Monday, August 1, 2011

Wantobe Quilter Campaign has begun #1 giveaway of many, 5 x a week x 12

Hope you like ORANGE...
and if you don't...it will grow on you...
wait and see.... and you will be sweeter too...

YES we ALL made it!  The Wantobe Quilter Campaign 
has begun. Thanks for visiting, participating and being a cheerleader. 
 I have a few cheerleaders who certainly kept me together and were there to cheer me on this past month..
Jane, Wendy, Marlene, Millie, Kelly, Kathleen, Corrie, Darlene,
it helped sew much to have you there...( you still there- aren't you? I haven't worn
you out have I? luv ya all tons) 

huge appreciation to our Sponsors ( all 52 of them listed
on our side bar, whom you will come to know intimately) 
and who are certainly the GREATEST. LATEST and BEST.
(All of their links go directly to what they sponsored.)

This is possible 'cause THEY believed in ME!  They certainly knew what I was doing.
A few of  them even clapped when I did my campaign speech.
That was pretty awesome. 

I'm possibly more excited than all of you put together
...To be able to write....YOU WIN, and YOU WIN, and YOU WIN...
well nothing really thrills me more. 

I thought you might be interested in why  I wanted to do this? Why something like this when most of you know already that I  put in 12 hours+ a day 7 x a week, just managing this blog... Who does this and why?
I will add here that I am not earning 1 dollar in compensation for this campaign..not 1 dollar ( which is why you will be paying for your shipping cost) ..... Sew why do this? - you ask? .Who does this.....? well me...Madame Samm...

Ahhhh,  I poured  you some brew....
you may be here for a bit...

I started quilting last JUNE 2010, a little over a year ago.
I used to make dolls..( albeit I only did it for 8 months)..made over 500 of them
designed a slew of patterns and stopped.....I felt like Forest Gump...I ran
for sew long and then turned around .....NO reason really, I did all that I could do and
I had nothing left... sew I thought what NEXT????
( don't ask that question unless you are really ready to take
on new challenges? lol)

 I thought you might be interested in some of 
the dolls that kept me up at night in those days.....
These are only a few I designed and created...

I always keep my very first dolls...except for the Carol Doll
and the Chloe doll- these were my only exception...
Here are some of my favorite designs...

Meet Aimee from my Aimee collection ( which translates
to LOVE in French) ...I can't even tell
you how many of these I made.....at least a hundred...
They were only 5 inches tall...

Madge she is OOAK (one of a kind) I still have her..
I made her of the likeness of a retired teacher..
who happens to be a neighbor and not a nice one at that lol
( She is what I call a character doll)
And my she is one character believe me. 
She stands 22 inches tall and she scares me...lol
She seems to find herself in the most unusual places...

My DH does this to remind me never to take life
too seriously. ( oh and to remind me to work out,
he always puts a note with her...This morning,
Madge was in my Powder room across from my office..
(Have you worked out yet???? ) 
Yeah Yeah...and you wonder where my energy 
comes..I work out every day!  It is Madge,
she scares me into it...lol

Chloe here was recently gifted to a very dear friend..
( who sew makes me laugh and she quilts too) 
I made many Chloe dolls in all kinds of colors dresses.
She still is one of my favorite designs...
I hand curled her hair..a technique I learned
from a fellow doll maker Ree...( Hi sweetie) 

 La Modele here, was my very first doll I ever
made, I was sew excited at making her, she took
me less than 24 hours
 (she was suppose to take me 4 days in a doll class
I'm a quick learn)
 She is over 20 inches tall
and attitude more than Madge..believe it or not..
( I still have her ) 

This is the Carol Doll..a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer
for the 2nd time...I designed this for her...her head cap
was made from ostrich down...to resemble her lost her
hair ..the little sign said,"I am still here" ..
I made a few dozen of them myself then I got an order for hundreds..
I  had to have them
made by a company as I could not possibly make
up the same doll that many times- I would still be making them
if I did...lol
( I don't even have one left for myself) 

And Autumn, well she was my second doll
I had ever made..I still have her...she just makes me smile...
Her face is all hand embroidered.
She is only 4 yrs old (she told me to tell you that, and she is 6 inches tall)

( I made April  in the month of April of this year...... even
she did not stir me enough to stop quilting
and make more dolls..., but she is cute isn't she?)
She is 8 inches tall and I still have her too.
She looks sad, cause she is...lol
She thinks she is the last of her kind....
( Dolls talk to you a lot you know..quilts not sew much)

Sew how did I become a QUILTER?
MY first quilting

I was purchasing many of my doll fabrics from Quilt Taffy...Corrie
mentioned there was this quilt contest, called  Moda/Schnibbles.
She said "why not make a quilt...give it a try.".... I would like to add
Corrie was always cheering me on....reminder here, I didn't know how to quilt
anything, she made herself available every step of the way....that was last JUNE 2010..

I had to hire someone to come to my home to teach me how to use
a rotary cutter...I had just purchased a mat and ruler and this cutter
thingamagig..and I had no idea what next or how to use them.......????

Yes I sewed...I made dolls, duvets, designed many Chanel suits
in my day but a QUILT..you have got to be kidding....?
I had ENOUGH. blankets, throws and goose down duvets..
why did I need to make a quilt? Ü
Well I know now...and most of YOU know as well.
....it's not about the quilts
( you quilters know that) 

 Back to my adventure...still with me?

After a few hours of cutting straight pieces of fabric..I got
the hang of cutting..now what????

I purchased Carrie Nelson's Schnibbles book..
that was one of the criteria to enter the contest..
I also purchased fabric from Kate Spain's, 12 days of Christmas
( another criteria, it had to be a brand new line )
I have this thing about red and white fabric...

