Friday, September 2, 2011

Guest #25 Jane in the US...OH how she loves the 9 patch Bernina Machine giveaway -winner announced MONDAY

It's Jane  from Jane's Fabrics and Quilts. I am so excited to be here today. Thank you to Madame Samm for this honor. Especially during the amazing Wantobe Campaign!
Today I would like to pay tribute to the Nine Patch Block. This is one of my favorite blocks. Not only is it versatile but it is simple to construct. This is the perfect block for a beginner quilter and the perfect block for an advanced quilter! There are so many ways you can use this block.

Before we begin the tutorial let’s get inspired! If you take a peek at flickr there are thousands of Nine Patch Quilts to spark your creativity.

Here are a few……

Thank you to Emily from Creative Chicks.  This looks like a postcard!

Look at this nine patch. A rainbow puzzle.
Thank you to Suture for a Living for allowing me to share this quilt.

How about this Vintage Nine-Patch Quilt!
I think you will enjoy reading her blog as she is taking it apart and putting it back together.
Thank you Q is for Quilter

Red Pepper Quilts  has been a guest on Sew We Quilt.
Here is one of her Nine Patch quilts. Thank you!

This Nine Patch is called Sweet Menagerie.
What to make it?
Here is the Tutorial.
Thank you Bloom

I love this one! The white space is calling for some quilting or embroidery.
Thank you Linda.

Are you inspired?
Okey Dokey
Let’s begin!

You can make your block any size you would like. All you need to do is to decide how big you would like your block. If you would like your block to be 9 X 9 inches you would use 3 ½ inch unfinished squares. If you would like your block to be 6 X 6 inches you would use 2 ½ inch unfinished blocks.
That is as much math as I am going to share, not one of my strong points!!

For today I am going to use 2 ½ unfinished squares. In honor of the Wantobe color scheme I am going to use orange and lime green fabrics.

There are two ways to make this block. The first is to cut 9 separate 2 ½ inch squares. That would be fine if you were making just one block. But, a whole quilt that way would take a long time.

So I am going to show you the strip method.

It is easier to sew strips into sets and the re-cut them. Huh?? You say! I will show you……

Cut your fabric into strips, for us 2 ½ by the width of the fabric.
You will end up with a 2 ½ inch strip by 44 inches.

 I then cut it again so it is now 2 ½ by 22. ( I like to work in smaller lengths)

Now lay the first set to look like this.....


and the second set to look like this.....

With right sides together and using a 1/4 inch seam sew strips A to B ( you will make two AB sets)

Then to each AB set,  sew one more stripe to your sets look like this...

 Iron one set of seams to the outside.

And one set of seams to the inside.

I sure hope you are still with me...   Pardon me while I take a sip of my coffee!

OK, back to work.
Take your strip sets and put them right sides together. Try your best to match seams.

Trim and straighten the edges.

Now cut three sets at 2 1/2 inches wide.
(remember if you cut your strips 3 1/2 inches your cross cut would be 3 1/2. If strips are 4 1/2 your cross cut would be 4 1/2. Mine were cut at 2 1/2 thus cross cut at 2 1/2)

Do you see how nice they butt up to each other? It is because you ironed them that way!  Good job.

Head to your machine and sew using an 1/4 inch seam TWO SETS ONLY.

The third set you will split and sew as the layout below.

You will yield 2 complete blocks from those three sets. And remember I only cut three 2 1/2 inch sets from you long strip set!

If all of this makes no sense, please ask me questions. I would love to help. This is a wonderful block.
I will leave you with some pictures of my work and my daughters.

My 15 year old daughter made this quilt.

  A Civil War Nine Patch swap I was in....  Waiting to be made into a quilt.

Thank you for hanging in there as I tried to tell you just how much I love this silly old bock!!
Thank you again to Madame Samm for all she is doing to keep the quilting tradition alive!

Editors note: Jane you did good..9 patches
makes me happy, and when you see how much you can do with
them..well what can I say...HIGH 9...( you know like a high 5...but 9...
ahhh loses something doesn't it? )
Sew let me move on to our .....

YOU want to win this 

Your own personal B215 Bernina Machine
try designing your own skin here...

This new BERNINA 215 is characterized by a youthful appeal which is combined with a range of
added value features to give you,  more sewing pleasure than ever before. Enjoy
modern, creative sewing with BERNINA: their wide range of accessories as well as  their  sewing publications brimming with imaginative ideas and practical tips all add to the joy of sewing BERNINA style.

The winner will win this machine with its own ROSE skin...
it will come in your box and you can put it on or leave
it as it above...I personally like the roses....

click to enlarge..oh yes..do that lol


First go to JANE's and follow her..
she will be thrilled of course...
Sign up with Bernina here..
Sign up for their NEWSLETTER.
( they will be thrilled too)
You best leave your name here with sponsor name.
( if you don't have one yet..look over here on your right
and link to any of them...and give them your info
and then you can be in it to win it)
Ohhh and are you following here? YOU are?
how wonderful...

The winner will be able to pick this up new BERNINA machine at their
nearest Bernina Dealer, you will be given lessons
on how to operate this and you will get this skin
of the roses sew you can have a very unique machine
that will keep you smiling....
and hopefully be reminded of your win ( tomorrow)

Ohhhh and our blog sponsor will win this..
You don't think I would forget  do you...?
LOOK at what you can win..
now go and remind all of your WANTOBES...
I will be here waiting...

12 of their top selling Aurifil threads
for YOU..that should keep you in threads
for a couple of years anyway...

1,422 yards (1,300 m) of thread on each spool x 12 =
17,604 yards (15,600 m) , which if you used 1/4 of each spool
that would mean you could make at least 48 lap quilts
or something like that..lol
ok, it's a lot of thread..

Grateful for the Gerbera  that were
perfect for the background of the Bernina machines
and thread photos.. Thanks Will.
Great Gerbera farm...

Big thanks goes out to Jane, Bernina, Aurifil and YOU
for making each day as exciting as the last...
YOU really do matter-- sew we keep serving up 
guests, sponsors and infotainment...
Thank YOU!
( sew glad it is the weekend.
I/WE need to rest)
8 more weeks to go...yes I said it....

( all weekend to tell everyone)

on the sewing machine ...NONE!
( but yes  the thread but it will be the lowest rate)


  1. I am a WantoBe Quilter signed up with Linda@StrayStitches

    I am already following Jane & Stash Manicure

    I signed up for Bernina's newsletter.
    I LOVE ROSES & Red & This Machine is awesome !!!!!!! And - I so need lessons - lol

    THANK YOU Jane, Bernina, Aurifil & Madame Samm - I can't believe this could possibly get better !!!!

    And yes - The Gerbera background is lovely ;)- Thank you Will

  2. Hi, I have to ask?? is this Thursday or Friday's posting? I am still Thursday where I live...oh well.

    I have Mary as a sponsor and I am okay with how ever the ball bounces.

    This is a pretty big endeavor, this long give away project. I am loving learning about all this stuff! Vendors to tutorials.

