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Guest Blocker today is Pauline with look at this...

A big thank you to Mme Samm for inviting me to her block party.
Hi! I'm Pauline and I blog over at Quiltnqueen.
Today I'm going to show you how I make a wonky log cabin block.
I'm sure there are many ways to make this block....come along and see how I do it!!
I started quilting about 10 years ago, just before we moved from Canada to Tennessee.
The second quilt I made was for my DH 
It was easy and used the wonky log cabin block.  
I luv this quilt...and is still one of my favorites. 
 I used homespun fabrics for the blocks and
a cozy flannel on the back.

DH's Wonky Log Cabin

This block is jelly roll or fat quarter friendly as it uses 2.5" strips
It makes an awesome scrappy quilt too!!

OK.....let's get started.....

                   - use 1/4" seam allowance               
          - press away from the centre square          
 - always stitch with RST (right sides together)  
- always have the block on top and the strip you are adding
 next to your machine - this allows you to see the seams on top so you sew

  • cut 1 - 2.5" x 2.5" square (my center square is bright pink)
  • cut 1 - 2.5" x 2.5" square and sew to the bottom of your center square
  • cut 2 - 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles and sew the first one to the left of the 2 squares and the second one to the top
  • cut 1 - 2.5" x 6.5" rectangle and sew it to the right side of the pieced block 
Wonky Log Cabin step 1 Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 2Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 3 Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 4
  •  place a 5.5" square ruler on the block making sure your corners are on the fabric block and trim to make a 5.5" square...

Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 5 Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 6 Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 7
It is now looking wonky!!

...from this point on
always add your next strip to the side of the block that has 2 seam allowances...

Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 8

 continue to add 4 more strips to the wonky 5.5" square always adding to the side with 2 SA's 
  • cut 1 - 2.5" x 5.5"
  • cut 2 - 2.5" x 7.5"
  • cut 1 - 2.5" x 9.5" 
  • using an 8.5" square ruler and positioning the ruler so all corners are on the fabric block, trim to make an 8.5" square....

Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 8 Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 9 Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 10 Wonky Log Cabin Block - Step 10
  • continue to add 4 more strips in the same manner
  • cut 1 - 2.5" x 8.5"
  • cut 2 - 2.5" x 10.5"
  • cut 1 - 2.5" x 12.5" 
  • I didn't have a 11" x 11" ruler (not sure they even make a ruler that size) so I made a paper template 11" x 11" making sure it was all on the fabric block.  I then placed my 12.5" square ruler on top of the paper template and trimmed.  It just seemed I was trimming too much off the block.  Making anything wonky there seems to be some waste.
Wonky Log Cabin Block - step 12  Wonky Log Cabin Block - finishes at 11" square

With this 11" x 11" block I made a pillow.
To make the pillow front.....I framed the wonky log cabin block
with 2.5" strips of Kona Snow
cut 2 - 2.5" x 11" and
 2 - 2.5" x 15"
I sewed the 2.5" x 11" strips to the top and bottom first, pressed
then added the 2.5" x 15" strips to the sides...

for the back of the pillow
cut 2 - 15" x 10" pieces from fabric coordinating with the wonky log cabin block
Hem the 15" side of each of the back pieces by turning under 1/2" and
then turning another 1/2" to make a hem.  Top stitch.

 With RST lay one pillow back on top of the pillow front,
keeping raw edges together, pin in place
Take the second pillow back and layer it at the opposite end of the pillow front
keeping raw edges together
and overlapping the first pillow back in the center.
Pin in place and stitch a generous 1/4" from the raw edges around the pillow.
Turn the pillow right sides out and insert a 14" x 14" pillow form.

and VOILA!! we have a pillow!!
Wonky Log Cabin Pillow

There are lots of possibilities with this block....

I used a jelly roll of Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey
with a red fabric for my center and
 12 wonky log cabin blocks...3 across and 4 down
 alternating every other block with Kona white
 as the final set of logs.....this matches the outer border
I cut the red inner border at 1.5" wide
and the outer border at 3.5" from Kona white.
The binding will likely be scrappy...I'll see what it looks like after it is quilted

The quilt measures approximately 40" x 50".

Please accept my apologies for this picture....the border is really white.
I confess.....I took this picture...
my DH is in England at the moment and he usually takes the pictures
.....can't believe I can mess up 'picture taking' soo bad!!

...he took the next picture before he left on Saturday....
....any little girl would luv this quilt....(o:
Sherbet Pips Wonky Log Cabin

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial....if you have any questions please let me know
...and now for making it to the end of this posting I invite you to visit my blog
I have a giveaway...
....see you over at Quiltnqueen!!
Thank you Mme Samm for inviting me to your block party is always a fun time...sharing and inspiring each other with our quilting projects.
hugs and happy stitching


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