Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest Blocker today is Wendy with Leaves of Fall

When Madame Samm mentioned this really neat block party, I thought cool! perfect time of year for a leaf block ... it being Fall and all.  Well ... that was then... before the snow fell, the winds blew all the leaves away and the countdown to Christmas came upon us.

Well, I still like this block, and I think you will too. 

Oops, introductions would be in order ... I'm Wendy of Why-Knot-Kwilt!! 

Thank you so much, Madame Samm, for inviting me to your Block Party!!
I promise to rake up after I'm through :)
 So, without further adieu ...

I made this leaf block with 5" pre-cut squares,
just becuase I had them available ...
I'm sure it would work with any material.

You will need:

5 background squares (my pictures mistakenly show four)
3 leaf body squares
2 leaf tip squares
1 stem square

Begin by placing one background square with
one leaf-tip square, right sides together:
Make two sets of these.
Draw a line diagonally from tip to tip across square:
Of course, if your house is like mine ...
you need to find a pencil with lead in it first!!

You will use this drawn line as a guide to
sew 1/4 inch on both sides of the line:

 Now, use the line you just drew as a cutting line to separate
your newly formed two colored blocks:

You should now have four half square triangles...
Open and press flat:

You will want to be sure to trim these squares down to 4 1/2 inches:
Next, if you're feeling brave, you can cut all of these squares
down to 4 1/2 inches at one time, as I did,
otherwise, you can individually cut your three leaf body squares,
one background square and your stem square each to 4 1/2 inches:
Except for your stem square, set these now cut to size squares aside for future use ...

Take your two remaining background squares and cut them to four inches square:

As you did in the first step, draw a line diagonally
across both background squares, from tip to tip:

Lay the background square right side down on top of the stem square, lining up the top and side edges, as pictured above.  At this time, you will now stitch  on the line you drew on the back of the square.

Once you've stitched on the line, measure 1/4 inch
away from the stitching line and trim off excess.

Repeat with remaining 4 inch background square.
After you repeat the steps of stitching and cutting off excess,
 open and press stem square flat.

Once your stem square is complete, you can now
lay out your leaf block and you are ready
to start stitching your block together!
I don't often use pins in my work and so use the method of
chain stitching my blocks together so as they are
stitched together, the stitching virtually holds
everything in place just as pins would do ... see:
This is accomplished by simply laying out your
blocks in the order they need to be stitched:
And then take the second row and place it
face down on top of the first row, vertically:

Once you chain these blocks together, you can then open them up and add on the third row of blocks. Now that the third row is stitched on, pick up your block, the squares are all attached togehter if you've chained your piecs and all you need do is flip over the row, stitch and and press.

I do believe you will enjoy the ease of this marvelous leaf block:

It was so very easy, that tonight I made two ....
(and yet another ...) 

While I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do with these blocks quite yet,
I think I may have a small lap rug in mind ... I've got four packs of charm squares that
go with this line and as simple as these were, I'm thinking Christmas present!!!

Come visit me over at Why Knot Kwilt? if you get a chance
 to see if I keep up with my goal of a Christmas gift,
or if I FALL behind with this awesome Leaf block!

Thank you once again to Madame Samm and
 all of your amazing readers for having me here today!!

Happy hugs and warmest heart wishes to
each of you and until next time, 
 Happy Stitching!


  1. Wendy, your blocks are so sweet and your tutorial is so well done. A great project with so many possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good Morning Wendy....ahhhhh the last of our fall is coming to an end and here a constant reminder of our beautiful seasons here...thank you for a great tutorial..your selection of fabric very befitting...I think everyone is still shopping lol

  3. Good morning, Wendy! So happy to see you raising your head above the desk! LOL I know you are so busy with work and your family, too....love your blocks, and thank you for an excellent tutorial. Your pictures are sharp and instructions clear - now I gotta search for some "perfect" fabric!

  4. As usual Wendy I love everything you do. Your instructions were great and I think I know someone who would love one of these for Christmas too! blessings, marlene

  5. Wonderful! A job and tutorial well done! I know someone who wishes they lived nearer and could benefit from your wonderful instructions! Your blocks are beautiful! Hoping that you have a great week!

  6. Thank you for the tutorial! I think it was easy to follow and the result is a very nice block!
    Gun, Sweden

  7. Very lovely block. Thank you for a wonderful experience looking at your blog. You are such a creative and talented artist.

  8. This is awesome. I always avoid maple leaves because of the silly applique stems. I will be making a whole quilt soon! Such a smart idea.

  9. Great tut! I'm putting this one on my list!

  10. I really like this block. Autumn is my favorite season. Thanks for sharing this fun tutorial.

  11. I miss the north for this reason, the maple leafs, thank you for a wonderful block Wendy.

  12. Oh Wendy, I have always wanted to make a leaf quilt! With you block, I now can!! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Luv your maple leaf block....it makes me think of Canada. Thanks for sharing. Pauline

  14. Thanks Wendy for a fun BLOCK! I liked making my leaf.

  15. Thank you for making this block so easy! It will be a fun one to make! I think it will make a great Christmas gift! Good Luck!

  16. Thanks for a fun new block. Great tut, so easy to follow.

  17. Beautiful pictures, very good block thanks Wendy.

  18. Timing is perfect I was looking for a leaf.
    Sarah J.


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