Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guest #61 DES with 3 P's to a Perfect Party and her giveaway a BABY LOCK MELODY Sewing Machine

 We have seen many tutorials over the last few months and 
I am thinking before you know it you will 
be planning some PARTY, retreats, get together, sew-a-thons,
AND you are going to need some tools,
direction, things to know. Mdm Samm asked me to
 help and WHY? READ on. And besides I am always happy to help.
Take notes, I have a lot to tell you. 

 First, hi I'm Des from Quilt Taffy 
and I like to Party.
Partying with my quilting posse, that is.
Today I'd like to share my favorite recipe 
(this is a cooking blog, right?)
for a successful Quilting Retreat. 
There are 3 ingredients you need to make this special delicacy.
First, you need PEEPS.  
Not the fluffy marshmallow kind but the kind 
that can keep you up laughing and 
sewing into the wee hours of the night.
You need peeps that will 
ooohhh, aaahhh and gaffaw when needed.  
I basically live by this motto.
It's important that if I'm going to leave my family for 4 days, 
I want to laugh a lot with women that I love!
How do you find just the right mix of ladies?? 
Beg, borrow and steal friends from other friends.  
Kind of like, facebook!  
Friend of a friend, of a friend.

If you're lucky you can throw a couple of family members in there. 
I always bribe my sister, Corrie, to come.  
She's put up with me for 46 years, what's 48 more hours??
I also can hook friends into coming by making a lot of false promises....
  "You'll never wash a dish", 
"It's so quiet and peaceful"  
"The phone never rings" 
"You'll sleep like a baby!"  
"You'll lose weight because we are sewing so much!" 
Don't YOU want to come now??  
Once you have your friends in place
the second thing you need is a PLACE
I mean, where are we going to do all of this sewing?
The ideal place is just a few hours away.  
Far enough that women commit and don't run home 
every 5 minutes when their son breaks an arm.  
But close enough that we can spend most of our time working and not traveling.

We've gone to hotels and taken over suites.  
I love a good trip to the pool for some synchronized swimming.
We've found beautiful condo's and have completely
destroyed the feng shui of the surroundings.
We've recently arrived at the Mecca of all quilting retreats...
...the cabin that's actually built FOR Quilters, BY Quilters.
For $38.50/nt we have our own 
personal sewing area with Ott light and cutting mat.
We don't have to schlep our ironing boards and irons.
We don't have to share beds. 
We have rooms solely dedicated to design walls.
They'll even cater our meals for a fee.  
We've been successful with splitting up our meals. 
We officially eat twice a day.  When we're not being official, we're still eating.  
My partner and I fix our assigned meal and then I never cook again.  
How can I implement this at home??  
A quick little search on google and I bet you can find 
just such a PLACE at a cabin or condo near You!
And our last "P" to a Perfect Party is PROJECTS
For some reason I enjoy sewing in tandem.  
I want everyone to be doing the same thing.  
My friends aren't so crazy about this, but sometimes they humor me.  
This year we did Sprocket Pillows and Star Quilts.  
We have a block exchange every year.
We pick a block and color scheme.  
Then we cross our fingers and pray that Karebear will read the instructions correctly.  
You must have thick skin to play with me.  
The quilts we've done over the years are some of my very favorites.  

Another tradition is the LOVE GIFT. 
It started out with bringing a gift that you would  
love to receive, a most favorite item.  
It could be homemade, bought, expensive, cheap, quilty, non-quilty.  
We didn't care.  
  It was all fine and dandy until Bets started making knitted wool socks.  
Then we all cared.  
There might have been blood.  
So we had to change the rules......bring something for EVERYONE.  
Which is way super fun for ME, because I don't knit, 
AND I love getting lots of presents!!  
It's like Christmas! 
One year the theme was KITS.  
A little project for everyone to make.  
It was really fun doing all of the projects.  
It did take away a little from our sewing productivity.  
But live and learn.  That's our motto.  
That and "Fiber One bar, anyone?"  
We're good cooks and we're old.  
We talk about our digestive tracts, a lot.  
Don't you want to come NOW?? 
So, gather up the right ingredients and you, too, 
can have a Perfect Party/Quilt Retreat!
To read more about our adventures, see Retreats. ]

Thanks for having me, I hope I brought at least
one smile...if so, you can be my friend too.
DES. ( thank you I will take my bow now)

OHHHH almost forgot..the missing ingredient..
YOU are going to need a sewing machine.
Mdm Samm is looking after that for me today.
I would give you mine, but I think a NEW FRESH
model would better suit you, don't you think?

OK, I am done now!

Editors note...
Well dear DES , you do bring smiles.
laughter and some tears..I would love to be included
I think I am a fun person lol....
And in your honor today, you are right...we have a sewing machine..

A BABY LOCK...sewing machine called MELODY!
Does she not look sophisticated?
Well she is, and trustworthy, and dependable.
and I love her, no really I do....I have a similar
model and I call mine...pssst
 nahhhh I am not going to tell you....
 ( maybe another day)
free shipping to winner

Thought this might help you when looking for a new machine..
Here is a brochure on MELODY 
Everything you need to know....

NOW this is our very last sewing machine....

Would you like to win this one?
By all means go and follow DES at Quilt Taffy
if you are not already...Corrie and Des are sisters
and manage this blog together...they have an online store
too...I get a lot from them...they keep me in stuff and laughs....

Subscribe to Baby LOCK here!
BUT- only if you like
to win this machine...
And on FRIDAY we will announce
the very lucky winner..
Will it be YOU?
Gosh I hope sew....no really I DO!
Good LUCK to all of YOU!

