Friday, October 7, 2011

#48 Winner of wheeled bag

( email sent, take a peak)

This beautiful large wheeled bag - has more compartments

than you can possibly imagine...
it is perfect for even the largest machine...
it has an extension handle sew easy to tag along on your next
quilt retreat... and it is PURPLE
BLUE FIG is our sponsor of these bags...
and to add to it a Winter quilt Batting from Bosal 
who has Katahdin lightweight organic cotton, stable enough
for all of your hand and machine quilting...
( Did I mention there are a few extra surprises in the bag too?)

We have had a few winners of these bags 
and I just know they loved them....

Who is wheeling this out of here? Terry is...
( color is more in the photo I took) 


  1. Congrats to Terry...from another Terry :o) !!!

  2. Congrats Terri. And happy lOng weekend and thanksgiving Samm.

  3. Well dang.. If I couldn't win I am glad Terry did. haha.. Congratulations Terry! :)

  4. Congratulations to Terry! And to Madame, have a restful weekend!

  5. Yay Terry! Enjoy wheeling your machine to bright and wonderful places!!!!

  6. Terryb12387@yahoo.comOctober 7, 2011 at 8:32 AM

    When you see a note from Madame Samm with, take a peek, your stomach fills with butterflies. What did I win? What did I win? This beautiful bag, if that was not enough, she told me it is filled with extras. For someone like me on limited finances, I could never afford such a luxury. To the companies who sponsored this giveaway. Thank you, I still have butterflies. Did I really win? Thank you Madame Samm this is such a wonderful day. Terry

  7. Congratulations to Terry and thank you Sponsors.

  8. Congrats Terry!!! Great gift!

  9. Love the tote! When I click on your link Madame Samm there are no purple sewing bags, on tapestry. Didn't find any looking through the Blue Fig site either. Hints on where to buy one myself? Belinda

  10. HI Belinda...you are no reply hopefully you will return here to see..these bags at blue fig are new to the market you must call them to order directly or at least find out who sells them for them..

  11. Madame Samm I hope you have a wonderful weekend.....thanks for all you do.

    Congratulations Terry what a wonderful prize to win...enjoy.


    And I so want to win to Madame Samm...it does say on your side bar to email you and let you know that we want to win so I hope this qualifies....enjoy the weekend....

  12. Congratlations to Terry! Nice, very nice!


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