Friday, September 23, 2011

#40 Guess Shell with a Friendship star and giveaway of Civil War Journals Collection

Well hi there! I'm Shell from The Raspberry Rabbits and it's soooooooooo nice to be back visiting with you during this fun event! Thanks so much, Madame Samm, for inviting me and for all the incredible work you have done! I must say, that I sure would have liked a campaign such as this when I started quilting in 1989. What fabulous prizes and what wonderful tutorials from all the guests! Woo hoo!

So as I started thinking about my tutorial for you, two ideas came to mind. I hopped over and asked Samm for her opinion and she agreed that the Friendship Star would be perfect and lots of fun!

I believe everyone is a star with their own light to shine! The Friendship Star block reminds me that we are all brought together by a common love of quilting. In the twenty two years I have been a quilter, I have learned that together quilters light up the world with love, kindness, creativity and their light shines in every quilt they make.

Now thanks to the magic of the internet and blogging, we are are all brought even closer together like one giant quilting guild! Isn't that just the coolest? I decided to teach you not just one block, but to make a  project with the Friendship Stars entwined!

So let's get hopp'in!

Ok, so first you will need some fabric! The three fabrics on the left are for my stars. The black is for my tiny inner border and binding and the two fabrics on the right are for my outer border. 1/8" yard of each is plenty. A fat quarter (18" x 22") for the back and a 13" x 21" piece of batting is perfect. The finished size of this project is 12" x 20".

Using your rotary cutter and mat, cut (6) 2 7/8squares from your black fabric and (3) 2 1/2" squares. I normally cut a 2 7/8" strip first, cut my six squares and then just trim three squares down to 2 1/2".
Next, you will need (12) 2 7/8" squares from your green fabric.
And (6) 2 7/8" squares from your cream fabric.
Now using a ruler and a pencil, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of all your green squares. You don't have to make it too dark, just so you can see it.
Next place a green square and a black 2 7/8" square right sides together.
Stitch the squares together 1/4" away from the pencil line. My machine has a 1/4" foot, so it's easy.
You will do the same thing with your 2 7/8" cream squares.
I like working in an assembly line, so I just keep feeding them through one behind the other.
Once you have finished stitching down one side of all your squares, turn them around and stitch 1/4" away from the pencil line on the other side. All seams will be 1/4" in this project.
When you are finished stitching, cut them apart on the pencil line. (yes, I use bunny scissors and I carry them in my shop. I'm a crazy bunny lady after all! hee,hee,hee) You have now easily created two half square triangle pieces. Sweet!

Press all your seams towards the green fabric. Trim all the bunny ears off the corners.
"Hey! Whatcha mean trim bunny ears?"
Ooops sorry Harrington and Hannah! Mama means the fabric ears, not the assistant's ears. Oye...
Lay the squares out like this to create the star block.
Now with right sides together and using 1/4" seam, stitch these squares together.

Next sew the remaining squares together.  You will now have three rows.
Press the top row seams in.
Press the middle row seams out and the bottom row seams in.
Now sew your rows together matching up the seams. Voila', you now have a Friendship Star block! Yippee!
Make two more Friendship Star blocks and sew the three of them together. Note: you can also make all your blocks at the same time using the assembly line method. That's what I normally do.
Alrighty then. Let's add the inner border. Sew a 1 1/2" x 18 1/2" black strip to each side of the star set.

Then sew a 1 1/2" x 8 1/2" black strip to the top and bottom. Press all seams towards the black fabric.
Now from your border fabrics, cut a 2 1/2" strip (selvage edge to selvage edge) from each color.

With right sides together, stitch the strips down the long edge. Now cut this strip into (16) 2 1/2" segments. (Note, I don't press them open yet. I find it much easier to cut them into the segments first and then press.)

Next sew 5 segments together for the sides and 3 segments together for the top and bottom. Sew the sides on first. Note the color placement as you sew your borders on.
Well now, all you have left to do is layer your backing and batting with this top, quilt it as you like and apply the binding! Yippee! Happy Bunny Dance!
You now have a 12" x 20" Friendship Star tablerunner! I'm using mine on my coffee table and I'm making some as gifts for friends.

Thanks so much for spending time with me today! I hope you enjoyed this project. The bunnies and I would love a visit from you so hop over to our blog anytime. And remember, you are a Star so let your light Shine!

Hugs and Friends always,

Editors Note:
You are such a star, sew this is very befitting
today. Sew love the colors that you chose
to make your table runner and in honor of your
beautiful tut....I chose something to coordinate....
and Harrington and Hannah..thanks for hopping
on over with us....x

Giveaway today is for our Wantobes
this lovely brand new
collection called
by Marcus  Brothers..
( it is not on the market until
November..but we have some for YOU)
1 yard cuts of each collection here
 and matching Presencia
threads from Colonial Needle...
if you need threads now...
 Jane's Fabrics
has some...

                                      Civil War Journals ( not yet available till NOV 2011)

                          And your Blog sponsor will
 win 5  ( 1/2 yard cuts ) 

Would you like this?
Please hop over to Shell's and be 
her new follower.
Be one here too....
and that's it...
( have a hopping good time
this weekend)

Big thanks goes out to Shell, and Marcus Fabrics, Colonial Needle
and Great Gerberas.. and YOU for being
generous with your notes to our delightful
guests and we are reminded time and time
again..YOU are kind, You are smart
and YOU are important to all of US!


  1. What a wonderful tutorial! You have a great 'eye' for color and what looks good together.(something I lack)I love that it is a 'friendship star'... I am already a follower of Shell @ The Raspberry Rabbit and of course here with you Madame Samm! I can not begin express how much I have enjoyed all of your guests and all I have learned...especially since I will be able to come back and re-read my favorites! I am a wantobe quilter, Wendy @ Why Knot Kwilt is my sponsor. Thanks as well to your wonderful sponsors!

  2. ooo, i like..... stars, they look fancy.

    ooo, i like.... that I think maybe I could do those stars

    ooo, i like .... that fabric being offered!!

    ooo, i like .... that I found this wantobe marathon!!

    ooo, i like ..... adding more blogs to follow and learn from

    ooo, i like ..... that my friend, Amy @ A Quilting Sheep is also my sponsor

    ooo, i like ..... that I can add you and the sponsors to my list of friends and wonderful, generous people!

    ooo, i like..... having this chance to say.... thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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    Quilt On!

  17. "I am a Wantobe Quilter" and Yahoo! Shell@theraspberryrabbits is my sponsor!!

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    Happy Friday Madame Samm! I am a follower here too. Thank~You for another Fun filled week!!

    Thank~You Marcus Fabrics, I Love this Fabric!! Thank~You Colonial Needle and Great Gerberas, we Love you too!

    Have a Wonderful Week~end All!!

    Huggs, Nancy

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    What a wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much. This is one of my top 10 blocks that I really like the look of so having a great tutorial is wonderful.

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    I hopped right over to The Raspberry Rabbits and absolutely ADORED the wedding post! Possibly because Driver & I married only a couple years before, my wedding dress was very similar, Driver also paid for my dress, our wedding was put on by his sister (not quite pot-luck, but close!)outside on her deck, and we, too, didn't go on a honeymoon (because I had to go back to work on Monday). AND, funny thing - I had rabbits when we got married & we kept having rabbits for the next 15 years!! Now the only ones we have are out in the yard, but I still love 'em!

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    Thanks again for your commitment to sharing the art of quilting. My sponsor is Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter.


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    Beckie in Brentwood, TN


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