Stitches Included
  • 189 Built-in stitch patterns
    • 71 Utility stitches with 10 one-step buttonhole styles
    • 40 Decorative Stitches (large & small)
    • 10 Cross Stitches
    • 18 Satin Stitches
    • 11 Decorative Satin Stitches
    • 39 Combinable Utility stitches
  • 3 built-in alphabets - upper and lower case
Advanced Sewing Features
  • Customize and save stitch settings
  • 10 Memory pockets
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment
  • Variable speed control
  • Pattern repeat
  • Mirror image
  • Variable needle position
  • Twin needle sewing
  • Variable stitch width up to 7mm and length 0-5mm
  • Pattern elongator
  • Lateral feeding
Convenience Features
  • Quick-Set, Top-Loading bobbin
  • Quick-Set bobbin winder
  • Advanced needle threader
  • Start/stop button
  • Hands-free presser foot lift
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Built-in programmable reinforcement stitch
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Drop feed
  • Free arm
  • Easy to read stitch chart
  • 25-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • 10-year parts
  • 5-year circuit board
  • 5-year electrical
  • 1-year labor
  • Ask your Baby Lock Retailer about machine maintenance programs
Included Accessories
  • 14 Snap-on feet
    • Buttonhole
    • Overcasting
    • Monogramming
    • Zipper
    • Zig zag
    • Blind stitch
    • Button fitting
    • Walking
    • Quilting
    • Stitch guide
    • Adjustable zipper/piping
    • Nonstick
    • Open toe
    • 1/4" quilting
  • Hard case
  • Quilting extension table

Big Thanks goes out to DES,. BABY LOCK 
and YOU, and with only 2 more days to go, I am telling
YOU, YOU have been a wonderful audience...
Keep leaving great comments for our guest,
I know they appreciate them more than you will ever know...
You are kind, smart and IMPORTANT to our 
Quilting Net....


  1. O.K. Everyone, Step away from the machine.I really want this one. I'm a follower of both and a new subscriber of Baby Lock. I even have my toes crossed for this one!

  2. I am a follower of QUilt Taffy as well as Sew We Quilt. What a dream machine! I know there is going to be some fighting, hair pulling, biting, kicking, scratching - oh, an all out brawl to win this one. Good luck ladies! And thank you Des for a fun luck at a successful retreat - I'm sure you're not that much of a slave driver!

  3. I'm following Quilt Taffy, and of course follow here. I've subscribed to BabyLock, and boy oh boy would I ever love to win this machine. Those retreats look like too much fun Des!

  4. Would love to win the machine....thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. I followed your directions and signed up for Babylock's newsletter (my, they have a LOT of projects on their website!). Also became a follower at Quilt Taffy...who could resist with such a fun couple of sisters? The description of their retreat makes me want to go on one NOW. This has been an amazing time at Sew We Quilt and I'll be sad when it comes to an end!

  6. Ha, after that entertaining post, I definitely added these ladies to my reader! I also signed up with Baby Lock.

    Thank you! (sponsored by Jennifer @ Ellison Lane)

  7. This is great fun! I want to win varógépet. If I would win and immediately opened in Hungary: "Edit foltmühelyét." I have been a follower of Des Taffy quilting blog. Please endless number generator: choose me.

  8. I jumped through all the hoops and now qualify to WIN this Machine. My fingers and toes are crossed! It would make a great Anniversary present for me next month.

  9. Not sure I posted the last one correctly, so here's a summary: I'd like to win the machine AND take it to Des' next retreat!!

  10. Having a retreat to go to and be able to sew with others must be fun and exciting as I can see in the pictures!

    I'm definitely following Quilt Taffy, and you! I could really use this sewing machine! Oh please let it be me, lol! HA HA

    Good luck to everyone who's entered! :)

  11. I would so LOVE to win this machine! I am a follower of Quilt Taffy and here. I have also subscribed to Babylock's newsletter. This machine is calling my name!
    This has been so much effort by Madame Samm and it has been so much fun!

  12. I want to put that this giveaway is now closed in big letters so no one else enters.....would so love to win this. I already follow Quilt Taffy and here and now subscribe to Babylock's newsletter. Linda

  13. I signed up for the Babylock newsletter, and also now a follower of Quilt Taffy, plus here .... Thanks SO much for this great giveaway, and all you've been doing! I've been handling some family illness and haven't been able to keep up lately. Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Fall !!

  14. Oh, Lordy, it's a good thing we can't physically fight over this, or it would get ugly up in here, lol! I WANT, PLEASE!!!

  15. Oh, sorry, the above person is me, email emyfeny@hotmail.com.

  16. I would love a new sewing machine! This has been a great giveaway!

  17. I sooooooo WANT THIS MACHINE!!!!!!!! Please please please PICK ME!!!!!!!! lol! :) I'm definitely a follower of yours! I'm a new follower of Quilt Taffy! And I just signed up with Babylock! My current machine is so old and so not like this one! lol! :) I'm going to keep my fingers crossed! Thanks Madame Samm for all that you do! You're awesome!!! :)

  18. Oh my Oh my a babylock is here,
    What better way to start my day then this wonderful machine, it is a wonderful dream!
    Do I need one, Do I want one, I will let you decide, oh no I don't think so, yes I do.....I have never had a new one, So I ask you boss with all of my doubles crossed will I be the winning one for this toss...
    This woman here, Madame Samm, is such a dear to open up her heart without any fear. I think we all should give her 3 shouts of cheer!
    Thanks to Des, babylock and Madame Samm for this wonderful 3 month ride and here is to the next 3 months.....I have had a wonderful time Madame Samm, thank you! As you can see I was trying to make a poem for you since you always make them for us but it wasn't the best but I tried.....

  19. Funny thing about sewing machines, I have gone along for 35 plus years with my8 stitch Kenmore. Now after following this Wannabe Quilters adventure, I covet these beautiful irons, threads, fabrics and most of all, the sewing machines. So, heck yes, enter me in the contest for the beautiful Baby LOCK Melody! I'm all signed up with everyone and Jane's Fabrics is my sponsor.

  20. I can't keep up with whether this is for sewers or wanna-be peoples or everyone. Anyway, I'm already subscribed to Des, to you, and my sponsor is Amy Redeemed Sheep. I'd love to win.

  21. Oooh, I really really whish I could hold this baby in my arms... or at least enjoy using it in my new sewing room. We're moving and I get my own sewing room, isn't this great? I love my old sewing machine, inherited by my grandma, but it's really not that fit anymore and I've never had a new one. So I would loooove to win this one!
    Of course I'm following here, Des' wonderful blog and I also subscribed to baby lock.

