Monday, August 29, 2011

Guest #21 Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew ---Simple Stack n' Whack Blocks - Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew

I’m Allison from over at Cluck Cluck Sew…and I’m happy to be posting here today! I’m sharing my quick stack n’ whack technique for making these simple square in square blocks like I used in my orange quilt.
These blocks are fast….and are a great starter for any beginner. You can make them any size you want, or offset the center square to make a “wonky” block. I’m going to show you below how to make 2 blocks that finish at 7 1/2", but if you want to re size this block, simple add 1 inch to the desired finish size, and that’s how big to cut your squares. So to get started:
Start with two 8 1/2” squares.
Make a cut 2 1/2” in from each side.
Cut the center strip horizontally 2 1/2” in from the top and bottom.
Switch the center squares.
Sew the center strips back onto the new center square, right sides together and press out.
Sew the side strips onto the center strip right sides together and press out. Don’t worry about lining up the side strips as you’ll be trimming off those extra pieces anyways.
Trim off the top and bottom first, and the sides 1/4” or so until you have a square block that is 7 1/2” square.
For the orange quilt, I started with 9 1/2" cut squares, which left me with 8 1/2" finished blocks. My orange and white quilt was 8 blocks across and 9 blocks down, so 72 blocks total. It made it about 62" by 68". You would simply start with 36 colored squares and 36 white squares, then stack n’ whack away to make it extra fast!
Thank you for allowing me to guest post here today and happy sewing! -Allison

Editors note:
Thanks Allison, nice to have you showcase something ORANGE..
We are warming up to this color every day...
And you just may put some of us over the edge with your lovely
design...simple and sweet...what more could one ask for...

WELLLLLL, I think I can come up with something extra today..

This win will be for  all of  OUR WANTOBES AND QUILTERS...
YES YOU CAN all WIN this today...
( I scheduled this for midnight last night, but it did not post
till I put it up...at 5:30 am )

A BABY GO. + your choice of 3 dies
.Giveaway in 24 hours...Winner will be
announced in the morning...

HURRY go and be a new follower at Allison's blog...
YOU will be glad you did...she has a lovely blog, her projects are simple and authentic,
She has taste...YOU will no doubt like her...hard not to..
Let her know how much you appreciate the time for her to be here today...
Be a follower here of course you are, aren't YOU ?

and please go and CHOOSE 3 of your Favorite  dies ( 3 of my fav are in the photo)
Accuquilt and let us know which ones you want to win...

 WE will choose the winner by tomorrow morning
and all WANTOBES and QUILTERS will be in this DRAW....

Big thanks goes out to Allison, Accuquilt, Great Gerberas
and YOU for being part of this amazing journey..
I can only imagine how many new friends you will make,
how many tutorials will fill your PDF files..
* we have PRINT FRIENDLY now on every post..
YOU can save any or all that you want...

Now hurry go tell all of YOUR friends, they can win too today...
I told you it was going to be an exciting week..this is just the beginning...

 Our GERBERAS compliments from
Great Gerberas
these are called KILLIMANJARO...


  1. Wow, that orange quilt is beautiful!

    I would get an eight point star die, a large circle and a large hexagon.

    Thanks for the inspiration on a gloomy Monday!

  2. My favourite dies are the Studio Bird #7 (Small), the Studio Flower Petals (Large) and the Studio Bird Trio (Long Cut)! Have been following Cluck Cluck Sew for a while now - amazing stuff there!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I'm following her, I've been following you for a while, and I'd like the Go! Hexagon (never done hexies, but will be deployed this spring and needing a hand-sewing project so I can still get some fabric therapy), the Go! Value Die, and the Go! Strip Cutter 2.5". Or maybe the Airplane die as I'm a pilot (helicopter, not airplane, but it's still a flying machine...).

  4. Thank you Alison for such a great quilt idea and easy! :-)

  5. I'm a follower of both blogs. I'd like a Dresden die, a tumbler, and a 4 1/2 in circle. Thanks!

  6. Hi everyone, I just LOVE this orange quilt tutorial. It looks so good, and so easy to do! I wonder if I could do it with a Jelly Roll and a white Layer Cake? I have joined Allison's blog (and asked her that question too). I love following your blog Mdm. Samm, and I would choose: Go! Birds Number 55324; Go Critters Number 55030 and Go Round Flower Number 55007 from Accuquilt. (What a HUGE range they have!!) Thanks for the opportunity to win :0)
    Hugs n Blessings from Sue in South Australia xx

  7. I follow both blogs. I'd love to win (like everyone else of course!).
    I would like a square - a strip cutter and a Dresden die!


  8. I follow - I would like the rose of sharon, birds and feathers. Thanks for the chance

  9. Love the quilt and the technique! Die choices would be in the geometrics...squares, triangles, and rectangles! And another wonderful blog to follow!

  10. I follow both blogs too. I enjoy Allison's stuff so much. I would get the tumbler, the value die and the drunkard's path. I would like to do more curved piecing to improve that skill. Madame Samm, you are making me start to like orange more and more.

  11. What a pretty quilt! Simple, but lovely! I'm now a follower of Allison's at Cluck Cluck Sew, as well as a follower here.

    I'd love to win the square, Dresden, and rectangles dies.

    Carol (NJ)

  12. I follow both blogs too (boy am I a copycat!). I love Alisons tutorials. I would choose an applique die, a strip cutter and a square.

  13. I am following Cluck Cluck Sew, but blogger wouldn't load her page, so I'll have to tell her here how much I enjoyed her post. Three dies? How to choose? Dresden Plate, Rose of Sharon, and Birds and Feathers...no, no, Studio Flower Petals... no, no, Go Critters.........oh, I just can't decide! It must be too early in the morning. Yes, I am a follower of Sew WE Quilt, of course!

  14. I am a wantobe, I am a follower of this blog, I now follow Allison, and my blog sponsor is Jane's Fabrics! I really love the orange quilt! I would pick the tumbler, the pumpkins and the snowflakes! Thanks to Accuquilt, Allison, Great Gerberas and Madame Samm!

  15. I am a quilter and fun to have a chance to win something today! I am already a follower of Allison's blog and think I will try this simple technique with charm squares and make a small quilt. I follow your blog, am loving the campaign. A Stitch in Time blog.

  16. I have followed you both for a bit now, but I would love to win the studio circles, studio hexagon, and studio heart #2. Allison's quilts are my fave so far!

  17. i follow alison's blog and your blog madame samm. alison's newest pattern is wonderful!
    id love a 5 inch sqare, apple core and tumbler! thanks for a chance. im a quilter.

