Friday, August 19, 2011

#15 Our very special guest Nancy Zieman - Why Quilt? Why Not!

by Nancy Zieman ( link name)
host/producer of TV’s Sewing With Nancy

Having a program on national TV with the word “sewing” in the title often leads people to think that the only projects I sew are clothing. Not so. From the very first season of Sewing With Nancy in—ahem—1982, quilting has been a part of the program line-up. After all, you need a sewing machine to quilt!

When Madame Samm kindly asked me if I’d answer the question, “Why One Should Consider Quilting?” I felt quite qualified to answer!

My initial thought was “Why Not!” If you like creating with fabric, enjoy playing with color, and if you appreciate the tactile experience, quilting is a natural creative outlet.

 The best part of quilting is that the style options are almost endless: traditional–contemporary—artistic. Plus project sizes range from postcard quilts to king-sized bed quilts.

If you’re wondering whether to start quilting or where to start, attend a local quilt show. There are literally thousands held in North America. Wandering the isles of exhibits, you’ll be drawn to certain styles, colors, and sizes.

Start small. If possible, find a quilting buddy who can help you with the initial project. You’ll find that my answer to “Why Quilt?” is right on target. The enjoyment is in the process as well as the end result.

I’ve taught a gamut of quilting techniques, many of which are detailed in my new book Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z. Yet if you asked me, as I often am, what is my favorite quilting style— Landscape Quilting would be my answer. Natalie Sewell, landscape quilt artist, has been a mentor and friend for 15 years. It’s the most rewarding process that I’ve ever experienced and I enjoy the end result as well.


Junes Roses

Branching Out

Why Quilt? It’s rewarding and creative. It’s a process that I hope that I am capable of doing for the rest of my life. I am sure you’ll soon feel the same way.

Bye for now,
Nancy Zieman 

Editors note...Thank you Nancy,  you have inspired many of us to begin sewing, quilting and branching out into new areas. We all thank you for your time, your experience and most of all your joy of quilting. Your calling suits YOU!


will receive Nancy's new book called Sewing  A to Z
from her publisher Media/Krause publication
I invite you to see her video here...
For anyone who is interested in basics...Nancy covers
it all here... A must have! 

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Also Aurifil sponsored their top 12 best
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SEW what do you need to do?

Give all 12 colors of thread a flower name.....
( nahhhh just kidding) Although I bet Will would be thrilled ..

#1 Follow Nancy's blog- leave her a comment 
she would be thrilled to hear from you..here
or there. or follow her on Facebook..
( I could not find a place for you leave comments)
I did note she has a follow button below but it does not seem
to be working..kept freezing on me) 
#2 Follow  here @ Sew WE Quilt.  you are aren't you?
#3 and please leave a comment in 
3 words or less why you need this giveaway?
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A big thanks to Nancy,  Media Krause,
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our new friends in quilting...

ON a personal note...
May I add I get a lot and I mean a LOT of 
mail stating " I don't want to appear greedy"
"I don't want to comment on every giveaway"
"I am holding off for the bigger prizes"
and on an on and on..
( ahhh they are all big prizes btw) 

Let me share something with you...
I AM NOT keeping any leftovers here...
BE greedy, be needy and most of all comment
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WE are doing this for YOU, to add to your non existent
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OUR Sponsors want YOU to win, I want you to WIN.
and I will not think less of you ..
orange  swear....


  1. Я как всегда первая))) Обожаю Нэнси.Книга ее великолепна!!!Очень бы хотелось ее выиграть!Она мне очень пригодиться в работе.Там для начинающих очень много полезного.
    Я следую за Нэнси и тут .
    Мне нужны эти подарки для работы и создание новых проектов.
    Обожаю Герберы! Набор ниток назвала -цвета радуги !
    I was always the first one))) I love Nancy. Book it is great! We would like to win it! It is very helpful to me at work. Beginner there for a lot of useful information.
    I follow Nancy and here.
    I need these gifts to work and create new projects.
    I love gerberas! A set of thread-named color of the rainbow!
    my sponsor fabraholic

  2. A must have!

    I'm a follower here, sponsored by Kathy's cottage. Love coming here every day.

  3. I've enjoyed watching Nancy for many years on public tv and now follow her blog. The book looks like a great handbook for a newbie, with threads to get started! I need EVERYTHING, so yeah, count me greedy ;-)

  4. Forgot to add that my sponsor is Freda of Adventures of the Empress of the Universe ~ thanks!

  5. I am a Wabtobe Quilter sponsored by kelly jackson, I NEED this book because I have to learn basics of sewing and quilting!!!

    Kisses from Italy!!!

  6. I have become a follower of Nancy. I am a want to be quilter and my sponsor is Amy of Diary of a Qulter. Why would I want this book?...I watched Nancy in 1982! It's Nancy...who wouldn't want her book!

