Saturday, August 13, 2011

#10th Winner of our Wantobe Quilters Campaign

WINNERS...Congrats to 
Bernie( ce) and Marlene ( sponsor)
I sent you both emails,
please send me addresses ..
( packages will be all mailed out today)

Bernice you won this Mat from Clover, Rulers from Creative Grid, 
Rotary Cutter from Clover and Fabric bundle from Timeless Treausure
A great start to your quilting life....

Wantobe giveaway

sponsor giveway + fat quarter bundle. 

Thank YOU -Timeless Treasures for a fat quarter bundle.
Clover came through with new rotary cutter, large mat 
and an extra blade and Creative Grid sponsored their top 3 rulers..
Joan with Lazy Angle -also from Creative Grid...
a must have, I am telling you.. Bernice you will be starting off with 
all the necessary tools.... Check YOU tube on how to use
mats and cutters..I did well with Missouri Quilting co. when I first started
they have terrific beginner ones.

and Marlene her sponsor ...ruler from Joan at Creative Grid and Lazy Girl
a fons and porter fall  magazine
and a subscription from Quilt Show with Alex Anderson. !

THANK YOU, sponsors, guests
but most of all YOU,
YOU who have made a difference...
To our sponsors, guest and yes even ME.

Keep spreading the NEWS...
wait till you see what is up for next week....

No READER comments on weekends!
It has been turned off! 
Enjoy your weekend!