Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturdays are our Sponsor days..RECAP of our 1st month together - 9 more weeks to go.

Saturdays are SPONSOR days..

I thought a recap would be very nice for our 4th week..
( with 9 more weeks to go )
To those who may have missed any of our special days, sponsors
and guests. Well here you ARE!
( never too late to be a Blog Sponsor, or to be registered with
any of our Blog sponsors on the list on your right) 

All of our sponsor links of what they sponsored
can be found on the side bar....
( goes directly to all of  their giveaways) 

Day 16 -Monday.
Lisa was our guest from UK. 
( all of our guests can be linked back to their post)


IN my past I have married and divorced  37 IRONS, and some would
say I wear them out like I do my husbands....  but really irons and me
are not a good marriage...

This one has power steam...you can have a facial at the same time..
I wrinkled up some linen, listen 2 glides over my fabric...WOW no wrinkles.
I love that is is heavy, but it glides like an egg over butter in a hot iron pan....
You think I am kidding here...you think I was talking about a fine
glass of merlot this iron is sewwwwwwwwwww smooth.
Do you know how many glasses of wine I have drunk crying over 
bad irons...( can't tell you really, but I can tell you I have cried a lot)
NO more crying ...I believe I have found the IRON Of my dreams....

Sew how many of you been dreaming of a RELIABLE IRON..?
Are you ready for a happily ever after?
( Jeanne won this iron)

DAY 17 Tuesday
 our guest was Karen from Australia.

All cut in 1/2 yard triangles.... 6 yds and let us just add 
a little more BRIGHTNESS to it all..

How about this Beam N Read...I did a blog hop 
a few weeks ago hosted by Kelly @ IHAN.
( she has these for sale if you don't win)

I have tried sew many lights, I think I was just burned
out in the same way as I was about  IRONS...
none ever worked for me UNTIL
this one...now I can't imagine living without it..
NO heat, just light, lightweight around your neck...
idea for seeing those teeny weeny stitches...
and the best part..it stays BRIGHT..go figure..
 ( janita won these prizes)

DAY 18 Wednesday
our Guest was Steffi  from Germany

                        1/2 yard bundles = 8 yds of Michael Miller's SARAH JANE's Children @ Play..

Chloe is our prop...Sumatra was climbing a tree.. This collection seems appropriate and the winner could have enough for hundreds of quilts if she or he were to make them this size...AND Our Blog Sponsor you will win this pattern book from .Martingale& Co. and as book reviewer I get copies of these books early... I loved the cover always can tell a lot about the cover and this one will not  disappoint you when you flip through the pages...

Farm Girl Quilts... being fall is peaking right around the corner
and there are houses on the cover, I thought this would 
be a perfect giveaway for our seasoned quilters...

                                                                               This weather vane with the seasonal houses..
well anyone thinking of great wall hanging this is a great choice...

The quilts inside are breathtaking...this one called Tulip Fields,
don't you love the colors, style..how it drapes on that
chair inviting to slip under it....

This one is called Country Roads... no detour here..I can think
a few of you would enjoy this pattern..

( Jana and Des won these prizes)

DAY 19 Thursday 
with our Guest Jennie from the US

Some 1/2 yard bundles from Riley Blake...a mixture of  new collections
from varied designers....
Happier Cottons
Farm Fresh...

and YOU have to some threads from Presencia/ Colonial Needle. 
( you can find these Finca #8 Presencia Threads at Jane's Fabrics...)
sew here is a lovely collection to get you started..
and you need some embroidery  needles ( also from Colonial Needle)
and how about a new pair of scissors from Famore Scissors...
( these are ideal...perfect for pulling out your mistakes..) 

( Lori won these prizes above)

DAY 20 Friday
with Amy from US

1st you both will win these...
Amy Bradley's Have a Scrappy Day pad...( magnetic)
Famore cutting Scissors, ( diff't pair for our sponsor
but equally $$) and look this Great HOOTS pattern   for both of you 

And how about this too...all the materials
to make your very own Tush Cush...

The Wantobe can choose first...the Aqua/red from Micheal Miller
or the Citron/Grey from Micheal Miller
fat quarters 1 dozen + 1 Yd each of  extra fabric ( in each collection)

ohhhh and this INN Control DOUBLE FUSIBLE.
from Innovative Crafts...
Can I tell YOU--you  will love this...LOVE THIS.
( it is what I used for my sewing machine cover)

Wantobe ....do you want this one or

 ( Laurie and Amy won these)

this one... Aqua/red ? Blog Sponsor will get the other choice
all equal value...and scissors, and patterns too..

As always I am INSPIRED by our GUESTS,
It was a terrific week...and you must know
this is done for  YOU.
Without quilters, without you WANTOBE's 
well, all I can say is...YOU MATTER...

Sew I will pour myself into another 9 weeks...
Next week YOU want to be here..
YOU want to tell your PEEPS to be here..
YOU want to tell all of your friends to be HERE
( trust me they will be thanking YOU)

just saying...