  7. Goodmorning!This is yet another gorgeous giveaway.Im a wantotbe quilter.I want this BOOK,to learn and become as talented as all of these woman.Including you Samm.I would be glad to see my face on here next yr.Ha!It would be fun though seriously.What a better way to retire and have such a lovely hobby,im 58 this yr.so it comes quickly lol.

    Im a follower of Nancys blog.My photo is different there because of facebook.I have a pink hat on LOL Classy huh?Thought I would just say,since you go checking ha.

    My sponser is Diane of Lavender dreams!Another day of lovlies thanks Samm!

  8. Signing in for wantobequilter Allie Coburn! We follow here and also commented on Nancy's blog, follow her now on FB and her blog! Darlene@SewCalGal is her sponsor! :)

    Why does Allie need this giveaway? She has nothing!

    We usually have Gerberas in our flower gardens but this year with no water, we never bought any. I miss those beautiful colors!!

    Thanks to all of our sponsors! Will be sending thank you emails to them all!

  9. Hi Madame Samm! Thanks so much for another lovely giveaway. I've left a comment and followed Nancy's blog. I'd love it if we got Nancy's TV program over here in Australia.

    Why do I need to win? MUST QUILT NOW!!! LOL

    Robyn from Stitchin' Time is my sponsor.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  10. Need sew much!

    Follower to Nancy (watched her for many years and no I'm not saying how many!!). Follower here and Nan of Pots and Pins is my sponsor.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Love all the expertise and ideas on Nancy's blog (follower) and here.
    Christina / Brenis

  12. nancy, I am now following you. that sounds creepy. I just mean it in the blog sense. :) And of course Madam Mam , i follow you. Also in a non-creepy way. I'm on it! Being sponsopred by the fab Ms. Nan at Pots and Pins.

    three words or less of why?
    rock-out my quilting.

    bam. just like that.


  13. I follow you :) and I follow Nancy trough network blogs and like her on Facebook! What an awesome book for beginners like me!

    3 words why I would love the book?
    I know nothing :)

    cheers, Elsina

  14. oh and forgot, my sponsor is Diane from Lavender Dreams!

  15. I follow here. I am a new follower to Nancy's blog. I would love to win her book. I've seen her show on tv - what a treat. Stitch in Time blog is my sponsor

  16. Nancy your landscape quilts are amazing! Thanks for sharing! I do watch your show when I can! Love it! I am not on facebook so I can't follow your blog. Madame Samm your
    Gerberas are beautiful! I am a follower, a wantobe, and Jane's Fabrics is my sponsor!
    I need this stuff because....I wanna learn!
    Thanks to all the sponsors!

  17. I am following Nancy now and look forward to watching her show!

    My words for the book: Need help now!

  18. Good morning! Ahhh Nancy I have been following you since the 80's and have learned so much...Thanks to all the venders for their interest and efforts in quilting.
    3 words Madame Samm would be:

    Never used Aurifil!

  19. I am a Sew WE Quilt follower!

  20. I have watched Nancy on Public Television. I really am amazed at how easy she makes it look.

    I follow you and Nancy.
    Need Quilting STUFF.

    My sponsor is I Have a Notion.

  21. Good Morning Nancy....our second celebrity feature...how lucky for all the new Wantotes to be introduced to you. I had no idea who you were a year ago, as I just began quilting...I missed out on sew much cause no one had introduced me to this type of forum.....hopefully we inspire a whole new generation -this passion that has taking over our lives in such a good way... Thank you..

  22. I am a quilter and therefore not entering this giveaway but I wanted to say what a GREAT guest to have especially for the WannaBes! I have learned so much from watching Nancy's shows through the years. Great choice Madamm Samm!!!

  23. Thank you Nancy! And Samm. Another wonderful post. Good luck to you wantobe's!

  24. Thank you Nancy and Samm. I'm a quilter (made 5 or 6 quilts in 6 years - yay me!), and have an almost non-existent stash, so watching all the giveways has my mouth watering. Congratulations to all of the winners, and again, thank you Madame Samm for coming up with this wonderful idea. I hope one day to have some of the wonderful Aurifil threads. I hear such wonderful things about them. And Nancy? I've been watching her on TV forevah!!

  25. Got no thread!

    Hi there! I'm a wannabequilter sponsored by Jennifer at Ellison Lane. I follow you here, and follow Nancy now (I clicked her RSS feed thingy- I think that adds her to my google reader, which I don't think you can "check"). I also left a comment on her blog.

    The quilts showcased in this post are fantastic. I've seen her show before and she's done some amazing stuff.

  26. I'm a follower of you and my sponsor is Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

  27. Need pretty thread!:)
    Following Nancy.
    Following here.
    sponsored by Amy @ diary of a quilter.
    PS.love the orange daisies!

