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#14 Guest at Wantobe Quilters Jennifer-- Welcome to Sis Boom

What a great opportunity brought to us by Sew We Quilt. First of all thank you and just wanted to share with you what we are about and where we are going. I am Jennifer a textile Designer for Free Spirit We love bringing beautiful fabrics to you that you can use for all your lifestyle needs. A sampling collection called TEA CAKES  will be part of the giveaway today.

These fabrics make beautiful quilts, pillows, bedding, headboards, curtains, handbags, learning to decoupage with them too!! upholstery. We also love laminate for raincoats and all sorts of waterproof applications. You name it and Sis Boom explores it. We love the quilting Community so much and the beauty they create and we love the fashion and home dec community for the ways they inspire new ideas.

My story is somewhat unique in that I grew up in the Virgin Islands far away from my original roots in upstate New York where my Grandma taught me to create yo yo quilts , cross stitch and embroider. Once I arrived in St. Croix Fashion took me by storm and Lily Pulitzer and Marimekko became my inspiration. 

The island itself had the most beautiful patina on the homes and the buildings in town. The colors of the water and the depths of the sea are all part of my paintbrush. Livestock and wildflowers dotted the landscape. These images and vistas will forever be a part of me. I am so grateful for those years in the islands of the Carribean that have forever shaped my vision.
So Sis Boom, inspired by the past lives classically in today. The modern palette brings a fresh outlook to the lifestyle of today.

Today we also Bring you our first Book with Chronicle Books called Girls World. It's a series of Clothing Designs and craft projects and a beautiful quilt design, to make up your girls rooms!! It's so exciting and we are humbled by it's debut!! We hope everyone will find precious time creating with the Girls in their World. We are finding it's great for Birthday Parties, Girl Scout Projects, and just getting together. Teach a Girls World Class those are becoming hugely popular!!

Please visit our website SisBoom, see the blog, see all the patterns available for you to sew, take a look at the fabric choices, and spend time in our lookbook and be inspired.
Here on Facebook say hi to us on facebook
Here on Flicker post your items on flickr
and twitter us

Some of these items you will probably see on your trip through Sis Boom Land. Once again thank you to our host Madame Samm for such a wonderful forum to share with you about Sis Boom.
 Talk soon, Jennifer

Editors note: Thank you Jennifer, Free Spirit and Sis Boom
for playing your part  today..
YOUR colors are vibrant, and speak  much of the beauty of 
the Virgin Islands.

SEW to celebrate COLOR today..
( psst Wantobes will be winning one of these soon too) 


 this  Tea Cakes  sampling  of 5 1.2 yds to make into your own strips...
and Sizzix are partnering  together to present
this Fabric Die cutter 
with the cutting pads and of course this fabric..
                                            I will even add these 6 strips that I cut to show you...
Glides  like a charm...turns like a lady driving
by a quilt shop...

The ease of this machine, the color, can we talk about the color
and this fabric sampling, what a way to end our summer...
Everything is included to begin cutting...many of you who own
dies, I understand they work with this Big Shot too! 
What is very nice about this Big SHOT is you can cut
and emboss paper products too...

 ( wanted to show you some sampling dies)
LOOK at the witch...
5" squares, dresden and circles..
but the witch got me pretty excited..
( they have a huge selection of unique dies)

Would you like your very own....?

HERE is what you can do? 

Well--- please visit Jennifer here  be her new follower
( she does not have a follower gadget up yet ...sew please leave her a comment) 
be a follower here of course you are....aren't you?
Leave a comment here....
Simply stated,  in 3 words or less, why you 
want this DIE CUTTER? 

BIG Shot thanks to Jennifer, Esprit
and Sizzix  and YOU  for being part of all this..
YOU are why we do it ! 


  1. I just gotta!!!

    Nancy aka QueenPeach20
    I am sponsored by Raspberry Rabbits!!!

  2. It's da bomb!

    Kathy tyler I'm from the quiltnqueen group!

  3. the colors are beautiful…so bright and vibrant.

  4. To save time! Interesting post and I am heading over to visit Jennifer's blog now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. cut more fabric!

    im a quilter!!

  6. SO NEED IT!

    Quilter and Jillily is my sponsor.

  7. New Project Ideas.
    Thanks for the giveaway!! Did all the necessary!

  8. simplified, stressless, superquick!

    Jennifer at Ellison lane quilts is my sponsor!

  9. need to stop leaving skid marks in front of quilt shops!