  18. Official follower #4450 here! (although I've been reading Cluck, Cluck Sew for a long time!)

    Follower here/Nan of Pots and Pins is my sponsor. Thanks Nan!

    I would choose: Squares 3" Super Jumbo, Circle Jumbo, and Hexagon #5 Giant....And SOOOOO Keeping my fingers crossed.


  19. I am already a long time follower of Allison's.

    I would love to win the Go Baby and the 3 dies I would pick are Go feathers, Go circle 2". 3". 5". And hexagon ", 3", 5"

  20. I am already a follower of Cluck Cluck Sew. What a great blog! I am so excited about today's giveaway because as a quilter I know how great this prize is...I really NEED one!! I would like the Birds, Branches and the Churn Dash (for making owls). Oh Lordy I hope I win this one!!!

  21. Hello!

    I am currently following Ms Allison and Madam mam. My sponsor is Nan@pots and pins.

    And the three dies I would pick would be...triangle 5.5, studio square giant, and studio rectangle.

    But love the flowers...inspired me to find a place near me. and the quilt is super cute and very direct. thanks for all

  22. I follow Cluck Cluck Sew and I love the simplicity and beauty of this quilt! It looks like just the thing for some quick Christmas gift throws. Thanks for sharing:>)

  23. I'm a follower here and of Cluck Cluck Sew!

    I love the visual interest and simplicity of this quilt pattern... would be fun to quilt too! Lots of open spaces...

    I would choose the following dies: Drunkards Path, Apple Core, and the 5" Square.

    Thanks for the chance to win a Baby GO! cutter!

  24. I would love a large circles, large hexagon and the tumbler. I follow both blogs and am sponsored by Amy of Diary of a Quilter.

  25. That quilt looks great and I even think I could do it.
    I am following Allison and here.
    Picking just 3 dies is difficult.
    But I choose the Birds, Value die and the Rag Square.

  26. wow! thanks so much for this great giveaway!
    I've been following Allison's blog for a long time. I love her tutorials.
    If I was really really lucky and won the Go! cutter I'd choose the quarter square triangle finish, the diamond and I'll have to think more about it for the third one!
    thanks Dawn (quilting by Dawn)for letting me know about all this!

  27. I am now a follower of Cluck Cluck Sew (great ideas over there, can't wait to go explore her site more thoroughly), been a daily follower of Stash for quite awhile (love it!) and would like the Apple Core, Holiday Medley and Fall Medley dies from AccuQuilt if I am chosen to be the lucky winner of this giveaway!
    Thank you Madame Samm and all the great sponsors!

  28. I am following Cluck Cluck sew now.
    I would love to have the Hexagons, SunBonnet Sue and The birds you have in your picture.

    Big thanks to Allison for the tutorial. That is a great way for a beginner or a seasoned quilter to jump in and make a fast quilt.

  29. I'm a quilter - and I've actually made this quilt top for my son's full sized bed - it's not sandwiched yet, but the top is done! I used greens, I love Allisons tuts, they are great to follow :) I've been a follower of hers for quite a while. And of course I follow you.

    Tomorrow is thyroid cancer surgery, it would be wonderful to come home to be the winner of the baby and these 3 dies - apple core, 2.5" strips and 5" square!

    Thank you Madame Samm!

  30. ciao che meraviglia questo tutorial sono già fans del blog di allison ed adoro le sue creazioni come le tue ;-) mi piacciono
    - http://www.accuquilt.com/studio-shop/dies/holiday/studio-holiday-bundle-set.html
    - http://www.accuquilt.com/studio-shop/dies/applique/seasonal.html
    - http://www.accuquilt.com/studio-shop/dies/classic/10-block-mix-and-match.html
    incrocio le dita ciao rosa.kreattiva
    blog creativo http://kreattiva.blogspot.com/

  31. Well. who knows, maybe this time I'll win a Go! Baby ...
    I'm already a follower of Allison a.k.a. Cluck Cluck Sew 's blog: great tutorials.
    Like this one!
    Of course it had to be the Orange one!
    If I'd win I'd love to have shapes which are so difficult to cut by hand, like circles, flowers, letters ...
    YES I'd love to win!!
    Thanks to Corrie from Quilttaffy maybe I will!

  32. I'm an official follower of Allison's now, but Cluck, Cluck, Sew has been in my reader for a long time. Glad I checked! I'm a quilter sponsored by Stray Stitches. The dies I would choose are GO Circle, GO Hexagon, and Drunkards Path. Big thanks to the sponsors and Madame Samm!

  33. I'm now a follower of her blog, even though I've been reading it for a while!
    For the dies, I'd chose the half square 6 1/2 triangle, the Studio 10 finished block set and the Studio Spring Blossoms (large).

    I registered with Amy from Diary of a Quilter !
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!


  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. OMG! I was sad the weekend was over but what a great Monday morning at the Wantobe site! I love the wack and stack and her cluck cluck site! Am droooooling over this prize today! I would love to have the 2.5 " strip die, 3.5 x 6.5" rectangle and 6.5" square dies! I am sponsored by Marcia's Crafty Sewing and am sending her prayers for her Mom! Thank you so much!

  36. I am a follower of your blog and now Allison's blog. What a great tutorial for the wantobes and all the quilters. I want to win one of this GO's so bad. One day I just know it. I would love a tumbler and 2-1/2" strip and a half square triangle.

  37. Thank you Allison for a lovely, quick quilt. The orange and white is so nice together.

    Thank you Samm and Accuquilt, I would LOVE to win a Baby! GO and some strip dies and the daisy die.

  38. Boy, oh boy, there have been so many GO cutters given away on blogs, it's a wonder anyone is still cutting their own shapes! Good luck to everyone!

  39. New follower here! I'd love a tumbler, a 5" square and a 5 1/4" rag square!

  40. I would love the basics : Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle, Drunkard's Path-3 1/2" and Square-2". What relief those would be tomy old hands !

    Since I began quilting 2 years ago, I have consistently read Allison's blog. She is helpful, courteous and a genuinely nice person - which I cannot say about all quilting bloggers

    of course I consider Mme Samm the Patron Saint of bloggers ! Especially after hosting this stupendous event !

    follow both of you and I am a quilter

  41. I'm now a follower of Cluck cluck, and here too of course.

    I would love to win Rose of Sharon, Florida petals and Studio bear paw dies. What a wonderful offer.
    I'm sponsored by Kathy's Cottage.

