Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#31 winner ( s) for Ty Penningtons fabric collections and Presencia threads..


Our Wantobe winner is
Heather..yes you my dear

I thought choosing Ty Penningtons collection called
Water Flower would be a great choice to make Mark's Calypso
flower arrangement.  Free Spirit Fabrics 
sent along Ty's complete collection of these 3  lines..

 Gray, Chartruese, and Ice..
The winner will get 9 1/2 yard
bundles of this collection...

YOU blog Sponsor  won...

and your blog sponsor is 
Team Lily Pad...Jacque..

these Presencia Threads Finca #8 
and some of these Pebble needles from 
Colonial Needle sew you will be able to tackle
some stitching projects...YOU will love these needles
the only ones I ever use..! 
if you want some...

Big thanks goes out to Mark, Free Spirit Fabrics
Colonial Needle and Great Gerberas for my mini roses...
And YOU, for sharing this with 1 other person-
imagine the possibilities of another
quilting friend in your circle
of influence.


  1. Congrats Heather and Snoodles! Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations Heather and Jacque!!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  3. Congratulations to the winners ;)

  4. Congratulations ladies and thank you to all the wonderful sponsors.

  5. Congratulations to all! Thank you to the sponsors and to Madame Samm!!

  6. Congrats to both of the lucky winners!

  7. What? What? Oh my goodness! I am bouncing in my chair with delight! Ah, better get out of the chair and just happy dance --- the chair might not be able to take it! LOL
    Thank you, thank you to our dear Madame Samm, and to our fantastic sponsors! What an incredible start to my day!

  8. Congratulations to both of you. And Snoodles, be careful of that chair - we don't want you to get injured and not enjoy the winnings!

  9. Congrats Heather and Jacque!!! I am on Team Lilypad Quilting too, so maybe this will rub off LOL....

  10. When one sees an message in one's inbox from Madame Samm that says, "Take a peak ... ", one does not dilly dally!

    Lucky Jacque and me! Thanks, everyone, for being happy for us.

    I'm so thrilled and, like Jacque, doing a happy dance! Believe it or not, I have this exact fabric pinned to one of my pinterest boards as a possibility for a quilt project I want to undertake! How perfect is that?!! KIZMET, I say!

    Thanks so much, Madame Samm, Mark and all of the generous sponsors ... especially Free Spirit Fabrics and Colonial Needle who sponsored this particular giveaway!

    Now back to happy dancing ... and waiting by my mail box!

  11. Congrats Heather! Enjoy that happy dance. (I wonder if Mme could eventually post pictures of all the things the winners have made with their winnings? LOL)


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