Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wantobe Quilter Campaign Updates.... countdown begins....

 Yes 24 more sleeps....YEP!
( her name btw Tobe..as in to bee a quilter) 
Wendy came up with that...

For the past couple weeks, when I came up with this
idea to bring WANTOBE QUILTERS together along
with all these Sponsors...note our sponsor  list is growing....
They are indeed the GREATEST, LATEST, BEST.....
I just knew this would spell great opportunities for sew many. 

Each SATURDAY leading up to August 1st- I will share a bit more with you...
You have read about  the gathering  of names of Wantobe Quilters,
what is all that about?

Well let me tell you...Once the campaign begins on August 1st....
All the names, emails and phone numbers you collect,
will be sent to me in a personal email. ( madamesamm@cogeco.ca)
I will in turn set up a database that will have your name along
with all those you have on your list...let's pretend you have 5 names...
your name is Betty...  you have 5 Wantobe Quilters ...
Your  name will be added to all 5 of those names..
IF any of  YOUR  people win anything, you also win something.

That name will be published the day of the DRAW,
if she or he happens to be an experienced QUILTER and not a Wantobe Quilter,
( and someone will tell me, there is no doubt about that)
they will be disqualified right there and then .....

I do believe 99% of people are very honest, and that most
people believe in karma. What goes around comes around.
Sew I am not worried about qualifying the winners. 
I just know they will be WANTOBE  Quilters...
I have very sophisticated software that matches, email
addresses with ISP's...ever since I began managing this blog,
I have never had any problem with those who won anything
as far as legitimacy...Sew please do not worry about that..
I am on it! 

Now for those of you who have blogs and you would like
to appeal to your own followers/friends. Next Saturday
I will supply you with a text that you can put on your blog
that states, they will not be able to come to this blog ( stash)  to enter
in a giveaway...They will have to locate our list of bloggers  on the side
bar.... all those who have the 
WANTOBE QUILTER button on their blog ...   I will list you here...

Any visitors who want to enter will be asked to look at the list
on the side bar..( not there yet)  and they will be asked to give you 
their name and email and phone number...
( this will all be clearer as we get closer to the launch date...)

( please let me know with a comment  who has this button already on your blog
as I will be compiling a list) and adding it this week...

Ahhh I can hear you...what if the same person, registers
their name with all the bloggers..??? No problem, their name
will only be counted once, whoever submitted that name first..
My software will tell me their name is already registered with BETTY .lol...
So if you are Helen, and you have the same name...that name will not be registered again.
How does that sound?

What else can I share with you....??????
mmmmmmm  I hear Nancy Zieman will be popping over for a guest
post, ohhhh and Eleanor Burns too I hear....and. just today I heard from Alex Anderson
she too will be joining us and I think some guy name Ty, .......oh I think that is enough 
excitement for today....Ü

See this button on the side bar...any related topics that are published
at my own personal blog- Sew I quilt.... will be found here...
I have been doing sneak peaks on my blog of some of the giveaways...

Ohhhhh yes, I understand that  BERNINA, PFAFF and a BABY LOCK
willl be giving us their GREATEST, LATEST BEST beginner machines...
to some winners....And they are very very nice...!

For anyone interested in contacting a LQS, please connect with me
I have something that you can print off and give them that will
certainly benefit both of you...They will collect names
and get an idea how many  wantobe quilters are in their area, sew they
can schedule new classes for them... and you pick up those names
to enter this campaign. 

24 more sleeps...

p.s.....as I will be compiling a top list of reasons
why someone should quilt for next SATURDAY...
I would certainly like to hear why you QUILT?
What has it done for YOU?
just added them here ok...thanks..

What constitutes someone as a WANTOBE QUILTER..?

They do not have a machine, tools, notions, stash as in fabric...
They may have made a quilt with a MOM, sister, friend, niece, aunt, grandma,

Hope that helps?

p.s. again...the list that will be on the blog roll 
will change every day....just sew you know
I really have thought of everything...

There will be no WHINING in this CAMPAIGN.

You will have to trust me that I have a plan for all 
who participate that there will be many many many chances..
'nough said lol


  1. Thank you for the information that I was going to ask about! I have had the button on my blog for a while and people have asked and I really didn't know what to tell them other than come to Stash. Even to compile a list has been difficult as people don't want names and info published. And mostly, I know 'already' quilters.

  2. The button is on my blog: http://quiltyhabit.blogspot.com. Right now I don't know any "wantobe" quilters, but I'll start asking around!