  3. Hello Madame Samm! I really like the 9-patch tutorial! You Have a wealth of information for all of us to come back to and download! WOW! I am already a follower of Jane and you as well! I signed up for the newsletter at Bernina and I LOVE the Gerbera web page! Those are some beautiful flowers! I am a wantobe quilter, Wendy@ Why Know Kwilt is my sponsor. I am a winner simply by virtue of all that I have shared here with you and your Guests! Thank you and all of your sponsors for your time and hard work!

  4. Oh my goodness what an amazing giveaway!! I can't imagine how lucky someone must be to win this!!

    I am following Jane's blog, I have signed up for the Bernina newsletter, I follow stash manicure, and I have a sponsor in the form of Staci @ The confused quilter (who would just love that thread, I bet!).

    Thank you again for such a great series of giveaways!

  5. Love love LOVE that machine!!

    I'm a Wantobe and my sponsor is Jennifer of That Girl... That Quilt!

    So, so lovely!

  6. Wow! This is the best giveaway yet. I've been limping along with my 35 year old Kenmore 8-stitch machine. I'd love to be purring along with a Bernina. I'm all signed up for the newsletter and coincidentally Jane's Fabrics is my sponsor. I'd love for her to win the threads. My only quilt project so far has been a 9-patch. It is waiting expert advice before I finish it, but I did like the way the patches went together so smoothly. Just like Jane shows.

  7. Thanks Jane...I too love the versitility of the 9 patch...excellent examples too.

    Now....today I'd like to pretend I've never quilted before in my life....just to win that wonderful Bernina...but I'm not thinkin' folks would believe me. So....good luck to all you Wantobe Quilters out there...if you win you are going to be doing back flips over this one....and the thread....yep...the Quilter will be doing back flips too.

    Thanks Jane, Samm, Bernina and Aurifil!!! Just typing Bernina and Aurifil in the same sentence gives me palpitations....tomorrow will be fun to see what lucky person wins.


  8. I am a Wantobe on Team Lilypad Quilting.

    Wahooo what a great giveaway today! I have a sewing machine that is 34 yrs old and barely works, sounds AWFUL!

    I follow Jane already! And I went and signed up for the Bernina Newsletter. And of course I follow Madame Samm and have for a while :)

  9. I am a wantobe registered with Amy @ Diary of a Quilter.

    I now follow Jane and have subscribed to Bernina newsletter. I follow you here on Sew WE Quilt, of course.

    Thank you for all your amazing hard work in putting this campaign together Madame Samm. Big thanks also to all your contributors and wonderful sponsors.

    My machine is older than me! A shiny new one would make my day, actually it'd make my year!!!

  10. Hi, what a great givaway. I would love this machine. I am a Wantobe with Jane's Fabric & Quilts, yes I follow her. Jane wouldn't it be lovely if "we" won? I signed up for the Bernina newsletter and follow Stash.

    I wanna do a 9 patch, thanks for the tutorial. Thank all of you sponsors. This is great.

  11. Oh, WOW, what a beautiful rose skin for a beautiful machine! I've always coveted the Bernina line of machines, but they are so expensive! I'd love to win one!

    I followed Jane via RSS feed in Google Reader (hope that counts as following???). I also subscribed to the Bernina newsletter. My sponsor is Amy Smart over at Diary of a Quilter.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  12. OH MY GOSH, I desperately need a decent sewing machine, so I am REALLY coveting that! I am a follower of all the blogs, and a want to be quilter. My sponsor is Amy at Diary of a Quilter. Please, God, let me win that sewing machine!!

  13. Oh wow!! This one has taken my breath away ... I am Wantobe quilter with Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts. I follow your blog, and thank you so so much for the chance to win this beautiful machine!

  14. Amazing giveaway!! I am a Wantobe sponsored by Happy Quilting.

    I now follow Jane's blog & signed up for the Bernina newsletter!

  15. A Bernina - WOW!!! my dream machine. Love the look of the 9 patch quilts. Great tutorial. I'm a wantobe quilter sponsored by Lily Pad Quilting. I signed up for the Bernina newsletter- I'm a follower here and at Jane's. Thanks to Bernina, Aurifil, Madame Samm, and Jane for this wonderful giveaway.

  16. Thank you for the nine patch tutorial. I am a newbie and never thought of doing it that way.

    I am a follower here and also from Jane's blog, and subscribed to the Bernina newsletter.

    I'm a wantobe and my sponsor is Diane from Lavender Dreams.

    Thanks for the chance!

  17. i'm a wannabe, sponsored by amy smart, signed up for bernina newsletter, and Janes blog

  18. What an awesome tutorial. Thank you so much Madame Samm, Jane (who is my sponsor), Bernina for this AMAZING opportunity and last, but by no means least, Aurifil whose threads I really hankering after.

    So all in all this would be a dream come true and go quite a way to turn an extremely bad year into a so much better year. I can't begin to tell you how great this giveaway of yours is.

    Patti xxx

  19. P.s. Sorry I forgot to say that I follow both bogs and have signed up for Bernina's newsletter. Patti

  20. *swoon*
    Wow. That machine is amazing!

    I've been having a lot of fun learning on my pokey, sweetheart of a second-hand machine...but I'd have to say that that Bernina looks like it could change this Wantobe Quilter's crafting life (: Fingers crossed!

    I'm following Jane (thank you for the tutorial!)
    I'm following here (of course!)
    I've signed up for Bernina's emails (ALL of them!)
    ...and my sponsor is Kelly @ I Have a Notion.

  21. I'm already a follower of Stash Manicure....now I follow Jane and get the Bernina newsletter.

    I'm a wantobe sent by Melissa at Happy quilting....and I love the rose skin on that machine......would love to win this!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I'm a wantobe sponsored by Marcia @ crafty sewing and quilting.

    The post today has really inspired me, now I know how I will use my kimono scraps

  23. I'm a new follower of Jane's although I've visited her site before - Congrats on the new grandbaby!!

    Nan is my sponsor and I'm a follower here.

    Soooo keeping my fingers and toes crossed on this one! Thank you so much for this opportunity. Very Exciting....

  24. Would you believe my middle name is ROSE!! This must be a sign that this will be mine. (fingers crossed). I now follow Jane and signed up for the newsletter. My blog sponsor is Patty from A Stitch in Time

  25. What a great way to wake up! I am now a follower of Jane's and can't wait to see a newsletter from Bernina. My sponsor is Amy at Diary of a Quilter.
    This machine would be my big break into the quilting world! I love the nine patch concept, especially the monochromatic red quilt above. Winning a machine would just be fabulous. Thanks Madame Samm for such an exciting blog campaign!

  26. Can I just say WOW! What a great machine! I love the Rose skin!
    Thank you to Bernina! I have signed up for their newsletter. Jane your post was great! I think that the nine patch looks like something a wantabe like me can do! Jane is my blog sponsor! Thanks to you too Madame Samm!
    Have a great weekend!

  27. Thanks, for the good tutorial, Jane and Madame Samm. Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling is my sponsor. I enjoyed your post today.

  28. paola pallotta sponsored by kelly jackson!

    I loved this post, because I thought 9 patch was boring, but jane showed me it isn't!!!

  29. Love 9 patch...I signed up with Jane, already signed up with Bernina, and my sponsor is Happy Quilting. So hoping I win!

