Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winner #33

 Congrats Wantobe Winner..

( yes you won this 
and some fabric too)

Our giveaway today is sponsored by
the GRACE company,  TRUE CUT they sent along the mat
24x36, this amazing ruler that will help you stay on track..
you will know why when you get it and this rotary cutter
that will have you cutting for hours with no fatigue....

And your Blog Sponsor WON

Ohhh look for our Blog Sponsor
Carrie Nelson from Schnibbles fame 
and Miss Rosies Quilt Co...
sent along this...
beautiful bundle of pastels..
certainly enough to make a nice sized
quilt. And Colonial Needle is adding some
Presencia threads too...to coordinate..

Big thanks goes out to Geta, The GRACE Co.
Carrie Nelson, Colonial Needle and Will
at Great Gerberas for the Gerberas and mini yellow Roses..
and to YOU for encouraging those
around you to be part of something sew unique
imagine the possibilities..I do ! 


  1. Congratulations to Kelly and Leah & Thank you to all of the Sponsors !!!

  2. Thanks for the great prize. Can't wait to get started on a project. I'm very excited ! Kelly

  3. Congratulations Kelly, and Leah! The sponsors, and of course, Madame Samm..lovely gerberas and roses in the photos!

  4. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all the sponsors.

  5. Congratulations to Kelly and Leah (I am so jealous lol) and thanks to the many wonderful sponsors.

    Of course a standing ovation to our Madame Samm for all her hard work!!

  6. Congratulations to the winners! Have fun with your prizes!

  7. Congrats Kelly and Leah. Such great stuff to win! What a blessing is Madame Samm!

  8. Congratulations Kelly and Leah! Thanks to the sponsors. Note to Will - I love the vibrant yellow of those mini roses.


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