Thursday, September 1, 2011

#23 Winner of Wantobe Quilters.

Winner(s) today are ...
and Debbie as your Sponsor...
Congrats ladies...

You will be getting all this..Ann
Presencia threads..and needles and pins,
everything you need to get you started..

Our very generous sponsor at Colonial Needle
are giving away this  beautiful heart shaped basket
and it is filled below too with a few surprises..
ask those who win...this is a great prize..

Also on its way is some Fat Quarter Bundles
( they will send it to you directly)
see her complete collection here 
Is this gorgeous or what???

And Debbie, I have a special gift of Presencia threads, needles,
and some sewing threads which will no doubt please you too..! 

Big thanks to you NEL, Colonial Needle, Free Spirit
and YOU of course for starting your day or ending
your evening with us...WE sew APPRECIATE YOU,
YOU sew Matter! 


  1. Congrats to Ann and Debbie... what a cool prize.

  2. Congratulations Ann and Debbie! All the prizes are so great, the sponsors are so generous! Loving this campaign! Can't wait to see what's up next!

  3. Condratulations ladies! You must be thrilled! Such wonderful sponsors! Thank you Madame Samm for all you are doing! This has been such an adventure and what a learning curve!!

  4. Congratulations Ann and Debbie!

  5. I love the new project posted on today's blog. I am a follower of Jane's Fabrics and quilts. I am adding more and more to my blog site for add on buttons of who to follow. Thanks ladies and gentlemen

  6. congrats and enjoy that fun pile of goodies!

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  8. Hey Samm! Sorry I didn't comment yesterday! I was at the doctors office getting tests done and was kind of out of it the rest of the day! LOL

  9. Congratulations enjoy your winnings.

  10. Congratulations Ladies, enjoy your lovely prizes!

  11. Thanks everyone for the congrats!! I'm so happy that Ann and I have won. Since moving here to NW PA for my job some 4-years ago, and leaving all my Pittsburgh friends behind, I am thankful for Ann's friendship. We've enjoyed many craft shows, lunch, and shopping. Next weekend we are doing a 2-day craft show in Ohio. Thanks to Nel, Colonial Needle, and Free Spirit. You sponsors are great!! Thanks also to Madame Samm and it was so nice to talk with you today.

  12. Congrats Ann and Debbie! Some great prizes to win!


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