
I want to make a 12" block, but the pieces in my stash range from 7-1/2" to 9" pieces.  OK, this works.   Using the formula, I'll need four squares with a finished size (FS) of 6", plus 1-1/2 inches for a few cuts and seams, so the minimum size squares to cut is 7-1/2".

And here's our next little formula:
(are your eyes glazing over yet?  This will be fun, I promise!)
C4pQB = 4(S)2
Crazy Four-Patch Quilt Block is equal to four
Stacked, Slashed, Switched & Stitched blocks, squared.
(I am making this up as I go... heehee)

*Remember - a crazy quilt has NOTHING to do with one's mental state...*

OK, let's have some
  • WARNING: I tend to give a somewhat rudimentary instructions (I teach a lot of 4-H kids and beginning quilters, and even post a monthly quilting basics column HERE), so if you're an experienced quilter, just scan through the pictures!

1)  STACK 
Layer all four of your blocks together in a stack.
Try for a little contrast in value, tone, texture or pattern.
I'm going for all neutrals for my background.


CUT your stack of squares into fourths
using a rotary cutter and ruler.
Cuts should be a bit off-set.
Modern translation:  Cut in a wonky X

Rotate fabrics in each pile/section
so that no two fabrics will be in the same block.

To avoid mixing up the pieces,
PIN in place, right side over left, one block at a time.

Note:  try to match center seams at the 1/4" line,
 but don't worry about the outer edges yet,
they'll get trimmed later.

 Make a STACK from the bottom up so you can...

CHAIN PIECE (Saves time, thread, and sanity...
stitch one block, take a few stitches [chain],
slide the next unit under the foot and continue.)
Use a 1/4" seam allowance.

PRESS seams open; remember, we're piecing a background block.
CLIP between pairs to keep blocks together.

STITCH last seam together.
This time, DO NOT match center seam!!
The more off-set, the better it looks!  CRAZY, huh?

p.s. Isn't that ↑ a pretty new "Baby"?!? I ♥ her!

PRESS seams open to reduce bulk.  It's also helpful
if you were to add EMBROIDERY to the seamlines :)
(My new "BabyLock" has 189 built-in stitch patterns...) 
TRIM each completed block to 6-1/2" square.

YIELD:  4 units

PIECE together.  This time DO MATCH center seam
(I know, crazy!); PRESS seams open.

All ready to add some wonderful applique:

And... voila!

This method works great for any size squares, layer cakes, even charm squares (mug rug?)!  OR you could make a bunch of these blocks for a small quilt: (though, I think I made crazy 6-patches instead) 12 @ 12" blocks, 10" finished size, using 2 stacks of 6 each  ~ just cut them in a wonky H
(Or maybe it was a crazy 9-patch - cut in a wonky #)   
Add a border or two and look at the smiles!

OK, if you actually made it to the bottom of this tutorial, here's PART II of the story...

Has this ever happened to you?  Someone learns that you are a quilter/seamstress etc. and BRINGS you FABRIC from a relative, or something?  A friend of a friend learned that I had a sewing room, and began bringing me upholstery/tapestry samples that the interior design store where she worked had held on to for 20 years or so, and they were cleaning them out.  Would I like them??  (Oh, sure, I can figure out something to do with these...)  Well, she brought me about 40 giant black garbage bags full of these little bits and pieces of fancy fabrics, most of which are NOT cotton, and NOT much bigger than 10" to 15", and not really usable in quilts because of odd fabric content.  There were even a bunch of leather samples, which I had my local fabric store cut out in flower shapes with their AccuQuilt industrial cutter. 

And now, after hours and hours (and days and weeks and nearly 5 years) sorting, petting, cutting, designing, stitching, making bags, making kits, selling, sharing, teaching, upcycling (I have a personal relationship with each and every one of these pieces of fabric...), I am down to one bin of samples, a handful of ugly kits, all the colorful stuff is gone and I'm left with only 8 bags of BEIGEs.  So I've sorted through those neutrals, and I have thought of a couple more projects I want to make.  1) I'll put together enough crazy 4-patch blocks to create a large piece of fabric for a jacket, and 2) A crazy 4-patch Throw using as many 100% cotton samples as I can find, then I'll add some pretty embroidery stitches along the seams.

Those have gone from a WHIMM (Work Hidden In My Mind) to a PIG (Project In a Garbage bag).  Haven't started them yet, so they're not UFOs (UnFinished Objects, or UnFulfilled Opportunities?).  Today's tutorial has gotten me fired up again.  And maybe after Christmas, I'll get serious about it :).  Then I'll probably "throw" the rest away to make room for the other car in the garage, haha!  Unless, of course, YOU drop by for a visit!

So, for your entertainment, and to see how this block can be used, here's a little "Carpetbag" slideshow, just for you!  (8 @ 10" squares, 8-1/2" finished size, 2 stacks of 4 - use a generous 1/4" seam allowance, press seams open.  Add a couple of 4" to 5" side panels, box the bottom, add handles, line it, add a snap, topstitch, embellish, then throw in a quilt (up to queen size).  Perfect for all your sewing stuff... Just look at those happy quilters!

Slide not working?  See Flikr slideshow → HERE

Hope you found something useful today!   Thanks for reading along, for putting up with my run-on sentences (and afterthought parentheses), and you're always welcome to stop by for a visit, online or otherwise, at Quiltscapes.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Thank you for a fun tutorial and the photos were a treat! Look at those happy faces with their completed projects, just wonderful.

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    Hugs from Mary

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    Have a great week, y'all!!!!!!

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  10. ohhh, part 2 is so funny, I've learned that too, though now if people ask me, I say sure but only if it's 100% cotton.... I just don't have the room nor the desire to make something else, I'm still using scraps from a lady who gave me a bag at least 2 maybe 3 yrs ago, great to make KITS with my GO! cutter for guild meetings etc.

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  12. If you have that many neutrals you could always make a crazy patch spread for the bed. It would be nice and heavy duty, you could probably leave out the batting if you put a heavy fabric on the backside.

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  17. LOL at your free fabric story. I am trying to clean out my mother's sewing room and am faced with some 20-30 boxes of fabric (none, of course, 100% cotton because she sewed apparel, not quilts). I am looking for an eager sewer to dump it all on! It's crazy!

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