Sunday, July 10, 2011

Helllooooooooooooooooooo another hint...

Our guest blogger 
could not be reached
and it was too late
for our back up...

Sew I guess today will be spent
on the Campaign.
You have heard of it, haven't you?

Here is a hint, in 22 days 
there will be this SPONSOR giveaway for
sewing machines, rotary cutters, Go cutter,
Sizzix cutter, scissors, mats, rulers, patterns, books,
Fat Quarter bundles.... and quite a bit more....
and Wantobe Quilters AND YOU,
will be eligible too...Yes that is right?

Anyone in need of a flyer for any LQS
just ask me. This is a wonderful marketing
tool for those LQS who are seeking at getting
new quilters in their stores and highlighting workshops
for them. For YOU, you get to collect those names
and if those people win, sew do you ....


  1. Hi Mme. Samm, My local quilt group has a stall at our Highland Games next Saturday. We want to promote anything to do with quilting and hope to meet plenty of Wantobes. Could you send me the flyer you mentioned. Teresa

  2. This sounds like fun. My daughter is new to sewing (a new sewer just didn't sounds right LOL) and is so tentative about cutting anything if I'm not right there.

  3. Please send me a flyer....there is an LQS about 30 minutes away that I think would be a good "hunting ground" for your campaign! LOL
    I'll try to stop in there, in the next week and post that on their board.
    Jacque in SC

  4. I'm so sorry your guest poster didn't work out today but it's good to be reminded about the campaign...I can hardly wait! blessings, marlene

  5. I am all for revving up the excitement for the Wannabe Quilter event!

  6. Can I name a whole nation? There are absolutely no quilters around in this part of the world...

  7. I feel left out. No blog, no wantobee quilter around me (that's who I was)... hmm what to do Alice in Wonderland.

  8. The button is ready and waiting on my blog...anticipating the grand reveal.....Can't wait.

  9. Can you translate what a "LQS" is? I have been gathering a list of persons who are wanting to learn to quilt. What would you like me to do with said lists? Do you want each of them to email you personally as well?

  10. I would like to put some flyers in my LQS
    I have a few names now for the Tobe list but I do not blog I find it hard enough to break away from reading blogs to find time to quilt

  11. I would be willing to put a flyer at a couple of LQS if you have one for us in Texas

    carol c
    aka kingcooper0001@aol.com


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