  28. I also follow Nancy and love her shows and info - amazing - and my sponsor is Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

  29. Nancy - Thread - Flowers (my 3 words and sponsor Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts)

  30. I am a follower of Nancy,what a gem to have on your blog.
    Gerbras flowers are very special to me in my life.
    White Rose
    Lily of the Valley
    Red Rose
    Yellow Rose

  31. My sponsor is Ellison Lane Quilts

  32. i'm a wannabe quilter, who follow's nancy - Great blog Nancy I love it...and I follow sew we quilt...and why i want this prize


  33. I am a wantobe quilter sponsored by Amy of Diary of a Quilter. I need to win this as I am in serious need of help if I am to be a quilter rather than a wantobe! I follow Nancy and your blog.

  34. This is so fun!! I read a review of her book yesterday on Diary of a Quilter and I want it!!

    I follow Nancy's blog and left a comment about the review I read about her book.

    Of course I follow you:)

    3 Words:I NEED HELP!!

  35. Make sweet quilts!
    my three words - and I am a wannabe
    sponser by Marlene - stitchn by the lake.
    I follow both blogs! thanks!

  36. Morning, Mdm Samm!! Me again - following through Freda's The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe.... Love Nancy's landscape quilts!!

    Love Gerber Daisy's too. They have lots of sentimental meaning in my family.

    Have a great day!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  37. I would LOVE to get a copy of this book!! I am a newbie quilter and definitely a novice sewer. I've used youtube to learn how to do several things and it would be nice to have it all in a book!
    I left a FB comment for Nancy and I am a follower here. Thanks to all for the change to win! They ARE all good prizes!

  38. I lean daily - who knew Nancy was a landscape quilt artist?

  39. Forgot the three wrds or less- Greater Sewing Knowhow!

  40. I follow Nancy and I follow here, Lily Pad Quilting is my sponsor
    and I'm a Wantobe who......

  41. 3 words - "Great Sewing Help!"

    My sponsor is Amy from Diary of a Quilter. I follow you and Nancy, and I am a Wantobe Quilter!

  42. Nancy Z has been an inspiration and teacher in my life - Thank you so much for sharing your story. The sponsors are terrific, as usual- Aurifil, Nancy's book (Media Krause) and Will - you take my breath away with your Gerberas. Judy C in NC just dropping by

  43. I signed up to follow Nancy's blog via FB. Of course I follow your blog too and was sent by lilypadquilting. I have been itching to try Aurifil thread out. I really have no idea about different thread qualities or weights so I would love to win this...and I could use the book and the Gerberas since I'm a wantobe quilter!

    Quality thread necessary!

    or I like this too...

    Sewing maintains sanity!

  44. Upgrade my thread!

    Following you, following Nancy, sponsored by Amy @ Diary of a Quilter.

  45. Newest follower of Nancy's blog, love it....

  46. Loyal follower of Sew We Quilt and Madame Samm.

  47. i'm a wantobe quilter sponsored by amy@diary of a quilter.i follow nancy n sewwequilt.

    3 words: TO DIE FOR!!

    :) hope i'll get it

  48. i am here from In color order and im a Wantobe quilter, sewer and all of the above! thanks for the giveaway!

  49. i follow Sew we Quilt, and subscribed to nancys blog too!

  50. I am a wantobe quilter and I would love that thread and need that book!

    My Sponsor is Amy at Diary of a Quilter

  51. Good Morning Madame Samm! I would like also to say good morning to Nancy..I went to Facebook, became a new follower of Nancy there but did not find a place to let her know I enjoyed her post with you here this morning! You have so many wonderful items in your giveaway here! Who could not be thrilled with each and every single item? I am a wantobe quilter, Wendy from Why Knot Kwilt is my sponsor. I have really enjoyed every step of your campaigne. Thank you and all of your sponsors! Hope you have a super day!

  52. Good Morning Madame Samm!
    I am a follower here, and a follower with Nancy there..to win some stuff I would follow anywhere..
    Three words or less on why I should win...I NEED INSPIRATION!
    I am a wantobe quilter sponsored by Amy @ Diary of a Quilter.
    Have a great day!

  53. I am already a follower here and I am now following Nancy's Blog.
    I am new to quilting and need all the help I can get. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. I am a Wantobe Quilter signed up with Linda@Straystitches
    I follow Stash Manicure & I tried to comment on Nancy's blog - Unable to I don't do facebook but i did suscribe in google reader ;)

    This "Sew Supply Challenged" blogger is in great need of this Giveaway !!!

    Thank you Nancy, Media Krause,
    Aurifil, Greatest Gerberas- Your generosity is overwhelming

    Enjoyed the post
    I'll be back

  55. Love you much! Kim at kkossa28@yahoo.com

  56. I am a quilter and not entering for the contest. I just want to say Thank You to Nancy for being a guest speaker today. I have always enjoyed seeing your sewing & quilting shows on public TV. I really enjoy your books with DVDs in them. Thank you for your inspiration to create!

