Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wantobe Quilter Sponsor Day RECAP of our first week.. 1st of 13 ( 12 more weeks to go) may I add!

Saturdays are Sponsor Days..

I thought a recap would be nice of our very first week!
To those who may have may have missed
any of our special days, sponsors and guests!
Well here you are!

All of these companies are worthy of 
the Greatest Latest Best Stamp of 
Excellence, would you not agree?

#1 st giveaway was sponsored from 
The Grace Company also known as True Grit
I like this company, they have a machine that sharpens your blades..
( must have for all quilters, and I purchased it from IHAN
ask her about it)
They were gracious and generous...
for their mats, rulers and personalized cutters were our 1st sponsor..
Madame Samm was the 1st guest 
that 's me Ü

All links to their products that they sponsored are on the side bar.

# 2nd Giveaway 
Colonial Needle/Presencia
Gosh how I love Colonial Needle...
they are sew up there generous, warm at heart, 
and my do they know needles and thread...
I switched from Piecemakers whom I had used for years,
Colonial needle introduced me to Pebble needles and John James
and well I am a believer...and many of you know
how strong I feel about Presencia threads,
LOVE LOVE LOVE them..always will, always will...
yep love them...
( psstt we have a few of these to giveaway)

Our guest speaker this day was no other than
 Susan Branch
Yes Susan Branch!
here is her link

#3rd Giveaway was from
Creative Grid
They measure up, what more can I say....
Looking for any type of ruler, any size, shape,
you will never ever look at any other..
They don't SLIP either..not their rulers,
not their service, not their attention to detail...
Yep! I like them very much!

Our guest this day was Joan

4th Giveaway was from
 Timeless Treasures
Featuring Monica Lee
Their collections, new artists, their prompt
service, and another generous contributor..
Well a joy to be associated with.

Our guest this day was Heather 
and here is her link

5th Giveaway was from  
Many of us probably started
with coats, or gutterman threads. That was what
was available. Well, when you become a serious quilter,
YOU get introduced to threads like these and well
let me just say your patience will thank you, your needles
will thank you and your machine will purr...
I know it is thread..but it is quality, vibrant
color THREADS! 

Our guest today was Staci
here is her story

THANK YOU, sponsors, guests
but most of all YOU,
YOU who have made a difference...
To our sponsors, guest and yes even ME.

Keep spreading the NEWS...

you will be saying that next week...
JUST saying...


 ( you have my permission to copy
all of this and paste to your own blog
just add your own blog address) 

  GET a GOOGLE acct.( free)
 and how to correct NO REPLY BLOGGERS
and how to register..

( sign up with GOOGLE 
( think link will allow you to set up an acct in seconds)
 To get a Google email, you still use your own,
this just allows you to be set up to leave comments to win)

( we have had over 1000+ visitors leaving comments who are what
we call NO REPLY BLOGGERS ( which means I have no way of 
connecting with you)

Here is what you can do:

 All comments made on this BLOG and my other at Sew WE Quilt @ Stash Manicure   are automatically sent into my inbox, ( which is why you get replies from me) if you don't hear from me, I am not ignoring you, I just can't reach you).If you have the correct settings in your Blogger profile, your email address comes with it, allowing me to reply directly to you via email. If your settings aren't correct, you are a no-reply blogger, and I have no way of contacting you. 
  1. In blogger.com, click on Dashboard.
  2. Select Edit Profile.
  3. Check the box for "Show my Email Address."
  4. Save changes.

    That is all you do...
    This will take minutes, which means to YOU. YOU could have won some of these great  prizes this week. YOU didn't but you could have....Ü

    One more thing... To REGISTER IN this Campaign

    On the right hand side are a list of bloggers Link to them. leave them a comment to write you back) ...go to anyone of them , give them your name, email, phone number..*( we only call to let you know you won)
    They are all destroyed after campaign.. we do not share them with anyone!

    Tell them you are a Wantobe Quilter ( if you have no tools or experience ) or a quilter who does not have a blog... If you are a Quilter with a blog you can enter Tues and Thurs. 
    ON M-W-F...enter those days in comments to win...Wantobe quitlers..
    T-T days...this is for Quilters..you must comment to win..
    Follow STash Manicure ..that follower button where all the photos are....