  22. What a riot that Des is! Now I really do want to join a quilt retreat. Melody and I could make some great music together...

  23. Morning :) Yeah...I am a follower of Des and Corrie - Corrie is my sponsor when I thought I was a wanna be. Des makes the retreats look like so much fun. I'm not typically a people person, I prefer animals to people most times, but I might have to get past that to go to one!

    Anywho, I would LOVE to win this prize please pick me! I subscribe to Babylock, really because I want a kick butt embroidery machine some day too!

    Thank you Madame Samm for everything!

  24. Des cracks me up. I would go on a retreat with her. I follow both y'all and signed up for the baby Lock newsletter. Thanks for another great one!!

  25. What a fun post to read, it makes me want to do something with my group. I've become a Follower.

  26. Yep, awesome prize...they're all awesome! (:

    Still, I'd be really happy to win this one. Fingers crossed!

    I'm a follower here and @ Quilt Taffy now (I also favorited their etsy shop...LOVE that Fox Trails!) & my sponsor is Kelly @ IHAN.

  27. I signed up to follow Quilt Taffy. It just so happens that I am off on a quilt retreat this upcoming weekend...with women I don't know!! Well, I have been reading someone's blog for about 5 years so I kinda know her but I am sure it will be fun. (Any retreat that starts with wine and cheese can't be bad!)

    That Baby Lock is calling my name! My granddaughter wants my sewing machine and I could gladly pass it along if I had something to replace it!

  28. I would love to go on a retreat with Des and Corrie but the nearest I'll get is following their blog!! (and yours Madame Samm!)
    I'm a new subscriber to Babylock and I would love to win this machine!!

  29. Dreaming of this machine has got me drooling (not pretty!). What a fabulous prize, thank you!!
    I already follow the fun at Quilt Taffy and here of course. I'm a new subscriber to Babylock and just got some cute Halloween projects there :)
    Quilt retreats don't seem to have caught on in the UK yet - they really sound like heaven!

  30. Thanks for another great blog to follow! And for the chance on that amazing Melody.....I can just see her here....aaah well. I've started to follow Des and subscribed to the newsletter. And now I will sit back and cross my fingers till friday!

  31. I am now subscribed to all. Looks like a beautiful machine and those retreats look like loads of fun!

  32. Very nice prize...Would LOVE to win!

  33. Following both blogs and subscribed to BabyLock. Sponsored by Amy of Diary of a Quilter. This has been great fun! Thanks for all your effort and hard work!

  34. I believe this giveaway was meant to be for me. My sewing machine is throwing some terrible stitches and no amount of doing anything works. Yep, step away from the machine, it is coming home to Mama.

  35. Well firstly that retreat looks so fun.Im going to check that out.How fun that looks.

    Now for the sewing machine...Im a follower of Quilt taffy and Samm this is just awesome this machine.I subscribed for the Newsletter.I do not own a machine.I have a list a mile long of things Id love to make lol.Thats why this giveaway is soooooo important and thoughtful of you Samm.I want it!I want to carry on and make and display my work ;)Fingers and toes are crossed for this.I need a machine!

  36. i love retreat. it look like the ladies had great fun. i love the design wall.

  37. DES Thanks for your post. You sure are lucky to have a great group of gals close enough to have such fun with. How awesome. That retreat cabin is awesome looking. wow. And the nightly charge per person is unbelievable. I think every state should have a cabin like that in every county. I suppose that's a dream eh? I've followed your blog for awhile but, yours is yet another I had not 'legally' followed by clicking that all important 'follow' button so I have now done that. Yay! I'm legal now. haha

    And speaking of a dream ~ What an awesome machine and one everyone will be crossing their fingers for all this week I'm sure. I know I sure will be doing just that.
    I was already registered with Babylock and what a VERY nice surprise when I went to double check that. I went to my account and checked my registration info and how fun - there was a nice surprise of a downloadable Halloween project book with a bunch of very cute Halloween things to make. Very cute stuff too including an impressive looking apron and adorable skeleton 'doll' complete with the bones. Super cute stuff so anyone going be sure to check your profile to see if it's there.

    Thanks again Madame Samm for all the work you have done throughout these daily giveaways. You are awesome!

  38. I loved this post, it made me smile and feel like I know the ladies who where featured..I would so love to win this fantastic machine and I would use it everyday! And yes I do really and truly need it too! I am a follower here and at Quilt Taffy and I am a subscriber to Baby Lock!! Good luck to all!!

  39. It's really amazing that again you give us a chance to win that fantastic
    sewing machine, Madame Samm. I hope that this time I will have more luck
    and that I could finally sew with no difficulties. I greet you and your
    today guests:)
    Ps.Following both blogs and subscribed to BabyLock

  40. Thank you for the chance to win. I am a loyal follower here.

  41. follow both and new subscriber to babylock.

    wow...what an awesome machine! I'd sooooooo love to win this!!!

  42. I am a subscriber of Baby Lock and I've just become a follower on your awesome blog. Why haven't I been here before, I wonder? I loved the tips on having a retreat. Have a beauty-filled day!!

  43. Great fun post! I am a follower of Quilt Taffy and here, and a subscriber of Baby Lock and would love to win this machine! Thanks for the chance!

  44. I follow Des already and very much enjoy her blog. thanks for the chance to win the machine in this mother of all giveaway 8 weeks!

  45. I am dying for this machine sew that I can get quilting my gifts for Christmas! Now that I have this amazing stash of tutorials, the machine would be the "last stitch" I need to get going. I have been subscribed to Quilt Taffy and am subscribed to the BabyLock newsletter. Thank you Madame Samm for the excitement and feelings of anticipation over the last three months!

  46. YES I want this machine!!!! I follow Taffy and signed up for the babylock newsletter! The quilting retreat sounds wonderful :)

  47. New follower of Quilt Taffy (although I've visited many times!), follower here of course. Now signed up for the Baby Lock newsletter...Nan of Pots and Pins my sponsor (do we still need to say that??). Hmmmm, think I'm all set....

