Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#45 Winner of Aurifil thread and the Beam N Read

Congrats Winners

Paula and April
( email  sent take a peek) 

 Paula you won this  Box of 12 large spools of Auriful thread..
 12 of their top selling Aurifil threads for YOU.
.that should keep you in threads for a couple of years anyway..

.1,422 yards (1,300 m) of thread on each spool x 12 =17,604 yards (15,600 m) , which if you used 1/4 of each spool that would mean you could make at least 48 lap quilts or something like that..lol ok, it's a lot of thread

And for You April you won this  BEAM N READ 

sew you can see your stitches better.

you can also order these from 
IHAN with Kelly...

This is my favourite NOTION this year
....I love to stitch
in the evening and even though I have enjoyed
my floor lamps..I always found I got over heated..
not because I was stitching sew fast lol
because of the heat from the bulbs..
not anymore....I have a BEAM N READ..
Biggest problem around here...is my husband always wants
to take it to bed with him...Ü
( not me the BEAM N READ) 

Well go and follow Carol's she will love you for that..
YOU can count on her to always entertain you with her COLOR
sense....Nobody does it better ...
Follow us here...you are by now...think about it if you are not..

.Big thanks goes out to Carol, Aurifil , Beam N Read, and YOU for making each day as exciting as the last...YOU really do matter-- sew we keep serving up the GREATEST LATEST BEST guests, sponsors and infotainment...Thank YOU!
pssst this next few weeks do pay attention
we have some pretty big prizes that I have been postponing
till now...just saying....


  1. Congratulations to Paula and April !!!
    Thank you to all of the sponsors ;)

  2. Congratulations ladies! Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors and Carol's fun post.

  3. Love the speedy monkey pattern! Became a follower on the Taffy Talk and would love some of that pastel, pink minkee for the backing of my Ghastlie quilt! Thanks for such a fun couple of months! I am a quilter and sponsored by Diary of a Quilter!

  4. congratulations to the winners! how fun!

  5. Woo hoo for the winners! Enjoy your toys!

  6. Love the "Speedy Monkey." That Olivia fabric is beautiful.

  7. Congratulations to the winners! And a super-hero size thank you to our sponsors and to Madame Samm!


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