  57. Three words: Rotary Cutting Techniques. I'm a lefty and my cutting is always going off in unknown directions, making for wasteful slicing. I'm Penny who follows both of you and am sponsored by Jane's Fabrics.

  58. I've spent many a mornings watching Ms. Nancy, and have learned much from her. I'm a wantabe sent by marlene at stitchin by the lake.

  59. I am a wantobe quilter who recently joined up on Nancy's blog tour. I look forward to logging in each morning to see what I'll find. :D

    I am a follower here and was sent by Melissa at Happy Quilter.

    Thanks for a wonderful and exciting giveaway campaign!!!

  60. I Need Stuff!

    Ha, not really, I just want it so I can really get started on this crazy quilting adventure. I am a wantobe, I now follow Nancy's blog, and of COURSE I follow Sew We Quilt. My sponsor is Mary on Lake Pulaski.

    Have a wonderful weekend Madame Samm, and thank you to you, Nancy, the giveaway sponsors, and the wonderful Gerbera grower.

  61. I love Nancy Zieman, I have watched her shows from the start and have lots of her books plus I used to get her paid newsletter in the mail :) I follow her blog in my blog reader (Google Reader)

  62. Of course I am a follower of Madame Samm.....I am a wantobe quilter from team Lilypad quilting :) This has been so fun.

  63. Wow!! Those quilts are incredible Nancy!!!! Ok 3 words.. "I have NOTHING" haha! Thanks again Samm for all you do for us Wantobe's!!!

  64. 1. I am a new follower of Nancy (and look forward to learning lots from her!)

  65. 2. I follow Sew We Quilt and my Wantobe sponsor is Amy at Amy's Creative Side

  66. Forgot to say a HUGE thank-you to all the sponsors today. How wonderful that there is so much generosity in these giveaways!

    And of course a HUGE thank-you to Madame Samm for all the hard work in putting this all together!

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. My sponsor is Amy from Diary of a Quilter.
    My three words: Sewing is Living.

  69. I'm a follower of you and Nancy! Ok, I am totally in love with the colored thread! That book will be a great help with my fear of putting binding on! I'm sponsored by Raspberry Rabbits.

  70. Will, this is for you
    Black Eyed Susan
    Blue Bluebells
    Purple Pansies
    Pink Peonies
    Ivory Gerber Daises
    Yellow Buttercups
    White Impatiens
    Red Roses
    Brown/Yellow Sunflower
    Only nine!!!
    Will your help is needed!!!

  71. I'm a wantobe and I follow you and follow Nancy on FB. My sponsor is Amy @ diaryofaquilter. I need to win to "learn new skills".

  72. I WANTOBE a quilter!!

    I am following Nancy on facebook and I have been watching her episodes of Sew with Nancy all morning! My goodness! She has a knack for teaching. :)

    Once again and as awalys, thank you for the lovely giveaway. :)

  73. Hi - this wantobe was sent by Snoodles at lilypad quilting... I follow you and Nancy, but I also couldn't find a place to leave her a comment... too bad!

    Okay, three words why I need to win (in other words, why I just can't go out and buy my own fabulous quilting supplies!): JOINT BANK ACCOUNT! Hahaha, my hubs would freak out if I bought one-tenth of the things I drool over, like Aurifil thread, yahoo!

  74. i;m a follower of you and nancy. i'm a wantobe quilter sent by melissa of happy quilting.

  75. Your Gerberas are beautiful. Such vibrant colors...like the must have Aurifil threads. Thanks to all the sponsors and to Nancy for sharing.

  76. I need this giveaway because....
    sewing is therapy

  77. Bonus:
    Black Eyed Susan
    Iceland Poppy
    California BlueBell
    African Daisy
    Forget Me Not
    Queen Anne's Lace
    Red Clover
    Evening Primrose
    White Yarrow
    Dried Red Rose

    :o) HA HA!

  78. I follow Nancy's blog as well as this one. Why I want to win this giveaway? It's perfect.

  79. Watched Nancy for years...great show.I follow Nancy on Facebook...and of course I follow you Madame Samm...
    Book: Answer my questions
    Thread: Anyone would love to have that in their stash...
    Again a great give away, for us Wannbe quilters..

  80. I have been a follower of Nancy's for awhile now and I love her! I also have been following this blog since the beginning of these wonderful giveaways. My sponsor is Amy @ Diary of a Quilter. And, in three words, I need this giveaway because I'm sadly threadless!

  81. Need the book - I don't know how to sew or quilt. Yup, that's me. I need to learn the basics. I tried to make a pair of pajama pants and sewed to top together like legs and the legs like the top. They looked like micro-shorts for a giant. LOL I don't know anyone in real life that sews or quilts, so I tried to learn from a pattern with bad directions. I followed the directions to a T and did not use common sense.