  30. I follow Jane and signed up with Bernina. I am a wantobe quilter sponsored by Amy of Diary of a Quilter. I need this machine - I really do - my old 40 year old Kenmore has seen its better days!

  31. I have been following Jane's blog for awhile now, but today I became an 'official' follower. I so enjoy her comments and quilts! I didn't know that you could get skins for sewing machines. I love that rose skin! I am a want to be quilter and Amy of Diary of a Quilter is my sponsor.

  32. Jane, excellent nine patch tutorial. Your blog is very hip and cool. I'm now a follower.
    Madame Samm, great prize to end the week. Of course I follow. Sure hope DD Lindsey and I are the big winners. I could let my Singer Slant-O-Matic take a rest!

  33. Thank you for the easy, peasy tutorial. I have a host of strips so now I know what I can try with them, thank you! Jane, I'm now a follower AND a subscriber. Nice shop you have too!
    All the best,
    Christina in Cleveland / Brenis

  34. Oh what a pretty machine! I followed Jane, and I'm referred here by Stash Manicure, and man would that machine get me started! :)

  35. Lots of thanks to Madame Samm, Jane, Bernina, Aurifil, for this awesome opportunity! I am now a follower both of Jane and Stash Manicure. I signed up for Bernina's newsletter too. My sponsor is Dorian of Ridge Top Quilts.

    Carol (NJ)

  36. I am a wantabe with Kelly from I Have a Notion as my sponsor, following Jane and signed up with Bernina for the newsletter and of course following Stash Manicure. What an awesome prize! What a dream to sew on a machine like this! Loved the 9 patch tutorial and the quilts are beauuuuutiful. Thanks again for weeks of great information and learning, and giveaways!!!

  37. I am following Jane's blog, signed up for the newsletter, and registered with Rocknquilts! I would love that sewing machine, it would make forays into quilting way less frustrating than the decades old beast I have now!

    Maybe I could actually make some of the beautiful quilts you have tutorials for instead of just drooling over them!

  38. Wow, I would love to win this machine so I can try Jane's way of making a nine patch. She makes it look easy.
    I am following Jane and getting the newsletter and following here. My sponsor is IHAN and I am sure she would love to win the thread.

    That sewing machine is killer with the roses on it. But I might have to design my own - if the designer site were in English so I could understand what to do.

  39. Amazing machine.
    I am a Wannabe Quilter and follower of Jane and my sponsor is Amy at Diary of a Quilter.
    Brilliant tutorial, I will definitely be printing it out -thanks.

  40. I am a follower of Jane already, and I just signed up for the Bernina newsletter. I am a Wantobe Quilter and Jane is my sponsor. Thank you!

  41. hi Im a follower of Janes Fabrics and love her site Im a wanna be quilter and love this 9 block going to try this thank you have a great weekend and be safe

  42. What a useful block - I had no idea it could be so versatile!

    I have heard such great things about Bernina! Thanks for the chance to win one. I am a wantobe and my sponsor is A Stitch in Time.

    I am already a follower of Jane and I have subscribed to Bernina's newsletter!

  43. I am following Jane and signed up for the Bernina newsletter. My sponsor is Jennifer at That Girl...That Quilt.

    Thanks for the chance!

  44. Good Morning, Madame Samm!! I was already following Jane!! I'm here with Freda at The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe! I wantowin that Bernina!!! Choose a skin??? WOW!!! That's just SEW COOL!!! (pick me! pick me!! please please please!!! pick me!!! See me?? My hand is up and I'm waving it and I'm lookin like I'm gonna pee my pants!!)

    I also got my Ghastlies ordered. I REALLY want to get the Ghastlies Cat...... I might talk myself into that one yet!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!

    oooo oooooo Pick me!!!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  45. Oooooooooo! I want it!,
    I'm a Wantobe and my sponsor is Jennifer at Ellison Ln.

  46. Oh.... Madamme Samm....

    I'm a WantoBe Quilter, follower, Amy at Diary of A Quilter is sponsor. LOVE Jane's 9 squares, follower there too now.

    Thanks for the chance....

    Have a happy Labor Day Weekend,

  47. Wow, wow, and wow! Thanks to all from this Wantobe quilter!!
    I now follow Jane and follow here and signed up for the news letter.
    My sponsor is Amy @ Diary of a Quilter.
    Thanks to Jane for spotlighting the 9 patch. I'm attempting a disapearing 9 patch myself.

  48. I never thought of nine-patches as being so versatile! Thanks for showing so many "styles" or "feels" of them. (What do you actually call them?)

  49. Thanks Jane. I love the 9-patch as well. I'm signing in for my daughter, Jennifer, the wantobe. We are coming through Tonya @ Hillbilly Handiworks.

    I've been a follower of Jane and this blog for awhile now and just signed up for the Bernina newsletters (my daughter does not have a blog as of yet and email is for school).

    Thank you Madam Samm for another opportunity for those of us trying to teach quilting to get our "wantobe's" excited.


  50. Great job explaining the nine-patch Jane. It truly is a great block for Wantobe quilters! Thanks to the wonderful sponsors!

  51. Happy Friday, Madame Samm! I love the nine patch tutorial and plan to jump in and try it soon. I am a follower of yours and of Jane's Fabrics and Quilts - she's actually my sponsor!

    Your giveaway today is AMAZING!!! What a beautiful machine - very generous! I have signed up for the Bernina newsletter and look forward to hearing the latest. Your props are beautiful - daisys are my favorite and Will's are exceptionally refreshing!

    Thank you for all your dedication to this campaign and the hard work of yours and your vendors and guests. Thank you!

  52. I'm following and my sponsor, Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts, and I would love to win! Thanks.

  53. I'm already a quilter, and always get such wonderful information from every one of these. Thank you so much!

  54. I love looking at all the 9 patches! This giveaway is amazing! I would really like to be able to free motion quilt and my machine does not do quilting. I need to win! I am following Jane and bernina. My sponsor is diary of a quilter. Thanks again!

  55. I love Jane's tutorial. I myself have never made a nine patch. I have made a four patch. I love the fabrics she used, too. Orange is such a beautiful color. :D I would love to win this Bernina. Roses are one of my favorite colors, too. I am a wantobe with Gmama Jane from Grandmama's Stories. This machine would be an awesome addition to my home. Thanks Madame Samm!!!

  56. I am wearing a mask (a Wantabe Mask) trying to disguise myself as a Wantabe quilter. Is it working? OK well then good luck to all the wantabes. I am off to email my wantabes.

  57. Hi Madame Samm!
    I'm not eligible for today's giveaway, but I wanted to tell you how delightful your blog is. I look forward to it everyday!
    Jane, your blog is great, too! I LOVE your stitchery blocks, and the red and aqua fabric!!!
    But, let me give a shout - out for Debbie as Busy As Can Be...she's my sponsor when it's the day quilters can enter.
    THANK YOU for this lovely tutorial. I will be saving it for future use - definately 2012 or, uh, later! lol

  58. Hi, I'm a wantobe sponsored by quiltingbydawn.
    Thank you Jane for the wonderful tutorial. The quilts you shared are wonderful.I will enjoy following you.
    Thanks to the sponsors and Madame Samm
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  59. I'm a Wantobe following you through Deborah in Atlanta. I am now following Jane’s Fabric and Quilts! I love the 9-patch quilts on today’s post!! They are sew cute and versatile!! Amazing how the same basic block can look different from one quilt to the next. This machine is awesome, and like you, I love the rose skin. And thank you Madame Samm and also thanks to all the sponsors for all of the wonderful giveaways. I love your photos – you’re not only a wonderful quilter, you’re a wonderful photographer too.