 I chose the  HOT CROSS pattern ( our of Carries book)  and began to figure out 
this quilting thing.... It took me all of 6 weeks from beginning to end...
( even hand quilted snowflakes all over the quilt)
This is Carrie Nelson and her wonderful
Rosie...( hi you two) 
 Creator of the  Schnibbles FAME! 

I took this  photo  at a local artist home where
he makes gigantic pine cones..

 This is what I ended up with...I called it 
LET it SNOW....I had made some self covered leather buttons
to look like raisins on a hot cross bun, wrote out all the lyrics
of LET is SNOW around the sash around the edge of the quilt
and even added a foot pocket on the back to tuck my feet in
on those cool nights....
I took this photo at a neighboring friend's home...
Dawn is also a quilter... Hi Dawn..

And the biggest surprise of all.......I came in 
2nd  in the MODA/Schnibbles Contest...
Corrie shared she always knew I would walk
away with something...It helps sew much
to have someone believe in YOU.
I cried for days after that call from Mary at 
Martingale Publishing...

That was last September 2010...and my life
has never been the same since..
I changed the name of my blog
Sew Dolls who's next? 
'cause by then I knew I was going to be a QUILTER.
( serious one, well you tell me )

Here are some I have made...I am up to 6 quilts now..
in less than a year...( probably would have made a whole
lot more if I was not managing 2 blogs lol) 

cream-sicle, let it snow, bedtime, you complete me quilts...

I made this from a pattern that was to be used for 
the end of your bed... I made one for our double lounger.
My DH always tells me I complete him...I complete 
his thoughts, his chores around the house, his phone calls,
and texts...you get it ...
and although I don't tell him enough
HE completes me right down to the bottom of my heart!

 Drop me a line Quilt, with Fresh Palette- Carrie Nelson's Collection.
All hand quilted and hand embroidered with needles and thread on
the bottom... and yes my signature  foot pocket too..
This can be found in my office on my day bed...
Just love this one- because it is sew FRESH! 

This was my Cream-sickle Quilt  and was inspired
to be an ORANGE lover...I still love ORANGE
which is why our campaign has been chosen for this color!
Oh Des is Corries sister....and I adore her too..
She sew inspires me! 
I took the photos out in the cold
sew it would not melt ...( get it ) Ü
also hand quilted...

 And with my signature Foot Pockets...and  my custom designed label
 ( of course it is a cream -sickle) I always add the date I started
the day I ended, the  name of the collection of fabric I used, my name 
and the name of the quilt. Always name your quilts...no really
you will be sew glad you did!
( foot pockets...again I had no idea I was the first to do this..
I remember showing it at a local Guild..they laughed at me...
I thought everyone made foot pockets....I was wrong lol)
But you have to admit, what a great idea ..right?
All of my quilts have foot pockets...

This one I call  the Bedtime quilt...I took these
photos then drove away..I was taking many quilt
photos that day...and forgot him.....
it was 14 degrees below zero that day,
I kept going back to the car between shoots
to warm up...
Came home and realized..OOOOPs..
forgot something...
drove back,  it was still there.. lol

I suppose if I had forgotten  him do you think
he would have looked this good in the spring.....
One wonders? lol

I am trying to complete this one...called 
my LOVE QUILT  I stitched in stem stitching all of
my favorite things * various words....and I am hand embroidering
using only Presencia Threads ( my fav threads for stitching) from
  Colonial Needle..( sponsor yes) 
wee yellow french knots and stems
all over the white kona background. 
Ohhhh and I only HAND quilt...silly yes.
since I know sew many wonderful long armers...

Sew this now brings me to HERE....

Frankly the answer is pretty simple....
It has been a somewhat challenging 2 years since I retired
from Big PHARMA, I was well respected and I think pretty well
liked by my colleagues...but when you retire, you lose your identity..
At least I did...I was not sought out anymore for my opinions, my marketing
ingenuity was well--- not needed...I was cast aside... kind of like an expiry date...
still here, but not as fresh...(or sew they thought) 
( I have no idea where all this comes from, but it is how I feel....lol) 

WELLLLLL, when Rae Ann who used to manage this blog..
came after me and said "YOU are the ONE"....I did not know
really what she meant....but she knew...yes she knew...
( Last October-2010)

I gave myself 48 hours to think about it and said
"YES, I will take over STASH MANICURE.
and see what I can do with it...."
( or something like that)
( I knew very little about blogging...quilting good grief
I had all of 4 months of experience) 
What was she thinking? lol

Rae Ann if you are seeing this...YOU lifted  me in sew many ways...
THANK YOU.  I know you know, but I am saying this here...
YOU gave me a FRESH NEW Beginning as
 my dearest Corrie also did from Quilt Taffy .
Both of you  ladies believed in me, when I certainly did not...
There is one thing about me that is TRUE, I always serve up more 
than anyone can ever expect...
And both of you knew that too!~

Which leads  me here today.....

I wanted to do something NOBODY had ever DONE. 
I wanted to reach out to YOU and say I believe in YOU-

 Believe me "Your life" will be sew enriched beyond words.
Any troubles, challenges, stresses, they seem to vanish
when one picks up a needle and thread....OH yes...!
And funny enough, you are embraced by a community
that is like no other...My phone is never silent now....
And funny enough many ask my opinions about marketing...
If I know anything it is developing business models...

A President of a company said this to me just  the other day...
" YOU are doing something Samm, that we could not even
conceive the thought of- and you have done this in less than
1 month"...

( I fell silent and that does not happen very often..
then I wiped my tears and smiled.....Yep I did! )

Exactly a month ago ( I know only a month today...
who does this??? I keep asking myself?)

...I came up with this idea to do a  campaign...

while sitting on my back porch....these ideas in moments of silence
just pop into my head... Imagine that...!!!!
I love my solitude possibly even more than quilting..
That surprises many people...