  42. Had already been following her blog but hadn't signed up, so did that today. Love her patterns too! Love the dies that you chose too. Do not own any of them and love applique' so those would be great! I am a quilter my sponsor is Diary of a Quilter. Am having so much fun with this event you have so carefully planned! Thanks so much!

  43. I love that quilt. That pattern has become a classic with the colors making it original. I do already follow both blogs. My choices would be: Drunkard's Path, Funky Flower and Autumn Medley. Thank you.

  44. Hi, thank you to Allison for the great tutorial. I had seen that term stack and wack and wondered what it meant. Cluck Cluck Sew was one of the first blogs I started following when I discovered the blogging world earlier this summer

    If I were to win this giveway, I would want the value set, the birds, and the leaves and branches.

  45. I am a devoted follower of Sew WE Quilt!

  46. I am a new, happy follower of Cluck, Cluck, Sew.

  47. Got to love stack and wack! Never thought about squares before. I do love the orange!
    I would love to have the 2.5in strips, the 5in squares, and the circles (2, 3, 5in).
    I do follow both.
    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!

  48. Hi, I'm a wantobe sponsored by Dawn at quiltingbydawn.
    Thanks Allison for a quilt that looks easy and is beautiful.I am happy to follow your blog.

    I would choose Drunkads Path, Dresden Plate and a block set.

    Thanks to all the sponors.

  49. What a great prize! Who wouldnt want this :o) Id like hexagons, square(5") and strip 2,5") dies. Im a follower of Allison and she does some wonderful works.
    I really like the printer friendly version of every post - great!

  50. I am now following Allison at Cluck, Cluck, Sew!

  51. Tumblers, Apple core and Parallelograms...oh, my!

  52. I've read Allison's blog before--love it!
    I would get the Sunbonnet Sue, the Critters and the Half Square-3" Finished Triangle. Looks like fun!

  53. Oh my, I would want the Circles, the Hexagons, and the Drunkard's Path. Thanks for another chance to win! Blessings!

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. I love reading not only these great blog posts but all the comments too! If anybody else does the same and reads this, can you tell me if I can follow Cluck Cluck Sew through my Blogger dashboard? I only found the subscribe link which wanted to email me the blog posts or do them through Google Reader... but I'm blind so it's quite possible that I just missed a button or something for following in Blogger! Thanks in advance for any assistance!

    This squares-in-squares tip is great and I shall certainly have a go! I'm just starting my second ever quilt, actually the Rainy Day quilt that Quilter in the Rain guest posted here a couple of weeks ago... maybe I can have a square-in-square in my blocks! :)

    I'd love to win one of these awesome cutters... my choice of dies would be Go-hexagosn, Go-Circles and Go-Critters!


    Giles (Touch And Sew / touchandsew.blogspot.com)

  56. I would love to win a Go! baby. As someone who has not yet made a quilt, it is hard for me to choose what dies I would like, but the fall and winter applique set seem very handy! I would probably also choose the hexagon because they make such cool quilts!

    I am a wantobe and my sponsor is A Stitch in Time! :)

  57. I have been following Allison's blog for some time, but today I became an 'official' follower. She has some really great ideas and I love reading her blog. If I won I would pick the following die cutters: tumbler #55020, pumpkins #55323, and square #55010. I am a want to be quilter and Amy of Diary of a Quilter is my sponsor.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Thanks for the great tutorial Allison. I have been a follower of yours for awhile now. I have been trying to win one of these GO! Babies for sew long. Thanks for the chance to try again. I would pick hexagon, baby alphabet and circles.

  60. OOO I would probably go with something simple. Squares, triangles, and strips!!

  61. I follow Allison already and of course, Stash Manicure. Love that orange crush quilt. Thanks for the tutorial. If I were lucky enough to win the GO cutter, I would pick the value die, hexagon and pumpkins dies. Thanks so much for the chance to win. ( Stray Stitches is my sponsor)

  62. Madame Samm - yet another interesting blog to follow - Allison's Cluck Cluck Sew - you certainly know how to select them !
    If I should win the Go Baby I'd choose the Drunkards Path 55070, the Value Dies 55018 and the Half Square 55319.
    Deonn at Quiltscapes is my sponsor.

  63. Great tutorial by Allison! Thanks so much. I have become a follower of Allison's and am a happy follower of Stash Manicure. I would love the Fall Medley, Round Flower and the Heart dies. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!!

  64. I enjoy long Allison's blog .. wonderful work ever!
    If you come to choose favorites to win .... so many ... thanks for the opportunity

  65. I am a follower of both blogs! I like the fall medley, tumbler, and drunkard's path dies. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  66. Love the gerberas! So gorgeous!
    Great post from Allison. Terrific way to simplify cutting this block. Love it.
    Baby GO! Wow love one with these dies - circles, holiday accessories and the cute reindeer.
    Thanks as always for the wonderful campaign, Madame Samm.

  67. I am a wantobe. that quilt technique looks good. I follow both blogs. My blog sponsor is A Stitch in Time

  68. Morning, Madamme Samm!!

    I already follow Allison - love her blog!! Love her patterns, too!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  69. I enjoyed Allison's tutorial and love her blog.
    The dies that I would love to have are the Rose of Sharon, large hexagon and the 5 inch square. Thanks for a chance to win a GO!

  70. I'm a wantobe quilter sponsored by Lily Pad Quilting. I'm a follower here and now at Cluck Cluck Sew. I appreciate Allison's time to show us a stack n' whack technique. The 3 dies I choose are 5" square, 2.5 strip cutter and circles- 2,3,5 in. Thanks to all for the wonderful gifts. Judy

  71. I love her blog!!I've been a follower for some time already!
    I would like to win the 5" square,applecore and drunkard's path!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. Good morning, Madame Samm! I am a follower of you and of Allison - I love her blog, she makes it look so easy to make fabulous quilts! Just like most of the followers, I have been wanting a GO! Baby for some time - they're so helpful! If I were lucky enough to win, I would choose strips, tumblers and either the value die or drunkard's path. Thank you for another wonderful opportunity to win! I am a Wantobe and I'm sponsored by Jane's Fabrics. :)

  73. Yes, I follow Allison's blog---what a great read!
    Dies to die for---2 1/2" strip, circles (4 1/2) and dresden. Have a great day!

  74. I'm a wantobe sponsored by Another Mary Ann, and I'd want the pumpkin #4, snowflake #4, and the spring collection. Or, if it has to be a singleton Butterfly #2. I've followed Allison's blog, so please enter me to win!