  60. No need to enter me today, I just wanted to comment to express my love of the 9-patch. It is a simple block that can do so many amazing things! Beautiful quilts showcased today!!!

  61. Good morning, TGIF! I'm a wantobe quilter sponsored by Donna at CatsMeowTwo. Thanks, and have a fabulous weekend!

  62. Oh what a great opportunity ..to have this machine!!! I am a wantobe, and am sponsored by Sharon @ Vroomanquilts. I have signed up for the Bernia newsletter, and am now following Jane..(great tut by the way Jane, I enjoyed it very much!)The one time I actually tried to make a quilt...I used a similar..sloppy method, it wasn't pretty, and became a dog bed..lol! but, now that I know the proper way, I can try again. The rose skin is beautiful!! I would love this! Of course I am a follower here at Sew We Quilt!! What a great campaign!

  63. I wantobe........... a quilter
    I wantobe.......... a learner
    I wantobe........... a creator
    I wantobe .......... a sewing machine owner.
    I wantobe...........a Bernina owner!!!!!!

    already follow Jane, am sponsored by Amy @ A Quilting Sheep.

    thank you....... madame Samm
    Thank you ....... Bernina
    thank you......... Jane
    thank you........ Aurafil
    thank you.......... Will
    thank you......... my dear friend and sponsor, Amy, for getting me here.

    ok..... and SERIOUSLY!!! Monday?? we have to wait until MONDAY?? I mean, I know you're tired and all...... but Monday? ..... oops, ok...... back to grateful :) thank you for your encouragement for all of us wantobes.

  64. "I am a Wantobe Quilter" My Sponsor is Michelle@theraspberryrabbits

    Thank~You Jane for showing us how to make this Block. I am following your Blog and left you a comment.

    I Sew want to Win this Sewing Machine and the Roses Skin!

    Thanks Berina for a chance to win thus perfect machine, I signed up for your Newsletter!!

    Thanks Madame Sam for this wonderful Guest I am a follower of Sew We Quilt.

    Thanks Again Jane, Bernia, Aurofil and Great Gerbers for the Beautiful Gerberas !!

    Most of all Thank~You Madame Samm for this Awesome Campaign!! Have a Wonderful Week!end!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  65. Thak you thank you ..I am a wantobe sponsored by sstitching by the lake. I am already a follower of Jane. I can do this and I will, cause now it is understood. I signed up for the Bernina news letter! Enjoy your weekend and your holiday. agnespat

  66. This is such a fantastic opportunity. I'm sponsored by Mary on lake pulaski, already am a follower of jane and have signed up for the newsletter. Thank you so much.

  67. I'm a wantobe, happily following Sew we Quilt and Jane's Fabrics(Congrats on your new Granddaughter!!) Lily pad quilting is my sponsor. Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  68. Oh man! What a dream machine, especially since I don't own one yet. I am a wantobe quilter and a follower of Jane of janes fabrics! And Jane is my wantobe sponsor, too! I also signed up for the newsletter at Bernina. What a fantastic opportunity! Fingers crossed! THANKS for the chance!

  69. Thanks for the great tutorial Jane! My sponsor is Marlene from Stitching by The Lake. I could only dream of wining this Machine Good LUCK to everyone
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch Joy~!

  70. OMG what a wonderful tutorial Jane and it sounds like so much fun. And wow to the lucky winner of this new bernina...Thanks to Jane, Madame Samm, Bernina and Aurifil for all your wonderful help and looking out for new quilters....Ahh roses they are my favorite....have a great day.

  71. I am a follower of Jane and just signed up for the Bernina newsletter. I heard Bernina's are some of the best, and I would love to own one. I am a wantobe quilter sponsored by Jane of Jane's fabrics. Thanks for all the giveaways!

  72. Amazing! I can't imagine winning this! I am sponsored by Diary of a Quilter. Thanks so much for the chance.

  73. Hi,
    My sponsor is Teresa - At willow tree pond.
    Love the rose pattern on the machine.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  74. Wow! Awesome give away! Great tutorial too! I'm a wantabe sent by marlene at stitchin by the lake

  75. Great tutorial Jane, (I'm following you now) and someday I will try it out...when I win this awesome Bernina! I signed on with them too.

    This is my dream machine! ~ not having a working machine, and even then it's not mine. And this one comes with lessons? WOW!!!

    I'm a wantobe quilter, sponsored by Freda @ the Adventures of the Empress of the Universe ~ what a great gal. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  76. coucou!
    I'm a follower of jane, here ans bernina by newsletter. My sponsor is Amy from a redeemed sheep.

    The machine is so nice with roses... and the quilt with vegetables.... very much!
    nice week end to you

  77. I am a wantobe quilter. I'm sponsored by Team Outnumbered Quilter. I just started following Jane and signed up for BERNINA's newsletter. Please enter me in to win the new sewing machine. Thank you!

  78. i'm already a follower of jane and madame samm-thanks! i'm a wantobe quilter sent by melissa at happy quilting. love that nine patch and would love to win win win this machine! thanks so much.

  79. io ci provo.... anche se le probabilità sono veramente poco ciao rosa.kreattiva

  80. What an adorable machine! :)

    I'm following Jane (and you!) and just signed up for the newsletter. My blog sponsor is Amy with Diary of a Quilter.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. WOW! Jane is simply amazing! All the creativity in a 9patch...Definitely a talented woman! Thank you! I am now her newest follower!

    Madame Samm what a fantastic giveaway! It comes with classes and the whole nine yards! That is to die for! :) I've signed up for the Bernina newsletter! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Nan, from Pots and Pins, is my sponsor... Who is quite and inspiration too! :)

  82. I'm a Wantobe who is following Jane and signed up with Berina. My sponsor is Sticks and Stones. SUCH an exciting giveaway!

    Loved the nine patch quilts. I'm in love with the red and white one. I like the different patterns - the double border, the blank square for quilting, the straight nine-patch. Thanks for an easy tutorial!

  83. Good morning all! I am a wantobe quilter, a follower here and now a follower of Jane. Which by the way congrats again on baby M! I dont know how you had time to do a tutorial on the 9 patch but thank you, its a wonderful tutorial. I signed up for the Bernina newsletter because I feel the more info I can get, the better off I will be. I also can't believe today's giveaway, my gosh, thank you Bernina! I just want to wish good luck to everybody and thank you Madame Samm!

    Elayne on team Angela@sfquilts!

  84. Hi,

    My name is Joanne Holmes Boustead from Toronto, Ontario, and I'm a wantobequilter with Jane's Fabrics. I was given an ancient machine with a knee pedal (that's how old it is), that scares me so much that I haven't attempted to use it. I would love to win this machine and get over my fear of learning to sew, so that I can become a quilter. thanks for organizing these giveaways.