    Need the thread - I don't have any quilt shops anywhere near me, and I don't like to shop online. I want to try something better than Coats and Clark. I have heard Aurifil is amazing and I would love to try it.

    I love Nancy - She inspires me - Watching her on antenna TV is the first thing that inspired me to want to pick up a needle and thread. I don't have cable or satellite.

    Love the Gerberas - They are my favorite flower and would look amazing in the new sewing/craft room that my husband is making me.

    I could keep going and going. LOL

    I am a wantobe and my sponsor is Mary on Lake Pulaski. I am a follower of Stash Manicure. I clicked on the RSS Feed button under Follow Nancy Zieman to be a follower of her.

    Thank you Nancy for posting today and being such a great teacher and inspiration. Thanks for writing a basics book for beginners like me.

    Thank you Media/Krause Publication for giving the book to the campaign.

    Thank you Aurifil for giving the thread to the campaign. I have heard great things about your thread from your website and would like to give it a try if I can find some to buy.

    Thank you Will from Great Gerberas. They look so real!!! You are an amazing artist.

    Thanks again Madame Samm for having the campaign.

    Good luck everyone!!!

    By the way, I am NEEDY, not GREEDY. LOL

  82. I need this giveaway because ... I'm a beginner!

    Following all round.

  83. I'm greedy and I want it all lol I am a new follower of Nancy been watching her for years so glad to find out she has a face book page I am following everything. Color for the threads let me see
    Ebony in the dark
    Hot Popping Cherry
    Snow flakes in the sky
    Antique Dream
    Warm meadow sands
    Cotton Candy Pink
    Coffee Bean Brown
    Silver Grey Stone
    Touch Me Navy
    Burgundy Bliss
    Wedding White
    Grandma's Gold
    Okay I have worn my brain out enough for now lol My sponsor is Maurene from Stitching by the Lake
    Have a Great Everyone

    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

  84. Big thank you to Nancy for participating! My best friend's mom used to watch her show when we were kids! Now I watch it to try to learn. I just became a follower of her blog, and I'm a want to be quilter, a follower here, and my sponsor is Amy at Diary of a Quilter. I need this giveaway because My. Thread. Sucks. The book looks amazing, but I REALLY need some good thread!

  85. Greedy? That's my middle name! I love Nancy's show, love her, since 1982..when I was just a wee lass!

  86. I have followed Nancy on PBS for years and love her. I can't seem to follow the blog. I am a follower of Stash and a Wantobe with Jane's fabric & Quilts.

    "gimee, gimee, gimee!"

  87. Wow!!! Awesome giveaway.

    I am following nancy, and also subscribed to her email newsletter. I follow you. I am a wantobe quilter my sponsor is Amy of Diary of a Quilter.

    I NEED this giveaway bc I am a completely newbie to sewing - had to use youtube tutorials to figure out how to thread my machine bc the instruction booklet was long lost - and I need the thread because right now, I am using a who-knows-how-old spool of white thread that I found buried with the machine in my mom's closet. hope that was convincing enough! haha

  88. Learning made easier.

    I am a wantobe quilter sponsored by Lily Pad Quilting. I'm a follower here and now of Nancy. I watched her video and her book is a must for wantobes. Beautiful flowers and awesome thread. Thanks to Nancy, Aurifil, and Gerbaras for the gifts. Judy

  89. Hi
    I'm sponsored by team Gmama Jane.
    I've enjoyed Nanacy's program for years. My favorite is the roses quilt!

  90. I would so LOVE the book, thread, and scissors! I'm a wantobe quilter who is here by way of Amy at Diary of a Quilter. I Just read a review on this book on someone else's blog ( I can't remember whose off the top of my head). It looks awesome :-)

  91. Paula..gramloosethreadsAugust 19, 2011 at 11:48 AM

    I love Nancy's show and I love thread & of course ...Madame Samm,You rock the quilty world

  92. I'm a wantobe quilter from team amy@dairyofaquilter.

    I'm subscribed to Nancy's RSS feed and this is the 1st time I have heard about Nancy. That's how clueless I am about quilting or sewing :P LOL

    My 3 words "I Need Help!!"

    Thank you Madame Samm, Nancy & Media/Krause Publication, Aurifil threads and sweet Will at Great Gerberas for the pretty pretty flowers.

  93. 'I am a Wantobe Quilter' and my Sponsor is Michelle@theraspberryrabbits

    Thank~You Nancy for sharing your wonderful expertise!! I have watched your show many times throughout the years. I receive your updates through email!!


  94. Wow, those flowers are gorgeous! Lucky you Madame Samm!

  95. My three words: Orangecha feeling Happy!?
    I am for the opportunity.

  96. I'm a Quilter, but I love Nancy and your way and how they explain everything! Lucky for all! A big hug from Madame Samm!