  75. I follow Cluck, Cluck Sew and your blog. I am a Wantobe quilter sponsored by Ellison Lane. Picking just three dies is hard, but some of my favorites are the large hexagon, the large circle, and the mix and match 12" set. Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. love Allison's blog but who doesn't?! Orange is growing on me more every day--her quilt is adorable, bright, and warm! 3 dies to die for are: Drunkard's Path, birds, diamonds♥

  77. I love Cluck Cluck Sew! I have been a follower of Allison for a long time! :o) Recently I finished her Shortcake pattern. :o) And I love it!! Such talent, she has.
    Kathy at Kathy's Cottage is my sponsor.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Trish
    ps. I would choose the large hexagon, the 8" circle, & the Rose of Sharon. :o)
    pss. Watch your mail box. :o) Went to the post office last Friday.

  78. Agnes pat here a wantobe quilter. I now follow Allison, and so glad I found her simple steps, I can do these. I couldn't get in her blog so I will thank her here. my sponso is Stitching by the Lake. I would choose eight point star, large circle, and the tumbler. thank You Madam Samm, You are causing the quilting world to explode. Agnes Pat

  79. That is a great, easy pattern! The GO looks interesting too. Although I can't imagine using it to cut out the simple goemetrics I can see it used to cut out fusible snowflakes, for example. That is what I would get, snowflakes I think.

  80. I have been a follower of Allison for a long time. I love the hexie and any kind of square pattern.

  81. Hi I am a follower sponsored by Teresa - At willow tree pond.
    Happy to learn about the making squares.
    Love the fall, hearts and birds for the cutter.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  82. I've been a follower of Allison's for a long, long time! Love her tutorial today! What a great way to use up stash! Even TEENY squares (I'm going to try 5" and see what happens - smaller cuts, of course)! I'd love to win the birdies, the circles, and the Rose of Sharon! Thanks again for all your organizing and working, working, working!!!

  83. I am a follower of your blog and now Allison's blog. I'd love to win this GO! Baby for my friend. She'd like 55015 Tumblers, 55070 Drunkards Pth and 55030 Critters. You have such awesome giveaways, and I am constantly blown away!

  84. Tumbler, large hex and the diamond are my favorites. I think it is best to stay classic and geometric! I am a want to be from Amy @ Diary of a quilter, and a new follower of Allison. I love her page and format-beautiful!

  85. I'm a long time follower of Allison's. Love her blog! I would choose the 5" square, the Hexi, and the Tumbler dies if I were lucky enough to win. Thanks for the opportunity!=)

  86. What?! Pick only 3 dies?! That's nearly impossible. That being said, my 3 are the studio bird trio, the studio moon & star, and some basic dresden plate #3. I follow Allison, and A Stitch in Time sent me this way!

  87. Sweet! I already follow Cluck Cluck Sew - lots of great stuff on there. I also follow you.
    I would love to win one of these - dies: 3" HST, Funky Flower and probably the circles. {Ellison Lane Quilts is my sponsor}
    Have a great one!

  88. Wow! the orange quilt is oh so gorgeous! I already FOLLOW Allison! love her blog and I FOLLOW you...you've a blog with such great things going on over here! Great GIVEAWAY! So I have a thing for BIRDS lately and would love the Cutter and the BIRD die ... but I love DIAMONDS also...what girl doesn't!!! lol...


  89. Buenos dias, Madame Samm... Yes I am a follower both here and Cluck, Cluck, Sew. DD Lindsey and I would love to win the Baby Go. My favorite dyes are Studio Bird Trio and the Summer Collection.
    Adios y gracias,

  90. Love the post and love the giveaway... a wantobe quilter (sponsor KD of KD quilts) would love to have the Go hearts 2,3,4, Go birds and Go Star 2,3,4...
    Thanks again

  91. Hi again. Luckly I'm already one of Allison's followers. The 3 dies I'd use would be the 2.5" strip cutter, the 5" square and the studio bird trio.

  92. Beyond excited to see a Go! I WANT ONE. :D I like the apple core, Rose of Sharon and the cat. I am a new follower of Cluck Cluck Sew.

    Sponsor : Melissa @ Happy Quilting.

  93. I already follow Allison - love her! And I would love, love a Go Baby! I want the die that has the sheep, not sure the name, the 3" half square triangles & funky flowers. Ellison Lane is my sponsor.

  94. I already follow cluckclucksew and sewWEquilt blogs. Blogless QUILTER sponsored by Linda at straystitches.
    This is an awesome tutorial, and giveaway. As I sit here with a back brace and hot/cold packs, really really could use this GO!
    If I am so fortunate as to win the AccuQuilt Baby GO! and dies, these are the 3 dies that I would pick. #55018 GO! Value Die , #55012 GO! Circle-2", 3", 5" , and the GO! Hexagons -2", 3", 5". Alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com


  95. Great tutorial! This is one to save for us beginners. Baby Go, WOW!!! I'm a want a be, sent by ms Marlene at Stitchin by the Lake

  96. ahh hope i am a lucky winner this time!

    i follow allison and you, my sponsor is Diary of a Quilter. 3 dies: squares, triangles, hexagons!

  97. I am Now following Allison's blog.

    New to quilting, so I think I would keep it simple- Would choose the hexagon set, circle set, and the 4" diamonds.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  98. Wow! I couldn't get over to Allison's blog fast enough to become a follower. Love the orange and white quilt- it is definitely on my list of quilts to make. I'm a follower here and I follow Kelly at I Have a Notion.
    My 3 choices of dies are a square 5", 2.5" strip and the studio flower and leaves #3.

  99. This quilt is on my to-do list! I'm thinking a layer cake would be perfect to do it with - thanks for this easy tutorial. blessings, marlene

  100. Of course I follow both of you, and I am scrambling to email my wantobes! I know they'll want to enter....I sure do! I'd love the apple core, the drunkards' path, and the birdie applique dies! I'm dreaming of having one of these!!LOL

  101. This tutorial is wonderful! And one I will try when I start quilting. I'm a wantobe, sponsored by Freda @ The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe.

  102. I am a Wantobe Quilter registered with Linda@Straystitches

    I follow stash manicure & now I follow Allison's blog

    I really want a go !!!! I would choose apple core, Go hexagons and the tumbler

    Thank you Allison, & Accuquilt for todays fun !!!

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. I want to win so bad!!! I have tried winning one of these for months! I follow you and Allison's blogs. My sponsor is diaryofaquilter. I love the drunkards path, fall medley and circles dies.