  85. This would be awesome! I love Quilt Taffy! I also love following new blogs. Thank you for doing this!

  86. I just love all the new sewing blogs! I am following Jane, I signed up for Bernina's newsletter (and their online mag!). I am sponsored by Amy @ Diary of a Quilter.

  87. This is amazing. I am following Jane. I like how the nine patch can look so different depending on the color placement.
    My sponser is Amy from Diary of a Quilter.

  88. Wow Bernina! you guys are fabulous!! I signed up for the newsletter & am following Jane & here of course!
    I'd love to sew me up some 9 patches!
    I'm sponsored by Amy @ diary of a quilter! Good luck everyone on this great prize!

  89. Wow I would need CPR if I won. I'm a wanna be sponsored be Sallie's Sampler. I love all the nine Patch quilts. Thanks

  90. I am following and have signed up for Bernina's Newsletter! My sponsor is Barbara Gaddy at bejeweledquitsbybard! So excited about getting started with quilting!

  91. Just wanted to let you know how much I love the 9 patches also. They make such a beautiful quilt and look so different with sashings and different fabrics.

  92. I'm a wantobe and I didn't have to go follow a new blog today because she's my sponsor. I love the 9 patch quilts with the white around it. I love Jane's blog too it always makes me smile.

  93. A wantobe quilter whose host blog is Shell @ raspberryrabbits. I follow Jane's blog and love her tutorials and her creativity.Thank you Jane for the beautiful eye candy this morning. I follow Sew WE Quilt and just signed up to get Bernina's newsletter.
    Best of luck to all.

  94. I'm a want to be signed up through Diary of a Quilter. I already subscribe to Jane's blog, and I signed up for the Bernina newsletter. I definitely want to try my hand at a nine patch quilt. These are beautiful!

  95. Wow! What an awesome prize! Love the rose skin, too. I followed Jane's blog and signed up for the Bernina newsletter. Crossing my fingers that I win! :)

    Oh, and my sponsor is Amy @ Diary of a Quilter!

  96. Thanks Jane. I too have a love for the 9 patch as it was the first I ever did, and that one was sewn by hand and every square individually cut. I'm still a newbie though.
    What a wonderful machine this is. It would be like going to sewing heaven.
    My sponser is Deonn Stott and we would both love to win.
    Thanks for sponsering the contest Madam Samm.

  97. I am a wantobe quilter signed up with The Raspberry Rabbits. I am a new follower of Jane and now subscribe to the Bernina newsletter. I have been following here for a while. What a wonderful prize, I love the rose cover. Thanks to Jane for the Nine Patch tutorial.

  98. I'm a wantobe quilter...my sponsor is Kelly @ IHAN. I follow Jane's blog (enjoyed her post and congrats on her new grandbaby!!!) and I'm signed up for the Bernina newsletter. What an amazing prize...good luck to all!!!

  99. Thanks Jane for the great tutorial. Am a follower of your blog now.
    Madame please add my name and Sew Much Beauty (my sponsor) to the giveaway. Wow a sewing machine.

  100. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. I am a follower, and signed up for the newsletter.

    Sponsored by Maryann @ Rocknquilts.
    thebarefoottailor at gmail dot com

  101. What a great chance to win a sewing machine. I really hope I do win so I can get started on my first quilt.

    I'm following both you and Jane. I also signed up for the newsletter. QuiltnQueen is my sponser.

    Fingers and toes crossed that I win :D

  102. Jane! Your tutorial makes a beautiful block look do-able for Wantabes ... thank you so much for sharing such great work! Love your blog and follow it :) Congratulations Grandma!! We're headed over to Bernina now to sign-up and our hostess for this campaign is Wendy of Why-Knot-Kwilt. Thank you Ladies!!

  103. wow! i am a wantobe and my sponsor is Diary of a Quilter. i signed up for bernina's newsletter and i am following jane. thanks!

  104. Great post! Great Give! A Bernina with ROSES! Holy Cow! I want one! That is just too, too much! Way to go Samm, another zinger! xo, Nan

  105. Roses for my anniversary. How sweet!

    I am following Jane, signed up for the newsletter, and Amy @ Diary of a Quilter is my sponsor!

    As always, thanks for organizing fun posts and amazing giveaways to boot!

  106. Want to be Quilter, sponsored by Kelly at IHAN.

    Definately a follower here.

    Off to become a follower of Jane and Bernina.

    Love the Gerberas. Actuall, all the photos have been lovely and scrumptious.

    Thank you to you and the sponsors. Their generosity is inspirational, too.

  107. I am a wantobe registered with Melissa @ Happy Quilting. I now follow Jane and have subscribed to Bernina newsletter. I follow you here on Sew WE Quilt, of course.

    Thank you for all your hard work in putting this campaign together Madame Samm.

    I love the color red and this machine looks awesome.

    Nancy Rognholt

  108. Wow! I'm all excited about the Bernina give-away and I'm not even eligible! *lol*

    I am, however, rooting for my Wantobe Quilters!

    Wooo hooo!

  109. Wow what a fun blog!!

    I would love to be entered into this drawing! I have asked Adriane from Adriane Quilts to be my sponser :D

    I have become a follower of Jane (cool blog too) and I have signed up for the Bernina newsletters.

    Thanks for the chance!

  110. i follow your blog, now Jane's Blog and signed up for the Bernina newsletter!

    My sponsor is Jeni of In Color Order!
    I'm a Wantobe for usre haha. my machine is a very old manual Kenmore.


  111. I am a wantobe - sponsor Marlene - Stitching by the Lake
    I follow Janes blog and SM and signed up for the newsletter! Love love the Roses and thank you to everyone! Love the 9 patch tutorial!

  112. What an awesome prize! Pick me!!!!!!!!!!! Bernina ROCKS! I love that vintage nine-patch quilt shown especially, and thank you for the instructions. My sponsor is Diane of Lavender Dreamer. Oh, yes, I I signed up as a follower to Jane's blog and I am on Bernina's e-mail list!

  113. Wow,

    All the giveaways are always so lovely. But mad props and thanks to Bernina for such a awesome giveaway. Really enjoyed the tutorial too. lots of neat tips. Thank you so much Jane.

    I am now following Jane as well as here, and signed up for the monthly newsletter. My sponsor is Nan@pots and pins and I'm a wantobe quilter.
    One for Team Nan!

    Anyhow. Thanks again to the donation, the tutorial, and Madam.

  114. I enjoyed and joined Linda's blog. I really enjoyed reading about the 9 patch quilt block, It is an easy quilt to make when you need a quilt in a hurry.

  115. I'm a wantobe quilter. I love the fruit and veggie quilt! My dream quilt is of the beachy kind...someday.

    My sponsor is Diane of Lavender Dreamer! I would love to win this for US. I know she would be just as thrilled for me as I would be!

    I'm a follower of Jane, too...and signed up for the Bernina Newsletter!

  116. OMGolly! A rose skin on that sewing machine. My sponsor is Diane @ Lavender Dreams, she's a peach of a gal. I signed up to follow Jane, too. Love the tutorial fabrics.