  97. 'I am a Wantobe Quilter' My Sponsor is Michelle@theraspberryrabbits

    Afternoon Madame Samm!!

    Yes I am a follower here! No greediness here!! I Love coming here everyday and learning something New, and creating my Christmas Wish list of the recommended Products I need. I would be greatful for anything I would win!! Have a Great Day and Thank~You for hosting this Fabulous Campaign!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  98. 'I am a Wantobe Quilter' My Sponsor is Michelle@theraspberryrabbits

    Thanks to Media/Krause Publications, Aurifil Threads, and especially to Will from Great Gerberas for adding the flowers to Madame Samms Beautiful Photos!!


  99. 'I am a Wantobe Quilter' My Sponsor is Michelle@theraspberryrabbits

    My 3 Words for the day:

    Learn to Sew


  100. I've watched Nancy on TV for more years than I want to share. LOL Honestly, those flowers are so lovely, they look like silk! Great giveaways, as always! :)

  101. I'm a follower from Diary of a Quilter as my sponsor.

  102. Awesome blog. Follower of you and Nancy. Love the giveaway! Sew We Quilt is so inspirational. I want to create beautiful quilty projects. Sponsor is Grandmama Jane from Grandmama Stories.
    Thanks Madame Samm!

  103. I love Nancy's books but do not own one. I have checked many out for my library. I would love some thread too. I have very little of the good thread to use in my machine. I am signed up with the Raspberry Rabbits. Love this giveaway!

  104. Nice post nancy! I have followed nancy on facebook, and am a follower of this site. I am a wantobe quilter and my host is sue @ quittimes.
    I like it :)

  105. Why I need to win this. I lost everything in a tornado.

  106. I am a Wantobe Quilter and follow Sew WE Quilt (Madame Samm) and tried to follow Nancy but will keep her on my favorite list for sure. She really does have some beautiful landscape quilts. Never Enough Thread. my sponsor is Janet @ Caribou Crossing Chronicles

  107. I signed up to receive on Nancy's site. I watch you every saturday on public tv. Love her shows.

  108. Hi. I'm a wantobe quilter sponsored by quiltingbydawn.
    Thanks to Nancy for sharing the beautiful landscape quilts. I left her a comment & follow her on Facebook.(couldn't figure out how to follow her blog.)
    My 3 words or less would be:
    Wantobe Quilter.
    Thanks to all the sponsors. They are amazing. Love the Gerber Daisies.

  109. Have to admit than I must be greedy because I would love to winner any of the giveaways. Have been a fan of Sewing with Nancy for a longtime, thank you for reminding me why.

    I am a wantobe and a follower of the Stash, Sew we quilt and now Sewing with Nancy and I'm sponsored by Jane's Fabric and Quilt.

  110. What a great post! I am a follower here, I'm following Nancy on Facebook and I've already bookmarked her blog, and I'm sponsored by Amy @ Diary of Quilter.

    My three words: Honoring Mom's memory.

    (My mom passed away a year ago, too young, and we always thought we had more time for her to teach me to be a better seamstress. I'm learning to quilt because we were going to learn that together.)

  111. not a wanna-be, just a beginner, finished my very first traditional quilt top this week. but i LOOOVVE those landscape quilts nancy pictured today. HOW is that done??? its sew amazing. i want to learn that technique! hmm guess its not for beginners...... someday.
    great guest and post, thanks Nancy!
    ps i used to watch your show when our local tv boadcast it. now i wish i could see them again.

    i follow m. samm and dorian at ridgetop quilts! and many others now..... its a wonder i get anything done.....

  112. I'm a follower here (a wantobe quilter) and I'm now following Nancy via email. My sponsor is Kelly @ I Have A Notion.
    Three words or less: 'Wantobe' A Quilter!

  113. I've left Nancy a comment on facebook and I'm a follower here! A wantobe quilter sponsored by Amy @ Diary of a Quilter.
    I need to win because simply I 'WANT TO QUILT'!
    Thanks for the chance :) xx

  114. Seriously, Why Not? ..... follow you!
    Seriously, why not? ..... be a wantobe
    Seriously, why not? ..... need stuff!!
    Seriously, why not? .... follow Nancy!
    Seriously, why not? .....sponsor is Amy @ A Quilting Sheep.

    Three Words??? .... SERIOUSLY, WHY NOT ?

  115. Yet another lovely giveaway! :D
    My sponsor is Staci, from the confused quilter.

    3 words: Quilting addiction demands!

  116. Oh and can I just add I love that quote!! I've written it out to put up on my wall :) Thanks!

  117. #1 I used to watch Nancy's show all the time when I was in elementary school. I always found it so interesting; I didn't know she had a twitter!

    #2 Been following you here since the week before the contest started :)

    #3 Basics come first!

