Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 10th week together ...3 more weeks to go..

Once upon a time this lady , oh let's call her Madame, thought it would be a great idea to invite some wonderful guest bloggers to post on this blog. She thought wouldn't it be nice to have some Sponsors too - for some giveaways . Sh also thought why not invite some WANTOBE  Quilters to the mix and show them how much fun you can have cutting up material and sewing them back together again......YEP that is what she thought in her fairly creative mind... And the story went like this...at least in her 10th  week of memorable moments...
She noted there are 3 more weeks to go...and her room where all the giveaways are stored doesn't seem to be diminishing quite quick  enough.. she may have to give a whole lot more goodies away...a whole lot more...

The week began like this...
on Monday...

Carol featured her LADIES..
she loves applique and color and no mistaken
this lady stitches in high velocity and some
kind of octane we should all be drinking...

OUR giveaway that day was forWANTOBEs....

 and the Winners..
Paula and April..

 Paula won this  Box of 12 large spools of Auriful thread..
 12 of their top selling Aurifil threads for YOU.
.that should keep you in threads for a couple of years anyway..

.1,422 yards (1,300 m) of thread on each spool x 12 =17,604 yards (15,600 m) , which if you used 1/4 of each spool that would mean you could make at least 48 lap quilts or something like that..lol ok, it's a lot of thread

April won this Beam N Read..
you can also order these from 
IHAN with Kelly...

This is my favourite NOTION this year
....I love to stitch
in the evening and even though I have enjoyed
my floor lamps..I always found I got over heated..
not because I was stitching sew fast lol
because of the heat from the bulbs..
not anymore....I have a BEAM N READ..
Biggest problem around here...is my husband always wants
to take it to bed with him...Ü
( not me the BEAM N READ) 

.Big thanks goes out to Carol, Aurifil , Beam N Read, and YOU for making each day as exciting as the last...YOU really do matter-- sew we keep serving up the GREATEST LATEST BEST guests, sponsors and infotainment...Thank YOU!
pssst this next few weeks do pay attention
we have some pretty big prizes that I have been postponing
till now...just saying....

 on Tuesday...
(guest names will link you to their post)
Corrie from Quilt Taffy
came by to visit and had us MONKEYing
around with her easy baby quilt...

Our Giveaway that day was for 2 Quilters..

3 yds of 60 " wide of this  and
and Linda and Donna were our winners..

 Linda won this Toy Chest for boys

and Donna won this Olivia for girls..

These BRAND New collection are not even available 
yet...Shannon Fabrics will be showing them at the Fall Market..
They were very generous...we have a few more collections 
in the near future to giveaway....

And big thanks goes out to Corrie for an inspiring post...
To Shannon Fabrics for these lovely plush over the top soft
fabrics and YOU for letting your inner child come out to play
today...YOU are smart, you are kind and you is
IMPORTANT to us....

On Wednesday we had a visit from Annette...
who showed us how to make elephant and bird pillows..

and her winner was Jess in Italy
she won
6 one yard cuts = 6 yards of BOHO fabric!

Big thanks goes out to Annette and her
 Public Relations/agent Suzie, Free Spirit Fabrics
and YOU for making each day count for our
 guests and all of our winners..

 On Thursday our  Guest was Elaine 
and she show us a simple way to paper piece without
sewing through the paper..

and here is her post and this was her giveaway
and it was Terry who won this package
filled with fabric bundles, threads, needles and
patterns from Carrie Nelson...

This beautiful large wheeled bag - has more compartments
than you can possibly imagine...
it is perfect for even the largest machine...
it has an extension handle sew easy to tag along on your next
quilt retreat... and it is PURPLE
BLUE FIG is our sponsor of these bags...
and to add to it a Winter quilt Batting from Bosal 
who has Katahdin lightweight organic cotton, stable enough
for all of your hand and machine quilting...
( Did I mention there are a few extra surprises in the bag too?)

We have had a few winners of these bags 
and I just know they love them....

Big thanks goes out to Elaine, Blue Fig, Carrie Nelson
and YOU for making this another amazing week...WHY?
because you gave of yourself in sew many ways...and our
guests appreciated you SEW much! 

Sew that was our week...I am here to tell you,
next week we have many surprises ...our giveaways
are really something you want to be here to win...

Till then....the end....

ohhh and how awful that our comments never seem to work
on weekends..x