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  11. I'm sure I made a comment, but it's not here??? Sorry, don't know what I have done wrong.
    Loved the new (to me ) blog, wrote there and of course I'm still a follower here .
    Answer to the question:
    love the dies!!!!
    Dya/Brennis - heydiddlewool

  12. Cutting fabric, paper!
    I came over from A Quilting Sheep.

  13. Making husband help! ;D

    Follow you and followed on Sis Boom Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  14. New Quilting Technique!

    Thank you for this post Jennifer - I just LOVE your fabrics! Thank you to Mme Samm too, of course, and to QuiltSue who sent me here!

  15. Time saver!! I really need one.

  16. "To Entice Children!"

    I teach kids to sew, and kids love gadgets!!
    Love the new blog!

  17. Because its Purple!!! :-))

    Thanks for the fun and thanks to Jennifer for the great introduction!

  18. Multi-tasking cutter.
    I am a quilter sponsored by Corrie of Quilt Taffy. I left a comment for Jennifer and am a follower here.

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  20. Scleroderma crippled hands!!! :o(

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  21. I follow your blog and Jennifer's too.
    I LOVE IT!!!

  22. Life - Easier

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  23. to play with......just think of the fum you could have with it

  24. I love Sizzix! I'm here thanks to Paul at Outnumbered Quilter. I'm a Quilter...

  25. *lol* @ Angie Sue GMTA b/c my 3-wd or less entry is:

    Accident-prone w/ rotary-cutter!

    (use of dashes is allowed, yes?)

    I am a quilter!
    I am a follower!
    I will be a follower of Jennifer as soon as I can get myself over to her blog!

  26. I love the Free Spirit fabrics-so vibrant and beautiful. And a die cutter would be better than Christmas!

  27. I NEED ONE!

    i've just come from 'sis boom' -- margaret mead, in her comment, said she just added the url for sis boom to her blog reader so she could follow sis boom's blog. i followed her suggestion and it worked for me, too!
    i am, of course, a follower here through amy's 'diary of a qulter

  28. Consistent, accurate fancies.

  29. Quilter, Scrapbooker, Lusting.

    I follow you and new follower of Jennifer's.

  30. Die cutter envy! I love purple! It's my turn! Can't cut straight! should I go on? This looks way too cool. So I'm on my way over to make a comment on Jennifer's blog. Thanks for all your hard work Madame Samm and also thanks for the generous sponsors.

    Mary Ann

  31. Hi. Loved Jennifer's fabrics and left her a comment. I'm a quilter following SM. Why would I like today's give away in 3 words...."I love it." I've been looking at these online (live on a small island in Alaska and no stores here carry this product). To view these in person is on my "to do next time I'm out of here" list.

  32. To manicure stash....

  33. Rotary cutter obsolete!

    already subscribe to the Sis Boom blog, and follow yours.
    Sponsored by Deonn at Quiltscapes

  34. Super duper fun!!

    Diary of a Quilter

  35. It's just AWESOME!

    Sponsored by Diary of a Quilter. Thanks!

  36. have to get into die cutting before the fad wears off! Love the bright colors!

  37. I love gadgets! I am on my way to visit Jennifer. Love the vibrant colors.

  38. I forgot to mention I'm sponsored by Amy Ellis @ Amy's creative side.

  39. why i want to win this? easy: carpel tunnel - ouch!

    sponsor: happy quilting!

    thanks for another great day! i didn't know they made these (only seen the go! system)

  40. Not got one.
    Sponsored by Kathy's Cottage, and loving the tutorial

  41. Yes I am a dedicated follower.
    Why I want this prize: Myasthenia Gravis suffer.

    Sure would make my life a whole lot easier. Great post today, love the fabrics and colors and reading about Jennifer. Oh how I love the tropics. : )

  42. three words:
    hexagons, hearts, stars

    My sponsor is Kathy from Kathy's Cottage.

    Left a note on Sis Boom's blog and am a follower here too. :o) {hugs}

    I have to thank you so much!! I am really enjoying all the different blogs you are putting us in touch with! I feel like a winner, just by that aspect!! :o)

    Hoping you are having a super week!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  43. Deliciously. Temiciously. Creative.

  44. Huge time saver!! And I left a comment for Jennifer and I of course I am a follower of Sew WE Quilt!

  45. Stash Manicure Heaven! Now just imagine the quilts and fun you could have with one of those, :))))

    I'm a follower :) Visited Jenifer and left a message too :) Happy Daize!

  46. I already own a Big Shot but I'll be keeping my eye open for the fabric cutting dies!

  47. TO DIE FOR!!!!

    I am a foller!!!