  118. My brain has been rattled but I came up with these names for Will.

    Romance Red

    Sailors Touch

    Petticoat Pink

    Beloved Burgandy

    Bombshell Brown

    Midnight Magic

    Vintage Dreams

    Wedding Bells



    Sands of Time

    Snowflake fantasy~~

    Thats it! If you need me for further writings catch my email.lol

  119. Love to sew! I was sent to this blog by Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling.

  120. I will be following Nancy's blog for sure! I remember watching her show with my Mom when I was younger! I would be thrilled to win EVERYTHING or ANYTHING from your wantobe drawings! I used to think my MOM was CRAZY because she had soooo much quilting "stuff" and fabric! Now I get it!!! I can't wait to have my own "stuff"! THank you so much for the great opportunity and enjoyment this has been! I am sponsored by Marcia's crafty sewing! Great day all!

  121. I follow and my sponsor is Melissa at Happy Quilting. and my 3 words or less why I need this: I'm a Wantobe!

  122. What a fun post. I've had the good fortune of meeting Nancy and she is very friendly and sweet....I was thrilled that she stopped to chat with me.

    I soooo wish I were a Wantobe Quilter today....those Aurifil threads are begging to live here with me.:)


  123. I'm a wantobe, following here, sponsored by amy@ diary of a quilter, and I "liked" Nancy on facebook!

    Thanks Nancy! I've already heard good things about this book and I want to win because I- NEED LOTSA HELP! (That's three, right?:)) Thanks!

  124. Hi Samm! Hi Nancy! What a wonderful blog you have, Nancy. I am Praying that I will win the things I need to make a "Quilt To Give". What a lovely, thoughtful idea. I want to make one for a woman who is battling Breast Cancer! I can so relate to the pain a woman experiences going through treatments and all of the changes that take place in her body. And, I hope that someone will make a quilt for me! : ) I want a bright colorful quilt to take to the hospital when I have to go in for weekly stays. I just found out that I will be starting a new Trial at Mayo Clinic, due to the discovery of multiple tumors on my kidneys.
    If anyone is interested in making this Fun and Simple quilt, you can find it on Nancy's blog here: http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/quick-quilting-projects/sew-along-with-nancy-zieman–quilts-to-give/

    I am signed up to receive email updates from Nancy's blog and am now following her on facebook. And, of course I am following YOUR blog(s), sweet Samm!

    I am a Wantobe Quilter and my Sponsor is Paul, who blogs over at Outnumbered Quilter.

    Have a Lovely Weekend, ladies! (((I can't wait 'til Monday!)) Hugs ~ Jo

  125. I love the fact that you are encouraging new quilters. I am in a different time zone right now-Hawaii-and am trying to post about the new giveaway-the strip cutter.

    Three words-make more quilts

  126. How do I get a sponsor? And why do I need one to enter your giveaways? (can you tell I am new and a wannabe quilter :) Thanks in advance! kiddlady at yahoo dot com

  127. My sponsor is Lavender Dreams, and I follow this blog - sure am glad I do!

    I love Sewing with Nancy. She always has such great projects and tips for sewing and embroidery.

  128. I am a Follower of 'Sew We quilt' and now of Nancy...

    Why...always 'more to learn'

    Thank you!

  129. I'm a wantobe sponsored by Marcia @Crafting sewing and quilting
    I'm following Nancy (and you of course)

    Gorgeous quilts and fab prize.

    I need this giveaway because I love stitching

  130. Great blogs from all and Nancy, you are WISCONSIN'S PRIDE and JOY.

    sponsored by Melissa at Happy Quilting and I WANTOBE a quilter

  131. I've just finished my very first quilt top so boy do I need this book to keep on learning!

    My sponsor is Quilter in the Gap


    Giles (Touch And Sew / touchandsew.blogspot.com)

  132. I NEED THREAD!!!!

    I am a wannnabequilter and am following Nancy's blog. Kathy from Its only Natural sent me. Please choose me.
    And I do follow you as well.

  133. I'm a Wantobe Quilter and my sponsor is Janes Fabrics and Quilting.

    I have subscribed to Nancy's Facebook and hopefully her blog too but I shall go back and check it.

    My three words are:

    Aspirations beyond capabilities

  134. I'm a Wantobe Quilter and my sponsor is Janes Fabrics and Quilting.

    I have subscribed to Nancy's Facebook and hopefully her blog too but I shall go back and check it.

    My three words are:

    Aspirations beyond capabilities

  135. I am "official" now-you know who my sponsor is! I don't do facebook, but I signed up for Nancy's email newsletter. Please enter me in this wannabe giveaway, :)

  136. I have learned so many sewing techniques from Nancy over the years. (yes, I think I've been following her since 1982 when my babies were little).
    How fun to have her here on Stash Manicure!

  137. I'm here from Diary of a Quilter, and am a follower of Nancy.
    3 words...
    need help now

  138. I "liked" Nancy on her facebook widget on her blog. I hope that counts!

    Why I need this giveaway: out of thread! Also, I've heard good things about this book!