I wrote up my SPONSOR letter that day sent it out to a few potential 
companies and they said yes and kept saying yes... lol

Sometimes it helps to be NAIVE...
I did not know what I did not know..
sew why would anyone say NO to me..lol

My ultimate GOAL is to
recruit NEW Quilters...

Everyone benefits.....Bloggers  get more followers,
Sponsors  get more Sales...
YOU our  loyal visitors obtain  more information, inspiration
and great giveaways too..
WANTOBE Quilters get opportunities for new TOOLS
to begin this most amazing past time...* 

I will speak for myself.....this is a FULL TIME PASSION...
I should come with a warning...do not talk to me about QUILTING
or Blogging or about YOU- our most delightful guests and  quilting friends...
YOU are what I always talk about..ask around....

Everyone who comes and participates has an opportunity to WIN something...
But most of all our Quilting community will grow...
even if you are only bringing
1 new WANTOBE quitler forward...that could mean
 overall thousands of new quilters..
How exciting...maybe there is a another 
Madame Samm who will win some contest someday
and maybe  I will say..." YOU are the ONE"...

There is something pretty amazing about quilters..
They STITCH with a lot of

 and why?  because they have ONE!.

If ever you are seeking amazing FRIENDS
you will find them in Quilters...I know....
If you want to de-stress...quilt... I know
If you want to hide away forever....quilt.. I know..
( many of my neighbors and friends have not seen me in 8 months) 
If you are looking for a new identity...........quilt. I know...
If ever you thought 1 person CANNOT make a difference....quilt.... I know..

NOW  for  the next 12 weeks.......

We will still have guest bloggers for all 12 weeks.
Mon-Fri will be guest days and giveaways.
Saturday will be Sponsor days...( they will be able to share
sales, promotions, new products launches....)
Sunday...I will rest..you too ok...lol..

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are for Wantobe Quilters
( those who do not quilt, they do not have tools, machines, rulers, fabric bundles) 
YOU can win all of the goodies we will be giving  away...as long as you
are affiliated with one of the bloggers here on the side bar...
Be sure to connect with them, be a follower of theirs,
 include their name (blogger)  when you leave a comment and if you win, 
they also win something..if you don't leave their name of  your sponsor blog and yours you
 will not be eligible for any wins...
I will not have time to remind anyone to do that...sew this is your only reminder..

P.S. cannot accept anymore names of  sponsor BLOGGERs 
your deadline was FRIDAY to be included..I only have sew much room
( needed that for sponsors) Nod your head YES! 
Clarification here...names can always be accepted throughout
campaign...just send to those bloggers where you saw the 
Wantobe Quilters button or send your name to someone
on our blog roll...

Sew be sure to give your name, email, phone numbers to these bloggers..
YOU have my word and that means a lot around here...
this information will not be circulated to anyone...

Why I am doing it this way....sew we don't get 
people who have nothing to do with the quilt community
winning product and selling them on EBAY-
not going to happen...( Nod your head YES) 

Tuesdays and Thursdays are for QUILTERS...
( all those who quilt..you will be able to win new tools too
Did I just hear a squeal.....lol)
If  you do not have a blog you can still enter of course..
but give your name to someone on our list of bloggers
and be sure when you leave a comment you provide their name of their blog too..
IF you win, sew do they...if you only leave a comment with no name
you will not be eligible ....again I will not have the time to remind everyone of this....

If you have a BLOG yeah and you are a QUILTER.
, .you only have to leave a comment to win 
on Tuesdays and Thursdays... if you win..YOU win...
well you will see....lol.. ( we will know you are a blogger cause your avatar
button will link us to it) 

Everyone who leaves a comment must be a FOLLOWER here!
( All of our subscribers must leave a comment here to win) 
See the follower button on your right...( must be a follower to win anything)
And when you register with a BLOG sponsor  you must follow them too!

Sew my dear Quilters, Sponsors and Wantobe Quilters
thank you for being here today...It is indeed my pleasure to be your first
guest and also be the first to introduce  to you our very 1st sponsor 
for today's giveaway!

They were one of the first I approached and again
they did not hesitate to be part of this...and this is what they offered...

click to enlarge to see details.
As I kept thinking about my very first purchase of a mat, ruler 
and rotary cutter...I wish I had started with these..OH MY...
I thought this would be a perfect start to our campaign...
Big thanks to the Grace Company....
be sure to visit them..thank them for being a sponsor..
* they have sent lots of goodies to giveaway~!

This giveaway is for ALL-Wantobe Quilters 
( those who possibly have
no idea how to use these..yes YOU) 

 YOU will get this package...
a 24 x36 mat..a perfect size to begin quilting....
this personalized comfort cutter ( rotary cutter)..
and this True Cut ruler..
also I will be sending you a fat quarter bundle ( from our Monica Lee
 to get you started. And what do you know it is ORANGE. 
After all you will need something to practice on right? 

Now how is that for a NEW Beginning?
( winner will be announced tomorrow)

and ps ( if ever you want to see who was on the day before
go to the bottom of page and link button to OLDER POST) 
This way ONLY 1 guest blogger is highlighted every day.

Sew to all those who will be participating ,
guesting, sponsoring, cheering...
 Welcome to our very 1st Campaign!
( did you really think this would be the only ONE)
Seriously! Ü

 Now leave a comment, if you are a Wantobe Quilter-
be sure to add your blog sponsor and that you indeed are a WANTOBE
QUILTER, asnd a follower on this blog...

And since it is ME who is the guest today..
I can't really say go follow me... ( you are already here aren't you lol)
but I can ask you to go and follow someone
who has been of great assistance to me this month..
Any hour of the day I could throw stuff at her ...
(  well not literally of course..but she became my sounding board.
and my we laughed sew much at the audacity of all of this till we cried..
Ok I cried..she laughed......)