  48. Love babylock, and follow Des so I don't miss anything! Woo hoo!

  49. I am a follower here & Of Quilt Taffy
    I have subscribed to the Baby Lock Newsletter -

    This is definitely a lovely Machine - What a joy it would be to use !!
    Thanks for the fun ;)

  50. I have been a follower of Des and Corrie for sometime! They are so very funny! This was a great post!
    Thanks to Des, Babylock, and Madame Samm! I have subscribed to the newsletter!

  51. lFUN - I too am headed to a retreat with 60 some women - this weekend, starting tomorrow in Shipshewana, IN...

  52. I am a Wantobe Quilter and Michelle from the raspberryrabbits is my Sponsor.

    Thank~You so much Des for sharing the Quilt Retreat with us!! If I had a Sewing Machine I would be there in a heartbeat! I always borrowed my Neighbors who just moved away, happy I was able to finish my Ghastlie project though. I have been a follower of your Blog for awhile now.

    Thank~you Baby~Lock for this Beautiful Machine and I am signed up for your Newsletter. I am just praying I win this Beautiful Machine, Oh how I would Love to have one of my very own, and never have to ask to borrow again.

    Thank~You Madame Samm, for every smile you have put on my face these past 3 months with all these very special Guest!! I will sincerely Miss You!!

    Have a wonderful day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  53. I have been following her forever!!!Please,gorgeous machine, I have a perfect room for you at my home.You wouldn't be happier anywhere else!!!

  54. Your quilting retreats sound like so much fun--I think--LOL!! There is only one quilting group in my town and they are VERY exclusive! So I've been quilting with my blogland friends.
    A new machine would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous one.
    My sponsor is Clover & Violet.

  55. I am following Quilt Taffy and I subscribed to Baby Lock. Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome Baby Lock.

  56. Thank you again and again for this fun venture...bringing more into the quilting world - and having such great guests to share their ideas/passions with us! I have read quilt taffy before -but have officially "suscribed" also did so with baby lock - and really hoping to see this baby shipped to MY house :) THanks again for everything! OH - and today's condo for retreats - so wish I was there right now!

  57. This is the machine want and need. My machine of 35 years has recently died.

  58. Oooh Melody is such a sweet Baby, and she needs a good loving home where she will get lots of fabric and attention. I can promise all that and even regular medical checkups for her. I have a wanna be quilter friend that would love her as a Christmas present! (and I could use her too when I am visiting!)

    Following of course and subscribed.
    Oh yes, and Des is a delight (not to mention funny) lady. I have been following her blog for a long time.

  59. Oh my! I think I would cry if I won this machine! This would be wonderful! Mine is on it's last leg....clanking with each stitch! I would love win a Baby Lock, all I've ever had were the cheaper machines sold at Walmart! :)

  60. I follow both blogs and subscribed to Baby Lock. Would LOVE to win this machine! Thank you for hosting such fantastic giveaways! And now I REALLY want to go on a quilt retreat! Great post.

  61. I have been a follower of Quilt Taffy for a while now! And of course I"m a follower here! I also signed up for the baby lock newsletter. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  62. I am already a follower of Quilt Taffy. I'm even having my kids cross their fingers and toes for this one. Thanks for the chance

  63. I've signed up over at Baby Lock, I've been following Des at Quilt Taffy for a while now. I love the party idea, wish I knew more people. They won't let me in over at the senior center yet, I'm not old enough to join their sewing group and besides I still work full-time and they are all retired and do it during the day. Thanks to Baby Lock, Des, and Samm!! 33 33 33
    Sorry my luck number I'd like this machine. 33 33 33

  64. That sewing machine needs to be in my studio so I can make her a new cover (one that fits properly). I need to love her, and squeeze her...oh my goodness I get giddy just thinking about winning!

    I love the idea of a retreat. Maybe I should host one. If you build it, they will come. Hmmmm.

  65. I'm a follower here and there and I also subscribed to baby lock.

    Such a fun post!

  66. I am sew jealous of that cabin! I always wanted to go to Idaho, can I come next time? I'm a follower to both and thanks Baby Lock, Des and Madame Samm!

  67. Des, you are a Hoot!
    Your retreat sounds sew delightful!

    I am a follower of Des and Madame Samm and a new subscriber to Baby Lock.
    I would love to win the Baby Lock. What a sweet machine.

  68. That quilting retreat looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work got done. I'm hoping to win that new machine!!!! Need one really bad. I like my old 70's one, but a new one would sure be appreciated!!!!

  69. If I win the lottery I am going to build a Quilt Cabin. That is just awesome. I am already a subscriber to the BL newsletter and a Quilt Taffy follower. Maybe today is my lucky day!

  70. I would love to go on a quilt retreat with Des. I'm now a follower and also a new subscriber to the Babylock newsletter. I would give Melody a good home. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  71. Am a follower of Tuilt Taaffy and subscribe to BL. Thanks for the giveaway looks fantastic!!! Great post today, sew fun!

  72. Keeping my fingers crossed, my machine took a dump yesterday:(.
    I have subscribed to Quilt Taffy and Baby Lock - thank you for the opportunity.

  73. I would love to win this machine... I am now a follower of Quilt Taffy too (can't wait to explore their site more!) Thank you Madame Samm and Baby Lock for this great giveaway!!

  74. This is a really nice musheen :-D
    WOW. I would love to win this sewing extravaganza of happiness. It is beautiful and it looks like it does everything except clean the kitty litterboxes -- and perhaps cook dinner, but that is okay, that is why we have Stouffer's in the freezer.

    This gathering of ladies sounds just heavenly, - seriously. Sewing, chattering and GIFTIES too?

    I wish everyone the very best luck, but I would be thrilled to have a new machine, since mine is only 50+ years old :-D which is fine but I can not find a needle plate for it.

    Today is a good day to dream about this elaborate and spectacular sewing machine right here in my sewing room (which is the entire house by the way)

  75. Crossing my fingers for a win this time! Thank you for the great opportunity!!

  76. I love to go to retreats with my friends. We always have a ball. I am already a follower of both sites and a new subscriber of babylock.

