Thursday, August 25, 2011

#18 Winners of our Wantobe Quilters....

Giveaway winner

JANA ( a real wantobe) 

1/2 yard bundles = 8 yds of

Michael Miller's Children @ Play..

send me your  addy my dear...there are quite a few extras that will be coming 
along with this win of yours...

This collection seems appropriate and the winner could have enough
for hundreds of quilts if she or he were to make them this size...

and for our Blog Sponsor is Quilt Taffy...
 this pattern book from .Martingale& Co. 
and as book reviewer I get copies of these books early... I loved the cover
always can tell a lot about the cover and this one will not  disappoint you
when you flip through the pages...

Farm Girl Quilts... being fall is peaking right around the corner
and there are houses on the cover, I thought this would 
be a perfect giveaway for our seasoned quilters...

This weather vane with the seasonal houses...
well anyone thinking of great wall hanging
this is a great choice...

The quilts inside are breathtaking...this one called Tulip Fields,
don't you love the colors, style..how it drapes on that
chair inviting to slip under it....

This one is called Country Roads... no detour here..I can think
a few of you would enjoy this pattern..

Big thanks to Steffi, Michael Miller, Martingale& Co. 
...and "YOU" for telling your friends
about this most amazing past time that brings
pure JOY into our lives...
Quilting soothes the soul
and makes people  nicer! 

Spread the word...they will thank you
with more than their hearts...
ask JANA.....


  1. Congratulations to the winner and thank you to all the sponsors.

  2. Congrats to the winners... love those houses on the book cover! So cool!

  3. Congratulations Jana! Hope your winnings lights a fire under you and you never look back!

  4. Congratulations Jana! We embrace you into our folds, and hope you find great enjoyment from your new quilting hobby/obsession.

  5. What a wonderful win Jana! What fun you will have beginning your quilting with these excellent fabrics! Thank you also to all of the wonderful spaonors for your donations!

  6. Oops...sponsors...(((smiles)))

  7. Overwhelmed? I think a bit. THANK YOU SO (can I write SEW? I think that is sew awesome:) MUCH. I am beyond grateful and excited about this whole process. Thank You Thank you from the bottom of my WANTOBE heart!

  8. Yay! for Jana. Now she expects me to help her with all this fabric! I didn't know this was going to be work for me!! ;)

  9. Congrats to the winner of that fabulous fabric and thanks to the wonderful sponsors!

  10. Jana, you are such a lucky lady so take your goodies and sew up something delicious. You have entered the world of quilting and may it give you as much joy and peace as it does those of us who have been quilting for some time.
    Gmama jane

  11. I am a fairly new quilter who loves more gadgets, tools, patterns. Never have enough.

    That Girl... That Quilt

  12. Congrats, Jana! You are on your way to being a REAL QUILTER!

  13. Congratulations Jana on winning a lovely stack of fabric to fondle while you decide what to make with it!

  14. How exciting for Jana...congrats!

  15. How exciting for the winners. What a great book for the sponsor! Congrats to both!!


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