    Have a beautiful holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~

  117. I am signed up with lilypad quilting. I already follow Jane & of course Stash Manicure! And I am now signed up for the Bernina's newsletter.

    I would LOVE to win this machine! I would be SOOOO excited!!!!

  118. Wow Mdm Samm. What an awesome prize for anyone to win. I'm a follower of Jane, emails from Bernina, and a follower here.
    I'm sponsored by the amazing Jacque aka Snoodles@LilypadQuilting.

  119. I can't begin to tell you how timely this give is to me. Don't have a working sewing machine at this time. My last one is dead on it's feet and have been trying to talk my husband into buying one of a lesser value so I can begin quilting. However last night I order a pattern and material to make a quilt that was a great deal from the Missouri Quilt Shop. Had no idea that a sewing machine was the prize today. I wish you had more than one to give but hope springs eternal for you today.

    I am a wantobe sponsored by Jane's Fabric and Quilt, a follower of yours and Jane's blog and have signed up for the newsletter from Bernina.

    Another side not to Madame Samm ordering some Ghastly to make the bags from yesterday for Christmas presents. Love that material!

  120. I am a wanttobe and I NEED this machine. Jane you are my sponsor. I have signed up for the Bernina newsletter.

  121. Wow! What a giveaway! I really liked the tut from Jane. I have been wanting to make a 9 patch quilt.
    This sewing machine looks awesome!
    I am following Jane's blog, and have signed up for the monthly newsletter at Bernina. I, of course, am a follower of this blog as well as Amy over at Diary of a Quilter.

  122. Oh my goodness!! Such cute simple quilt patterns! I'm in love.. I'm already dreaming of the darling quilts I could make! Although with all these amazing posts, my to-do list is a mile and a half long! :) I'd sure love to win this snazzy sewing machine though! LOL Jane is my awesome sponsor so of course I've been stalking her blog as well as well as yours. Thank you Samm and Jane for all of your awesomeness!

  123. Awesome giveaway! This tutee makes a 9 patch quilt seem so easy. I have got to try it out, when Istart to quilt. I would love to win this machine, I promise to give it loving tender care :)

    I'm following jane, signed up for newsletter and of course your follower. I'm a wantobequilter from tam amy @ dairy of a quilter.

  124. Oh... PS I signed up for the newsletter as well.
    Ok I'm done now. :)

  125. Wow! I so hope I win this! I signed up to follow Jen and I already follow your blog. I get the Bernina newsletter already (on my yahoo account same name). I'm a wantobe quilter sent by lilypadquilting. I will keep my fingers crossed....

  126. Hallo
    I'm a follower of you, of Jane, of Confessions of a fabraholic and I subscribe the Bernina newsletter so the only thing missing is my brandnew Bernina!

  127. Oh and of course I'm a wantobe quilter without any knowledge whatever!

  128. WOOHOO....So proud that my sponsor (Jane) is today's Guest. Love the tutorial. I think I could actually do a 9 patch. If I only had a sewing maching....(sigh). Wait..I got an idea....I could win this one! Please, please, please! Thank you Madame Samm and Jane for today's post. Happy Friday to all! Much love to you both! Amy

  129. Jane, Bernina, Aurifil--THANK YOU ALL!
    I would love to win the beautiful ROSEY machine!!

    I follow Stash Manicure, Quilt Taffy, Jillilly, and more!! (Do you feel like you are being followed...haha!

    Judi Wright

  130. Hallo
    I'm a wantobe quilter without a sewing machine, so I signed up as a follower of Janes blog and of Confessions of a fabraholic as well asordered the Bernina newsletter.
    Please, please let me win!

  131. Great tutorial, fantastic prizes
    Put my name in the hat please.
    Done all that you asked.
    Happy Labor Day weekend to all.

  132. Wow, I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a machine like this. My Mom's machine that stopped working a few months ago is dead - needs all plastic gears replaced and who knows what else. Not worth it.

    I am a wantobe sponsored by Mary on Lake Pulaski. PLEASE PLEASE pick me. I now follow Jane - CUTE Blog, will get the Bernina newsletter, and have had a wonderful time following Sew We Quilt. Madame Samm, you are the greatest!!

  133. I go to the darling quilt shop in a small town (13 miles from home), on days when I'm feeling down. I take my camera and spend HOURS in there. The beauty of the fabrics and display products often bring me to tears. So many are gifted with the ability and knowledge to create gorgeous quilts. I've even "played" with the Bernina's in their back room! The women know me and take time to show me all of the things you can do on this awesome machine. There are so many different Bernina machines and I would be Blessed to own one!

    I'm a Wantobe Quilter and Paul at Outnumbered Quilter is my sponsor. I follow Sew WE Quilt and now I'm following Jane's blog. I also signed up for the Bernina Newsletter.

    Have a wonder-filled Weekend, ALL! Hugs ~ Jo

  134. Just moved into my dorm room and I still have room on my desk. ;) I am a wantobe quilter sponsored by Quilt Taffy. Thank you so much!!

  135. Happy Labor Day to all!

    I am a follower, did all that was asked. Please put my name in for the draw.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to try to for this beautiful Bernina.

    Thanks for the tutorials, they make it look easy and I am ready to try .... something (LOL).

    Glad to be here!! In fact, Amy from A quilting sheep is my sponsor and she is great!! She alerted me to the tutorial because she has faith in all her wantobes.

    Thanks to Madamme Samm for putting all this together and giving of her time.

    Hope I spelled everyone's name right I am on a tiny keyboard with tiny screen.....


  136. Wow! This is one I could sew on for years, and then pass on to my little granddaughter. They say a
    Bernina never wears out.

    I've signed up for their newsletter, I'm a follower here, and now a follower of Jane.

    Thanks so much.
    Lavender Dreams is my sponsor.

  137. Its Jess here. I hopefully have Jane @ Jane's Fabrics as my sponsor and I subscibe to this blog and hers as well. Registered wtih Bernina as well. WOuld love, love a new machine. My Mom's 1961 Dressmaker is on its last leg!

  138. Its Friday where I live.... forgot that.

  139. Wow. Sure glad I didn't forget to check in here today. Awesome tutorial on the 9Patch. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that.

    I am now following Janes' blog. I do read her blog quite often already but haven't ever clicked the button to actually 'follow' it but, I have done so now.

    I'm already signed up for the Bernina newsletter and also their Sewing Republic newsletter as well.

    And finally a HUGE thank you to Jane, Aurifil, and especially Bernina for such an amazing prize today. I would be thrilled to win that machine. I've seen that one a few times before and fall in love with it each time mostly because of the machine but the rose on there is just amazing and makes me smile. I adore roses and would love sitting in front of those sewing too.

    My sponsor is That Girl That Quilt.

  140. What an awesome machine!! And I would put the Rose Skin on to make my machine unique. I signed up for Bernina's newsletter. Of course I'm signed up with Jane as she's my wantobe quilter sponsor. :)

  141. High 9 back at you! :-) Add my name to the list of people saying "Wow! What a giveaway!" Fabulous tutorial. I saved it in my reader. (Hope that's ok) I just haven't decided whether I'm inspired by or somewhat embarrassed by Jane's daughter's quilt. Inspired by it's beauty; embarrassed (that's not quite the right word) that a >>15 year old<< has the skills to make something like that. :-) Thanks to you and your wonderful sponsors!! Of course, I'm following you and Jane and signed up for the newsletter. Linda at Stray Stitches is my sponsor. Thanks again!