SEW go to HER BLOG and be a FOLLOWER
come back and tell me YOU followed her, it would be really
nice if you thanked her too...because she held me together most days...
and YOU will be able to win....this amazing giveaway...

Winners -Wantobe Quilter and Blog sponsor ( special prize)
 will be announced tomorrow morning when the next
guest arrives..

THANK YOU Grace Company.
YOU are the Greatest, Latest, Best. ! 

And PLEASE say YES you will be BACK!

 Ps. I don't want any of you worrying about me.( some were thinking I only had 109 comments.....we actually had 1009 and counting...) Please no more concerned notes...lol...( funny peeps)
 Our blog got a little shaken up today...it happens...Good day in all! See you tomorrow. Those Wantobe Quilters are all accounted for...#1 Winner announced in the morning...


  1. Hello you VIP's your comments were captured...on other pages..not to worry..little glitch with sew much traffic...got all of your comments already registered..ohh and they are sew nice..

  2. Sew excited as I noticed I am on the initial list of Wantobe Quilter Bloggers! Lol, I feel so important :). Popped over to become a follower of Jane's blog after admiring your dolls and quilts. Thank you for 'jumping in with both feet' to help other quilters by having these giveaways.

  3. Alright, you convinced me. Count me in!

  4. Thank you so much for this great campaign:) I am a brand new follower and came here thru Amy @ Diary of a quilter!! Also following Janes Fabrics and Quilts:) I am a for sure a wantobe quilter. I have a ton of ideas bookmarked from Diary of a Quilter, just not brave enough to start the process:) Thanks again:)

  5. I am amazed at how far you have come on your quilting journey in just a year. I am inspired! Off to check out Jane's blog. Thanks for all you have done to pull off this giveaway. I am signed up under Lillypad Quilting. jmniffer

  6. Great campaign! I am super excited about it. I was sent by Melissa Corry/Happy Quilting. I am a hopeful 'wantobe quilter'. :D

  7. Well I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place or not? So please let me know if I'm doing this wrong. I'm a Wantobe Quilter and I'm registered over with Jane of Jane's Fabrics and Quilts. Thank you Madame Samm for all of your hard work for this campaign.

  8. I had no idea you made dolls?!? Is there anything you can't do Samm?!? So glad it's here - it's exciting for all of us! I'm sending you my names right now! xo, Nan

  9. I'm NEW here and definitely not a quilter although my mother is one. Im coming by way of Gmama Jane at Grandmamas Stories. Hope I can win some items to get me started since I have nothing!

  10. I have registered me and my granddaughter Allie, who is 7 (almost 8) with Darlene over at SewCalGal! Allie came to visit for a month and I taught her to make her very first quilt! She was amazing!

    Since she has no email or blog, I would like to make sure she gets entered on the days allowed for her.

    Please include her name, Allie Coburn, in the drawing for this fantastic prize from the Grace Company!

    Madame Samm.. You are indeed an inspiration to all quilters everywhere! Your dolls are adorable!! Congratulations on what you have accomplished in the quilting world in such a short time!

  11. Yay! I was sent my Amy at DOAQ. And, I followed Jane's Fabrics. I am so excited about this giveaway, and I am for sure a Wantobe Quilter!!

  12. Ok - No making fun of an excited want to be quilter but I have a little problem - I thought this was a blog hop & signed up with multiple people so I am not sure who my sponsor is - ROFLOL

    My first email went to linda @ stray stitches -

    I am already following Jane of Jane's Fabrics & Quilts - It was so nice of her & all of your sponsors to help you put all of this together -
    And of course Madame Samm - Thank you for all of your time & for this inspirational blog !!!

    Your April doll is absolutely adorable & I loved each and every one of your fabulous quilts !!!!

    Melissa Corry sent me

  13. I was sent by Melissa Corry at... I don't know, sewhappyquilting maybe?
    Wow, that was a long post. I was supposed to wake up the baby 15 minutes ago!

  14. So excited that it's HERE!!! I came from Jacque aka Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting. Thanks for sharing Jane's blog, I am a follower there now too..

  15. Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling sent me.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  16. THis is fantastic! I am a Wantobe Quilter sent by Melissa Corry/Happy Quilting. Thanks!

  17. What a neat story!!! You are such a sweetie to do such nice things for people. :) Your quilts really are amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE the foot pocket idea!! :) I'm registered under Jane with Jane's Fabrics. Thanks Samm!

  18. Congratulations on your campaign...you've come a long way in such a short time (your energy level and enthusiasm shames the rest of us...). Good luck with your move to get more people quilting!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  19. I am a wantobe quilter - A Stitch in Time is my sponsor! I just left some love for Jane and am now following her blog!

  20. I'm a Wantobe Quilter! Diary of a Quilter is my sponsor. And I am a follower of you! Thanks for your hard work - excited about what's ahead!

  21. I am a wantobe quilter. Melissa at happy quilting melissa is my sponsor

  22. I'm a Wantobe Quilter as well. My sponsor is Jane from Jane's Fabric. I found her by browsing blogs and she led me to you. You have beautiful quilts and I foot pockets are an awesome idea! I need to make a quilt with one of those.

  23. I'm a want to be quilter and my sponsor is Sallie's Sampler I also joined Jane's site too. Thanks

  24. I'm already a quilter, but would like to win prizes for my niece. She is new to quilting and would love to win. If that isn't acceptable, sign me up for the Tuesday and Thursday prizes!

  25. I am a wantobe quilter.
    I, Linda Cartwright was sent by KD/Kathleen Brown.
    I am a follower of this site, and of KD's.

