Thursday, September 29, 2011

#43 Winner(s) of Veranda Amanda Murphy

Yes you did both of you..

Summerfield Quilts
( both sent emails.
take a peek)

click on image to see it closer..

Giveaway is for our Wantobes...

A roll up and a 10 Square from Veranda ( check out her collection)
Amanda Murphys collection.. will be for our Wantobe
And the roll up for the Blog Sponsor...
OHHH think about the colorful quilt you could make with this...

Big Thanks goes out to Karen,
Robert Kaufman..and YOU for being
here day after day and encouraging our 
wonderful guests and sponsors.
YOU are king, you are smart and you are IMPORTANT to us!


  1. Congratulations & Thank you to the sponsors !!!

  2. Congratulations to the Winners!! Such a beautiful & inspiring Collection!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  3. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the sponsors

  4. very nice fabric. congrats to winners!

  5. Congratulations to our wantobe quilter and her sponsor! Fabulous fabrics!

    A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors... so generous!

  6. Holy smokes thank you all so much! I still can't believe I won! I just wanted to say thank you to my sponsor Angie with Summerfield quilts, Karen (fabulous tutorial), Madame Samm (our fearless leader) and Robert Kaufman. I also wanted to wish all my other Wantobe Quilter friends happy learning and good luck!

  7. beautiful gifts. Congrats to all

  8. Congratulations winners! Such pretty fabric! I love the "Academy Award" type speeches we give when we win something! It does feel like that big a deal, doesn't it?!

  9. Congratulations Elayne. I'm so excited for you (and me too). Thank you to the sponsors and the amazing Madame Samm.

  10. Congratulations! A wonderful win! Whatwonderful sponsors you have here Madame Samm! Thanks to you all!


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