Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 6th week together ...7 more weeks to go..

Would you believe on Wednesday of this week
we can say we are at our half way mark..?
Still 7 more weeks to go of delightful guests and sonsor
giveaways for YOU our Wantobes and Quilters alike...
they can all be categorized the GREATEST, LATEST, BEST
wouldn't you agree?

Sew here is our recap for this week...
( link their names and it will take you back to 
the original post) 

Our week began on Monday with Rashida
a designer from Timeless Treasures...
she showed us how to do a beautiful patchwork

 the Giveaway that day was  I HEART too
was  for our Wantobes...
 and Tonni won

A fat quarter bundle of Rashida's I HEART
collection...from Timeless Treasure

Some Presencia threads from Colonial Needle

YOU will also receive this pattern book
More 90 Minute Quilts..

insert on how to make a four patch
Kaleidoscope ( fussy cut - loved this)

And her blog Sponsor  KATHY  won  a book-
 Presencia threads and some of Rashida's collection..

A Monday thank you ( labor day and all)
to Rashida, Colonial Needles, F+W Media
and Great Gerberas.com for my Gerberas
for our photo shoot...and YOU
for being part of this campaign, encouraging
Wantobe Quilters to come on board
and win some great tools to get them started
in our  pretty amazing Quilt NET world. 

They will thank you...you know they will!

ON Tuesday our guest was Dorian
showed us how to do 4 patch...

Giveaway that day was for QUILTERS
and maggie won..

this  brand new collection
not even available anywhere 
from Marcus Fabrics
( will be out in the fall)

It is called New London by
 7 .5 yards of this collection
cut into 1/2 yard bundles.

I am loving this myself....oh my it is striking..makes me think of coffee...lol

We also have some coordinating Presencia threads
( you can purchase these threads

I am even going to throw in my COFFEE MUG
it just goes sew nicely...

Big thanks goes out to Dorian, 
Marcus Fabrics, Colonial Needle,
Great Gerberas for my roses  and gerberas...
and YOU for sharing with your family-
friends- about this most amazing
passion of ours -Quilting! 

 On Wednesday we had Michelle
and she showed us how to make
this car caddy...I know what I will be
making this weekend...wink...

Our that day was for  our WANTOBES...
and the winner was 
 a very happy 'Elina

she won this  new collection is from Samantha Walker
at Riley Blake... all cut in 1/2 yard bundles
I chose contrasting colors..for maybe some bags..
Some Presencia threads  from Colonial Needle to coordinate

You can get some of these threads from Janes Fabrics

and look this delightful book
of Sensational Small Quilts...

15 quilt projects in an array of styles and colors,

 in sizes ranging from wallhangings to throws.
                                                                          Here is one of the...( kinda matches Lou's bag) 

HER Blog Sponsor TAMMY won a pair of Applique Scissors from Famore..

                                                                                    and some PRESENCIA  threads.. too. 

 I get sew much mail asking what needles to use with PRESENCIA
these are my favourite, ever since I tried them I have never
used anything else....
You can get them from Colonial Needle..
no more searching for the perfect needle here it is...

link here it won't let me link to this page however look at sidebar
under needles and hand needles and go to pebble page..

Click Here to see a larger photo

Pebble - Embroidery Needles - JJP13550
John JamesFine Quality Needles in a "Pebble" -The John James Pebbles are designed to store your hand needles safely, making them instantly visible and easily accessible in your sewing box, craft bag, top drawer or even your handbag. Each needle style comes in its own elegant and distinctive color for quick identification.

Big thanks goes out to Michelle, Riley Blake, Colonial Needles,
F+ W Media, Famore, Great Gerberas
and YOU of course, for being sew
 nice about your comments
following along and  sharing your
love of quilting with just one more person...

ON Thursday our guest was JENI
and she showed us how to make log cabin

OUR Giveaway that day was for QUILTERS.

and Cheree
won all of this..

This delightful colorful collection from FREE SPIRIT..

If you love REDS and Whites and Roses this has it all...

and sew you can it even better how about this..

as well as your very own BEAM n READ
you can also order these from 
IHAN with Kelly...

This is my favourite NOTION this year
....I love to stitch
in the evening and even though I have enjoyed
my floor lamps..I always found I got over heated..
not because I was stitching sew fast lol
because of the heat from the bulbs..
not anymore....I have a BEAM N READ..
Biggest problem around here...is my husband always wants
to take it to bed with him...Ü
( not me the BEAM N READ) 

Big thanks goes out to JENI, Free Spirit, BEAM N READ
and YOU for making out guest bloggers sew darn welcomed...
Sew share this with 1 PERSON, just 1....they will thank you..
I will too ! 

On Friday our guest was Kathleen...and 
she showed us how to paper piece PARIS
Eiffel tower..

Giveaway today was for our  WANTOBEEs 
and the winner was Iara from Brazil. 

This lovely new collection 
from Robert Kaufman
seems the most appropriate fit today...
 Our Wantobe will get this fabric
collection and Presencia sewing threads

Our Blog Sponsor will get this book
                                        on Paper Piecing and some Presencia threads
as well...and also MY black and white dot 
china cup.. ( yes for you ) 

and there are always some nice
surprises in every box I send...

Big thanks goes out to Kathleen,

Robert Kaufman, Colonial Needle
and Martingale and Company
and YOU for providing some added
appreciation to our amazing guest
bloggers, some amazing feedback
sponsors and for sharing your passion

for quilting with others..
I can't tell you what JOY has
come into my life since I became
a coughhhh quilter lol. 
( I thank the person who introduced
me every chance I get...psst Corrie
Thank YOU again!
My life is happy! )
It is Saturday isn't it? 
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! 

Love to hear from you , yes we do
but on weekends, the comments buttons
for some strange reason refuse to work-
see you all on Monday!