  26. Thank you so much Madame Samm for this wonderful campaign and all the work you're doing!!! I loved reading your story of how you became a quilter. Your dolls are just adorable and your quilts are AMAZING!! I'm a follower of Jane's blog now; am a WANTOBE Quilter and my sponsor is Kelly @ I Have A Notion. :)

  27. Forgot to mention that I signed up at Loose Threads (LuAnn Krug).

  28. I'm a Wantobe Quilter. I came by way of Amy at Diary of a Quilter. I follow both blogs....or at least I think I hit the right button to subscribe...LOL! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  29. I'm a newbie follower of yours, but I've been following Ellison Lane for a bit now. I taught myself to quilt last year on YouTube! I'm in the middle of my 5th quilt! It's so wonderfully addicting. Sew I guess this means I'm up for Tuesdays and Thursdays! Thanks for the fabulous idea and for bringing us all together.

  30. Wow, I can't believe I found your blog TODAY! I have wanted to quilt for some time but didn't know where to begin. So I did what I usually do, buy a book and do internet research. And I found you! What an amazing thing you are doing. I am registered with Jane's Fabric.

  31. I am a wantobe quilter - http://janesfabrics.blogspot.com/ is my sponsor! I just left a thank you post for Jane and am now following her blog, too. I made a quilt when I was a child, but nothing since. I would love to learn!

  32. Amy@A Quilting Sheep has been trying to convince me I can learn to sew. She says I can. We'll see. =)

  33. Hi! I am Marissa. I am a Wantobe Quilter. :) The foot pocket on your quilt looks adorable and does seem like a great idea!

    The Mom and I have found out about this wonderful coming together of Quilters and Wantobe Quilters from our friend, Dorian, at Ridge Top Quilts. Looking forward to making many new friends, like Jane's Fabrics and Quilts!

    Thank You! :) Marissa

  34. I just want to say...I HEART you! You make smile! This is one awesome party you are throwing! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

  35. I'm here through Staci at The Confused Quilter. Also, I just followed Jane's blog. Thanks so much for putting this together!

  36. Melissa at Happy Quilting sent me. This is quite an undertaking! Nice work!

  37. Amy at diary of a quilter sent me. I am a want to be quilter and I'm a follower of Jane's blog. Thanks for putting this on, it is amazing.

  38. Summerfield Quilts sent me! I'm loving all the new things happening and wait patiently for new posts.

  39. hope I got this right. I'm a new follower here which is a good thing because I wantobe a quilter :)
    Debbie from Designs by Debbie sent me here.
    Let me just say this is one awesome project

  40. Thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity.

    I went to Tonya @ Hillbilly Handiworks and emailed our info to her but I don't see her on your list. So, I went to Dawn @ quiltingbydawn and emailed our info to her.

    My daughter is trying to learn to quilt (she doesn't have a blog so is using mine). She is using my tools and has a "straight stitch" machine (one that is given to children to learn how to sew - a "gift" from her ex). I would love for her to have her own tools and a good machine of her own.

    Thank you again for this opportunity for her to get her own tools.


  41. Such fun! I'm definitely a Wantobe Quilter and I'm sew happy I found your blog when I did! I was sent here by Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting.
    Now to join the happy quilting family and become A QUILTER!

  42. Great idea! I'd love to get started. Perhaps now is the right time.

  43. This is awesome I've been wanting to try quilting and have been a little nervous about it but this giveaway is really exciting. Amy from Diary of a Quilter sent me and I've signed up. Thanks to everyone for giving me this chance!

  44. I forgot to mention, that Confessions of a fabraholic is my sponsor :-)

  45. I am a Wantobe Quilter who follows Amy's blog, Diary of A Quilter and she has wonderful tutorials that I can't wait to try! I am also following your blog and Jane's Fabrics too! This is so exciting to have all of these wonderful resources online! Thank you, thank you!

  46. I am a wanttobe quilter from Melissa Corry! I am super excited this is awesome! I am so excited to be following this blog and jane's as well! Thanks so much this is going to be great!

  47. I am a wanttobe Quilter. I am afraid to cut the beautiful Fabric!! I want to... I came over from The Raspberry Rabbit, Shell's blog. I have been wanting to learn to quilt since I was little. I am a follower now!!! I am enjoying this! Thank you!

  48. Wow you have come along way since 2010. So far all i have is a book and a dream to learn.I'm a wanttobe quilter who follows sue@quilttimes

  49. I am a WANTOBE Quilter! My sponsor blog is Jane's Fabrics. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for all your work in putting together this huge giveaway! :)

  50. Thank you for organizing the Wantobe Quilter giveaways! Hi, Freda from The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe sent me!

  51. My sister (Karen@Fabric Obsession) just gave me her hand-me-down machine so I'm a total sewing newbie!! She told me about your incredible month of giveaways, so I've just registered and followed Jane's Fabrics!! I'm sew excited to start my new adventure in sewing!! Thanks for doing this!!

  52. I love your dolls, love all your pretty quilts, and LOVE YOUR ORANGE!!!

    I tried to follow Jane's blog but for some reason the "follow" button wasn't showing up at all.

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway. My sponsor blog is the Raspberry Rabbits of Shell May!!

  53. And I forgot to mention but it goes without saying, I can't click "follow" on your blog, either! Oh well, I'll try to access a different computer or something and hopefully enter on Wednesday!

  54. I am a WANTOBE quilter and follower of you! Amy from Diary of a Quilter brought me here. I'm also following Jane's blog and have thanked her! Would also like to thank you for this fantastic opportunity to start quilting with a little help :) Lucy xx

  55. I am a follower of you and Jane. Thanks to both of you for this great opportunity. I love orange and love dreamsickles. I heard about this on Jane's Fabrics blog. Thanks again!

