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#13 Guest of Wantobe Quilters, Jill with New This Century

Hello everyone!  Jill Finley here from Jillily Studio.  I am so glad to be back with you.  I have some fun stuff to share with you. First, lets play a little game.  What do these quilts have in common?
A Walk in the Park
Tickled Pink
Daisy Dot
Cherries Jubilee

OK, you’re right, they are all really cute, but other than that… (and the fact that they are all Jillily  Studio designs)  what do you see that they share???
A hint—it’s an embellishment—added on after the piecing.
Right!  Yo -Yos! 
Yeah for YO-YOs!  This humble little fabric embellishment has been around for a loooong time.  They were a popular style of quilt making in the 1920’s and 30’s.  I first saw a yo-yo when I was taking a class to make a quilted bag, sometime last century.   The instructor had embellished her bag with these cute little dots of fabric.
This bag has been well used.  For years it served as my family's “Sunday Bag.”  Meaning that every Sunday it carted all the stuff we needed to carry to church with us—class materials, scriptures, and things to keep the kids quiet (theoretically).  I’m sure that even the congregation was grateful for that Sunday Bag.  Imagine how much noisier it could have been!

Back to my story—so when I finished making my bag in that class, I asked the teacher how she made those little circley things

“Oh, yo-yos?  You don’t know how to make yo-yos?”

Well, no, I didn’t.  I was kind of new to this quilting thing.

So she quickly showed my how, and I have been embellishing with yo-yos ever since.  (I wish I could remember who the teacher was, and I would give her credit here for her bag design and good teaching skills, but I can’t remember!)

Some of these are really tiny--3/8" to 3/4".

I added some embroidery too.  See, I said it was last century.

So now I will give you a quick lesson on how to make a yo-yo.  

First of all, trace a circle on the back of your fabric.  You can use anything as a pattern, or use a compass.  I have a circle cutter around here somewhere, but it is missing in action, so this can of corn will have to do.
Keep in mind that your yo-yo will turn out to be about  half the size of you circle, minus the seam allowance.  So if you want a 1” finished yo-yo, use a circle about 2 ¼” across. 
Cut out your circle.
Now thread a needle with strong cotton thread.  Hand quilting thread works great here, but since I haven’t hand quilted in years (also last century) I don’t have any around.  So I use my favorite thread, (AURIFIL) and double it.  You don’t need to tie a knot, just leave several inches hanging when you start to stitch. 
Turning a small seam allowance under as you go, take about ¼” stitches, basting all along the edge.  I turn the edge with my left hand and stitch with my right.  (For these photos you will have to imagine the other hand in there.  I needed one hand to take the photo! )

 I keep my stitching line about in the middle of the seam allowance.  That leaves a little bit of fabric beyond the stitches to help “close” the hole in the middle.  You will see what I mean in a minute.
When you have stitched the seam allowance all around the circle,
pull on both ends of the threads to gather the circle tight.
Your circle will now look like a little pouch.  Pull the gathers as tight as you can and tie the threads together in a knot.
 Now  flatten out the yo-yo keeping all the gathers in the middle and spreading out the pleats evenly.  Notice that my thread is still coming out of the top of the yo-yo.  One end of thread is still threaded through the needle.
Poke the needle in the center to take the thread to the back of the yo-yo.  Remove the needle and thread it with the remaining end of thread, bring it to the back, too.  Tie the thread ends together to knot.
I use this way of knotting off the thread ends so that you don’t see it when it is appliquéd onto a quilt.  . . . But if you are making yo-yos to use in a coverlet, or where you will SEE the back, tie your knot on the front and hide it in the folds of the gathers.
Now turn it over, and TA DAH!  A beautiful finished yo-yo!
I can just imagine something fun happening with this yo-yo, can’t you?  I think I will design a new project with yo-yos right away!
Thanks, Samm for having me here again.  I hope to see all of your readers over atmy blog—so they can WIN something!
Happy Quilting, everyone!  Go yo-yo your quilts--and do it this century!
Editors note...and our dear JILL is no YO-YO I am telling you..
 she has lot's of balls in the air....but no YO-YO..
just full of  Sew tales.... Thanks Jill you always bring
sew much to the table...
Today's Giveaways is for our WANTOBE Quilters
( those with no tools) 
 You can win these patterns and book from Jill .
She is the author of all of these!
Her patterns are as unique as she is...easy to read,
easy to follow and results are over the top...
( Jill is not easy to read..her patterns are lol)
Also these top 3 rulers
for our  WANTOBE QUILTERS all the links to all the rulers 
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 and for our Sponsor - some batting that is fusible like foam...
YOU are going to find all kind of uses for this..bags, totes, 
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and some whisper fusible interfacing...
I will also be throwing in this angled ruler..
And this Lazy Angle ruler is for our
Joan from Lazy Girl Designs..  even has a how to on her blog
 ( she is the designer of this ruler for Creative Grid)
What to do now?
Please follow JILL and let us know you did.
And YES follow here ( you are by now aren't you?) let us know...
and leave a comment here of course and tell us whether you are a Wantobe Quilter
with your sponsor name... and what was your first drink of the morning....? 
'cause I am curious how many will answer this ...wink..
EASY right?
Thank you JILL, Creative Grid, Innovative Craft Products
and YOU for being here ...YOU are why we do this...
YOU sew Matter!
 Loving the comments which I read-- everyone of them...
and during bursts of intermittent energy I even answer some..