  142. I follow Jane's blog as Stash Manicure. I also signed up for the Bernina Newsletter.
    I'm a wantobe and my sponsor is Amy from Diary of a Quilter.

  143. Hi Jane! I just love your post. I love nine patch blocks. They make such beautiful quilts. Awesome tutorial. Such an amazing giveaway for Wantobe quilters. Love it!!! Thanks to the wonderful sponsors. Hugs Ariane

  144. Thanks Jane for the great tutorial. Am a follower of your blog.
    I am already following Jane.
    Thanks Berina for a chance to win thus perfect machine.This is amazing.
    I signed up for Bernina's newsletter.
    The Gerbera background is lovely ;)

  145. thank for the tutorial. I will have to try that some day!. I am a wantobe quilter a new follower of janes and a follower of this site. I have signed up for the newsletter and sue @ quilt times is my sponsor!

  146. Can I just go back 10 years when I was a Wantobe quilter...Fabulous giveaway prize....there will be a very happy Wantobe tomorrow.....good luck to you all. Luv the 9 patch for it's versatility it a block you can do lots with. A big THANK YOU to Bernina, Aurifil, Jane and Samm for making the Wantobe Campaign the biggest hit in Blogland.

  147. I am a wantobe quilter! I'm registered with the lovely Jane. I also just signed up for the Bernina newsletter. What an awesome giveaway!!!


  148. How Exciting! What a great machine and I love the roses! Jane is my sponsor. I have signed up for Bernia's news letter! Thanks so much and Monday is my birthday so I have my fingers crossed for a special surprise for this Wanna Be Quilter! Happy Labor Day!


  149. HI! I am so excited about this giveaway! I need that machine! I am a wantobe quilter, and my sponsor is Melissa at Happy quilting, http://happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com/.

    I follow Jane's blog and I signed up for the Bernina newsletter!

    I hope I win!

  150. Hi there Jane and Samm! Great post and tutorial Jane! If I had no clue how to make a nine patch or even what it was... I would hope someone would tell me about this fabulous post. And for those of us that do know... this post is certainly full of inspiration... enough that I want to go start a 9 patch quilt! Thanks so much!!!

  151. My name's Kim and I want this lovely Bernina to be mine! My sponsor is Amy at Diary of a Quilter (and I know she wants to win too, so pick us please), I followed Jane and I signed up with Bernina. I already follow you, Mme. Samm, and I have to say, this giveaway makes my heart sing! Thank you to you and everyone who is involved in your giveaways! P.S. I am a Want to Be Quilter. :)

  152. Ohhh I would love to win a sewing machine. I don't own one yet but really want to start sewing and quilting. I am a follower at Jane's and confirmed subscription of Bernina's e-news. My sponsor is Sallie @ Sallie's Sampler - and I know she would love to win too. Thanks to all Madame Samm, Bernina and Jane!

  153. Wantobe Quilter here! I signed up for the newsletter AND now follow Jane's blog (love her music by the way...) Melissa from Happy Quilting is my sponsor. Can't wait to "smell the roses" with this prize. let me know tomorrow!

  154. I' a wantobe quilter who is really excited to try the nine patch! I have found that I love working with strips! I am now following Jane's blog and have subscribed to bernina's news letter! I am sponsored by Marcia's Crafty Sewing and I can't wait to win this awesome machine! Thank you Madame Sam for this awesome campaign! I'm learning sooo much!

  155. Oh my gosh! What an amazing prize. I want to win this sew badly! Fingers crossed! I follow Jane, follow Madame Samm, and signed up for the Bernina newsletter. Sew please please please pick me! Snoodles sent me from Lilypad Quilting.

    Cheerio! Jennyroo
    jlwhite (at) sasktel (dot) net

  156. I'm a wantobe sponsored by amy@diary of a quilter. I already follow Jane, and here of course! Signed up at Bernina, too. Thanks for all the great guests, information, and giveaways!

  157. Wow! what a wonderful prize. My mom has had her Bernina machine for over 50 years as my dad gave it to her for their first Christmas. It would be lovely to have one as well. Thanks for the chance.

    Congatulations to Jane on the birth of her second grandchild. I am subscribed to her blog and look forward to the "no-pattern" focus. My sponsor for this "want-to-be's" giveaway is Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter.
    Merci Mdm Samm & bonne chance!

  158. WOW what a wonderful prize. Congrats to Jane on the birth of the second grandbaby. Girls are so much fun. I am a follower of her blog and also am getting the newsletter from Bernina. My sponsor is Kathy from It's Only Natural. Please pick me to win this wonderful sewing machine.

  159. I'm a wantobe quilter, Jane that was a wonderful tutorial on the 9 patch! Jane's Fabrics and Quilts is my sponsor, I'm heading over right now to sign up for Bernina's newsletter!! Thank you Madame Samm for this fantastic give away!

  160. Just wanted to stop in and tell Jane I loved your post! Nine patches are fun! Thanks!

  161. This post was very helpful - thanks! I am now a follower of Jane and signed up for Bernina newsletter. I would of course just love to win! My sponsor is Clover & Violet

  162. Hi:) I am a follower of Jane's (congrats on the new grandbaby :)) and I signed up for the Bernina newsletter... I am a Wanttobe and my sponsor is A Stitch in Time :)

  163. I'm here via Amy @ Diary of a Quilter, and I'm actually already a WANTOBE follower of Jane's :-D Having my own sewing machine would be awesome! I could give back my Mom's ;-)

  164. I am now a follower of Jane. I think of the nine-patch as a simple pattern but my, oh my, what lovely quilts it makes. I was impressed with the Suture for a Living quilt; had to really look to see the nine-patch in it.
    I also signed up for the Newsletter from Bernina.
    Nan at Pots and Pins is my sponsor.
    Hi, Madame Samm. Have a wonderful (restful) and fun weekend.

  165. Wow! I've been dreaming about a Bernina and hinting like crazy to my husband! I am a follower of Jane's blog and signed up for the newsletter. My sponsor is Jennie from Clover and Violet.

  166. Great tutorial Jane! And I loved your color choices. :) blessings, marlene

  167. I just can't get you off my mind! LOL It was one long day at work, the kind of day you want to come home and unwind by creating something beautiful out of fabric and thread, but alas, there is no sewing machine.
    Oh, how I would love to have this one as it comes with lessons as well to teach me tips for my wantobe hobby. :)

  168. I am a wantobe quilter and I follow Wendy from Why-knot-kwilt. Loved today's tutorial, shure would be nice to work with this tutorial on a Bernina maching As it stands right nw the best I could do with this tutorial is sew everything by hand...Well maybe luck will come my way..

  169. Hello!! I want to win this machine! Im so excited to make my first quilt! My name is Jennifer Zachanowich and my sponsor is Happy Quilting.

  170. I signed up at Bernina, Jane, and my sponsor is Happy Quilting.

    BTW, I love Aurifil threads.