  105. I'm sure glad I checked this blog today. Whew! I SO WANT TO WIN!! :) Yes, I follow Cluck Cluck Sew and I follow here, too. My favorite dies: Funky Flower, Round Flower, and 5" square. I'm registered with Amy at Redeemed Sheep. Thanks for this post.

  106. I already follow Cluck Cluck Sew! I LOVE it and am there all the time. :) So nice to see you here too, Allison. My favorite dies are the Dresden Plates, Double Wedding Ring,and the Go! Airplanes. I am going to make an airplane quilt for my Dad's 60th. I SO want to win this!!!

  107. Oh, goodie, another chance to win a Go! Maybe I'll get lucky this time. I became a follower of Allison's blog! I dies I would choose are the hexagons, the circles and a strip cutter.

  108. Since, I am a craftynewbie (or TRYING to be, or WANTOBE:) AND, I have been dreaming of a GO! Baby for a while now because cutting is challenging for me!

    I would start with something easier to use/sew. The Go! Value die would be a nice choice. Also, the Go! Tumbler 6 1/2in would be good to increase sewing skills, I think. AND, lastly, I think the Sue Bonnet is exceptionally adorable!

    Thank you for the exciting giveaway, Madame Samm!

  109. Wow! I definitely hope to win this! I am already a follower of Allison's blog, love it! Of course I follow you too! I love the bird applique die, strip cutter and I am up in the air on the third. Probably an apple core or 2.5 in square cutter. Thanks for the chance!

  110. I love the orange quilt. Two color quilts are so refreshing. I would pick the fall medley, the 3 1/2 tumbler and critters. I am a quilter sent from Marcia's crafty sewing and quilting.

  111. I love Cluck Cluck Sew. Thank you for the giveaway. I would like the drunkards path, tumber and hexagon dies.

  112. I am a follower here and now a follower of Allison's blog. The tutorial she shared was great. I love the two bird dies and the large flower but think a square or even a rectangle would be great. If I won I would have to buy many of them.

  113. Nice quilt Allison, thanks for the tutorial! I visited your blog and I am now following along.

    The giveaway is wonderful. I like the Go Birds, GO Fall Medley, and the GO Holiday Accessories! I would so love a GO! Baby.

    Thank you to Madame Samm, Accuquilt and Great Gerberas! This is soooo much fun!!! Have a great day everyone.

  114. I am already a follower of Cluck Cluck Sew. I love her style. My favorite dies are hexagon, tumbler & circles.

  115. Im a follower of Cluck Cluck Sew! its so great! and my favorite dies are the squares (cant go wrong with a classic!) eleanor burns designer one, and hexagons!

  116. I am now a follower of both blogs. It is so hard to choose just 3 dies!!!! I like the Cat & Bat, Tumbler, and Hexegon 9"

  117. I'm a wantobe, I'm a follower of this blog, I follow Allison, and my sponsor is Lily pad quilting! I love the orange quilt so cute! The dies I would pick are the Hexagons 2,3,5 Sparkle Diamonds and 2 1/2 Strip cutter! Thank you Accuquilt, Allison, Great Gerberas and Madame Samm for all your hard work and the great giveaways!

  118. I am a wannabequilter (though I made a signfigant inroad to becoming a quilter: got a brand new bernina yesterday!) and follow you. I added Allison to my google reader (she doesn't seem to have a "follow" button), but wasn't able to comment on her site today, I got the error message that used to be a problem on this blog :( I'll try again to let her know how much I appreciate her tutorial (I LOVE this stack and whack idea). I am sponsored by Jennifer at Ellison Lane.

    I have been coveting the accuquit for ages. My three favorite dies are: 1) The Tumbler 2) the die with 3 different circles 3) The Gingham Dog (so so cute!)

  119. I already follow Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew. She is so creative! I am also following this blog and I'm super excited about the giveaway today! My favorite dies are the 5 inch square, dresden, and hexagon.

  120. I am a quilter and sponsored by Jane of Jane's fabrics. I am a follower of both blogs and left a comment at Cluck, Cluck, Sew. The dies are fantastic, but if I had to choose only three they would be :
    Studio May Flower (Large)
    Studio Flower Petals (Large)
    Studio Carefree 1 1/2" Uppercase Alphabet

    Thanks for the giveaway

  121. Good Morning Samm! I am now a follower of Allison and yes, I enjoyed her tutorial VERY much. I am happy to see relativle easy tutorials...gives a beginner hope. I like the seasonal holiday die for the Go as well as the one with the cute spring ladybugs and the heart shaped classic(any would be wonderful). It has been so fun following you all here and learning all of these new techniques! So happy I can come back and print the ones I want. I am a wantobe quilter. Wendy@ Why Knot Kwilt is my sponsor. THANK you Madame Samm for all of your work here and the excellent sponsors and guests you have found! Have a great day!

  122. ooh, i've been trying to win one of these! i would choose the tumbler, drunkard's path and circle flower dies. thanks for the chance!

  123. I'm a quilter and my sponsor is Jillily. I'm a new follower of Allison's blog and a follower here. I left a comment at Cluck,cluck,sew...love the quilt she is showing there.
    I want,need a Go!Baby!!!I would pick
    #55027 triangles in square 3" finished
    #55014 stripcutter 2.5"
    #55320 half square 1" finished triangles
    Thank you very much!

  124. I already follow Cluck Cluck Sew, and I fell in love with that orange quilt from the get-go. The lovely ladies at Quilt Taffy led me to follow Sew WE Quilt. I choose The 4" quarter square triangle, the 4" half square triangle and the 2" squares. Thank you!

  125. I am a wantobe quilter sponsored by Janesfabrics.blogspot.com. For the dies, I would pick hexagon, baby alphabet and circles. I am a follower here and a new follower at cluck, cluck, sew and left a comment there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. I am a follower of both. I would love the Holiday Medley and the Fall Medley and the hexagons. I loved the tutorial by Allison.

  127. Love love Love Allison. I made a diapering 9 patch from her tutorial about a year ago, and have been hooked to her blog ever since. Love her color combinations. So yes I'm a follower of her and here.

    Really would love a go cutter! I think I'd get the circles die, as well as the 5" Square, as I do a lot with those, and then something fun like the drunkards path 7".

  128. A GO Baby would be awesome with hexagons, the alue die and the 2.5" strips. I've been following Cluck Cluck Sew for ages!

  129. I was already a follower of Allison's blog and yours!

    Love the tutorial of the blocks and thanks for sharing!