    I'm here from Amy and Diary of a Quilter.

    Thanks again for all the work you're doing for this!

  139. Wow I can't believe how beautiful the branching out quilt is! I am a follower here and 'Liked' Nancy on FB. I am a wantobe and my sponsor is Sallie @ Sallie's Sampler.

  140. I left a comment on Nancy's blog, I follow you, I'm a wannabe quilter sent by Amy at Amy's Creative side, and I NEED AURIFIL!

  141. I am a new follower and a wannabe quilter sent by: Teresa at willows pond.
    "Use any help"
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  142. 'WISH TO LEARN".

    Sorry, unable to follow Nancy as she is only on Facebook and I am one of the few that does not have a facebook account......

    I am a wantobe quilter!
    CJ in NC w/ Shadetree Quilting

  143. I'm a follower of SM but we don't facebook as we have limited satellite download available and when I tried to follow Nancy's RSS feed it gave me a page of gobbledegook when I clicked on it. I don't know if that is Facebook or Google playing up!
    Wantobe DD12 said "I can't sew" when I asked her if she'd like this book (it's Saturday here).

  144. A comment for Nancy about her landscape - I love the way the pictures look so real, better than some paintings I've seen. The way the light and shadows are bring then to life too :D!

  145. Your flowers are stunning!

    Who would not need a book like that? It would be so nice to have as I work my way through basic skills and onto a quilt. What a lovely thought! Nancy tutoring while you sew :)

    Want to be Quilter, sponsored by Kelly at IHAN.


  146. I am classified as a quilter although no where near experienced... But I have to say: I really love the first stripped quilt and the vibrant colors. It is beautiful!
    Jan / sponsor Amy A quilted sheep

  147. I have watched Nancy on PBS from the very beginning. Sat morning might have been cartoons for some, but it was PBS at our house. Thank you, Nancy, for taking time out of your busy life to brighten our day here.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN.
    (watcher, admirer, and satisfied customer)

  148. Forgot...sponsored by Raspberry Rabbit!

  149. I love watching Nancy's sewing show, record everyone so I can sit and enjoy them without kids or husband to intruding on my me time. Great blog, thanks for posting.

  150. Learning, Sewing, Creating

    My sponsor is arianescrafts.blogspot.com

  151. I am a wantobe quilter and a follower here. Tried to follow Nancy, but it was not working. I am sponsored by Jane of Janes fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  153. 3 words.... love the campaign!

  154. Thank you Nancy for being a sponsor for this wantobe quilter. I would love to win your book. I like your program on PBS and when I can I watch it. I don't do Facebook.
    I am a follower @ Sew WE Quilt. I registered with Shell @ raspberry rabbits.

  155. I am a wannabe sponsored by debbie from designs by debbie. I'm a follower here and at nancy's. I would love this book because I need all the help I can get :)
    Thanks Nancy for the wonderful post

  156. I'm a Wantobe sponsored by Amy @ Diary of a Quilter. Follow this blog, and now Nancy's also via FB. Commented on her post about the new book. My three words: Need More Help! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  157. Wow, Nancy Zieman! Nancy's PBS shows inspired me from the beginning to believe I could sew anything I wanted to including quilts. Thanks Nancy, and Mdm Samm for this great guest post! I'm a wantobe sponsored by sweet Jacque aka Snoodles@Lilypad Quilting, and of course I follow Nancy(onFB) and follow here too.
    My 3 words Grandbaby coming soon!

  158. "Me love it!" as my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter would say. :)

  159. I'm a Wantabe Quilter and my three words are Beginner, Supplies Needed! I follow Sew WE Quilt and DOAQ. Thanks again for all these great giveaways!

  160. I want the craft book and I totally want the threads.

  161. I am a wantobe!!! I hope I am not too late to comment and try to win! My sponsor is quilt taffy!!! Love them! Love this!!

  162. yep, I'm a wantobe, and yep! I wantobe a winner! lol Great post Nancy! LOVE LOVE LOVE the landscaping quilting technique! I will definitely be trying this out. I am a lover of all things nature, but the trees have my heart! I follow.

  163. I follow you here! And I can;t figure out how to follow Nancy's blog or comment on it, but I checked it out. She's been on TV almost as long as I've been alive! Go Nancy!

    Kathy from It's Only Natural sent me, Want To Be Quilter.

    For my three words? Beauty, Patience, Reward! That's crafting for me. :)

  164. I am excited about your giveaways. So hope I can win something. I am just getting into the quilting thing.

  165. Must learn BASICS! :)

    I'm following Nancy (I think...it was doing weird things for me, too!), I'm a faithful follower of YOU, and my blog sponsor is Amy from Diary of a Quilter.


  166. Loved the post about Nancy!
    My three words: I need thread!