  77. I would love to win this machine, but I guess everyone would like to win this money. Thanks for the great giveaway and I am a follower of yours, Des' and now Baby Lock.

  78. Thanks Des, you started my day with a good laugh. :) Who wouldn't want to talk and hear about the digestive tract? I think going on a quilt retreat with you sounds like a hoot!!! I'm a follower on both blogs and also Babylock, I never knew they made so many different sewing machines. I would love to have a new machine with a lot of bells and whistles, my machine is over 21 yrs old. Shhhhh! It feels like only yesterday I brought this baby home, 21yrs sure goes by fast. Thanks sew much to, Madame Samm, her guests and all the sponsors for making this such a FUN and successful hop. ;-> Toni Anne

  79. I subscribed and am a follower :) I could really use this machine since mine just died and I really need to make quilts for my girls for Christmas :) I'm new to the quilting world but I've fallen in love! So much fun and love all the inspiration everywhere!

  80. I followed all the required steps- follow you, follow quilt taffy subscribed to babylock. That machine is a beauty!

    But mostly, I want to know enough quilters to go on a retreat!

  81. I follow both here and at Quilt Taffy and now have signed up with Baby Lock. Oh my, would I give that machine a good home!! Thanks for the chance to win. Hope this is finally my lucky day!! And, oh yes, Retreats are the BEST!!

  82. What a fun retreat and thanks for a chance to win this sewing machine! I am following Quilt Taffy and signed up with Baby Lock.

  83. What a fun retreat and thanks for a chance to win this sewing machine! I am following Quilt Taffy and signed up with Baby Lock.

  84. I am a follower of both and just subscribed to the newsletter! I am a wantobe and my sponsor is A Stitch in Time. :)

  85. You and Des should write a book together ! I am a follower here ; a new Quilt Taffy & Babylock follower ! Oh wow ! I don't even have words about how AWESOME it would be to win this machine !!! oh WOW !

  86. ok Ladies, step aside because what Melody needs most is a real man to take care of her, and I am the man for the job.

    I am a follower of Des & Corrie and I signed up for the BabyLoc emails, so I have met the qualifications...

    Wow, I would LOVE to have play dates Melody, she's a babe!

    Thanks Madame for the opportunity to win again! This has been a fun three months!


    PS - A note to my wife: If you read just this comment... Melody is a sewing machine!

  87. My quilt guild has a retreat every year and it's so fun I can't imagine that everyone doesn't do it. :) I second everything Des said! blessings, marlene

  88. I'm all signed up at Babylock, following Des for awhile, and following you.

  89. Wow,wow,wow! Those girls look like they are having so much fun! I'd join them if I didn't live on the other side of the country! I follow both, subscribed to Baby Lock, and am sponsored by Ellison Lane Quilts.What an awesome prize!

  90. Everyone I know seems to have Janomes, Berninas, and Baby Locks, while I sew on a Kenmore. These types of machines are just not in my price range (well, I can't get hubby to understand the price range!). I'm praying hard for this one, Madame Samm!
    Oh,and I am so jealous that Des and her crew go to the 'cabin'! I checked out the website and that is amazing!

  91. Follower of both Quilt Taffy and Sew We Quilt. want it need it baby lock... I already subscribe to Baby Lock e-newsletter using this email addy from my profile.

  92. How fun it would be to retreat with those lovely ladies. I've signed up to follow through Google Reader and already signed up for the baby lock newsletter. PLEASE! PLEASE! I really need/want it:0)
    {Ellison Lane}

  93. I have been following Quilt Taffy for quite awhile and just subscribed to Babylock. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your fantastic giveaway!!

  94. Please, oh please, pick me!! I'm following you, Quilt Taffy & Baby Lock as well as my sponsor Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts. Thanks for such an enjoyable program.

  95. i follow DES at Quilt Taffy
    signed up with baby lock, and follow here....I hope I may I hope I might find myself with a new Baby Lock tonight.

  96. I can't believe this Wantobe campaign is almost over. I have been so inspired and have many ideas for projects. A lovely new machine would make it all so much easier! Thank you for all you have done Ms. Madame Samm. You are great. Thank you to Babylock for this fantastic giveaway.

  97. That Baby Lock is amazing!!! I would love to win this machine, and here's why (okay, maybe a little sappy but true): The last of my (3) siblings graduates High School and moves to college this spring leaving my mother with an empty house. She used to be such an avid sewer, but then her sewing machine bit the dust and she's never had the time/money to replace it. This would be a God send and would get her back to the thing she loves and was so good at! Thanks again Madame for all the wonderful projects/tricks/gear you've given over the past weeks. (I follow Quilt Taffy, you, and subscribe to Baby Lock too!) Did I mention I would dearly love to win this machine?

  98. Ahhh even the name sings.. I can hear the beautiful stitching now.. yes I am a follower of Quilt Taffy, and I signed up at Baby Lock.. so now I'm dreaming of Melody coming to live with me. Fingers crossed... ahh that is no way to sew!!

  99. I'm a follower of Des and Corrie and a new subscriber to Babylock. I would love to win this machine! What a fabulous prize! Thanks!

  100. This post makes me want to get away and quilt! I love a good quilt retreat! And a new machine would make it even better! ;)

    I subscribe to Quilt Taffy and BabyLock, and of course Sew WE Quilt! And I'm sponsored by A Stitch in Time! Thanks for the great giveaway Madame Samm & BabyLock!

  101. All these weeks & still no win?! Man I should win this one!
    I follow quilt taffy already & now also subscribe to baby lock!
    Follow here as well & sponsored by Amy @ diary of a quilter!

  102. Oh Samm, this blog has been my quilt retreat for the last 3 months. Thank you. Thanks to all your sponsors. Your guest bloggers are such talented ladies, I feel like I have made more new quilting freinds in the last 3 months than in the past 20 years.
    Thanks DES, I want to go to one of your retreats, it sounds like a blast! A new Baby Loc would be the icing on the cake.