    As I am a total newbee wantobe quilter, I would choose basic dies, as the geometric ones (squares, hexagons, rectangle)

    Thanks for the chance! My sponsor is Diane of Lavender Dreams!

  130. I am already a follower of Cluck Cluck Sew. I also have been making this quilt with my scraps. If I win and I am praying that I do, I would like drunkards path #2, Studio Take 5, and Go birds.

  131. Hello, thank you so much for this wonderful quilt tutorial. This will be a good one for my daughter (the wantobe) to use.

    We would love to have the Go! Baby and our three dies would be: The tumbler, the hexigons and the rose of sharon.

    We are coming through Tonya @ Hillbilly Handiworks.

    Thank you Madam Samm for this opportunity again.


  132. 1. What an amazing prize!
    2. Cluck Cluck Sew may be my new favorite blog. (Except your blog of course.)
    3. I like the bird trio, the holiday bundle, and the 12" block set.

    My sponsor is Amy @ Diary of a Quilter. Thanks for making my Monday so bright!

  133. After secretly following Allison's blog from about a year, I became a new follower! Thanks for a great tutorial Allison. I would love to win this Go! Baby and my favorite dies are Drunkard's Path, Hexagons, and Circles. Thanks to all.

  134. I'm following allison. I like the rag flower and circle, Rose of sharron, And critters. My blog sponsor is gmama jane at grandmamas stories. Thank you for putting this giveaway together.

  135. I love the tutorial of the blocks. Thanks for sharing. I am a wantobe quilter and would choose: Studio Applique Collection-Summer (Jumbo), Studio Christmas Ornament #4 (Clear Cuts) (Large), and Studio Stocking (2-Die Set) (Super Jumbo)
    My sponsor it Kathy from It's Only Natural.
    Please pick me.

  136. Hi Allison! Great fast and easy tut! Right up my alley. I am now following Allison, have been a follower here for quite awhile now, and love this baby go! So many dies to look at! I like the Studio rag dies. the rags to riches is devine! the 5' square, and anything fall! Great giveaway! Thanks so much to the sponsors and to Allison for the great tut, and to Madame Samm , and my sponsor Sharn at VroomansQuilts!

  137. I'm a big fan of the Cluck Cluck Sew blog and already follow it. She has great patterns and enjoyable posts. LOVE the orange quilt and it inspires me to try to make one.
    I really want to win one of these cutters and get the 2" square, circles, and hexagon dies. It looks like so much fun!
    I am a wantobe quilter that follows your blog and was sent by lilypadquilting. Thanks!

  138. The quilt is wonderful! I am a wantobe quilter and my sponsor is janesfabrics.blogspot.com. I don't know that much about dies, but looking at the website, I would like flowers hexagons, and circles. (as just a start)
    I am a follower here as well as at cluck cluck sew. I left a comment there. What a nice giveaway!

  139. Flowers, leaves and hexagons for a starter. Thank you for just being you.

  140. I signed up to follow Allison's blog (I believe I am becoming a convert to the color orange!) and I'm also following you. My sponsor is Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts. I would love to win the Go Baby (believe this should help my cutting) and the dies would be the 10" Classic dies, hexagon and tumbler. Thanks so much for this.

  141. Love the orange quilt and the blog - cute name! I think id get a circle, a heart and a diamond die :)

  142. I follow everyone!
    Those are nice dies. Tough call, but I think I would go with all the traditional stuff, like the Drunkards path and the apple core stuff. I want to get more into quilting and I think this would be a good tool for it. Hurray giveaways!

  143. What a great tutorial for a beginner to make a lovely quilt.

    I think my favourite dies are the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, the Apple Core and the Blazing Star.

    I love the gerberas too, do they come with the prizes???

  144. I love Allison's blog! Thanks for the tutorial.
    The Block Mix & Match geometrics would be a very handy die to have, as well as the circles. And the birds- very fun!

  145. YUMMY! What a great simple project.. Even I should be able to do that without messing up :)

    I would LOVE to win this today. I would also love the tumbler, hexagon and tulip dies..
    I am a Wantobe from team LilyPad Quilting.

    Thanks so much Madame Samm and sorry people are giving you grief
    :( Just ignore them, all of us followers of yours know WAY better.

  146. LOVE AccuQuilt - I'd like one of each please... ;-) My top 3 at the moment... Cat & Bat, Holiday Medley & Sleigh & Snowflakes.

    Follower of both blogs, WtBQ, Amy at DoaQ sponsor - thank you! :-)

  147. What a great looking quilt and simple tutorial Allison; thank you. I am now following Cluck Cluck Sew.

  148. I am following at Cluck Cluck Sew. Love the site. Have added so many great sites to my blog reader over the last few weeks, thanks!

  149. Already follow Allison´s blog and now yours, too!

    The dies I´d choose:
    drunkard´s path
    pumpkins and
    apple core!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  150. I follow you, Madame Samm and also Cluck Cluck Sew. Allison has so many wonderful patterns. Of course I would love to win the GO! Baby and the dies I would choose would be the hexagon, 2 1/2-inch strip and tumbler. My sponsor is Lilypadquilting. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win and thanks to the wonderful sponsor, Accuquilt.

  151. I am a wantobe and am sponsored by Jane's Fabric. Since I am a Wantobe I would ask that Allison (am now a follower) or one of the other experience quilters pick out my dies if I were to win. :)

  152. i'm really warming up to orange too...
    i would love the apple core, dresden and drunkards path plates...
    happy monday!

  153. what a wondeful give away! I simply loooove Allison's blog!

  154. hi Im a new follower of cluck cluck sew..and Janes Fabric and a wanna be quilter everyone have a great monday

  155. who would not like to win this lovely prize, I know I would..I follow both Cluck Cluck Sew and of course your blog. I would like the hexies, rose of sharon, and mmm let see a holiday on of course. Loved the tut today.. Would be a good project to start with..I'm a wannabe quilter and my sponsor is Jane's Fabrics...

  156. Hi sorry to read at the end of your post about the unnecessary comments you have received.
    I follow Cluck Cluck Sew so popped over to vist after reading today's post from Allison.
    What a great giveaway, those Baby Go's look wonderful. I would love
    diamond, hexagon and circles.
    Carol xx

  157. I am a follower of allison's blog. I've actually used her stack and whack tutorial a couple times. I'm now a follower of your blog! And I'd like a tumbler, Dresden, and large circle die if I win! Thanks!

