Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 12th week 1 more week to go...

Once upon a time this lady , oh let's call her Madame, thought it would be a great idea to invite some wonderful guest bloggers to post on this blog. She thought wouldn't it be nice to have some Sponsors too - for some giveaways . Sh also thought why not invite some WANTOBE  Quilters to the mix and show them how much fun you can have cutting up material and sewing them back together again......YEP that is what she thought in her fairly creative mind... And the story went like this...at least in her 11th week of memorable moments...
She noted there are 2more weeks to go...and her room where all the giveaways are stored is finally looking like a sewing room again. There are still some amazing giveaways still yet
to find homes...Will they find it in YOURS? Do you need a machine, an iron,
some fabric...well stay tuned for the next 2 weeks---you might find an email
with "take a peek" very soon....

The week began like this...
( all guest blogger (names) will link you to their post that day)

On Monday our guest was Kathy
she talked about her new designed ruler
from Creative Grid..

We had 2 winners..
Scrapbook Chick a doodle ( rox)
and Cherie

2 yds each of this sampling collection
of Teacher's Pet 
by Kathy Brown.  and her ruler ! 

she does not have any follower button on her blog..

Thanks goes out to Kathy, Red Rooster and YOU for being
here to cheer our guest on day after day..
YOU are kind, smart and IMPORTANT TO US!

ON Tuesday this was our guest
was BISA
and she captured our souls
with her Amazing Quilt ART...

The Giveaway was this DELIGHTFUL
colorful African Spirit fabric from Elizabeth's Studio

OUR giveaway today is this collection of  7 yards of 

 PIECE PIECE was the winner....

Big Thanks goes out to Bisa, Elizabeth's Studio
and YOU for being part of this amazing campaign
and leaving heartfelt comments for our delightful guests.
YOU have no idea how much you really inspire them.
YOU are kind, smart and important..

On Wednesday our guest was Cheryl
and to celebrate the book and movie
the HELP she made a custom designed doll
Addellene.... Her story telling and Doll making
leaves one thinking what will she do when she begins
making quilts? 

and Sharon won her...

Big thanks goes out to Cheryl and her Mammys..
and YOU for being KIND- SMART-and
to all of us...

 On Thursday we had 2 guests

Michele and Linda..
Christmas theme and Flying Geese
with an amazing twist were presented..

shania won this bag of quilting goodies

This giveaway will be a treat for anyone who wins...The wheeled bag by BlueFig.net
the quilt batting by Bosal./Katahdin  the African Spirit from Elizabeths Studios...and inside
all kinds of goodies...calendar from Susan Branch, threads from Presencia and Colonial Needle,
pattern books from Martingale and Company..OH Yes this is a WIN you want to have....

Big thanks goes out to Michele at Quilting Gallery,
all of our wonderful Sponsors, Blue fig, Bosal, Elizabeths Studio,
Susan Branch, Colonial Needle, Martingale and Company
and YOU for being YOU, the best, of the best.


an OLISO IRON goes to Janice
the best of their best.
 The Oliso® TG1600 Pro features Oliso's patented iTouch® technology. Simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. Take your hand off and the patented scorchguards lift the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns, and tipping. Less strain and 30% time savings are added benefits to this Smart Iron's 1800 watts of power and horizontal or vertical bursts of steam. The TG1600 Pro features a 30-minute extended auto-shut off for sewers and quilters, a 12.7 oz side fill tank, a beadblast stainless steel soleplate, flat pressing surface, detailer tip, and a 12-foot cord for full range of motion.

Big thanks goes out Linda, OLISO and YOU
for being the loveliest visitors in Quilt NET world..
YOU is kind, you is Smart and YOU is important...
to us!
and on Friday..oh my Friday..

We had KIM from PFAFF show 
us a table runner and of course
present to all of you 
this new brand new Ambition 1.5 Sewing Machine 
PFAFF ( remember this one) 

                                    This Giveaway today is for all of YOU....

Anyone and Everyone has the chance to win this...

New PFAFF® ambition™ Line Brings Precision Sewing Within Affordable Reach

PFAFF® introduces the ambition™ line to help aspiring sewing enthusiasts achieve professional results

LaVergne, TN.— Sewers seeking precision and control can now have access to the key features of the PFAFF® brand at a lower price point, thanks to the newly unveiled PFAFF®  ambition™ line of computerized sewing machines.  PFAFF®, a leading global brand of premier sewing and embroidery machines, announced today the introduction of its new PFAFF® ambition™ line of sewing machines, which boasts the unique PFAFF®IDT (Integrated Dual Feed) feature. The PFAFF® ambition™ sewing machine line includes the ambition 1.0 and ambition™ 1.5 sewing machines, designed specifically to meet the technical needs of demanding sewing and quilting enthusiasts at a lower price point.

“Thanks to the new PFAFF® ambition™ line of sewing machines, more sewers will now be able to enjoy the precise sewing experience of the PFAFF® brand to perfect their sewing creations,” said Katrina Helmkamp, CEO of SVP Worldwide, source of theSINGER®HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® sewing machine collections.  “For affordable prices, aspiring enthusiasts can join the PFAFF® family and experience the design, quality and precision for which this premier brand is so renowned and respected.”

The PFAFF® ambition™ line offers best in class features—spacious, bright and precise—while boasting original, unique PFAFF®  features, such as IDT™ technology, that help deliver professional results for sewing enthusiasts. 