  103. I'm not entering the giveaway - I don't want to win a machine because I'm happy with mine - but I just wanted to comment on the post that you are so lucky to have so many friends and even family members to spend time with and sew with. I think I sew because I don't have anyone to spend time with except my Honey and it helps pass the time while being productive. But I hope that someday I can make some quilty friends who might invite me to join them on a retreat like this. That would be pretty cool.

  104. I signed up for the babylock newsletter! what a great giveaway!

  105. Am a follower of Quilt Taffy and a follower of your blog as well. What a pretty machine! Would love to upgrade. Thanks for the chance.

  106. hello! i'm actually going on retreat this friday; i can't wait! thanks for the chance to win this awsome machine!

  107. Thanks, Des, for a wonderful start to my workday! Maybe one day I'll get to a retreat - such fun! I've been a longtime follower of Quilt Taffy but couldn't find my lil avatar, so signed up again and then signed up at Babylock. Thank you Madame Samm and Babylock, and all of the fantastic sponsors for a fun ride these past few weeks!

  108. I am a follower of both blogs (Quilt Taffy has some great tutorials!). I also signed up for the Baby Lock Newsletter. Hope I win - I love this machine!

  109. Oh Des! While the sewing machine would be awesome, I just want to go on one of your quilting retreats!! Sounds like so much fun!


  110. I really enjoyed this post -- looks like so much fun!! I would love to win this machine!!! I am a follower of both blogs, and signed up for the babylock newsletter. Thanks!!

  111. Getting together with friends is great. My guild has an annual retreat (I've already marked my calendar for 2012!). I just went on a shopping trip with 3 other members last weekend and we had a ball!!!

  112. I am a new Quilt Taffy fan (how are they?!) I subscribe to Baby Lock already (under a different email address) and, of course I follow YOU...LOL...Thanks to all of the sponsors and to YOU for all of your time and effort!

  113. Please, please, please, let me win this one. I am crossing my fingers, legs, toes, eyes, everything that I can cross in anticipation of winning this! I followed Des (thank you for introducing her, she's a riot) and subscribed to the Babylock newsletter, and already follow you here. Now, I am off to feng shui my house to improve my chances of winning!

  114. Oh, what fun you have! What friendship! I would like to own a Baby Lock! Signed up!

  115. I follow Quilt Taffy and here. I enjoyed the article and I do enjoy quilt retreats. I would love to win the Babylock and I already get their newsletter.

  116. wow, is it really the end of October already! Time sure does fly when your having fun. Thanks for all that you do Sam, it is has been great!

  117. I'm already following Quilt Taffy and I signed up for the Baby Lock newsletter. Great quilt retreat advice and I like their jean aprons. Thanks for a chance to replace my 20 year old Singer.

  118. I signed up, would love that machine :). Thanks for the nice post on retreats, I've done similar with friends and have always had such a good time! Quilters are wonderful! Don't know where #103 Kristen lives but I bet we could hook her up with a crazy quilty group if she told us!!

  119. I am already a follower of Quilt Taffy and get the Babylock newsletter. I sure would love to win this beautiful machine! I am sponsored by Jane of Jane's fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  120. I follow Quilt Taffy and subscribed to Baby Lock. I'm sewing on a machine from 1960 so would love a new machine!

  121. Your retreat looks like a lot of fun. Love reading this blog.

  122. I'm crossing my fingers to win this one!!!! I follow both blogs! I subscribed to Babylocks newsletter! Thanks for the chance to win!! And thanks Des for the wonderful post!!! Hugs Ariane

  123. I need this cute little Baby Lock ! I do believe it is calling my name! shannarjones@yahoo.com

  124. I enjoyed today's (and everydays) post so much. Quilt talk every day, how fun and a chance to win Melody. Thanks!

  125. I am already a follower of Quilt Taffy and already receive the Baby Lock newsletters. Does longevity count for anything? Will I ever be an owner of a Baby Lock? Hope so.

  126. Oh how I'd love to win this. I registered & followed. I'm a Wantobe sponsored by Ellison Lane.

  127. I am a follower of Quilt Taffy and just signed up for Babylock. What a great looking machine! Ohhhh, I sure would like to win. I signed up under janesfabrics.blogspot.com. Thanks for the chance to win.

  128. Des, sounds like fun. Count me in next time.
    And, tell your friend Judy I'd love the socks pattern.
    We have plenty of room here. Melody is more than welcome to come live with me. My second hand machine stinks and she sounds wonderful.
    My sponser is Dionn Stott.
    Madam Samm, thanks for sponsering.
    I'm following Des and baby lock.

  129. I have been enjoying and following Quilt Taffy's site for several months. Great blog. And am now signed up at Baby Lock. Can't wait to make that skeleton doll. Need to hurry though Halloween is almost here. Thanks for the opportunity to win a sewing machine. What a terrific prize.

  130. Oh yeah, I forgot to inform: yep, I am a kitty. My name is Pierro. I have a bloggie, however, WHILE I am blogging and napping, my servant is sewing, quilting, or reading inspiring bloggies, like YOURS :-)

  131. I follow Quilt Taffy, love the post. I know Bear Lake, spent a week there this summer. Stayed alone in a condo for 2 days until family joined me. I wasn't quilting but I was sewing, good thing no one else was there because I had fabric everywhere! Kinda begrudged family coming because I had to put away my machine. but of course, once they wer there we had non stop fun!
    Signed up for BabyLock newsletter. Actually use a Baby Lock serger. Would love a new sewing machine! I have grandchildren who want to start sewing! I need a bigger space for them! Then I can have a mini, or pint size retreat for them. I'll have to think about that!

  132. What a fabulous post! I love retreats with friends. Haven't done one since I moved some years ago. I definitely need to find a place nearby! Wouldn't it be great to take a new Baby Lock with me??

    I follow Quilt Taffy...have since I bought my Go! from them. Great service, by the way!!

  133. I'm following quilt taffy and I've subscribed to Babylock. Oh I hope!

  134. I signed up the Baby
    Lock's newsletter and I am a follower here and at Quilt Taffy. My machine is probably 15 years old and has been used well. It would be so exciting to win a new one!