  3. You mean we have to wait 24 more sleeps. Not sure I can stand it!! This is all so exciting! Yes, I have the button on my blog.
    Has anyone told you today that you are a powerhouse of a woman!! This is really something else. THANK YOU!!
    PS, I just love Tobe!

  4. You're very organised Madame Samm. I'm all ready for the Wantobe Quilter campaign. I've had the button on my blog since you first launched the idea. Looking so forward to see what you have in store for us all.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  5. Can't wait...oh, I've got a few people that so need this! They are totally wantobes. Such a great idea! Button is on our blog.

  6. I think I would consider myself a Wantobe, so I don't know if I should put the button on my blog or not.

  7. I've got the button on my blog, but I'm still not sure I understand the whole thing. And is someone who's made a quilt or two on a borrowed machine an experienced quilter or a wantobe?

  8. i am the only person i know that is a wantobe :((
    i dont have a blog yet thinking about it can i still be in or am i too sad:)))

  9. The Wantobe Quilter button is on my blog!

  10. I have the button...of course ;) So anyone wantobe quilters that need a blog to add your name to, you can come see me...as I only know ONE wantobe quilter...LOL

    And I believe, if you give your name to your favorite blog person with this button...you can email it so no personnal info is sitting out there on the web.

  11. I'm a "Wantobe" better quilter since I am still new at it. Guess I don't qualify. Darn. lol Good luck to all those Wantobe's!

  12. I have the button on my blog. It might be helpful to know a few things.
    1. What constitutes a "wantabe"? Can she/he have ever quilted anything? What if they have made maybe 1 attempt, don't have tools, have never been to a class or guild meeting?
    2. What if they have made a couple of quilts, have joined a guild, but have only been quilting a few months and are so new they don't consider themselves true quilters yet and don't have the machine or tools yet?

  13. I do have the banner on my blog because I wantobe
    a quilter! Thanks!

  14. This is so exciting! I can hardly wait!
    As for why I love quilting, there are so many reasons. The love of fabrics, the satisfaction of I made this, and the look of joy when you give your loved ones a quilt made just for them.


  15. I have Tobe (The Wannabe Quilter Button) already on my blog page. This should be fun. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  16. Somehow I feel that the definition of a wantobe quilter is highly restrictive. I personally thought that I might qualify because I have only made a single quilt and still have tons to learn. But I guess because I own an old Jem Gold and a few rulers, I don't qualify. A little disappointed. Guess I will just work on spreading the word.

  17. Madame Samm you have my head in a whirl. I'm excited, but I'm not really sure why. I do have the button on my blog. My daughter is living at home until she gets a job (could be a loooong time). She's interested in learning to quilt. Since we use the same internet line I'm assuming we have the same ISP. Does that mean she is not eligible?

  18. I have the Want to Be quilter button on my blog. I also have a question. I was wondering.. this won't work as a surprise for a Want to be Quilter? My DD is getting married in August, and well I wasn't thinking she needed to know about it. It sounds like she needs to participate though. No problem with the name and email.. but no surprises?

  19. I have had your button on my blog for about a week now! This is a great idea, thanks so much for taking the time to put it together!


  20. I have the button on my side bar!! :-)

  21. Wonderful idea, so I added the button to my blog. I don't have many followers yet, but who knows, maybe some of them is a wantabe.

  22. The button is on my side bar! Any Wantobe quilters are welcome to enter the contest through my blog - http://salliessampler.blogspot.com -
    just send me your name, email, and phone number and I'll keep a list to send to Madame Samm!

  23. Not sure I understand completely, but I will keep following along and hope I 'get it'! As to why I quilt....I can't paint and I love working with color. I like being able to blend the different fabrics and having them turn into a 'work of art'. As for what quilting does for me.... it's relaxing and invorating at the same time. It's my 'outlet' and I have met some amazing people through quilting. Quilters, for the most part, are some of the most generous people there are. They share everything from their knowledge to their tools.

