Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wantobe quilter Campaign Updates every Saturday...

Have you been collecting names of Wantobe Quilters? YES that is good....now what to do with them...
Hold on to them till August 1st ok....then you can send them into me (madamesamm@cogeco.ca)
WHY? ' cause I said sew...lol  To tell you the truth - I will have someone looking after that for the whole day... ( they will be working on my other pcs .)

#1 Collecting names of Wantobe quilters....will give you more opportunities to win. Each name you collect..and they must be legitimate....( You know when your Mother used to say she knows....I am saying it too...I will know) lol. Technically I have means to know...that is all I will say.......NOW each name you submit with name, email and phone number ( these will not be circulated) will have your NAME attached to them. IF they win anything , you too will win something , not the same amount but similar... NOD  your head YES!

#2 There will be MEMBER list of those who have blogs who will be added to this blog on the side there...all who have this button...( please let me know now.. send me your blog name and link and  your name ( if missing I will not have time to follow up with you)  to madamesamm@cogeco.ca . will be added to the list ( July 30)...this list will be mixed every day of the campaign ( in other words, you will all be on the top ) ...sew anyone who leaves a comment and does not say what member they are affiliated with will not qualify for any prizes.... I will tell them to go to the list on the side bar of this blog and choose someone and give them your information....Each  time  you get new names you will send me  them sew I can add your name to that list ---again if they win, sew do you.. NOD  your head YES!
Copy this code to your blog....OPEN Gadget search for HTML and copy this to it... Voila button will appear on your blog..

<center><a href="http://stashmanicure.blogspot.com/"><img border="0" src="

#3 If you do not have a blog  but you are a follower...then share with me your email address and your avatar button and you too can submit names....The advantage of those with a blog is that they will be on the list...., but those without blogs can gather names too ...from Local Quilt Shops, Guilds....NOD your head YES....good..

#4 NOW why do this???? Well this campaign is going to go ----are you sitting down?..... 12 weeks, yes 12 weeks...3 months...YES 3 months.... That is a lot of giveaways and I have a lot to GIVEAWAY. This way,  anyone with blogs will be able to build more traffic, have new followers.Those who want to enter this contest must be a follower of someone's blog....NOD your head YES....good I can continue now...
See everyone wins....everyone...NOD  your head YES!

#5  Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays will be Wantobe Quilters Giveaways...Tuesday and Thursday,
members world wide can win... Nod your head yes..... I Know it is making sense now...right?

#6 All winners will pay for shipping....( you will be winning lot's of goodies sew we will ship it out the most economical as we can) YOU will be WOWED... p.s if  they do not pay for shipping, I will hold prize for 1 month and then select another winner if that person wishes me to...fair enough?
NOD  your head YES!

#7. We will still have guests 5 days a week, at the end of their posts there will be giveaways with links to sponsors.... Saturdays will be sponsor day....Sponsors will be able to shout out about deals, new products, sales, anything...that is their day....GREAT IDEA RIGHT? WE have to thank them somehow, don't we....we will be supporting them right? YOU BET because they are given us $$$$$$  Sewing Machines, Irons, Needles, Mats, Threads, Sewing Baskets, Scissors, Batting, Interfacing, Fabric, lot's of fat quarters, Rotary cutters, Rulers, Floss, Caddies,   Books, Patterns, Memberships for quilt shows,  Machine Die Cutters..you name it I think I just about covered everything but CAMERAS...I could not find a sponsor for CAMERAS...you would think someone would supply us with 3 cameras....only 3....digital...ANYONE?  lol NOD  your head YES!
Note all of these sponsors and there are a few more to add....
just waiting for their buttons..

#8  Ok, yes...I have a flyer that you can circulate to Local Quilt Shops, Guilds...they all know someone who wants to quilt...This gives them a great MARKETING Plan to attract new WANTOBE quilters in their stores...model special classes for them...and it cost them NOTHING, no advertising, just a flyer...WHO THINKS ABOUT THIS?????   ME, I guess...lol...I wanted everyone to WIN.....Did you know a Marketing Plan like this could cost thousands and thousands of dollars....( for our generous sponsors...very little in the scheme of things....) And they know it and I know it..wink......NOD  your head YES!

#9 Ok, I think that is all I can share today....Return next Saturday for more goodies...ok...NOD your head YES ....

for Flyers....


  1. I am amazed...you have covered every angle! And all of us bloggers and the wantobe quilters should be getting excited now - what a plan! I think this is great, and I'm hoping some of my wantobes will win!! (Standing at PC, applauding) A standing ovation for Madame Samm! LOL
    Jacque in SC

  2. My neck is sore from all of the nodding!!!! It sounds like you have considered all aspects of this huge event.

    BTW.....I am LOVING my little light. It works perfectly for my cross stitching AND my Kindle.

  3. I'm still nodding. It's funny what the power of suggestion can make you do, I was actually nodding. Now I need to come up with a few names, I know of one, but I'd like to increase my chances to win. "Nod and say Yes."

  4. Sounds wonderful to me Samm, can't wait till August :)

  5. Looks like the
    ¸.•°*”˜★ BIGGEST WIN ★˜”*°•.¸
    I've ever seen! This side of Heaven, that is.
    NOD my head YES!
    I do believe you've thought of ★EVERYTHING★.
    And I love it! ♥ :) ~Kd

  6. What a golden opportunity! Thanks so much Madame Samm! I am nodding my head and off to scrounge up those wannabe quilters! I have one sleeping in my guest bedroom right now! Time to get up!!!

  7. I'm sew, sew excited! I publish our guild's newsletter; we have 275+ members. Can I slip something into it about this?!??!! :)

  8. Oh wow, you are amazing to gather all this together for a massive giveaway!

  9. I hope a bob is the same as a nod because I believe I bobbed instead of nodded...and now I FINALLY get it! The light is on! The elevator went all the way to the top! I'm up a creek with BOTH paddles (in a little raft on rapids with no life jacket but I'm above water!!) Thanks Samm, this is going to be one heckova party! xo, Nan

  10. This all sounds great, but I don't understand what's going to happen beyond the prizes...maybe I'm just dense. Is there a post explaining it somewhere? I looked but couldn't find it.

  11. I'm with everyone else, you are one extraordinary Madame! Madame!!

    Certainly I'm on your button list by now?

  12. Oh my head was nodding so much I feel like a "bobble head"
    This is amazing!!!

  13. Samm I'm just blown away....can you feel me nodding? blessings, marlene

  14. Winkin', Blinkin' & Nodin' yep, I'm right there with ya!! The only thing I didn't already understand was the part where my folks have to be a follower of my blog. Since most of my names are FB friends rather than blog friends, I'll have to go back and get them to "follow" me to my blog which is a Win/Win for both of us! Nod your head, Samm...Yes!!!
    Gmama Jane

  15. I think I'm still nodding ;-) Thanks for all the hard work putting this all together!

  16. It is amazing all the work you have put into this. I will be totally honest and say I have no names to submit but I can't wait to see all the winners. I have a daughter that has been doing a little quilting. She has a one-speed $35.00 sewing machine and a few pieces of her own. She shares my stuff with me. My other daughter only likes to look at quilts and to stitcheries. No dreams of quilting-yet, I am still working on her, LOL! Great job!!

  17. I have a friend who desperately wants to learn to quilt, but budgetary constraints are keeping her from it. I have shared this on my blog, and am sending her the link. I sure hope she wins something, she deserves it!!

  18. My mother always told me that "I CAN'T HEAR YOUR HEAD NOD!!!! So uhhhhuh....I hear ya...you are on my side bar....yes.....kuddos.....


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