  135. AAH, A Quilt Retreat with all my Blogging friends here at Sew we Quilt!!! Wouldn't that be a Dream come true?? I've made such great friends here and I can't think of a better DREAM to have in that we all have a Quilt Retreat ONE DAY before we go to the Great Quilt Retreat in the Sky. Well.. a girl can dream can't she?? I follow both blogs and have bought "stuff" from Quilt Taffy! I signed up for Baby Loc's newsletter too. Could I possibly win something today? Probably not but some lucky Quilt Sistah will be happY!!
    Bootiful Blessings
    Mrs. Gmama Jane Ghastlie

  136. Now, I think it's my turn to win!!! lol Would LOVE to go on a retreat. Just never enouph mula. I already follow Des and I am subscribed to Baby Lock newsletter.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. Yes, I am both a follower of DES at Quilt Taffy and a subscriber of Baby Lock. Thanks for the chance. I really hope that I will win this one.

  138. I left a message over at Quilt Taffy & became a follower - can't wait - looks like a fun blog! And subscribed to Baby Lock newsletter too. Oh I hope I win! So thanks to you Madame, to the folks at Baby Lock & the Quilt Taffy ladies 7 LilyPadQuilting, my sponsor.

  139. I LOVED the blog today! I'm seriously going to call, email, text all my sewing friends and then set a date and place and we are going on an all out fun sewing retreat. It's easier if you plan one every year around the same time so you're committed, don't you think?
    I went right over to Des's blog and followed her and signed up with Baby Lock as well.
    Thanks again Madame Samm for all the hard work and generous gifts!

  140. Every day I am here, I learn something new, fun, and inspiring. Thank you so much! Definately following you and Quilt Taffy. Signed up for the newsletter at Baby Lock. Of course I would love to win the machine - who wouldn't?

  141. I'm in! follow at quilt taffy and signed up at baby lock and of course, follow here. would LOVE to win this sewing machine.

  142. OK I seriously have everything crossed that I can cross hoping to win this machine. I am a follower of both blogs and was already signed up with Babylock's newsletter. So "Please"!


  143. I am officially a lover and a commenter of Des now! :) I have also subscribed to Baby Lock. And of course I subscribe to you! I guess the only thing left to do is pray. LOL Thanks for all you do Samm! You're making a lot of people very happy.

  144. wow, great post Des. This machine does everything but wash the dishes! Good luck to everyone!

  145. I love Quilt Taffy! They are my first stop for my moda pre-cuts and Schnibble patterns. They are wonderful. And the retreats look fun. Great photos. I really like your jean aprons that some of you are wearing! Very clever.

  146. I loved this blog post! I am definitely following Quilt Taffy now- and I am a new subscriber to Baby Lock. I would love to win this machine- especially since my Brother just died on me! Should I start praying to the quilt gods now? Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  147. Ohhhhhh, it's almost over! :( This has been too much fun Madame Samm!
    I loved Des' post! Her retreats sound amazing, and I'm trying not to be too jealous. But, I'm a follower of hers now so at least I can imagine the fun. tee hee I left her a comment promising chocolate...just in case she needed another retreat friend.
    I'm a follower here, and at Babylock, too!
    My sponsor is Busy as Can Bee.
    Thank you for everything - especially for picking me for this prize! ROTFLOL!!! (not really kidding. lol)

  148. Madame Samm - I am having so much fun and finding the neatest blogs - thanks to you! I just spent time at Quilt Taffy and am now a follower and a commenter. I also subscribe to Baby Lock. Oh, how I'd love Melody! My sponsor is Marlene at Stitchin by the Lake. ~ Jeanne

  149. I follow Des and Corrie
    I subscribe to Baby Lock
    and now I think I'll win a lovely machine!!

  150. i already follow quilt taffy and just signed up for Bablylock (thanks for the free e-book, Babylock!) Awesome prize!!

  151. I'd love to win this machine! I'm following "Des" and I signed up at Baby Lock too. Thanks

  152. I just love a good retreat. I'm definitely missing going to one this year, but my baby will be old enough to leave next year.

  153. This was a funny post :) I really enjoyed it, makes me want to go on a retreat right now! I already follow both blogs, I left a note for Des, and I signed up for the newsletter. Crossing my fingers!

  154. I enjoyed this post..Follow Quilt Taffy now and you of course. I already get the newsletter..Another super give away

  155. I'd love to win this machine! I'm already a follower of both blogs and have been for some time now. I subscribed to the newsletter.

  156. My fingers are crossed just as everyone else's fingers on this giveaway... crossing my little babies fingers too, I have twins so I am extra lucky. :) I follow here, at Quilt Taffy and have subscribed to Baby Lock's newsletter and even confirmed my email w/them. Thank you!!!

  157. Hey Des, don't you have to get a photo release from me before you post those? :) Oh some of those are bad pics. Oh well, the camera doesn't lie. You do host a fabulous retreat. Enjoyed the post! I would enjoy a Baby Lock too!! I hear how fabulous Madame's is.

  158. Wahoo! another machine!! Another chance to replace my ancient New Home that doesn't work...

    I loved this post, sounds like SOOO much fun..

    I follow Des' blog and of course I am a follower of the Magnificent Madame Samm. And I am subscribed to the Babylock list.

    I am a wantobe, on team Lilypad Quilting.

  159. Thank you for the chance to win... I have subscribed to Baby Lock and am a follower (no blog).

  160. Wow, I NEED a quilt retreat!!! Looks like sooo much fun. I am a follower here and at Quilt Taffy. Also signed up for the Baby Lock newsletter. Would love to win this machine!

  161. I follow you, Quilt Taffy now and Baby Lock newsletter. Thank you sponsors and Baby Lock.

  162. That is so cool! A house designed for quilters by quilters! What a fun way to have a retreat! So, this is where the ladies all go when the men go hunting! :)

    I love all the beautiful quilts! Nice job!

    I follow Quilt Taffy!

    Thank you for sharing too!

  163. this whole thing has been wonderful. i can't say thank you enough, madame samm. but, once again....thank you! i am now a follower of des (she's so funny!) and have registered with baby lock....and i am keeping my fingers crossed for this one!
    have a wonderful day!