    Sit back, cross your fingers and Pray...it can't hurt...Ü

    Another one more thing...

    OHHH for all those BLOGGERS out there who want to participate..
    There is all kind of information HERE you can put on your blog and collect names..
    if you do that and  tell your peeps to mention your name ...if they win you win...

    ( you will have to send those names to madamesamm@cogeco.ca 
    and please not 1 at a time..put them in one email maybe every day..., this way
    you can be sure we won't miss them) 

    I think I covered everything now? NOD your head YES! 

    we ship the lowest rate possible
    ( takes longer to get to you but we have 
    everything insured)

Forgive me if I don't reply today and tomorrow..
I will be reading them all...but unless it is URGENT
put that in your subject line...
I will try to get more FABRIC CUT today and tomorrow...
But I am reading and smiling...

Is that good for YOU?
Nod your head YES? lol


  1. What an exciting week! Thank you to the sponsors and to the wonderful guests. Thanks to Madame Samm for all her hard work and tremendous effort. Congratulations to all the very happy winners! To think this was just the first week!!!

  2. It was an exciting week. I've found new blogs, new products and new friends. Can't ask for more than that. Well, I could have won, but I am glad to be a participant.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN
    (who delighted in rain today and broke a toe tonight. Great start to the weekend.)

  3. A great first week! Congratulations on a fantastic start.
    Hope you have a chance to relax for the weekend.

  4. I have had sew much fun this week! Can't wait until next week! Thank you to the sponsors, the guests and you Madame Samm!
    I am glad I'm here!

  5. So...what do you do over the weekend? Huh? Rest and relax and recover? Or do you scurry around getting your ducks in a row for next week?
    (I'd love to be a fly on your wall. I'd learn a lot and you would be too busy to swat me.)

  6. What fun this week has been!

    Did you say THIRTEEN weeks? Someone must have gotten in some more prizes to give away, yes? Amazing...

    Like others have mentioned, do you have time to sleep? Thanks for all your hard work, Madame Samm!

  7. I have a google account so do I also need to sign up on blogger? If I don't hear back from you I'll take that as a yes;-)

  8. WOOHOOO!! What a great week it was too! Thanks to all you sponsers!! Great prizes....Can't wait to see what next week brings. Thanks Samm!

  9. Holy moley, I just noticed that you now have over 3,000 followers. E-gads, aren't you one popular lady??? Congrats, honey! What an accomplishment! ('Course, I never expected anything less!! LOL)

  10. I do believe that you have earned your Day of Rest, Mme Samm - what an exciting event this is !

    Hugs and kisses

  11. Enjoy your weekend,you've certainly earned it. Just wanted to add my thank you to Grace company whose products I was introduced to at a quilt show in Fort Lauderdale while on vacation this spring. I have tremours in my hands due to ET so regular rulers and rotary cutters were a challenge. I bought the Grace company 22" ruler and cutter and Wow! No more tears. Thank you Grace company.

  12. What a great week! I've really enjoyed all the posts. You definitely need to put your feet up and have some me time. Thanks for all your time and hard work you've put into this. We all appreciate it. Thank you.


  13. Fun, fun week. Thanks so much for the great information on signing up for a Google account and no reply bloggers. I'm glad I asked! Can't wait to see what your next 13 weeks have in store. You must be burning the midnight oil with all this. Hope you get some quality sleep 3 months from now!!! :-) Marvelous job dear!