  56. I am a follower of you and Jane! I found you through Amy from Diary of a Quilter. Thank you! This is an amazing opportunity! :)

  57. Dear Madame Samm, thanks a lot for inventing and managing this great campaign of yours!
    I am a wantobe quilter, sponsored by May@Confessions of a fabraholic, and I am really looking forward to read more of your blog, Jane's blog and hers following the three of you and to learn how to quilt at the same time :)

  58. I am a wantobe quilter visiting from Ellison Lane Quilts. I see all of these beautiful quilts and would love to be able to make them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. I have just finished my first quilt so am not sure if that makes me a quilter or a wantobe.
    I came from Amy - Diary of a Quilter


  60. HI I'm a Wantobe Quilter from Amy@diaryofaquilter. This looks like such a great place to learn. Thanks for all this hard work. I now follow both you and Jane.

    Jessica Knudsen

  61. I am a Wantobe Quilter from Diary of a Quilter. I am actually a little stuck in the middle, as I have made a few quilts, but am learn so much from these awesome blogs every day. Thanks for the chance!

  62. What a wonderful story. Never imagined there was such a huge "Community" of quilters. So excited to be apart of the contest thanks to my friend Wendy @ "Why Not Kwilt"

  63. Jane's Fabrics and Quilts is such a cute blog! I'm so excited to find so many folks exciting to start quilting. I'm a newbie, but I can't wait to make a quilt that my family will use for years to come.

  64. This is an exciting opportunity. I am MaLisa Johnson from Shade Tree Quilting.

  65. yes, yes, yes........ I wantobe a quilter! Amy from A Quilting Sheep sent me.
    Thanks for encouraging the timid. :)
    *am a follower -- check!
    *leave name -- check!
    *leave blog sponsor -- check!
    *be a wanabe -- check!
    *not know what I am doing or how to use a rotary cutter -- check! (for real!! check!!)
    *visited Grace Company, thanked them -- check!
    *visited Jane's Fabric's -- check!
    *became a follower at Jane's -- check!
    * YES, I will be back

    seeewwww...... what do you think? I have potential? I should be able to follow a pattern!! :)

    THANK YOU for supporting wantobes.

  66. So cool! I am excited about the upcoming months! I am a wantobe quilter, and I follow Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts. Thank you so much and I love Janes blog too!

  67. This post made me teary, very moving! I too am a WANTOBE quilter! i was sent her by the ONe and only DESLYNN from Quilt Taffy.

  68. Miss Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting sent me. I've been so interested to get started quilting, but always having to borrow all the helpful tools is making the learning process very slow going!

  69. I came via Lilypad Quilting! And I follow Jane's fabric!

  70. hi, thanks for this opportunity. melissa from happy quilting sent me.
    love reading your story-hopefully i will be quilting in no time! i'm a follower of yours and your inspirational friend jane. and yes, a quilting wantobe. cheers!

  71. One of my favorite people that I've never met, Melissa of Happy Quilting introduced me and I am already in love with Stash Manicure and can't wait to stalk you :-) Thank you for inspiring me to get out and buy some orange! Just don't tell my husband...shhhh...I love the Grace Company...I've had an EZ fabri-fast quilting frame for several years and it's amazing. Love that rotary cutter!

  72. Woof! Woof! Lots of Golden Thanks for this opportunity. There's truly HOPE for my mom to be a quilter. WOW! it's just last year you started. That's PAWsome. My bloggie friend "Describe Happy" inspired my mom to pursue her desire to learn quilting. Lots of Golden Thanks n Woofs, Sugar

  73. I am so excited about this campaign and opportunity. Can't wait to see more.
    CJ in NC w/ Shadetree Quilting

  74. Woof! Woof! Me again ... Just want to let you know we visited and following Jane's Fabric blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar n mom Rosalyn

  75. I am hoping to seek some inspiration and guidance about how to start on my first quilt. I have wanted to quilt for some time now, but haven't the faintest idea about where to start or how to actually follow through. I've been following some quilting blogs for a little while now and have seen some BEAUTIFUL and inspiring works of art. But, I don't know that I can do it on my own. So, as a Wantobe Quilter, I'm hoping to glean some useful information here to give me the spark I need to get started! I came here by way of Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts.

    I'm excited to follow your blog and learn some new skills, namely quilt-making!

  76. WantToBe a quilter from http://happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com/ - my sponsor,

    I am a blogger follower for both.

    I will be back and hopefully learn how to use the rotary thingy.

  77. Ok, now a follower of Jane's blog. What a beautiful start to this orange filled extravaganza.... Thanks for the chance to win. Sara (sponsor is KD)

  78. I am a follower of you and Jane! I found you through Amy from Diary of a Quilter. Thank you! This is an amazing opportunity! :)

  79. I'm sew excited to be a part of this Inaugural event. Thanks to Michelle at the Raspberry Rabbits for giving her followers the news of this wonderful adventure.

  80. I am a follower of Kims Big Quilting Adventure and would love to win. I have read you since you took over this blog, and learn alot.

  81. Hello! I came here via Diary of a Quilter. I am wantobe quilter and I follow both this blog and Jane's blog!

  82. Hi there! Im a follower of your site and also Happy Quilting. Im definitely a wanabe quilter! What a great idea for a giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. I'm sew excited to be a part of this Inaugural event. Thanks to Michelle at the Raspberry Rabbits for giving her followers the news of this wonderful adventure.

    I forgot to log in before posting. I definitely do not want to be anonymous with these prizes!

  84. Isabel from KuwaitAugust 1, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    I hear of you from a friend who quilts in Japan, Karikao. She excit to be in. We gave name to Sandi we like prizes, thank you, thank you very much.
    isaYLk2 safatmail com

  85. I am excited about this campaign and am following "Jane's Fabrics" blog. This is an amazing undertaking... Thanks MS

  86. Why can't I post this??? I'm a follower of Amy of Dairy of a Quilter. Also follow Jane's blog and of course this blog.