  164. I am already a follower here and at Quilt Taffy, and I've signed up at Babylock. I'd love to win this machine as I took DS to a quilt show last weekend and now he wants to sew too! Too late for him to be a Wantobe though :(

  165. I follow Des now and left her a comment. Loved her post and want to go on retreat! I subscribed to Baby Lock and absolutely need that machine. I follow here and my sponsor is Jillily.

  166. I'm a follower and I would love to win this machine. Pick me! Pick me!

  167. Oh, my! My old,but trusty Bernina could really use a little sister with some pazazz! I would love to get a new stitcher upper! Love the blog, too! I think if I won this machine, I might actually consider going on a retreat.... my machine is so big and heavy! Thanks!

  168. Would love to win this beautiful machine! I signed up to follow Quilt Taffy, left Des a message, and subscribed to Baby Lock's newsletter. Of course I follow you. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win...

  169. Wonderful post today - retreats RAWK! I would love to win the machine as my old Singer is really on its last legs. I've subscribed and am a follower here for a long time.

  170. What a wonderful giveaway, Madame Samm. Thanks so much. I love Quilt Taffy and have been a follower for some time and I left a comment over there for Des. I also follow you, here. I've signed up for the Baby Lock newsletter, and my sponsor is lilypadquilting.

  171. I've signed up at Babylock and am a new follow at Quilt Taffy and have been a follower here for sometime. Would LOVE to win this machine--I am so in need of a new one (my 40 year old one just refuses to behave)! Fun reading about the quilt getaways--I am now imagining turning rooms in my home into design wall rooms....

  172. I would dearly love to win the BabyLock. My machine is really pretty old, and doesn't have many of the features of this one. I am a follower of both blogs, subscribed to Babylock and am a member of Paul's Outnumbered Quilter team.

  173. I follow both blogs and have signed up over at Baby Lock for their newsletter!! My Jan hasn't been feeling well:o(...a new machine would sure come in handy!! My fingers are crossed!! I hope this GA is for Quilters!! Take care and thanks for a wonderful few months!!

  174. Directions followed... oh how I'd love to win this beauty.
    Thanks for everything Mdm Samm

  175. I signed up at BabyLock and I'm already a follower at Quilt Taffy and here (sponsor is Kelly @ IHAN). I'd love to win this great BabyLock Melody. Thanks for the chance!!!

  176. I'm following both blogs, and have subscribed to the newsletter for Babylock. I would love to have one of these wonderful machines. Thanks for the opportunity!

  177. Oh yes please!! I'm a new friend of Des and Babylock...and happy as punch to be back home!!! xo, Nan

  178. I really would love this machine as my current machine is just not up to the challenges I put her through- not fast enough. I am having my fifth baby in April so i have lots of sewing to do to get ready. Also there seems to be a small baby boom in my circle of friends and so there are lots of quilts to be made!!

  179. I've commented and subscribed. I'm ready to win!

  180. Not sure my first try went through! Been over to Babylock and Quilt Taffy, and now need to comment here! Thanks, MS for all of your work. Hope this machine will be mine!!! Great fun all along this journey!

  181. OH my Oh my Oh my, A beautiful machine it is. I have been following quilt taffy for awhile, signed up for Baby Lock newsletter and now talking to you. Samm I really would like this machine, so go girl. kathy

  182. I know I'm not likely to win, but I'd like to thank you for this whole campaign. As a new quilter, I've enjoyed meeting all of your guest bloggers and also seeing their tutorials.

  183. Follower of Quilt Taffy and here. Already signed up for Babylock Newsletter!! Good luck to everyone!
    oshnpashn at gmail dot com

  184. I am in love with the Baby Lock - wonderful machine. Thank you Des so much for the Three P's to happiness on a quilt retreat. I loved all the wonderful pictures of fun. Thank you to the wonderful sponsor for this great giveaway. Judy C in NC

  185. I have signed up for the Baby Lock News letter and am a new follower of Des. The retreat sounds wonderful and I think I just might plan one. It would be soooo nice to take aong a new sewing machine to share with the ladies


  187. I have signed up for the Baby Lock News letter and am a new follower of Des. The retreat sounds wonderful and I think I just might plan one. It would be soooo nice to take aong a new sewing machine to share with the ladies

  188. following quilt taffy (what a hoot!) and signed up for baby lock's newsletter... fingers crossed!!

  189. I really want this machine. I am a follower of Quilt Taffy, Sew We Quilt and Babylock. Fingers and toes crossed!

  190. Forgot to say, I am talking to my friends and see if we can work up a retreat trip. That would be awesome!

  191. Retreats just look like so much fun! I plan on giving them a try. So excited to see who the lucky new owner of this machine is. Hope it is me. :)

  192. Retreats just look like so much fun! I plan on giving them a try. So excited to see who the lucky new owner of this machine is. Hope it is me. :)

  193. I am a follower of Quilt Taffy, and have signed up for the Baby Lock newsletters! I love the idea of a cabin designed for quilter retreats! That would be so wonderful. I just did a quick search and found a place in KY that could get as low as $23 / night if you have a full size group :-)

    ~ meagan

  194. This is an amazing giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win. I am a follower of both blogs and a subscriber to the Baby Lock newsletter.

  195. Sew much fun! We are all winners with all the wonderful guests and tutorials you've shared. Follower of Baby Lock (oh, how I'd love to win), here at Sew We Quilt, and Quilt Taffy, too. Thanks for all you do!
    stitchingmatters at gmail dot com

  196. thank you for all these great ideas and how Id love to win the baby lock Im a subscriber to there newsletter and to this site and sponsored by Kd quilts

  197. The retreat looks like so much fun. Who is Bill? I am a follower of Quilt Taffy and Babylock newsletter (and everything Babylock! I would love to win this and help my daughter learn to sew. She is having some vision difficulties and I would like her to enjoy some years of sewing before her vision becomes more of an issue.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  198. I love Babylock and Des. The P's are perfect and do indeed insure a great retreat but the 'love' is definitely a part of the fun.

  199. I've signed up for the Baby Lock newsletter and I'm already a follower of both Quilt Taffy and Sew We Quilt.


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