Friday, September 9, 2011

#29 Winner of Free Spirit Fabric and the Beam N READ

YOU are our Friday winner...

 YOU have won...this delightful colorful collection from FREE SPIRIT..

If you love REDS and Whites and Roses this has it all...

and sew you can it even better how about this..

as well as your very own BEAM n READ
you can also order these from 
IHAN with Kelly...

This is my favourite NOTION this year
....I love to stitch
in the evening and even though I have enjoyed
my floor lamps..I always found I got over heated..
not because I was stitching sew fast lol
because of the heat from the bulbs..
not anymore....I have a BEAM N READ..
Biggest problem around here...is my husband always wants
to take it to bed with him...Ü
( not me the BEAM N READ) 

Big thanks goes out to JENI, Free Spirit, BEAM N READ
and YOU for making out guest bloggers sew darn welcomed...
Sew share this with 1 PERSON, just 1....they will thank you..
I will too ! 


  1. Congrats to Cheree and Kelly! Great prizes!

  2. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the sponsors for being so generous.

  3. Congrats to Cheree! I know you will love your prizes!

  4. congratulations Cheree! great prizes again, hope you are thrilled with your win.

  5. Congratulations Cheree! Cool stuff!

  6. Love those fabrics and crazy about polka dots. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  7. Congratulations Cheree, I know you will love your gifts.

  8. Congrats Cheree.

    I so agree about the heat from my lamp that I just bought so that I could have decent light while I'm doing handwork on our otherwise "moody" family room sofa. I noticed it gets very warm. Good to know about the heat factor of our lighting of choice.

  9. Paper piecing looks like alot of fun. I tried to become of follower of her but not sure it worked. I don't have a Face Book account/page....
    I am a wantobe quilter
    CJ in NC w/ Shadetree Quilting

  10. Congrats Cheree and have fun using your Beam n Read to research what you want to use the fabrics for :)!

  11. Wowsers! Are there any other "Cherees" out there before I embarrass myself and do a major happy dance around the room?? What do I do if it's me? (can you tell I don't win things much?)


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