  14. Lovely, Exciting, just a wonderful week!! Not only a chance to win every day but I am learning so much about the products out there for Quilting for the day I can start using the patterns I have collected. Thank~You so much Madame Samm for putting this wonderfully fun Campaign together for all of us Wantobe Quilters!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  15. An exciting week, and looking forward to next week! Thanks oodles to our sponsors and especially to our fearless leader, Madame Samm! (Thanks for the quick tut on no-reply...gonna put that on my blog!)
    Jacque at Lilypadquilting

  16. Thank you to the sponsors and to all the guest bloggers. I read this blog every day to get new ideas.

  17. I'm late in the game, but it's been a great week. (although a short week for me). And, thanks for doing this!

  18. Thank you to the sponsors for their generosity and to the guest bloggers, but a BIG thank you to Madame Samm for coming up with this idea and spending lots of her time coordinating all of it. Just think of all the sewing time she has given up! That tells me she has a big heart. :)

  19. That is a lot of great stuff! Anyone would be lucky to win.

  20. Thanks to all the sponsors! I will hang in there and keep my fingers crossed for a win!

  21. This has been a fun week, learning process for alot of non bloggers....thanks so much for all of your time and work, what a fun time!!

  22. This is just amazing! What generous sponsors and to think ONE AMAZING LADY organized this whole party! Thanks Madame Samm!

  23. My goodness! Adore the sponsors, gotta, gotta, gotta have their stuff ... if I don't already have them ;) ... but holy heck your brain power and stamina are amazing :) You must have one heck of a trainer and drink tons of water, eh? LOL Thank you so much for being here!!

  24. WOW what a week...Just amazing..Thanks to you I believe a was one of those non reply bloggers, but I hope I have fixed the problem...How do you do all of this???? Thanks Madame Samm..Looking forward to next weeK

  25. Those sponsors are definitely the Greatest and Best....and you have done an excellent job with all this coordinating and writing!!!

    I can't wait for next week.....


  26. This is awesome and thanks for sharing how to edit my profile. I learned something yet again. Am I classified as a "follower" after completing the edit profile? The information and prizes have been amazing.

  27. Thanks to the sponsors, guest posters, and to the amazing woman who had the idea to dream this up and do all the work. It truly is an amazing job.
    I am happily taking in all the information that I am learning. I am hoping one day to put it to good use.
    I was a no-reply until I read this post on how to change that. My settings are now changed and I am good to go. Thanks for teaching me yet another thing. You are seriously and amazing person!!! In a world where being a newbee is hard, you look out for all of us and I can't thank you enough!!!

  28. Hats off to a wonderful 1st week! ALL are amazing!... The sponsors... how they so willingly dig into their pockets and give back to the quilting community!... The guest bloggers... who take of their time to put together some very enjoyable stories for us to read... and you Madame Samm ...for all of the countless hours that have already gone in to this campaign and to the many more hours ahead of you! You are one tough cookie!!

  29. Great First Week! Enjoy your weekend!

  30. Thanks for a great first week and lots of great guest bloggers :). Make sure you have Sundays off as we don't wan't you to burn yourself out and make sure you have time for some of your own quilting!

  31. Wonderful first week! Can't wait for next week.
    Thank you for the directions, I didn't know I was a no reply blogger, fied now!

  32. Yep, it's good for me *nods head* - ALL good! Thanks for this amazing campaign, Madame Samm, and to the generous sponsors who have made this such an exciting first week!

  33. It's been an exciting week! The giveaways have been awesome! And I've learned a lot already! KUDOS to you Madame Samm! You are the BEST! Thanks so much for encouraging and inspiring me...and so many others! ♥

  34. First, please let me say how much I appreciate what you're doing it. I can only imagine the amount of time and work that is involved. But as a true "wannabe", I've connected with a couple really great people, found some good tutorials and have seen LOTS of inspiration. So, again, THANK YOU! As a side note, I wonder if you could clarify the deadline for each of the posts. I was online about 8pm ET on Friday and noticed that a winner had already been selected for that day. The articles are great but it would be nice to get in on the goodies too. thanks!

  35. Samm the posts have been incredibly beautiful this week - the photos especially. Thank you so much for setting this up and for all the fun we're having. And a special thank you to all the sponsors who cater to this quilting addiction we have. blessings, marlene

  36. This was an awesome week!! Can't wait to see what this week will bring! Thanks again, Samm, for doing this!!

  37. Just found your site..I am new to sewing..Great site..



  38. Thanks Samm, thanks sponsors,thanks guests!!! All of these have been really fun!!!


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