SEW please if anything is URGENT matter
please put that in the subject line I will write back..

Winner announced tomorrow! 


  1. Another great giveaway! I had no idea how to do yo-yos...now I do. I learn something new every day! I love Jill's Crossroads and Daisy Dot quilts - so pretty and almost delicate-looking. I'm a Wantobe Quilter sponsored by Stray Stitches. I use Firefox at home and Safari as browsers at work. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Good morning: I am a new follower of Jill and of couse Madame Samm. My sponsor is Janet @ Caribou Crossing Chronicles.
    Have a great day.

  3. What a great giveaway. I am following both you and Jill. I am a wannatobe quilter sent to you by my sponser Kathy from It's Only Natural.
    My first drink today was a can of Dr. Pepper.
    Please pick me to win these patterns and books.

  4. Wow! Yo-yo's are awesome! I can't wait to get some supplies and start practicing!!!! I am a wanttobe quilter sent over from Melissa at Happy Quilting, and I am a follower of you and Jill!

  5. I'm sponsored by Kathy's cottage. My first drink today was a beautiful cup of China tea brought to me by my husband.
    I've never made Yo Yos...but now I know how!

  6. I'm a quilter and I just love this tutorial! Such cute ideas for using yo-yos. Thanks Madam Samm, for fixing the comment problem:>)

  7. Good Morning to all! I am so pleased to be able to be a follower of Stash Manicure and Jill's as well! I love these tutorials and will always look back to re-read them. I am a wantobe quilter. Wendy @ Why Knot Kwilt is my sponsor. Thank you Madame Samm for all you do, I know mere thanks aren't nearly enough but thanks a bazillion to you and all of your sponsors in these wonderful giveaways! So sorry internet explorer was giving you fits earlier!

  8. Such a great tutorial, love the tie off idea to the back.
    Thank you

  9. Всем привет из России!!!
    Утро я начинаю с чая с мятой и бутерброда с сыром.Но бывает по утрам пью кофе.
    Я стала постоянным читателем Джилл.У нее позитивный блог. Мой спонсор fabraholic.
    Очень хочу выиграть ваши замечательные призы.

    Hello from Russia!
    I begin with a morning tea with mint and a sandwich with cheese. But sometimes in the mornings drinking coffee.
    I became a regular reader of Jill. She has a positive blog. My sponsor fabraholits.
    I very much want to win your wonderful prizes.

  10. Another amazing one! You are killing me with ideas.

  11. What a wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much Jill. I am a WantobeQuilter and am sponsored by Janes Fabrics and Quilts. I am now going straight to Jills site to follow her too. Thanks so much for this great opportunity to win these wonderful things.

  12. Yo-yos are fun! My mother taught me how to make them many decades ago. I haven't used them for anything other than crafting, but now I can add them to quilts...when I make a quilt!
    Beckie sponsored by Raspberry Rabbit.

  13. Hello Madame Samm! I usually start my day off with an Iced Chai Latte..it is like pumpkin pie in a cup according to my son. Thank you for this great opportunity for wantobe quilters like myself. The great tutorials have helped my gain the courage to start quilts for my sister and sister in laws babies soon to be born. My sponsor is Amy @ Diary of a Quilter. I am a follower (please lead me great one) of you and Jill. I am looking forward to Jill's Sorbet line. Thank you!

  14. Well I already struck gold this week. But you gotta keep entering..:) I am a follower of jill and this site. I am a wantobe quilter and sue@quilt times is my sponsor. My husband makes me a smoothie every morning Yummy :)Good luck to all!

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  22. I already follow you and Jill and I'm a Wantobe who was sent by Paul the outnumbered quilter.

  23. I want so much to be a great quilter much like those you have introduced us to. Yo-yos have always looked so intimidating and appreciate someone showing how they are put together. I follow Jill and am sponsored by Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts. My first morning drink was orange juice - orange you glad you asked? Thanks.