  87. I want to win, I have been following Lady Samm forever and a day. now what? I love the quilts, no tools to do quilts. So you see, I am in need, that makes me a very needy wantobe quilter..luv Marcine

  88. Thank you for organizing this campaign to help us newbies! A year ago I decided to follow a tutorial on a disappearing nine patch quilt for my sister who just moved out on her own..well its been a year and I am stumbling along but almost done ...not even one quilt down and I am hooked! I told my hubby I want a real sewing room with real sewing tools, maybe someday :) Also thanks to Melissa Corry for sending me here!

  89. This campaign is an awesome idea! Hoping to win something throughout this month so I can start gathering the materials to quilt and sew in general. Sallie @ Sallie's Sampler sent me :)

  90. Thank you so much for being an inspiration and recognizing those of us just starting out! I have a feeling quilting is quickly going to go from "I wish I could" to "Look at this!" I'm a follower of Amy of Dairy of a Quilter.

  91. My friend sent me over here because I said I wanted to get into quilting but didn't want to invest in the mat, cutter, etc.?! I'm visiting from Ellison Lane Quilts and am a Wantobe (unless you count that quilt I made in elementary school over 20 years ago).

  92. So exciting! I'm a new quilter, using borrowed supplies to get going! I was sent here by "Diary of a Quilter" and I'm so glad I was!

  93. Wow! Just look at this beginning, Samm! I knew it would be this fabulous...and I bet you did too! Congratulations, babe!

  94. OoOOOOOooOOO I'm so excited to get started. I was sent here by Christie at describe happy!

  95. OOOPS! I just got FOLLOW Happy & didn't read closely enough to see the register & Follow only ONE. So pitch out the other 2 that I did. I just got so excited!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  96. I am a Wantobe Quilter, if I could do even 1/99th of what you have done in one year I would be in heaven. You are an inspiring women I loved reading about what you had been doing. Shelly from the Raspberry Rabbits said to say Hi! Patti

  97. This is so awesome! Thanks for doing this to help out new quilters! :D

    Came over here from Amy at Diary of a Quilter.


  98. Cool! I came here through Another Mary Ann, and newly followed 1 Choice 4 Quilts this week. I'm a definite Wanttobe!

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. Hi Madame Samm! I've been looking forward to this for weeks and now it's finally here. So looking forward to becoming a quilter. I've followed Jane's Fabrics blog and my sponsor is Robyn from Stitchin' Time (http://robs-stitchintime.blogspot.com/). Keeping my fingers crossed I'll be lucky!

    Best of luck with the campaign.

    Anne xx

  101. Sew excited to be a part of this. I'm here by way of Mrs. Jane with grandmamas stories. I have two little ones and I would LOVE to learn to quilt so I can make a quilt out of their baby clothes. I see these quilts on etsy and think surely I can figure out how to do that so PLEASE teach me:)

  102. Hi, I am excited for the opportunity to learn more about quilting and possibly win the tools needed to do so. I just started, and my 'name' KOcanQuilt is a play on my name and a hopeful statement. I came here via Mary @ Mary on Lake Pulaski, a fellow Minnesotan.

    Thank you for all you do Madame Samm, from Karen.

  103. My dream is to learn to be a quilter - can't wait. I came over from Amy and Diary of a Quilter.

  104. I have been putting off buying the cutting tools....this would be sooooo great.....I'm a wantobe quilter sent by Melissa at Happy Quilter...thanks so much for the opportunity

  105. Wow! what a great giveaway! Thank you so much - I just started quilting a couple of months ago and I'm excited to start picking out all the right tools!

  106. Wow, this is such a great contest. Michelle from The Raspberry Rabbits sent me here. Its going to be great to follow such an awesome blog. I have sewn for years but would love, love, love to get into quilting! (()) Gail

  107. What a wonderful campaign! I happily follow you and Jane's Fabrics. I'm definitely a Wantobe Quilter and just started my very first quilt this past week!!! I found your blog through Cara at Me? A Mom? blog. I am such a fan of her work - it's outstanding! I hope to be as graceful at quilting as she is... someday! Thank you for the opportunity - I'm truly grateful!

  108. This looks like great fun. I am here through Melissa at Happy Quilting. Nancy R.

  109. I'm following Jane's Fabrics and I'm coming from Diary of a Quilter. I just bought my first fat quarter bundle the other day (it's in the mail) and I have a sewing machine but nothing else! I'm kind of new to sewing so this particular package would be great because I don't have any of these items yet! Thanks so much!

  110. I am following Janes's Fabrics now :) It's nice to meet new blogs all the time... My sponsor is Patty at http://ncweekendquilter.blogspot.com

  111. This is such a great way to get people more interested in quilt. Jennifer from Ellison Lane sent me. I am also following Jane now.

  112. I have just started some small quilting projects with the encouragement from a good friend and I'm very excited about this contest. Freda from The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe sent me.

  113. never had the courage to quilt but this campaign made me think I should try. i follow Kathleen @Kdquilts as well as your blog for added inspiration

  114. I am still new to quilting, and I never started one. This is a great chance for me!!
    Loves the orange theme :D
    I follow your blog and also Staci from http://theconfusedquilter.blogspot.com/

  115. Hi
    It's me-Wannabe Quilter Kimberly .
    My goodness I didn't realize how all of this had come about. you are a real go getter.
    thank you for organizing all of this!

  116. I'm a WANTOBE QUILTER, I follow this blog and Jane's Fabrics, my sponsor is Lily pad quilting. Thanks so much :)

  117. I'm a wantobe quilter! I'm coming over from Happy Quilting and I'm following there, here and Jane's fabrics. I can't wait to read more about quilting and get some ideas for quilting projects that I can do as a newbie!

  118. I'm a wantobe quilter! I'm coming over from Happy Quilting and I'm following there, here and Jane's fabrics. I am very excited and inspired more than ever to quilt!!

