Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 1st 2 months together and 5 more weeks to go

Once upon a time this lady , oh let's call her Madame, thought it would be a great idea to invite some wonderful guest bloggers to post on this blog. She thought wouldn't it be nice to have some Sponsors too - for some giveaways . Sh also thought why not invite some WANTOBE  Quilters to the mix and show them how much fun you can have cutting up material and sewing them back together again......YEP that is what she thought in her fairly creative mind... And the story went like this...at least in her 8 th  week of memorable moments...
She noted there are 5 more weeks to go...and her room where all the giveaways are stored doesn't seem to be 
diminishing quite quick  enough.. she may have to give a whole lot more goodies away...a whole lot more...

The week began like this...

Nan was our guest on Monday 
and here is her guest post...
( link her name to her post)

She taught us how to make an iron cozy...

 The Giveaway for her day was for 
Wantobes and Quilters
and it was an  IRON of course!

Smart Iron by Oliso

Jennifer M won this iron
and she was over the top convinced
I had the wrong Jennifer...lol
We were convinced we were right..! she won!

Big thanks goes out to NAN for her riveting over the top
tut....we can always count on her...
To OLISO for another over the top SMART IRON...
and YOU, for coming by and getting almost
as excited at winning as we are in giving..
And TRUST me it is nice to be at this end to the hundreds
of emails of thanks for the goodies....
YOU are KIND, you are SMART, you are IMPORTANT..
to us...

Jennifer was our guest on Tuesday
and here is her guest post..
( link her name) 

She taught us how to do a bright
starflower block....

and her Giveaway for Quilters 
was won by  Amy Dame 

Robert Kaufman

9 (1/2 yard cuts)
as well as some of these matching
threads from Colonial Needle
Presencia Finca Perle #8
( my absolute fav's)

Big thanks goes out to JEN,
and Robert Kaufman, and Colonial Needle
and YOU, for being the cheerleaders you are
for our wonderful and delightful guests.
WE are all sew fortunate..
YOU really are kind, smart and IMPORTANT to US

Bec from Australia was our guest on Wednesday
and here is her guest post..
( link her name)

She taught us how to do a polka dot binding

Her giveaway was for a Wantobe
 and the winners were...
and Jennifer( diff't lady)
( blog sponsor)

This collection of fabrics is from 
at Elizabeth Studio...it will certainly have you rolling...
Barbara's Diner is what it is called..

Suzanne won 
this Sewing basket from Colonial Needle.
 filled  with every kind of needle you will
need for binding...
and enough fabric for both you
and  Jennifer ( her blog sponsor ) 

Big thanks goes out to Bec, Elizabeth
Studio, Colonial Needles, Great Gerberas
for the mini roses and YOU
for being someone who shares
something good with others..
They will thank you, we will thank
YOU. You are kind, you are smart..
YOU is important to us...

Lynne from UK was our guest on Thursday 
here is her guest post..
( link her name, it will take you to her post)

She taught us how to make a strip pillow

Her Winners as there were 2
Stephanie and Maggie..


2 winners who won
 3 yards of your choice
it is 60 inches wide. CUDDLE fabric...
for girls...

for boys

These BRAND New collections are not even available 
yet...Shannon Fabrics will be showing them at the Fall Market..
They were very generous...we have a few more collections 
in the near future to giveaway....

And big thanks goes out to LYNNE for an inspiring post...
To Shannon Fabrics for these lovely plush over the top soft
fabrics and YOU for letting your inner child come out to play
today...YOU are smart, you are kind and you is
IMPORTANT to us....

Shell  from U.S.
was our guest on Friday and this is her guest post..
our winners were...
Wantobe and blog sponsor

(she taught us how to make a star runner)

Susan ( Wantobe)
 and Wendy

this lovely brand new
collection called
by Marcus  Brothers..
( it is not on the market until
November..but we have some for YOU)
1 yard cuts of each collection here
 and matching Presencia
threads from Colonial Needle...
if you need threads now...
 Jane's Fabrics
has some...
                                      Civil War Journals ( not yet available till NOV 2011)

Big thanks goes out to Shell, and Marcus Fabrics, Colonial Needle
and Great Gerberas.. and YOU for being
generous with your notes to our delightful
guests and we are reminded time and time
again..YOU are kind, You are smart
and YOU are important to all of US!

ps. comments do not work
on weekends...
isn't that funny...?