  24. I have the button on my blog too. I can't wait for the fun to begin.

  25. Wow! A power packed post! I have the same question as KatieQ above....one of my wantobes is my daughter, living here at home. I guess her address would look the same to your software? Or will it distinguish that it's her lappytop instead of my PC? LOL Anyway, she wants to start, so I would like to know if she is eligible.
    Everything else is quite clear, and I can tell you have spent much, much time working out all the details!
    The button is on my blog! (Lilypadquilting)
    Jacque in SC

  26. Haha! The button is on my bloggie-blog! And I know lots of young ladies (and a few older, as well) who are wannabe quilters! Whoooohooo!!! Wow. This is a lot of work! If I can help in some way, shape or form, please let me know! :)

  27. The button has been on my blog for a week. My daughters are the only wannabes atm and one is 12 and uses my computer but the email addies are different of course.
    Reasons to quilt - To have a lovingly hand made, useful, one of a kind gift to give family and friends (and yourself).
    - To improve your math, lol!
    - To meet nice people that you have something in common with.
    - To learn new things to make/do in your 'spare'(?) time.

  28. Just stopping by to say have a wonderful time with this campaign!! Once again you are bringing amazing things to this blog world :)

  29. Of course the button is on my blog Samm! This is going to be so much fun. I know it's been tons of work on your part so thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this for us! blessings, marlene

  30. I have the button up and running...but seriously Samm, no whining?!? Where's the fun in that?!?! Kidding...sounds so, so great...I have 10 people on my list already!!!

  31. My daughter and I are learning how to quilt. We just created our blog and now we need a sewing machine and some quilting supplies! :)

  32. My daughter wants to learn to quilt. She will need a basket of tools since she is a reader & an editor of children's Christian literature. I have suggested that we learn together to give us both some relaxing time. She comes to the house to "relax-in our sunroom", but most times, she gets here after dark.

  33. The button has been added to my blog!

  34. I have a button, I have a button, la la la la la la. so come by my blog http://matate10quilter.blogspot.com and leave a comment at any time and I'll contact you via e-mail and get you're info. So we can win, win, win!!

    Quilting helped be rehab from serious neuro muscular disease.

  35. I have the button on my blog and looking for Wantobes!

  36. I have also had the Wannabe button on my blog for a while now (http://zzyzx-and-sue.blogspot.com/).

    Now, by what I just read, the names I had as wannabe quilters won't qualify! They all have sewing machines (old ones), but haven't made quilts & don't have the other quilty kind of equipment.

    I am sad. :(

  37. Hi Madame Samm!! I have added the button to my sidebar. I just have a few questions.
    1) Let's say I want to put my young daughter's name in. She is going to be 12. She has made one quilt about a year ago. She hasn't sewn anything since. She loves fabric and making stuff. She just kind of lost interest. Would I be able to add her? She doesn't have a stash, she just likes to steal from mine. LOL!!!
    2) If I know someone who has sewn, but has never made quilts. Can they enter? They have done some simple sewing like curtains, little things for their kids when they were little. Just not quilting. Are they eligible?
    Okay, I know a lot of non-quilters I just need to convince them to become quilters right. That's what this is all about.
    Okay, 'nough said! This sounds like fun.


  38. Button on blog, check. Excited, check! Looking forward to lots of fun, You betcha baby! :)
    xx, shell

  39. I've got the button on my blog and hope to follow along. I can think of a few people that I will put in the draw.

  40. I had put the button on my blog but I will not be able to participate after all. I learned yesterday that my mother will be having surgery on Aug. 3rd and I will be leaving to be with her on Aug. 1st. This means I will not be available during the first ten days or so of August. I plan to pre-schedule some posts. I'll remove the logo and wish you all well in this fun event!

  41. Well I am not sure if I have ANYBODY that quilifies but I have the button on my blog.

  42. I have the button on my blog and a couple of my nieces want to learn how to quilt. I'll see if they will let me submit their names and info...

  43. You are the total package of time management - I marvel at all you do and all you think and all you come up with. The Wantobe Quilter link is on my blog sidebar www.shadetreequilting.com. Thanks for all the answers to our questions. Judy C in NC

  44. Wantobe Quilter is up on my blog RocknQuilts.blogspot.com!!

  45. I have the badge on my blog and I'll gladly post next Saturday (or whenever you need a shout out). And, I'm off to a quilt store today to share some flyers.


  46. This is quite the event. I also would like to know who would fall into the category of "wannabe", and if we're talking no experience or little experience. I do have the button on my blog.

  47. I need the thing for the LQS. I did pick up a wanna be last night at SEAM Night (Sewing Eating And a Movie). Si I want to be prepared!!

  48. I have put the button and I will blog about it tomorrow. It is a great idea!

  49. I have the button on my blog.
    I quilt because it is fun, it allows me to be creative, it's relaxing and it's my antidote to housework. I'll have to start finding me some wantobe quilters...

  50. I also have that beautiful button on my blog and my list is started :-) Thanks for a great event! Happy Quilting!


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