    <3 Heather

  119. I'm a wantobe quilter, "sponsored" by Amy at Diary of a Quilter. I love your dolls -- so individual! I'm now a follower of Jane's (already a follower here). I'm excited to learn more about quilting. Totally appeals to me, just not sure how to get started. . .

  120. hi Im a follower of Janes Fabrics and a wanna be

  121. Shannon@nunusquiltworld@blogspot.com is my sponsor. I am now a follower and look forward to winning your stuff!

  122. Shannon at Nunu's Quilt World is my sponsor. I am a wanna be and I'm really excited to be able to have a chance to win. I am a follow of Jane's Fabrics, too!! XD

  123. You have so much energy! :)

    I'm a Wantobe Quilter thanks to Brenis of That Thing I Do! :)

  124. Oh, I wanted to let you know that I have put a Post on my blog country-blossoms.blogspot.com all about this fun Giveaway, and added the little orange ad about it too. I hope I get some NEW quilters interested! I joined through Sue from quilttimes.blogspot.com (I was already a Follower of her blog). Now I am out to check out Janes Fabrics too! Hugs n Blessings from Sue in South Australia x

  125. I'm definately a follower of Jane's Fabrics as she is my Wantobe Quilter sponsor! :)

  126. Aww, Madame Samm...you really tickled me with this wonderfully long post! I would love to be you for a day, wait..I'd love to spend a day by your side, taking in the warmth and humor you pour out so easily.

    I am signed up with paul@ outnumbered quilter! Emailed all of my info to him. This looks like a Great place to start this Fun Fun Fun Campaign! I'm soaking up the Vit. C from all of the Orange C!!

    Hopefully, I'll soon go from I Wantobe A Quilter to I AMAQUILTER!

    Thanks for doing this. You are a truly inspiring woman and have given me some hope for my future. Love ~ Jo

  127. Janet at Caribou Crossing Chronicles sent me. I am a Wantobe quilter and I follow your blog.

  128. Well, gosh darn! I thought I left a comment earlier this morning, but don't see it. Guess, better late than never. I am a 'Wantobe Quilter' and am following your blog and Jane's. I was up at 4 am this morning, because the child growing inside of me wouldn't stop kicking and I was hungry...typical! Anywho, I was turned on to your campaign by my mom, Kathleen @ KdQuilts.com. I truly admire your ambition with this whole campaign and LOVE the blog! It makes me want to have an orange creme cicle...speaking of food. HA! Good look with the campaign. May there be lots of Wantobe's like me.

    Crys Plattner

  129. Your story is so interesting and I can't believe you've only been involved with quilting for such a short time. I've been dreaming about quilting for years ... reading, planning, helping my Mom make a couple ... all with the intention of taking up the hobby after my kids graduate from high school or after I retire from work. Wouldn't you know that as soon as my last baby turned 18 and left home, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had the past 2 years of my life highjacked. On the other hand, at least I'm still here. Now I know it's much too risky to wait until I'm able to retire before I start leaving a legacy of quilts from my loved ones. So I took this past week off work to use some borrowed tools and make my first solo quilt top. I'm so happy to say I've completed the top ... a little wonky and many lessons learned (such as I need a better sewing machine) ... and I can't wait to make more and do some hand quilting, too.

    Thanks for being such an inspiring leader and for having the vision and energy to pursue this amazing campaign that will help so many. I'm in awe!

    I'm teamed up with Lily Pad Quilting, by the way.

    This is all so exciting!

  130. I just became a follower of your blog. I am a wanna-be-quilter. My sponsor is A Quilting Sheep.

    Glad to be here!

    Thanks, CSQ

  131. Oh Samm... I love what you have going on here. What great fun! I can't wait to see all of the prizes and who wins!
    I will just tell you... from the minute I read your first comment that you left on Stash Manicure... I knew that you were the "Perfect one to give this blog to. After all... You are the one that put the "W" in Wonderful... the "C" in Creative... the "T" in Talented and the "B" in Blogger... which makes you the most "Wonderful Creative Talented Blogger" out there! Not to mention... Fun and Whitty besides!
    You are also one amazing quilter and doll maker. The dolls are almost as cute as you are... Hehehe!
    Best thing of all... I simply adore you and feel so blessed to have you as my "Dear Friend"! I think it is you who lifts me. :-)

  132. Samm, I had to read your post twice, I read it in the very early hours before work, but I didn't get to sit down and really read it. You are one talented lady and have set goals and achieved them. I wish I had the time and stamina that you have. I have ideas, ones I think are wonderful, but I can't develop them right now. Too much going on. I loved reading about your dolls, and how you began quilting. This endeavor of yours is truly inspiring and I'm so happy that I'm a part of it and my Wantobe quilter, Ann, from Ann's Snap Edit Scrap is in it too! Thanks again for what you do. BTW, I love the blue green fabrics in today's post, what great colors for an "island" quilt!!!

  133. Wow... you are one awesomely talented lady!!

    I also found your blog through Jane's... love love all of these quilting blogs. I am a very new quilter and am learning via blogs. What a great way to learn!!

  134. Wow, Karen Demello told me about your site and I am thrilled to see everything you have going on and I love your tea cozy you sent her. Yeah for Canadians. I still am one, US also. :)

    Kathy Maurer
    Mead Washington

  135. THANKS for your blog!!!! This is wonderful and to have it shared by Susan Branch's blog - EVEN MORE SO! I'm now a smitten follower!

  136. Thanks for the opportunity! I'm a new-ish quilter, taught myself on my great-grandmother's Singer treadle years ago, and then picked up a new machine 4 months ago and have been at it again! So, although I don't qualify for the wanabe, I would love some new tools to add to my growing collection! I'm now following both you & Jane, and look forward to learning more from you both! My blog is heather-birdcraft (at) blogspot (dot) com
    Thanks again!