Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 11th week together ...2 more weeks to go..

Once upon a time this lady , oh let's call her Madame, thought it would be a great idea to invite some wonderful guest bloggers to post on this blog. She thought wouldn't it be nice to have some Sponsors too - for some giveaways . Sh also thought why not invite some WANTOBE  Quilters to the mix and show them how much fun you can have cutting up material and sewing them back together again......YEP that is what she thought in her fairly creative mind... And the story went like this...at least in her 11th week of memorable moments...
She noted there are 2more weeks to go...and her room where all the giveaways are stored is finally looking like a sewing room again. There are still some amazing giveaways still yet
to find homes...Will they find it in YOURS? Do you need a machine, an iron,
some fabric...well stay tuned for the next 2 weeks---you might find an email
with "take a peek" very soon....

The week began like this...
( all guest blogger (names) will link you to their post that day)

On Monday our guest was Melissa
she showed us how to do a Whirly Gig Quilt.

the Betz White collection was won by gpc Gail. 

( not available till Dec 2011)
 But we had some to giveaway.... and it is off 
to Gail
along with some Presencia Finca #8 threads
and  can found here at Janes Fabrics

This ruler went off to Mary..
An Angled Ruler and we have some fabric for  her too..
This specialty ruler is from Creative Grid
( you never have to look anywhere else for RULERS-
they have the ones that never slip, accurate...and MY STAMP
and designed by 

Big thanks goes out to Melissa, Robert Kaufman,
Colonial Needle, Joan Hawley, Creative Grid...
and YOU, for being part of this campaign
that has only  3 weeks left...
YOU can still win, but you must
leave a comment to win...do that
and I will cross my fingers and toes
( I can do that) for YOU!

On Tuesday our guest was Penny
she added some POP to our day with 
a paper piece Bottle curtain...

Her Giveaway that day was a brew of a diff't kind
                                          This cauldron is filled with  samples of...
*22 total fat quarters
 Rashida's I HEART
collection...from Timeless Treasure

                                                 was won by LUCY in UK
Some Presencia threads from Colonial Needle

This BREW is filled with I HEART by Rashida at Timeless Treasure

Big thanks goes to Penny, Timeless Treasures,
Colonial Needles and YOU for being part of this campaign,
encouraging Wantobe Quilters to come on board
and win some great tools to get them started in our
pretty amazing Quilt NET World.
They will thank you , I know they will.

On Wednesday our guest was Kelly
Scissorhand, she had us cut up from
beginning to end...

Made this graphic for Kelly
she loved it...said she looked
much slimmer! Ü

                        This was the giveaway which was won by The Mowers....Alicia...a lot of extras

went into this giveaway, ruler, books, fabric fat quarters

This sewing basket is from Colonial Needles
Presencia threads and embroidery finca...included too.
and the scissors are from Famore...
The book is from That Patchwork Place..
also added a pattern from Carrie Nelson
and a few fat quarters mixture to sweeten it up 
a tad more...

          Thanks goes out to Kelly, Colonial Needles,Famore Cutlery, Martingale and Company, Carrie Nelson and YOU, for leaving delightful comments for our guests and keeping us all in stitches sew we always have something to sew...

ATTENTION: There has been sew much traffic to FAMORE CUTLERY
we  crashed their site-- they are
now back on board...

ON Thursday our guest was DEONN
she invited us to a HEN Party and showed us how 
to make a HEN pin cushion...

Giveaway for her day was this
RELIABLE Velocity 50 IRON.
and awyoung won this...
and some glue and dots.. ( you will love these)

                         Jill's store where you can find some glue and poke a dots

Can I just cackle  about this IRON for a minute...
Here is my published review...I meant then I mean it now...I love my IRON.

Hello Reliable, After 37 irons my search is over. First the color, can we talk about that -LOVE ORANGE, ok, features, love that it is heavy but it glides like an egg over butter in a hot iron pan...mmmmm, And can we talk steam...it is power steam, two irons over even linen, wow no wrinkles.. You would think this is a bit much talking about an iron like it was a fine glass of merlot...but really, I have drank many glasses crying over BAD irons in the past...I will raise my glass all 5 feet of me over my head...LOVE THIS IRON... Bye bye Bad IRONS< HElllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo Reliable... x 

Big thanks goes out to Deonn, Reliable Jill @ Jills Studio and YOU for lifting up sew many of our wonderful guests.Making them feel like they matter, sharing all the love in your hearts...isn't that one of the nicest things you can do these days...and you feel richer for .... yep, I thought sew too!~

Another fun filled week....almost sad to see it come
to an end...ALMOST I said lol..
Well next week, we have some pretty big prizes..
Sizzex cutter, IRON (oliso), Pfaff Sewing Machine...
lot's of FABRIC....
Be sure to be a follower, be sure to comment, you 
don't want to miss out on these......

and yes weekends finds us not being able to
leave comments...what is up with that LOL...