  158. Love the Accuquilt products - all of them I think. lol

    I think my favorite dies are:
    *Rose of Sharon
    *Round Flower
    *and the Hexagons

    But, if I were to win, I would want to win:
    *Dresden Plates
    *Rob Peter to Pay Pauls
    *and Go Circles 2,3,5

  159. OH and YES, of course, I am a follower of your blog.

  160. Great tutorial, thanks Allison! I'm now a follower of her blog, also a follower here, and a quilter sponsored by Amy of Diary of a Quilter. I would also choose the Critters die, the tumbler die, and the circle die. What a great giveaway!

  161. nkadenver @ yahoo.comAugust 29, 2011 at 10:44 AM

    I'm a long time follower of Cluck, Cluck, Sew and a new follower of your blog. Thanks for the tutorial and great giveaway. I'd choose the Hexagon 2/3/5" #55011, the value die #55018, and the half square 4" finished triangle #55031. Crossing my fingers that I win.
    nkadenver (at) yahoo.com

  162. Oh My - be still my heart. A BABY GO!!! I covet this machine and would really want the following dies...applecore, 2-1/2 strips and leaves. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway and Big thanks to Allison, Accuquilt, Great Gerberas for being so awesome. Judy C in NC and Shade Tree Quilting.

  163. Awesome giveaway! I would love the 2.5" strips, the tumblers and the HSTs. I follow both blogs and my sponsor is Staci at the Confused Quilter. Thanks again!

  164. Following Cluck - love her blog and love the orange quilt - just finished a similar patten using Make Life by Sweetwater. This would have been nice to use the accucut for hte 2.5" and l/5" strips and the birds - way too cute. Course, circles would be amazing too.

    Registered is Mary - don't know if I need to mention that each time, on Lake. P.

    As far as hateful mail - delete them from your list - you do so much for the quilting community you do not need to deal with rude people. Love your Blog - keep up the amazing work you do.

  165. I've been a follower of Allison's for awhile. I'd choose the dresden, tumbler, and probably the circles.

  166. I have had my eye on one of those Accuquilt machines since I have started quilting. Cutting fabric is the bane of my existence. This would make things sew much easier!! If I were to win (fingers crossed), I would pick the strip cutters, geometric, and borders die cuts. Allison's tut was great and I can't wait to try it. I now follow her blog. My sponsor is Amy at Diary of a quilter.

  167. Wow! What a giveaway! I would like to win the Go Circle 2, 3, 5"; the Rag Square 5 1/4"; and the Go diamonds 4 x 4". Heck, I'd take anything if I won! Pick me!

  168. Oh my gosh...so many great quilting blogs and so little time and money to actually make them. I have made one similar to this orange one as a wedding gift and that really stated my quilting. I have always had a love for sewing and quilting but never have the means to do it. I try to do one even couple of months and my husband asks what is this one for and there really isn't an answer except my sanity. I am in a zone when I am at the machine. I told my husband about this machine just yesterday and he watched an online tutorial on how to use it. It would be so fun to have and experiment with. I have taught my 13 year old daughter how to machine piece and she is working on a 10 hour project for a church project. She is doing great but I can see how this machine would have made it so much easier. Well, now that I have rambled...I would love to win and include a large hexagon (dream quilt), 4 1/2 traingle and 12" block mix and match (triangles and sqaures). Thanks for the chance!!!

  169. Oh how I would love to win one of these!! I am a follower of Allison already. I was sent here by Melissa Correy of Happy Quilting. If I win I would love to get the tumbler, square and strip!! Thanks for the chance!!

  170. Wonderful tute! I would choose the Tumbler, Apple Core, and Circles. I'm a follower of Allison, and my sponsor is Freda from The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  171. follower...check. to die for dies. circles would be a must, like the birdie and maybe the 2.5 stripper (however i've already cut tons o strips, just waiting to be used). and thanks for the printer friendly thingy. xoxoxo :>)

  172. Not sure how to pick my favorite three, but I really liked the Owl, Sunbonnet Sue, and the Dresden Plate dies. Now a follower of Cluck, Cluck, Sew too. Thank you for another great giveaway! Oh, yes, my sponsor is Kelly at IHAN.

  173. what? quilters sending hate mail!!!! i'm outraged!!!! stop it right now. you hear me. play nice. :>)

  174. thank-you allison...love the quilt and will be making it soon. Sure could use a Go Baby especially for hexagons and2 1/2" strips to use up all the left over pieces of fabric!!! and 2' squares...the basics to start!

  175. Helloooooo Madame Samm!! Now that I am finally back home in Texas after a summer of travelling and work, I am SO ready to start sewing again. And what better way to start than with a GO cutter! YAHOOO! OK - following the rules: I am a follower of Allison's at Cluck,Cluck,Sew; a follower/stalker/lurker of Sew We Quilt and my three die choices would be:
    GO Square 5" - 55010 (gave you the number so that it would be easy to order for me when I win ;)
    GO Birds - 55324 AND
    GO Circle 2",3",5" - 55012.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win and to comment. One last thing -

    :p to those rude emailers sending you nasty notes. Bah humbug to them!
    love ya!

  176. I just joined Cluck Cluck Sew. What a nice blog Allison has. Just finishing my ornage quilt ( when I get the mitered corners done). Love to try her pattern next. Applique is my next challenge-so Baby Go and cutters would be a dream win. ( calico cat, fall medley, circles). Thank you Samm for all the hard work you are putting into this campaign.
    I am a quilter, sponsored by Janes Fabrics.

  177. OH WOW! Madame Samm! You have made everyone drool this morning! I really hope this is my lucky time because I have been wanting a GO! like in forever! I would be your friend forever and send you homemade pickles if I win! hehe

    And because of you I have found a new love to ORANGE!! The softer shades of orange no doubt and I will be making an orange quilt before long!

    If I were to win the GO! Baby I would love to have the GO! Birds... GO! Airplanes.. and the GO! Dove. Thanks so very much to you and to AccuQuilt for giving us the chance to win this totally terrific machine!!

    ok I will go get the towel and wipe the drool off of the keyboard now so I can finish!

    I am a quilter and am sponsored by SewCalGal!!

    I am Allisons number 4533rd follower as of this morning and have left her a couple of comment loves! I LOVE that Seville quilt and can see it coming out of my sewing room very soon! I also follow here at Stash Manicure!

    I follow AccuQuilt on FaceBook and love that company to pieces! and thanks so much to Great Gerberas for those lovely flowers!!

