Monday, September 5, 2011

#25 Winners for Wantobe Quilters Bernina Sewing Machine and Aurifil threads are....

Congrats ladies you are both winners this morning
Chris(tel) you have won
this Bernina B 215 

And Sharon your blog sponsor
has won 12 larger Aurifil threads..

( I have sent both a personal email
to take a peak...sew YOU know it is YOU)
( we had 16 Chris (tel) (tine) (sy)
and 14 Sharons....

To all those who entered
we still have 2 more machines to giveaway
on another day...1 for the Wantobes
and 1 for a Quilter...

This new BERNINA 215 is characterized by a youthful appeal which is combined with a range of
added value features to give you,  more sewing pleasure than ever before. Enjoy
modern, creative sewing with BERNINA: their wide range of accessories as well as  their  sewing publications brimming with imaginative ideas and practical tips all add to the joy of sewing BERNINA style.

Christel you have won the option of having the rose skin...
it will come in your box and you can put it on or leave
it as it above...I personally like the roses....

Your machine will be shipped to your closest dealer
and you will be given lessons on how to operate this fine
new machine...

click to enlarge..oh yes..do that lol

And Sharon  your blog sponsor will win this..
You don't think I would forget  do you...?
Pleased to hear it was you who won! 
I am sure you will enjoy these threads for at least
a week...( the way you sew...kidding aside of course
I don't think you will be needing any threads for a long time)

12 of their top selling Aurifil threads

( oh and this was my calculations..am I correct have no idea, if you can make
that many quilts...) 
1,422 yards (1,300 m) of thread on each spool x 12 =
17,604 yards (15,600 m) , which if you used 1/4 of each spool
that would mean you could make at least 48 lap quilts
or something like that..lol
ok, it's a lot of thread..

Big thanks goes out to Jane, Bernina, Aurifil and YOU
for making each day as exciting as the last...
YOU really do matter-- sew we keep serving up 
guests, sponsors and infotainment...
Thank YOU!

on the sewing machine ...NONE!
( but yes  the thread but it will be the lowest rate)


  1. I am so happy for Christel!! I can see her dancing around and screaming. What a fantastic way to celebrate the Labor Day weekend. Thank you to all the sponsors - and MSamm - having gone thru 3 1/5 5,000 yrd cones of thread already this year - yes I will make good use of this wonderful thread.

  2. Congratulations to Christel! What a great prize for a Wantobe!!!

  3. Congratulations to Chris and to Sharon. Although I'm not sure which Sharon. If there is a blog/link I'd gladly pop over to her blog to congratulate her, but I didn't see a link in the post. Probably my oversight (speed reading) so I'll congratulate them both here.


  4. Congrats Christie, what a way to wake up in the morning as a winner.

  5. What an awesome win for Christel!! Enjoy that beautiful piece of machinery! I hope you will produce many beautiful things with it!

  6. YAY for the winners! Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Christel! You were the luckiest girl of us all!

  8. Congratulations to the winners! What a WONDERFUL give away!

  9. How exciting for the winner....lots and lots of fun sewing hours for her....congrats.

  10. Two lucky winners! This is oh so much fun! Even for those of us that didn't win. Just participating is entertaining!

  11. Congratulations to the winners!


  12. OMG!!! Do I feel lucky? well lucky doesn't quite get it..I feel like I won the lottery! I saw Chris (tel) and Sharon..I couldn't get to my email fast enough..and kept reading over and over..yes it was an email from Madame Samm, yes, It really was me, and Sharon my lovely sponsor from Vroomans Quilts!! Oh, I am still in shock. Thank you Madame Samm, thank you Jane, Thank you Sharon, Thank you to Aurifil, and BERNINA!!! I am so excited, I can't wait to get this beautiful new machine!!What an awesome prize!!!

  13. In all my excitement I forgot to also congratulate Sharon on her win! I know you too are so happy to have won!

  14. So happy for you Christel!!!!!!!!!

  15. Congratulations Chris & Sharon !!!
    Enjoy your gifts ;)

  16. Congratulations. Bernina is the best and sew are the threads.

  17. Congratulations Christel! Maybe you can take some photos of your training session and first project to share with us?? lol

  18. I am still pinching myself over here..I have been here four times this morning..sew glad it wasn't just a dream, but a dream come true..my photo taking skills are certainly not the best, but I will take some pictures of my very first project with the Bernina, and maybe Madame Samm will post them here! Thank you all for your warm wishes, and for being happy for me. I feel like a kid in a candy store this morning! xoxo Christel

  19. Congratulations to Christi and Sharon what a way to start a holiday......Madame Samm doesn't make you feel wonderful to have made somebody's day just awesome. Even if I did not win it truly makes me happy to feel their happiness. have a great holiday.

  20. Congratulations ladies! What a wonderful win. Too much fun! Thanks you sponsors and thank you Madame Samm for all your work to make our days a little brighter!

  21. It seems ao much easier now to make binding thanks so much for the tutorial ans thank you Madam Samm once again for making it possible agnes pat

  22. I wanted to add my congratulations to the winners. Yhe tutorial on the bias tape was great. I've been looking at purchasing a bias tape maker but wondered how well they worked.

  23. Congratulations Christel! I bet you were thrilled to see your name here today. I know anyone would have been.

    Have a great day although it would have to be sometihng pretty big to get better than seeing you've just won this awesome machine.

  24. Congratulations to both of you....so very exciting for a new quilter to win a Bernina....and the quilter to have some Aurifil thread....that sure makes for an incredible Monday!!! Enjoy :)


  25. Congrats to the winners! How fun!

  26. Congratulations! =D Enjoy your new machine!

  27. Congratulations to Christel and Sharon! Hoping you have great fun playing with your new "toys"!

  28. Congratulations Cristel & Sharon!!!

    Cristel, I just Loved reading your exciting comment, I am sew happy for you!!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  29. Wow! Congrats Chris(tel)! This must feel even better than Christmas ... unless you're the kind of family that gives big ticket items like sewing machines for gifts!

    Congrats to Sharon, too. I hear such great things about this thread but have never seen any in captivity.


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