  24. i'm a wantobe sent by snoodles at lilypad quiltimg. i now follow jill's blog as well as madame samm's, too.

  25. I am a all-the-time quilter and just dropping by to say I really did enjoy Jill's tutorial on Yo-Yo's - she does make it look easy. Great giveaways and very generous sponsors. Thanks Samm for bringing all the best to the table. Judy C in NC

  26. Yoyo's! I've made about 600 lately and am working toward 1,200 for a coverlet.

    I'm a Wantobe Quilter with team Lily Pad Quilting. I follow here and Jill's blog.

    My drink of choice in the morning is good old H2O. Water. I don't do coffee or tea and I have a bit of milk with my oatmeal. But water is the ticket to rehydrate and get me going. And it's easy. And doesn't leave a mess if it spills. Bonus.

  27. Hi I am Wannabe Quilter w/team
    Gmama Jane.
    I love yoyos too. I made a covering that i throw over a cahir with them.

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    My first drink was water to wash down my pills. LOL

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    I am a Wantobe quilter!

    I am following Jillilly Studio!

    I'm registered with the lovely Jane!

  31. I enjoyed your post. I love the quilts mixed with piecing and applique and circle shapes, such as yo-yos. I would love to see "HOW" to attach the yo-yo's to their backing in an effective way.

  32. When I saw we were going to learn how to make yo yos, my first thought was what in the world do yo yos have to do with quilting. I use to love yo yoing when I was a kid.... Yeap, can you tell I'm a want a be quilter sent by Marlene at stitching by the lake.

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    I'm signed up with Amy's Creative Side.
    First drink of the day: water, followed immediately by second drink of the day: strong coffee!

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    My first drink of the day is always water. That is about all I drink most days, with tea sometimes.

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    CJ in NC w/ Shadetree Quilting

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    Jessica K.

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  66. Oh gosh, I did it again. I neglected to let you know that I am following Jill's blog via email subscription now. I didn't see any other way to follow. Hopefully I didn't miss that.

    Also, my original post will now be deleted as I have copied that to this comment. (sorry) This is another fantastic giveaway. For me beginning quilter class I'm taking which starts at the end of this month, my teacher is very picky (and those are her words lol) about what rulers she wants you to use. The choice is first, Creative Grids and second, Omnigrid. This would be awesome to win since it would be her first choice and something I don't have but need for this class. Thanks for the chance to win some very much needed supplies.

    And the Yoyo's have been something I've always loved seeing as little touches on things like the purse shown in this post. Those are tiny little ones though. Wow.

  67. Hi, I'm a wantobe quilter sponsored by quiltingbydawn.
    Thanks for the terrific post, Jill. It was great to see how to make YoYo's. Your Sunday Bag is amazing.
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  68. I'm sponsored by Jane's Fabric and a wantobe quilter. I just started following Jill, her daisy quilt is so pretty I want to try to make one now. I found out why I need more then one ruler too. I need to get a 12.5" square one now. The first thing I drank this morning was Crystal Light Fruit Punch. My mother in-law introduced me to it while she was here last week and I'm hooked.

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    I'd love to have someone sign-up with me :)

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  78. Thank you Jill for the tutorial on yo-yos. I have never made one, but it looks pretty simple for a wantobe like me. I am a follower on your blog and I want to thank you again (I did on your blog already) for being so generous with your time, patterns, and fabric. It really is beautiful. I love bright cheery colors and those are right up my alley.

    Thanks again Madame Samm for the campaign. You are still going strong, just don't burn yourself out. Take care you yourself and don't miss time in that "sweet room" because of all of our posts keeping you busy. I know that keeps you strong.

    Thank you Creative Grid for the rulers. I have heard Madame Samm speak highly of these and I trust her review. If I don't win them here, I will have to keep you in mind when I can purchase rulers for myself.

    Thank you Innovative Craft Products for the batting that will go to one of our pro-quilting sponsors.

    Joan, your ruler looks too complicated for me to comprehend how you use it, but one day I will figure it out. Thanks for designing it.

    I am a wantobe quilter and my sponsor is Mary on Lake Pulaski. My first drink this morning was a cup of fresh brewed coffee with extra milk. That is what I have every morning, but sometimes I follow it with a vanilla latte. It depends on how long it takes me to wake up the whole way. LOL

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    Also, as an answer to your question, I had myself a nice glass of chocolate almond milk for breakfast this morning. :)

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  84. All those quilts are so sweet. Once upon a time, I said I would never do yoyos. I should never say NEVER.. Because I think I'm moving into a different phase. I love your embellishments, and really enjoyed your tute.


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