  48. I love me some Sis Boom! I've been reading Jennifer's blog for quite a while. I left her a comment. Of course, I follow you, Miss S. Lily Pad Quilting is my sponsor. Precise and clean.

  49. I'm a quilter and a follower and whatever else....grin.

  50. cut strips fast

    sponsored by shell at the raspberry rabbit

    Thank you all!!


    as in, the die cutter would help me use it up faster! ;)

    and as awesome as the die cutter is, i also completely adore Jennifer's fabric, so this is a very exciting giveaway! thanks so much!

    i follow you (i really do, i checked this time!), and i'm registered with Jennifer at Ellison Lane.

  52. Stash-less, quilts-more, HAPPY

    sponsored by Janes Fabrics.

  53. Simply stated, in 3 words or less, why you want this DIE CUTTER? Because I do! Sponsor is Sallies Sampler

  54. I have left a comment for Jennifer, loved this post, love her fabric, and WANT this cutter. Three words? Jelly Roll Strips. 'nuff said. LOL
    And of course, I'm already a follower of this blog. Who isn't?

  55. Luv these fabrics. I've added Sis Boom to my google reader. Nice to be a winner but really NICE to win this giveaway. Accuracy! Accuracy. Accuracy. I need a cutter.

  56. I despise cutting...


  57. Dying for one!

    Thanks for running this whole schemozzle - it's been great following and watching and learning!

  58. Beautiful, intricate applique!

  59. Simple, Slicing, Satisfaction!!!!

    Creating, Cutting, Sharing!!!

  60. Oh Samm I have been drooling over this machine on Ihaveanotion for months,it would certainly help me with arthritis in my hands. I am a quilter and sponsor is Gmama Jane and we would love to win. I did go and check out Jen's site.

  61. Runs with scissors!
    If i win, send it to #44!! (but admittedly, #68's comment was very good!)

  62. Easily Cut Alphabets!!!

    (with the right dies, of course!)

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    I'm registered with Busy As Can Be. Deborah Stokes

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  66. Went over to follow Sis Boom on facebook and now I am back. Of coarse I follow here and I would love to cut strips much quicker than I can at this moment. New tool, new toy!

  67. I'm subscribed through reader - thanks for the great giveaway - my three words

    make life easy :)

  68. BEST Cutting Accuracy!

    I've left a comment for Jennifer - LOVE her fabrics. Thanks for another fun day and fabulous giveaway :)

    Newbie quilter AngelaSews557

  69. I forgot to say my sponsor is Amy's Creative Side :)

  70. 'Just NEED one' or is it 'Just WANT One'!!! Luv the gorgeous colors in the Tea Cake collection and the laminates.........rain coats for the grandgirls. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story with us today!!

  71. Yearning for one! Seriously, I so hope to win one of these. I'm a quilter and A Quilting Sheep is my sponsor. I left a comment for Jennifer and will follow her when her button is up. These colors are just my cup of tea!! Thanks.

  72. Fun with fabric!
    I'm a quilter sponsored by Stray Stitches. Thanks to Sis Boom, Sizzix and Esprit for another great prize. Thanks to Madame Samm for dealing with all these emails!

  73. love love love to have it Thanks for the chance to win

  74. I love sewing ! Thanks for the great giveaway. joyenwen(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg

  75. Cut with EASE!!!

    What a wonderful thing to have this die cutter...a must have for all quilters! I have been oohing and aahing over them in all the quilt magazines I have been getting for about a year now...just haven't broke down to get one!

    Left a comment for Jennifer and of course I am a follower here!

  76. I cut crooked!

    Just left a comment over at Jennifer's and added her to my Google Reader :)

  77. Must have helper!
    I thought I had left a comment already, but I can't find it. Don't want to miss out on my chance to win this amazing tool.
    Must have just made a comment on Jennifer's site.
    Jan / sponsor Amy a quilted sheep

  78. I jumped over to Jennifer's and left a comment.

    Cutting binding! Lol

    Sponsored with Melissa @ Happy Quilting

  79. Time. Precision. Happiness.

    (Am a follwer and follwing Sis Boom!)

  80. I stopped over to visit Jennifer at Sis Boom and left a comment. Couldn't find a way to follow her blog but will try again.

  81. I was so busy admiring kitty, I forgot today was quilter's day to comment!
    I left a message for Jennifer; of course I'm a follower here; and, jelly rolls, faster, accuracy.

    Nighty, night.

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    For my mom......

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