    Hope I did all the requisite steps...

  171. Wantobe 12yr old likes the thought of her own machine and she loves buttons and computerised things. Lol, that rose skin isn't available scented is it??
    Already follow both blogs.

  172. I am a WantoBe Quilter signed up with May@Fabraholic

    I am already following Jane & Stash Manicure.

    I signed up for Bernina's newsletter.

    A big THANK YOU to Bernina, Aurifil, Jane and Samm. This Wantobe Campaign sure is the biggest project I have come across. Thanks again.

  173. I'm one of those want to be a quilter for sure. My sponsor is Katherine from Sew Me Something Good blog.

    Holding my breath...............


  174. Oh what a great tutorial! I follow Jane and signed up for the newsletter!!! Ariane's my sponsor @ Ariane Quilts!! Thanks for the chance!! I'm a Wantobe quilter!

    Adelian aka Brittany

  175. I am now following Jane, and subscribed to the newsletter. I am a want to be quilter sponsered by lily pad quilting. What a great prize! You have found wonderful sponsers through out this whole giveaway thank you so much!

  176. Kathleen in FloridaSeptember 2, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    Thank you Jane for this 9 patch lesson. I like all the quilts you showed us today. I would love to win a machine. I don't have one. and the roses I like very much. Thank you for this incredible opportunity
    Kdonegan2 at aol dot com

  177. SQUEEEEEELLLL!!! This is what I need more than anything else! I've just started making a couple of quilt tops but can only pick patterns that don't require matching seams, which is frustratingly limiting. And forget machine quilting. What a treasure this would be to win.

    Now for the technical stuff. I'm a wannabe with team Lily Pad Quilting and I follow here and at Jane's and I subscribed to the Bernina newsletter. And I really, REALLY, want a sewing machine! I'm crossing everything that crosses.

  178. I'm a new follower to Jane and Bernina newsletter. I'm a Wantobe follower by way of Diary of a Quilter. I have a Janome but would love to have Bernina!!

  179. WOW What a wonderful prize for a Wannabe Quilter. Woohooo!

    Jane, loved your tutorial and LOVE your 9 patch quilts. I love 9 patches, too. Thank you for sharing with us!

  180. Oh my goodness what an amazing giveaway!! I can't imagine how lucky someone must be to win this!!

    I am following Jane's blog, I have signed up for the Bernina newsletter, I follow Amy's Creative Side (who would love to win the sponsor gift).

    Thank you again for such a great series of giveaways!

  181. I love this tut! It would be a perfect quilt for me to try first! I just need a sewing machine to get going!! :)

    Shell from the Raspberry Rabbits is my sponsor. I'm sure she'd love the thread! Thank you!

  182. What a beautiful machine... thanks for more terrific sewing and crafting inspiration
    Sara (wantobe and KD of KD quilts is my sponsor)

  183. Wantobe Quilter Mosaic Magpie here! Madame Samm, what a wonderful prize. I have friends with Bernina Sewing Machines and they love them! I could only dream of having such a nice sewing machine. Today's tutorial was great and the colors! The colors alone get us excited to try a 9 patch. There is a Bernina Sewing Shop in a city near me, how exciting to walk out with this machine and knowing how to actualy use it! I have never had lessons on how to use a machine. Jane has a great looking blog and so many followers, I am one now too! Congratulations on that precious new baby in the family Jane!
    The Bernina newsletter looks like it will have lots of information!
    Diane from Lavender Dreams is my sponsor! Thank you again for the chance to win a dream come true!

  184. (Let's try this again- last time I posted I didn't exist in the Googleverse!)

    Love, Love this tutorial. As a newbie quilter, tutorials like these make me very happy indeed.

    Love the Bernina, too. I'd be honored to own one as it would put the cheap piece of plastic masquerading as a sewing machine that I currently use to shame.

    Good luck to everyone!


  185. I hope I'm in time to enter this fantastic giveaway - it's nearly 8pm here in US Eastern time, but I know it's already tomorrow back in Europe... I have no idea what area Madame Sam is located in!

    But I signed up to follow Jane at after work, and I finally got a way to enter the Captcha to sign up for the newsletter (not a very accessible site having no audio version of the captcha, boo hiss!)...

    You've no idea how useful the sewing machine lesson would be, and the snazzy machine goes without saying :) what an awesome prize, as have been all the giveaways!!

    Giles (Touch And Sew / touchandsew.blogspot.com)

  186. THANK YOU Jane, Bernina, Aurifil & Madame Samm - I can't believe this could possibly get better !!!!- I love the color red and this machine looks awesome.I am a wantobe quilter . My sponsors is katusya04@gmail.com

  187. nice tut and more than nice give away..happy labor day week end.

  188. Thanks for the giveaway! I would soooo love a Bernina! I am registered w/ Ellison Lane Quilts

  189. Thank you sew much for all the great tutorials!

  190. Just started following Jane, and signed up with bernina. I am from Amy @ diary of a quilter. It will be interesting to find out more about Berninas. I'm a Singer owner, and it might be time soon to invest in a new machine soon...or maybe I'm just itching for a newer toy to learn, mine is from the eighties!

  191. Following Jane (how sweet that she has a new grandbaby, so much love AND sewing to be had for her), I've signed up and confirmed my subscription to the Bernina newsletter, following Madam Samm AND my sponsor is Lily Pad Quilting. Many heartfelt thanks for everyone pulling off such an amazing chance and opportunity to win so many wonderful prizes!

  192. Hello,

    I am a Wantobe Quilter and am sponsored by Kdquilts. I am also a follower of Jane's. I love the Rose skin for the Bernina and look forward to receiving their monthly newsletters. Good luck to everyone!

    Blessings from the NW

  193. OMG it just get better and better. I have joined Janes' website and signed up for the news letter. This is truly an experience..... Great guest and wow what a prize for today!
    wantobe quilter
    CJ in NC w/ Shadetree Quilting

  194. Such a great day! I joined Jane's website and look forward to receiving the newsletter.

    I am MaLisa Johnson a wantobe quilter from Shadetree Quilting!

  195. I am just joining and I would love to be one of your "wantobe quilter". Kathys Cottage is my sponser.. signed up at Janes and Berninas.

  196. I am already a follower of Jane's, and here of course too!
    Just signed up for the Bernina newsletter.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  197. Hello and excited I am to see this blog, My best friend told me to come and play along and learn a lot from you quilters. I would like very much to learn to quilt. I guess a machine would be nice to begin. Thank you Jane for your presentation, I enjoyed seeing how easy its to do. Nicole
    nicbrun @ gmail.com

  198. Suscribe to Bernina, check. Follower of everyone, Check.
    Sponsor, QUILT TAFFY.....check check....Loving' every minute...CHeck check check. Love it!!!

  199. I follow you and jane and i signed up for the giveaway!!
    I'm sponsored by Diary of a Quilter!

    Thank you! Hope I win!

  200. Wow, a Bernina! That would be amazing! Someone is going to be blessed beyond measure! I hope it's me. :) I'm following Jane's blog and this blog. I signed up for the Bernina newsletter. I'm also a wantobe sponsored by Lily Pad Quilting. Thanks!


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...