    Don't let the ugly email get next to you. Some people have nothing better to do than try to bring a dark cloud to something so good!

    Keep on doing what you do best Madame Samm and know your loyal supporters truly love you!

  178. I am sew a follower of Allison
    for the dies wow I want one of these sew bad!
    the tumbler die for sure I just did these by hand .....
    the circles b/c I want to make allisons circle quilt and have had it on the list a while
    and if only choosing 3 how bout ahhh it is so hard to pick only 3 but the airplanes is something
    I would defiantely use with boys in the house
    love the blog will follow here too

  179. Great prize today! I think I would like the classic, geometric, and borders.

    I am following Allison's blog, and left a comment. She is very talented.
    As always, a follower here too!
    My sponsor is Lavender Dreams.

  180. This was great post. Thank you Allison and Madame Samm. I am now a follower of Cluck Cluck Sew and, of course, Sew We Quilt.
    The "Go" dies I would choose are the 2,3 & 5" hexagon, the tumbler and the pumpkins. Thanks for the chance to win a "Go."

  181. If I won, it would have to be tumbler, parallelogram and diamonds. Tanks for the chance.

  182. Awesome giveaway! I follow both blogs. If I won I would love the large circle, dresden and hst dies. thanks for the chance to win


  183. Hi Madame Samm...Allie Coburn here again.... My mawmaw Thearica will not allow me to use the rotary cutter yet so I really really need this Go! Baby! She even won a t-shirt from AccuQuilt once and she gave it to me and I wear it to sleep in! I dream of having my own Go! Baby! So, now that I have the t-shirt all I need is the GO! I would definitely share the machine with my mawmaw if I were to be lucky enough to win!

    I am a true wantobequilter... Just made my first quilt with mawmaw's help and her tools. I have no tools and need some so bad! Please help me get some Madame Samm! SewCalGal is my sponsor!

    mawmaw has to run the computer for me too and she has become a follower of Allison's and follows here too. She is a FAN of the Accuquilt company!

    I love flowers and the gerberas smell so good!

    Please pick my number today! You sure would make me smile! :)

  184. Good morning, Samm! :) What a surprise to see a giveaway for everyone today! I'd love to win this Baby!!! I now follow Cluck Cluck Sew, and your blog too, of course. I'd choose the apple core, tumbler, and drunkard's path dies.

    And thanks, Allison, for the nice tutorial!

    Orange you glad I commented? hee hee.

  185. I'd choose the 2 1/2 inch strip cutter, the 5" square, and the 1 1/2" HST -- it woulds ave so much time over rotary cutting those!

  186. What a gorgeous quilt!

    I would love the 2-1/2" strip cutter, the 3" circle and the 5-1/2" triangle. What a generous giveaway!

  187. Thanks, Allison, I love your orange quilt and the process sounds pretty simple; I love simple. I am now a follower of your blog. I don't feel really qualified to choose dies for the Accuquilt but when looking at them I thought maybe the Octagon, the Hexagon, and either the 2 or 2 1/2" Half Square Triangle.
    Madame Samm, hateful mail comes from hateful people and should be ignored.

  188. I follow your blog as well as Allison's.

    I would pick Rose of Sharon, Birds and large Hexagon.

    Thanks : )

  189. I follow both blogs all ready. I would be happy with just the basics. I am new to quilting, there are to many choices! I love the Sunbonnet Sues, squares,hex, and??? Thanks to all for a great time on both blogs, I have learned alot!

  190. I have been a fan of Cluck Cluck Sew for a long time! I definitely want the circle die, the tumbler and probably one of the hst dies!

  191. Love Cluck, Cluck Sew!
    I would love 2 1/2 inch die, 5 inch die and maybe the drunkards path :)

  192. So sorry you are getting alot of hateful mail- some people can just be so hurtful!! I have been a follower of Allison's for a long time now- she's sooo talented!!

    I would choose the value die, the 2-1/2" strip cutter and the 3-1/4" square. Thanks so much for sharing such a great giveaway!! :)


  193. Thank you, thank you for the Print Friendly ability. Love it. :)

  194. I follow Allison and I follow here! This is a fantastic post, I love the simple instructions so thank you for the clear tutorial! If I won this amazing giveaway I will chose the Rose of Sharon, Go! Birds and Go! Circles - It's a tough choice though they're all great :)

  195. Love the look of Allison's quilts. I've sent a thanks her way and joined her blog.
    I am a follower of Sew We Quilt and a big thank you to you also Samm for giving this wantobe quilter a chance at some great prizes.
    I would choose the tumbler die, the 5 inch square die, and the 3.5 x 6 inch die.
    Thanks to all and good luck to everyone!

  196. Good GO! Morning, Madame Samm! This is a happy positive comment, since it seams you have had enough cranky Monday morning people to drive you through the roof today already. My favorite 3 GO! Baby dies are 1) GO! Rose of Sharon by Sharon Pederson, 2) GO! Round Flower, and 3) GO! Holiday Accessories. And, of course I am a follower of both Sew WE Quilt and Cluck, Cluck, Sew! Have a happy sewing day, my friend. (I'm still away). ~Kd

  197. I love being introduced to a new and fabulous quilting blog! I'm most definitely a follower of Allison's now, and I'm of course a follower here. I'm such a Wantobe quilter that I'm going to be binding my very first quilt in just a couple of days--that's how new I am to this game :)

    I'm obsessively scouring quilting blogs for my next project, and this GO! baby cutter would most definitely help. I'd love the Studio Circles (50637), Studio Hexagons #3 (50119), and Studio Feather #1 (50111).

    Thanks, as always, for hosting this giveaway and introducing us to new and lovely bloggers!

  198. Oohh heck yes I want to enter to win a go baby!! LOL!! LOVE Allison's easy tutorial on the stack and wack, and the gorgeous orange sherbety goodness of her quilt! If I won the go baby, i would choose the 235 circles, the half square triangles 4", and the drunkard's path. :) All things that are not as easy to hand cut but very usable! Thanks Samm for all your amazing hard work in this campaign!
    Sounds like Allison's followers are very loyal and just looking out for her! Hope you have a great day, and can shake off the bad mojo from those emails! xo Bren

  199. I would love to have this little bundle of awesomeness! My favorite dies are the Tumbler (3-1/2"), circle (2", 3", 5"), and Hexagon (2", 3", 5"). So many things you can go with such simple shapes. I already follow Allison's blog, and I'm loving your blog... added to google reader! Thanks for the chance to win.

  200. I am a follower on Allison's blog and love her tutorials.


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