Friday, November 11, 2011

And Our 2nd guest today is Kathleen ( don't forget Marcia below...) Let's Play LeapFrog! ~

Hi ho! Kd from KdQuilts here!
Leaping lizards! I see you've survived my 
tutorial from back in September.

Good! Are you ready for some games? GOOD!
Let's play  LeapFrog!

LeapFrog is my new original paper-pieced quilt block design. 
It is made in four separate sections that are then sewn 
together to make the completed block. 
I warn you, this is a heavy weight bullfrog weighing in at 
12 inches by 12 inches
 (probably the wide guy on the left lilypad above, maybe?). :)
No, actually
looks more like this--
Kind of cute, don't you think?
Anyway, I hope you remember the game rules...
...the rules of paper-piecing, that is.
You DO, remember them don't you? No?
Well, then we'll do a quick review.
It's really quite simple.
All games are, when you know the rules!
to remember is:
Paper-Piecing is just a series 
of simple steps that are repeated 
over and over again.

is that the one special tool that
makes paper-piecing a breeze is:
The Add-A-Quarter Ruler
(Kelly has these Add-A-Quarter Rulers here)
It is manufactured with a special lip that makes
it easy to rotary trim fabric while adding a quarter
inch seam allowance. Then lining up the next
fabric piece to sew is a snap!
A technique I call Basic Steps 1-2-3 is used 
throughout paper-piecing to trim the fabric seam 
allowances with the Add-A-Quarter Ruler. 
Trimming with the Add-A-Quarter Ruler.
1) With the paper pattern facing up, 
fold the paper back along the line.
2) Place the Add-A-Quarter Ruler with
the lip against the paper fold.
3) Carefully using your rotary cutter, trim
the fabric away. Discard the excess.
Place the initial fabric piece with its wrong side against
the printed side of the paper pattern and centered so 
that the entire area of the pattern piece is covered.
1) Trim selvedge edge along the line using the Basic Steps
1-2-3 rules (above) and the Add-A-Quarter Ruler.
Pinned pieces ready to be sewn.
2) Pin the next fabric piece right sides together with the 
previous fabric piece with edges lined up along the line.
3) On the paper pattern side, sew along the line 
with your sewing machine.
The lines are easy to see and sew along.
4) Press the fabric away from the prior fabric
piece with a dry medium hot iron.
5) Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat!
You'll need to print out 4 copies of the paper foundation
for my LeapFrog block. Head on over to my blog at
become a follower, and download the pattern.
There will be a choice of files to print the pattern on
letter or legal size paper. The pattern fits perfectly on 
legal size, but I realize the letter size paper will probably
be a more available option for everyone, so both choices 
are included. The pattern printed out on letter size paper
will need to be taped or glued together after it is cut out.
Not pretty, but it works. 
Letter size pattern to be taped together

Just line up the dashed line on the two parts of piece #13. 
Cut out each pattern with scissors along the outer solid line.
I chose two different background fabrics, one in a CAMEL 
color and the other in a lighter BUCKSKIN tan. Then I added 
four different ACCENT fabrics for the jumping frog triangles
with a different one in each of the four sections of the block.

HOW TO CUT THE FABRIC (right side up)
From the BUCKSKIN background fabric
 Cut two 5 inch squares
♥ Then cut each square diagonally to the LEFT like this
to form 4 "left" triangles for the #12 pieces.
Also from the BUCKSKIN fabric
♥ Cut two 6 inch squares and 
♥ Then cut each square diagonally to the RIGHT like this
to form 4 "right" triangles for the #13 pieces.
Pattern and cut fabric pieces.
From the CAMEL background fabric
Cut ten 3-1/4 inch squares, then 
Cut six of these diagonally RIGHT (as above) 
to form 12 "right" triangles for pieces #1, #6, and #10.
Also cut four of the squares diagonally LEFT (as
above) to form 8 "left" triangles for pieces #4 and #8.
Now, from EACH of the four ACCENT fabrics
Cut two 3-3/4 inch squares and cut them twice
diagonally LEFT and RIGHT like this
so that you have a total of 6 triangles for pieces
#2, #3, #5, #7, #9, and #11 (with 2 extras).
The rest is easy (and so much FUN)!
Sewing on the paper-side pattern line.
Following the order of the numbered pieces on the 
paper patterns, select the corresponding fabric piece
you just cut and paper-piece the middle section 
 on one of the LeapFrog patterns (see the Paper-
Piecing rules above). Begin with piece #1 and 
continue through piece #11.
Middle paper-piecing finished.
Line up and sew on the two remaining
background pieces #12 and #13. Press 
and trim the fabric close to the pattern 
around all the outer edges.
Completed section.
Repeat to complete...
...Sections 2, 3, and 4 with their accent fabric frogs.
With right sides facing, pin together the two short sides
of Sections 1 and 2 (there's only one seam to match).
Machine stitch together and press the seam open
on the back side. Sew together Sections 3 and 4 in 
the same way and press. Place the combined Section 
1-2 right sides together with the combined Section 3-4,
matching the centers, pin, stitch, press, ADMIRE.

You have now played 
Thank you so much,
And again        I would like 
to thank Madame   Samm for her
graciousness in allowing me to be a
guest blogger on Sew WE Quilt. Huge 
kudos to you, Madame Samm for all you
do and all the time and effort you spend
to make this blog possible and so suc-
cessful. Your hard work and commit-
ment to excellence have inspired
me to go places I'd only dream-
ed about. So I say thank
you once again,
my friend.


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