·         PFAFF® Original IDT™ (Integrated Dual Feed) technology included on both models.  Built right into the machine, IDT technology delivers an even fabric feed from both the top and bottom of the machine critical for precise sewing and quilting. Multiple PFAFF® accessories and presser feet can be used with IDT technology; it can be easily engaged or disengaged as desired.
·         Large, high-resolution screen -- For viewing selections, options and stitch information.  All stitches shown in real size.
·         Touch screen – The touch screen allows for easy access to all stitches and offers the ability to more easily create, view and customize designs (Only available on the ambition1.5 sewing machine)
·         Built-in Alphabet  Block and Cyrillic font styles are available on both models; Two additional font styles, Outline and Script, are included on the ambition™ 1.5 sewing machine.
·         Stitch Variety – A wide variety of 7mm stitches are available, including buttonholes, utility, decorative, quilt, cross and hem (195 stitches available for theambition 1.5 sewing machine; 136 stitches available for the ambition 1.0 sewing machine).
·         200 mm sewing space – A sewing area of 200mm to the right of the needle easily accommodates large volumes of fabric for bigger projects.
·         Automatic bobbin thread sensor – The sensor, only available in the PFAFF®ambition™ 1.5 sewing machine, alerts the sewer when the bobbin is running low.

The PFAFF® ambition™ line will be sold exclusively at authorized PFAFF® dealers nationwide. Request a demonstration of the PFAFF® ambition 1.5 sewing machine at a local PFAFF® dealer from June 1, 2011 through June 31, 2011 to be entered to win a new PFAFF® ambition 1.5 sewing machine, plus six of the most popular PFAFF® presser feet. To find a PFAFF® dealer near you, please visit www.pfaffusa.com or call 1-800-997-3233.

About PFAFF®
With a celebrated history of German design and engineering, PFAFF® sewing machines are the world’s premier precision machines that sewers aspire to own. The PFAFF® brand has a 148-year sewing heritage that creates a climate for continued development and design of high quality sewing and embroidery machines. The PFAFF® Quilt Expression 4.0, for example, was named a 2010 CONSUMERS DIGEST BEST BUY for delivering the best combination of work space and range of needle positions in the category. Known as the perfector of the craft, PFAFF® delivers precision to the most demanding sewers by offering maximum control and customization. PFAFF® machines are catalysts for passionate sewers, producing the highest quality results in all aspects of sewing. 

                                             SEW what do you need to do win?
Subscribe to their newsletter...if you would like to win...that is easy? Yes! Be a follower here...Yes !Simply put, that's it!Winner will be announced on MONDAY OCT 24th...( shipped directly to you, FREE)

Big thanks goes out to KIM,PFAFF and YOU, all of you..for being here cheering on our most amazing sponsors,Guests Tutorials- Extraordinaire and for being kind, smartand IMPORTANT to us all in the Quilt Net World.


  1. Wouldn't this be something to win??!! I have subscribed to PFAFF newsletter and I am a follower of you!

  2. Subscribed! and I have been a follower of yours from the very beginning!

  3. I am a follower of yours thru google reader and have subscribed to the Pfaff newsletter.

    would adore dual feed machine!

  4. You are amazing for doing all of this! I'm still here and hoping my name will pop up as a winner..it can't hurt to hope, but I'll still be here after as a follower even if my name doesn't pop up. I love it here!

  5. The Wannabe idea was so fun. Thank you for all your time and energy.

  6. Such a wonderful campaign -

    Great prizes, fabulous tutorials, compelling stories, creative people & wonderful bloggers - excited and eager to see what's next

    It doesn't get much better -
    (Unless of course I was stitching this post with my brand new PFAFF -lol)

    Thank you Madame Samm & all of the wonderful sponsors and energetic sewing enthusiasts who have put forth so much time and effort to make this such a successful event!!!!

    Congratulations to all of the current winners & good luck to those who are still in the running !!!!

  7. Oh my gosh........this really is the icing on your cake, Madam Samm! Thank you for 3 months of wonderful entertainment, education and smiles.

  8. Quite a great list of compelling events. Recently found you here, enjoying the journey very much!

  9. What a season you have had, Samm!! Love the music down below! Grips you and says it all, doesn't it? Seasons of Love, measure your life in love... ♥ to you!

  10. Who wouldn't want to win THIS?! Subscribed to their newsletter, and of course am a follower of yours!

  11. There have been some really amazing prizes this week, even taking that fabulous sewing machine out of the equation. What a week you have had.

    It must be so much fun to send out those emails telling quilters and wantobes that a fabulous prize is on the way!

  12. I do believe that I will be on pins and needles this weekend until Monday's announcement!! LOL! :)

  13. You are right, awesome week of giveaways....

  14. This has been so much fun. Have been a follower for ages

  15. Madame Samm, I have already left a comment for this giveaway on yesterdays post, so please don't count this one... but wanted you to know, I found my comment and realized I hadn't told you that I had signed up for Pfaffs newsletter and I am of course a long time follower here. Thanks so much to all the sponsors (WOW) and congratulations to all of this weeks winners. Big hugs...

  16. It's been a fun week and a fun campaign...

  17. Congratulations to all the winners. May your prize increase your sewing enjoyment, ten-fold. The holidays are big sewing seasons, so go into that sewing room & SEW!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

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  20. I'm a follower and I have signed up for the newsletter

  21. I am a follower and signed up for the Pfaff newsletter. Great week, love those wonky geese. I dream about winning a Pfaff, thanks.

  22. I am a follower, subscribed to the newsletter and am sponsored by Diane of Lavender Dreams. Would love to win this :)

  23. I'm a follower and have subscribed to the newsletter. What a nice machine:)

    vail in tn


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