Friday, August 12, 2011

#9 Winners of our Wantobe Quilter Campaign is .....

 Congrats to our winner Susan
Please send me your information
sew I can send this to you...
( susanshipman1)

( ps. there are more of these to win
for both Wantobe and Quitlers alike)

click on photo to enlarge...

WE have 3 sponsors....To thank...
1st the  wheeled SEWING bag  
                                                Blue Fig colors... 
                                        ( their bags are not on their site yet because they are that new)

LOVE companies like Blue Fig....
They shared they are building a new site and their bags will be up there
within the week. 

                                   2nd And what do you know...BOSAL came through too.. WINTER
weight  batting for those who live in cooler climates in the winter...

                                                      3rd Quilting Treasures  for their fat quarter bundle.

SEW big thanks go out to MARY,
To Blue Fig, To Bosal and Quilting Treasues
and of course YOU for still being part of this amazing 
Campaign...NOW go tell your PEEPS.. about todays giveaway..
Be a Blog SPONSOR...it pays to share such good things! 


  1. How fun for Susan.....what wonderful sponsors!!! Here it to you Madamm Samm....if I drank coffee I would lift my coffe cup to you but since I don't....I will lift my glass of Crystal Light....so here is to you Madamm Samm....thanks for such a wonderful time you are giving us!!

  2. Hi Samm,
    I don't know what to say! How exciting! I can hardly believe it!
    thank you thank you and the sponsors you are truly generous to us quilter and wantobe.
    sent you my shipping info

  3. Congrats Susan!! What a great prize you've won.

  4. Congratulations Susan!!


  5. Congratulations to Susan and thank you to the wonderful sponsors.

  6. Congratulations, Susan! So happy for you!

  7. What great prizes! Thanks to the companies for being so generous, thanks to Madame Samm for organizing all this and thanks for the opportunity to WIN!!!

  8. I follow Barb's bejewels. I enjoyed the idea of thinking about the love you are putting into the quilt.

  9. I am a follower here and on Mary on Lake Pulaski. Thank you for the chance to win.

  10. Congrats Susan!!! What a great prize for you! Thank you to all of you wonderful sponsors for your wonderful giveaways!!

  11. Congratulations Susan! This has been a wonderful giveaway.

    Hugs XX


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